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How Much Does Food Cost For A Wedding

How Much Money Did You Spend On Food For Your Wedding

Wedding Food: When and How Much?

The ceiling for wedding costs is high theres the location, the flowers, and that dress so where does food fit into the budget? There are so many different options for the food at your wedding, how do you decide how much to spend? We want to hear from our readers, and maybe learn what went behind that decision.

There is a wide range of prices based on the kind of wedding you had. Maybe you had a small gathering of just family members, or something bigger and fancier with friends. Maybe you went with a great caterer, or had a good friend make all the food. Maybe you decided to spend money on the dress or suit or venue and held back on the appetizers. Maybe you went all out.

How much money did you spend on food for your wedding?

So dont be shy, we wont judge: How much money did you spend on food for your wedding? Do you have any tips or advice for setting a budget for food? Was there anything you would have changed about the food at your wedding?

Were all here to learn. Hopefully your advice and budget tips will help someone in the future.

Serve Brunch For Dinner

Its everyones favorite weekend meal anyway, so why not serve it up for your wedding? Even if you have an afternoon or an evening wedding, Daniel Love, event planner at Banca by DiBruno Brothers says an egg, waffle, and bacon menu can cut down on costs. Its a different take that will surprise and perhaps even delight guests. Serving Champagne doesnt hurt, either.

Health And Safety Protocols

As much as you want to invite everyone to your most special day as a couple, safety is still the priority for you and your guests. You dont want your wedding to be a coronavirus superspreader event.

Health and safety protocols should still be in place, so make sure to follow the guidelines. The last thing you want is to incur a fine or expose yourself and your guests to the virus.

Face masks and face shields are still a must, so choose a color mask that will not clash with your wedding dress.

Observe social distancing and good hygiene, too. It would be better if you can provide your guests with their own alcohol sprays and cleansing wipes.

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When Should I Hire My Wedding Caterer

Your wedding caterer should be one of the first vendors you hire, either alongside or immediately after you book your venue. Most couples book their wedding caterers about a year before their wedding. Read online reviews to start researching caterers, and dont be afraid to interview more than one before making a decision.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding In Canada

Average Cost of Wedding Flowers! Why You Should DIY ...

Congratulations, youre getting married! But now youve got to plan the damn thing. The first thing you need to figure out is your budget and what youve got to work with. From the big costs to the smaller items, everything adds up but with the right financial planning, youll be able to make your big day perfect.

A poll conducted for Global News found that Canadians believe a realistic price tag for a wedding should be just under $9,000. But Jodi Gagné, wedding planner and founder of Simply Perfect, believes thats a serious low-ball. A more realistic number? $40,000 to $50,000. Thats based on 100 guests at $200 a person. A bit of a blow to the bank account? Maybe. But realistic nonetheless.

Read on for a breakdown of the average cost in Canada for what you can expect. Keep in mind, Gagné works out of Toronto, and while you may find similar costs in other popular metropolitan areas like Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary, the costs will differ slightly from province to province.

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What To Do Before Planning Your Wedding

Before getting married, you and your partner should understand some legal aspects that you need to fulfill. According to Philippine law under Executive Order No. 209, both you and your partner have to fulfill these requirements:

  • Both parties must be at least 18 years old, male and female
  • If you or your fiancé is below 25 years old, you must get parental consent or advice
  • Must not have any legal impediments

Once youre sure that you fulfill these criteria, its time to identify your needs and wants for the biggest day of your life. This will help you estimate the cost of the wedding that you need to shell out.

How Much Does The Average Wedding Cost

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Having a wedding isnt as simple as saying I do and its a lot more expensive.

The average cost of a wedding in 2020 was $19,000 , according to The Knot’s 2020 Real Weddings Study.

Heres what you should know about wedding costs and how to realistically estimate how much youll spend to take the plunge.

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How Much Does Wedding Catering Cost In 2022

One of the most important factors in your overall wedding budget is the cost of the food. Not only is catering a big piece of your wedding budget , its also one of the most enjoyed parts of the reception for your guests.

While guests may not remember the particular details of your wedding dress or the song that played when you walked down the aisle, they will certainly remember the amazing meal they ate or the type of wedding cake you served. So, how much exactly does wedding food cost in this day and age? And, most importantly, how do you stay on budget?

Lets go over all of the ins and outs of wedding catering. This includes your options for serving the meal and everything you need to know about factoring in the costs of alcohol, dessert, and even what linens and table items youre going to need at the wedding reception.

Whats Included In Wedding Catering


Depending on the caterer, these are some of the items included in a catering package.


Wedding food cost and price should be included in your package, depending on your catering style.


its highly likely your caterer will oversee the beverages, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, depending on the package. If this is the case expect to spend more for these packages. If you have your own venue you could have a choice of doing BYO and pay a corkage fee, or hiring a different supplier or mobile bar for beverages.


This includes staff from cooks to servers and bartenders. Staffing will depend on the catering style that you choose as well as the number of guests you have for a wedding. Depending on the type of catering you choose you may also require less staff such as servers. For example, a food truck or buffet option requires fewer servers than a sit-down meal does.


Anything from chairs, tables, dishes or glassware can be provided by your caterer. If it doesnt match your wedding style, you can always hire these rentals with a different supplier, but most venues will provide them.


