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How Much Are Linens For A Wedding

Average Cost Of A Wedding Venue

Wedding Reception Linens 101: What Brides Should Know

Couples spend between $12,343 and $14,006 on average for their wedding venue, according to recent surveys of brides. This cost includes any general location fee as well as food, drinks and incidentals like tables, chairs and linens. Each couple’s venue cost, furthermore, is highly individual and varies based on their vision, geography, and budget. A good rule of thumb is to expect to pay about 45% of your entire wedding budget for all of this. You should try to get as much for this money as possible, and dont forget to account for service fees and taxes, which are likely to add an additional 30% or so to the rate youre quoted upfront.

Tips For Finding A Rental Company

Dont buy from the very first place you come across. Do a Google search of places in your area and look for independent reviews. If possible, get a recommendation from someone you know, or a friend of a friend even! Recommendations are king.

As you shop around, remember to ask the following questions to each company:

  • What are the prices per item?
  • Do you deliver?
  • Do you charge a delivery fee and how much?
  • Are tips expected?
  • Do you have a minimum purchase?
  • What would the total price be with taxes and delivery?

How Much Does A Wedding Cost

The average wedding cost of a wedding is over $30K, but its important to bear in mind that averages dont show you a complete picture. A few big-budget weddings can easily skew a national average to appear higher than what most couples are actually spending. For example, 32.85% of Zola couples share that they spent between $10,000 and $24,999 on their wedding while just 5% spent $100,000 or more. Treat the average cost as a helpful gauge of what to potentially expect, not an obligation of what you have to spend on your wedding.

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Colours For Any Theme

Our extensive range and quality are unrivalled with the full suite of linen items available for both short and long term hire.

Create an event thats unique to you with over 5,900 different combinations of tablecloths, runners, napkins and chair covers in over 32 beautiful hues. We can even create bespoke hues to match an existing colour scheme. Tie the whole event together with matching chair sashes and server aprons.

Some Questions You Might Have:

Taffeta D Turquoise table linen rentals for weddings ...
  • Why should I buy all of those, what in the world would I do with that many tablecloths?In reality, most weddings use somewhere between 10-20 tables. That is not a huge amount of table linens. Yes, its more than a few but if you see the above ideas on what to do with the linens that savings can be a win/win when you purchase instead of rent!
  • I think that would be too much work?Most of us wash and dry clothes on a regular basis! Doing a few loads of your purchased table cloths doesnt take too long. And if you take the linens out of the dryer right away and hang them, there might not be any need to iron! A little sweat equity will allow you a huge savings in the end!
  • How much will I really be saving?When you take into consideration the cost of renting your linens which can be all across the board, if you need delivery of the items, or if you will pick them up and drop them off you have invested money that will never be seen again! You have nothing to show for those dollars! By purchasing, you have a flat rate, you get to keep those linens, re-sale, or donate! One of the most popular sizes in table cloths is the 120 round! For the sake of comparison this size table cloth rents for $18.00. You can purchase this size table cloth for $13.99. That savings can vary but even with a savings of $4 per table cloth, that certainly adds up!
Renting Pro’s:

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How Long Can You Rent Wedding Linens For

The standard wedding linen rental is three business days expect linens to arrive one business day prior to the event and be returned one business day after. . Returns are generally made by simply tossing used linens in the companys reusable shipping bag, attaching the pre-paid return label, and dropping off or scheduling a pick-up with the affiliated carrier.

Couples have the option to extend the rental window for a fee, which is a smart choice if youre sourcing linens from the States for an overseas destination wedding and need to check them on an airplane.

Buying Vs Renting Wedding Table Linens

Plain and Simple, it is less expensive to buy Wedding Table Linens then rent!

Lots of folks think that renting is so much easier and worth the money, but some just dont have the extra dollars in their budget, so buying just might be the way to go!

