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What Are The Things You Need For A Wedding

Unity Candle Broom Or Other Unity Ceremony Accessories

things you NEED on your wedding registry

A tradition that started in Christian wedding ceremonies, the unity candle is a ritual now performed by people of many faiths. There are many other rituals to express unity, such as jumping the broom in African-American weddings. These are certainly optional, but if you’re having one, you’ll want to make sure you have all the accessories you need.

Do Your Last Minute Tasks

There are lots of vital tasks to do the week before your wedding which shouldnt be forgotten about. Dont worry everything major will be done by now its just a case of sorting the finer details. Here are a few things to think about, obviously they won’t be relevant to everyone!

  • Collect your wedding dress/suit if you didnt take it away with you at the final fitting.
  • Brief your wedding party on their roles for the day.
  • Relax!

Y With Your Friends Or Take A Trip

Getting married is surely fun, but whatâs even better is living like thereâs no tomorrow before getting hitched. This is your time of creating memories like Hrithik, Abhay, and Farhan did in âZindagi Na Milegi Dobaaraâ. Head out for a memorable trip with your buddies to a place youâve always wanted to go or throw a party, and catch up with your close friends. Because, there is no best time to celebrate your singlehood than now!

Image Courtesy: Theluxecafe.comIf you keep looking for excuses to shop, know that thereâs no better than this one! And we are sure you would happily tick this off your wedding planning checklist. Take a break from everything else and head out on a shopping spree. Weâre sure you want your new wardrobe to have something of every kind. Shop for ethnic, western, and formal as per your requirement, but make sure you buy different colors and styles.

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Buy The Wedding Dress

The most essential things to buy for a wedding

A bride must try on many dresses before choosing one. Focus on your body type and what looks best on you. If its a traditional marriage ceremony, a gown would be the perfect pick.

However, if you are up for a destination wedding, a short length dress along with some stylish footwear would be the ultimate attire.

Invitations And Gift List

Things Needed for Planning a Wedding: A Complete Checklist ...

Your loved ones already possess a Save The Date card, but now is the time to follow it up with a firm invitation so they know if theyre invited for the whole day, or just the evening, and if they can bring children etc. A lot of couples now create their own wedding website where guests can RSVP to the invite and view any gift lists.

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Create Your Wedding Website

Wedding websites are great way to keep your guests up to date with all the plans for your big day, and there are plenty of free options out there. Most also offer a personalised email address which is perfect for keeping your wedmin away from your regular inbox. If you choose to have a wedding website, you can keep your wedding invitations simple. All youll need to provide is the date and location, plus the URL to your unique wedding website. Guests will be able to log on, get details of the day and RSVP paper-free! For this reason, you need to start curating your wedding website a couple of months before the invitations are sent.

Establish Your Priorities And Expectations As A Couple

Before you begin hiring vendors, purchasing decor and shopping for attire, experts say that establishing your priorities is an essential step to planning a wedding. “This is one of the starting conversations I have with my clients,” says Cathleen Holloway, founder of Texas-based design and event company Holloway Events. “Everyone has different priorities when planning a wedding. For example, a client who’s a self-proclaimed foodie is going to want to have the best food at their wedding, while a client who’s obsessed with flowers will prefer lush displays. We categorize our must-haves and our wish list items and work from there.”

Establishing your priorities and expectations is a key part of the wedding planning process for two reasons. Not only will this guide budget allocation, it’ll also help you and your partner remain aligned on what’s most important to both of you while allowing you to compromiseand this is key for minimizing disagreements and conflict along the way. “It’s essential to discuss upfront what each person’s role will be and the related expectations,” Peterman explains.

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Bridal Veil / Hair Accessory

I ended up wearing a fingertip length drop veil for my wedding, but now wonder if I should have worn a floor length veil instead. I strongly suggest choosing your veil and hair accessory long before your wedding day so that you know exactly which one you want to wear.