Suppliers may charge additional fees and costs like corkage fees or cake cutting.

Its also important to note that your wedding cake is generally not included in your wedding catering. While your catering may include desserts, youre better off going to a wedding cake supplier who specialises in that area.

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What Catering Costs Include

Were talking weddings here, so catering doesnt focus only on the food, although that is the most important part. Wedding catering will cover all of the food for the cocktail hour as well as the main meal at the reception. A wedding caterer may also provide the cake, but that is not a hard and fast rule.

Next up is the beverages, the alcoholic ones specifically but also anything else that needs to be poured. Depending on your location and situation, you might be able or even be expected to purchase and provide the alcohol yourself. This is a great way to save money but this is also the way many caterers make their money. If its an option, remember its a lot of extra work on your end to make it happen.

All of this food and drink certainly wont serve itself . You will be paying for staffing as well. Remember, the bigger the wedding, the more staff youll need. Were talking the waitstaff that walks around with trays of tasty appetizers and serves the main meal, the bartenders who may very well be mixing your signature cocktails, and even the chefs who are the behind-the-scenes heroes of the day.

Theres also rental feeds, which could include anything from the flatware and china to tablecloths and napkins. Again, a venue might provide these as part of their package, an outside caterer might provide them as well, or yet another vendor might need to be called in for any number of rental items.

Civil Wedding In The Philippines: Requirements And Cost

Civil wedding expenses and requirements will definitely be less compared to those of a church wedding. This is why couples opt for a civil wedding ceremony when they just want to get married and have their union legally recognized.

If youre planning to have a simple wedding, heres a look at civil wedding costs and requirements.

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Pick What People Love

Considering youre inviting them to such a special life event, you probably know your guests pretty well. You might even know what types of food theyll enjoy and which ones they wont.

You and your soon-to-be spouse might enjoy fine dining. But if your families prefer a traditional spread, Zucker suggests basing your catering selection on their palette.

If you know what they like, you can reduce the amount of food ordered and reduce the amount of food not being eaten, which the client is ultimately paying for, he says.

Add Up Any Extra Fees

50 Cheap Wedding Reception Food &  Drink Menu Ideas on a Budget

Your catering bill will end up costing more than just the package prices. Add up all these extra fees so you wont be surprised when you get the total.

Corkage Fee:

If youre bringing your own wine, multiply how many bottles x Corkage Fee and add it to your total.

Slicing Fee:

If youre ordering your wedding cake from an outside baker, multiply your number of guests x Slicing Fee and add it to your total.


Gratuities should be calculated before tax. Add a 20% gratuity by multiplying your current total by 0.2.

Sales Tax:

The last thing to remember is sales tax. Depending on where you live itll add another 5 to 18% to your final bill. If you dont know your local sales tax, multiply your total by 0.1 to get a rough figure for now.

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What Type Of Food Do You Want For Your Party Catering

Traditional catering costs could vary greatly depending on what type of food you order. Pasta will be less expensive than lobster. The more specialized you get, the more expensive. For weddings catering can get up to $180 per person and beyond.

Food trucks and pop ups will also vary. A taco truck can range between $8-$20 per person, depending on the catering package you choose. Burgers and BBQ might start around $12-$15 per person. And lobster rolls will get you to $20 and above. Drinks will usually add $1-$3 dollars per person.

Real Costs Of A Canadian Wedding

Do you want to have a perfect wedding yet with low wedding cost? Then you might consider taking the way Canadian people plan for their wedding planning.

Wedding can be a very important moment in the life of the bride and the groom. Wedding is something that most of women would love to experience.

Ever since you are child maybe you dreamed of being a pretty bride, a perfect wedding and a good music is playing while you are walking down the aisle and the one you love is waiting to you in the altar.

Well, maybe that perfect wedding scenario is a dream of every girl but you must understand that some of those things may not happen in the reality.

Rich people may achieve that king of perfect wedding because they have enough money to spend to have a expensive wedding but those people who do not have enough money to use for the wedding preparation may have a hard time to have a expensive wedding.

You can still have your dream wedding although you only have a limited wedding budget. You can still achieve you dream and perfect wedding without spending too much. Thinking of a low cost wedding budget does not mean that you will deprive your bride to have a memorable wedding day.

People need to be practical and wise on spending money. The wedding is just a celebration that will last for one day but the marriage of the two people may last long.

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Catering & Drinks: 25%

Providing your guests with a mouth-watering menu can be expensive: around £4,000 on average. And you can add another £1,500 for drinks. However, the good news is that what you spend on food and drink will depend almost entirely on the number of people you invite.

Cost cutting tip: in addition to reducing your guest list, you can help to cut costs by choosing a venue, like Woodland Manor, that offers catering. This is often far cheaper than finding a third party to provide the service.

Book Your Wedding Catering Early

How much does the average wedding cost?

No matter how long your engagement is, Francois urges couples to book catering early, especially if you intend to wed during the peak summer season or over a holiday weekend. The most sought-after chefs and companies can sell out months, if not years, in advance.

Francois says the same goes with your cake if you plan on ordering from a bakery, since many will charge a rush fee if advance notice isnt given at least a month or so before the big day.

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