A few simple questions can help you decide along with a pro’s and cons to both renting and buying, and some ideas for what to do with wedding table linens after the big day if you decide to buy! We want to help you make the right choice!

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Glassware Options And Costs

Glassware has an even larger range of options. Most people will settle for enough water, wine, and champagne glasses for all of their invited guests. And then add a smaller percentage of additional glasses for specialty drinks, such as old-fashioned glasses and shooter glasses. Usually youre be renting the specialty glasses to stalk the bar.

You can expect prices per piece to be somewhere in this range:

Basic wine glasses: 40 cents eachBasic water goblets: 40 cents eachOld fashion glasses: 40 cents eachHiball glasses: 40 cents eachPilners glasses: 40 cents eachShooter glasses: 40 cents eachChampagne flutes: 50 cents eachLong-stemmed wine glasses: 55 cents eachStemless wine glasses: 55 cents eachMason jars: 75 cents eachBrandy snifters: 75 cents eachVintage water and wine goblets: 85 cents $1.50 each$1.00 each

For a sit down dinner, one glass per guest for each type of beverage being served at the table. i.e. water, wine. For a bar or cocktail reception, we suggest 1.5 glasses per guest per beverage type. i.e. rocks glass, highball or pilsner.

-Perfect Party Place

Top Quality Table Linen Hire Looks Spectacular

Wedding Linens Great Tips!!

You need to ensure that when you hire linen, you are hiring the best you can possibly get, not only in terms of the colour but also the quality and condition of the material. All tablecloths from Event Hire UK are pressed in-depot and packed in plastic so when they arrive with you, they arrive in pristine condition and are ready for immediate use on your tables. This is in stark contrast to some suppliers who will expect you to press the linen for your event, doubling your workload.

When it comes to weddings, corporate events and fine dining events, for instance, look and finish is everything when your guests walk through the door. First impressions count and tablecloths, napkins and other linen hire UK such as chair covers and bows all contribute to this finish as much as your table décor and settings, the lighting in your venue and the overall decoration.

Theres not one element of a wedding table that is more important than the others.its the combination of all the elements that produces stunning visions and appearances. Of course, the better quality tablecloth and table linen hire that you use, the better the chances of achieving the finish you want, and thats where Event Hire UK comes into its own. We offer the complete selection of matching cloths, napkins and other linen hire to ensure that you achieve a finish at your event that you are proud of.

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The Food Service Options You Choose

In addition to the number of people you invite to your wedding and any restrictions your wedding venue imposes on events, the food service options you choose have a big effect on the overall cost of your wedding catering.Heres a list of food service options, what they mean, and the average costs for each of them, according to Carroll:

  • Plated meals: This means that when guests sit down at their tables, wait staff brings them their meals in courses. Though the costs for this type of service can vary depending on the number of waiters you have and the kind of food you serve, the average cost for plated meal catering is about $100-$200 per person.
  • Family-style catering: More relaxed than plated meals, family-style catering is when the wait staff delivers meals to each individual reception table, but the guests serve themselves. The cost of family-style catering can run you anywhere from $120-$150 per person.
  • Buffet-style meal: When you serve buffet-style, your guests will line up and serve their own food and take it back to their tables. A buffet-style meal will cost you, on average, about $50-$100 per person.
  • Food stations: A food station-type reception is when guests can walk around and stand in line to get various types of foods at different stations . While the cost will largely depend on the kind of food stations you have, it will likely be in the $50-$75 per person range.

Best Napkin Rentals: Borrowed Blu

borrowed BLU

Why We Chose It: Specializing in luxury tabletop rentals, borrowed BLU is where you go for that perfectly gauzy, organic cotton napkin.


  • Careful edit that narrows the field
  • Unique tabletop decor


  • Solid colors onlysorry, print-centric couples

Borrowed BLU is a luxury tabletop rental company specializing in an edited mix of modern and vintage flatware, charger plates, dinnerware, glassware, accessoriesand, of course, napkins. The hand-curated, often-custom-designed inventory offers couples a unique array of items from which to create their dream tablescape.