Try on the veil a few times throughout the process, take photos wearing it with your gown, and get a feel for how you will wear your hair. Only then will you know for sure which veil accessory is right for you, giving yourself plenty of time to purchase a different one. Read my complete guide to wedding veil styles to help you find the right veil length.

And if you need help, check out my e-commerce store at ClassicVeils.com. Ive assembled a collection of ready-to-wear veils as well as custom bridal veils at an affordable price. Work directly with me to get the perfect veil!

Okay, sales plug over, now back to the ultimate list.

Go Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

BUDGET BRIDES: You ONLY NEED These 5 Things for Your Wedding

If you’re having bridesmaids, its a good idea to go shopping for bridesmaid dresses after the wedding dress. One year in advance might sound like a lot, but with a large group of friends to organise, finding something which everyone loves can be a little tricky. Even if you dont actually purchase anything until six months before the wedding, an initial shopping trip well in advance can do no harm. This goes for finding suits for male bridesmaids too. At the same time as purchasing bridesmaid dresses, consider your flower girl outfits if you’re having them.

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Choose Your Wedding Party

Lauren Fair Photography

Now, it’s your turn to propose to your close friends. While having a wedding party isn’t necessary, many couples want to be surrounded by bridesmaids and groomsmen as they celebrate their biggest milestone yet.

Remember, the earlier you pop the question, the better. Your wedding party is agreeing to spend their money and donate their time to you, so be considerate and kind by informing everyone about all your plans, including costs for attire, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and more. Your wedding day will feel much more special thanks to your best man, maid of honor, and the entirety of your crew.

Take Time To Not Plan

Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema

Before your wedding, take time as a couple to do anything but wedding planning. Have regular date nights with no wedding talk allowed. It’s more important than ever to prioritize your relationship and continue dating each other. It will help you remember why you’re doing all of this in the first place. “You have already done the hard part, which is finding your life partner,” Thornton advises. “This is the celebration of your love with the people closest to you. Don’t forget that and how special your wedding day is… and enjoy yourself!”

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Flowers + Floral Wedding Decor

I think we can all agree that in the past, flowers were the most popular way to decorate for weddings. As for today. nothing has changed. Flowers almost always have a part in a couples wedding.

Keep in mind that these flowers dont have to be fresh, real, or realistic looking. If your budget is tight, you may want to seek out wedding floral alternatives for more cost-friendly options. Several of our couples from our previous Real Weddings features have made bouquets and other decor out of book pages, fabric, buttons, or even brooches. Still, the fact remains: flowers tend to be an integral part of getting married.

Start Thinking Big Picture

10 Things NOT To Do the Week Before Your Wedding

The minute you get engaged, everyone will be asking for your wedding date. In reality, though, you won’t be able to set an exact wedding date until other major decisionslike setting your budgetare made. But before you dive into the nitty-gritty details, we recommend thinking about the big picture vision you have for your wedding day. What time of year do you want to host your celebration? What wedding venue style sparks your interest? Are you drawn to intimate, outdoor boho parties, or would you rather have a glam formal affair at a chic city rooftop? How many people do you want to invite? These are key details to consider before you move forward with any decisions. “I always ask my couples to describe their perfect wedding day,” says Mary Thornton, founder of Connecticut-based stationery boutique and event planning company Party Party. “Is it casual? Formal? Large? Small? Do you prefer formal and elegant, or do you want a fun, casual dance party? Once that decision is made the other ones fall into place.”

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The One Fab Day Wedding Checklist And Planning Timeline

The list is a basic timeline based on a 12 month engagement and planning time, running through the typical timeframes for researching and booking different elements. Although each wedding is different – we’ve shown brides who have organised their whole wedding in just 10 weeks, others take two years – this planning checklist has general guidelines that will be helpful to every couple. You can also get our three-month planning guide here.

Read through our handy guide, then download your own free printable at the bottom of the page, highlight which ones apply to you, your other half and your wedding, and can tick off the tasks as you go .

Photo by Sarah Folega via One Fab Day

+ Things You Need For Wedding Ceremony

Do you anticipate a smooth wedding ceremony? Read here on what you must not fail to include in your list. Also, you can stay organised with a free download of My Wedding Checklist of Items and Services template in PDF to use for your compilation. Click here.

Nigerian white wedding ceremony like any other formal ceremony requires careful thought, planning, evaluation and budgeting. A vital aspect of planning for the wedding ceremony is the listing of items and services you need for the event.

No doubt, you may have consulted with family and close friends who have their own taste of experience in listing and scouting for items.

Still, you may be apprehensive about those vital details you are probably forgetting to include. You have every reason to be fussed over those items and services you need on that day.

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After all, a smooth ceremony is what anyone would anticipate for their own wedding.

However, it can be disappointing when seemingly unimportant details are overlooked from the very start and later become necessary on the day of event.

For this reason, I have compiled a list below to provide guidance on essential items and services to bear in mind.

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Follow Up With The Vendors

Just for the final time, give a call to the management of your wedding venue, the florist, the DJ, the makeup and Mehendi artists, your photographer and videographer, and everyone connected to the organization of your wedding. Check up if everythingâs on point or not, and cross check the checklist for wedding.

Weâre sure you canât wait to wear the special outfit on your special day, and you might have tried it a couple of times already, but no time is as risky as this one. So, wear your outfit and put on your shoes for a final trial to see if you need any alterations at all. If not, youâre ready to turn heads!

How To Plan A Wedding: The First 5 Things You Need To Do

10 Things You Need to Know Before Wedding Dress Shopping (From a Bridal Stylist)

The question has been asked, the engagement has been announced, and youve shown off that sparkly ring. Now you probably find yourself Googling How to Plan a Wedding because the reality of the situation has finally set it YOU NEED TO PLAN A WEDDING AND YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO START. Lucky for you, were here with the five things you need to do first!

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Looking To Hire A Wedding Band

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down for our in-depth post on each stage of planning your wedding, or simply click on the image to download a handy PDF version of the checklist you can use for your big day!

And if youd like to share this checklist on your website youll find an easy embed code at the end of the post.


Shoes Underwear And Accessories

Its time to buy all the fun fripperies associated with your role as Bride. Now you know what dress youve ordered, you can decide what underwear youll need, what to wear in your hair, what jewellery to wear and also choose the all-important shoes. Dont forget to the superstitious necessary additions of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!

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Order Your Wedding Stationery And Invitations

With all of your details decided and two months to go before your wedding invitations need to be sent , you should get your stationery ordered. Weve got an amazing selection of wedding invitations ready to order here, plus templates for your invitation wording.

Most companies and designers will let you order a sample of your invite, so you dont need to do a mass order before being certain on design. Remember, stationery also includes orders of service, place cards, wedding signs and menus, so think about that too. If youre not sure what else you might like yet, let your designer know you might be in touch with a further order.

Shop For Wedding Attire

Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist â Catching Up With Claire

Lorin Kelly Photography

One of the most exciting outcomes of successfully learning how to plan a wedding is shopping for attire. Begin your search by browsing wedding dress and suit ideas online, and don’t forget to save your favorites to take them with you to your appointments. Then, learn the lingo before setting foot in a store. If you’re shopping for a wedding dress, read up on silhouettes, necklines, trains and hues that you’re interested in trying. For those shopping for a suit, consider whether you want a traditional suit or a sleek tuxedo. We also recommend considering whether you’ll buy or rent your outfit.

When it comes to wedding attire, we recommend shopping as early as you can. This is especially important now, as the industry faces potential supply chain delays. Custom orders, as well as tailoring, can take months. Plus, you’ll need additional time for touch-ups and alterations.

Spend some time thinking about how you can showcase your personality through all aspects of your wedding day outfit, from the actual clothing to the colors and even your accessories too. “Oftentimes, additional accessories like jewelry are forgotten, but they’re equally as important as the rest of your attire,” says Lisette Scott, founder of jewelry brand Jam+Rico. “All of these pieces will complete your look on your special day.”

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