Borrowed BLU is where you go for that ideal, organic cotton napkinthe gauzy kind that youd want to wear as clothingwhich comes in a host of exclusive colors and costs about $3 apiece. The company also offers table runners and a range of linen napkins with contrast trim.

With headquarters in Los Angeles and New York, borrowed BLU services couples across the country with its exceptional edit of tabletop items and linens. To place an order, call or submit a request on the company contact form.

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What Should We Buy Before Marriage

Shoe bags Hair accessories. It is very important to take care of your hair on your wedding day. Snacks. Undoubtedly, youre going to struggle all day long which can affect very badly on your hunger. Jewelry. Pieces of jewelry are the most important thing that you can never forget. The gift list. Clothes.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Table Linen Overlays And Runners

How much tulle for a table skirt

Although it does depend on the size, quantity and length of time you require the linen, you can be confident that Yahire offer the most competitive prices in London and the South East. The trestle table linen starts at £5.49 and linen for our round table is from just £6.99. Our overlay is just £3.99 to hire with the table runners at £3.49.

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Renting Wedding Linens Vs Buying Wedding Linens

Renting wedding linens is a simple, low-stress way to upgrade your wedding decor by incorporating unique tablecloths, table runners, napkins, and more. Wedding linens come in a wide range of patterns, textures, and sizes, so theres something for every couple. Orders can be placed via helpful design consultants at a reasonable fee. The best part: Theres no need to stress over the inevitable dry cleaning. Simply toss soiled linens in the companys shipping bag and return using the prepaid label. Buying wedding linens are ideal for couples who are planning a smaller, more intimate affair and who prefer to invest in their wedding decor for long-term use.

What Do I Need To Know About Linen Hire

Most linen hire is measured in inches, so its important to measure your tables in that format before choosing what you need. Remember to include a bit for the drape between the table-top and the floor the standard banqueting table is 30 inches tall.

Table linen is either square, rectangular or circular. With most tables it should be intuitive what to choose, but for oval tables we recommend the larger rectangular pieces of linen while smaller circular tables normally have a square tablecloth.

Runners and sashes will add an accent of colour to your table and chairs if you dont want to go overboard, while napkins make a classy accompaniment.

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Best Overall: La Tavola Fine Linen Rental

La Tavola Fine Linen Rental

Why We Chose It: Beloved by A-list wedding planners and couples everywhere, La Tavola is the gold standard for wedding linen rentals.


  • A wide array of color and texture
  • Constantly adding new collections
  • Fast, reliable delivery and easy returns


  • Can be pricey for larger headcounts

Based in Napa, California, La Tavola is the go-to specialty linen rental company for weddings and events. Thats thanks to an impressive array of luxury tablecloths, napkins, runners, lounge accessories, and chair cushionsplus top-notch customer service, reliable delivery, and easy prepaid returns.

La Tavola has dozens of collections in fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, velvet, and brocade. The price per linen depends on the material and size . For example, a rustic linen tablecloth from the Tuscany collection ranges from about $39 to $69, whereas an embellished pattern from the Dolce collection costs roughly $45 to $135.

The company services both couples and the event trade at its nationwide showrooms, where you can browse linen styles in-person and conduct tabletop mock-ups before finalizing a selection.

Consider The Wedding Venue Fee

Wedding Q& A: Linen

The fee for the venue can range from $0, often at hotels and resorts that bake it into the food and drink costs, to many thousands of dollars. This fee may include administrative costs and basic overhead, as well as things like insurance, security, and use of tables, chairs and linens.

In the example above, the relatively high venue fee of $3,500 at the historic building negates the lower food and drink costs from hiring your own caterer and bringing the alcohol yourself. A couple in this scenario would end up paying nearly the same amount for their wedding as a couple who opted for an average-priced all-inclusive venue .

However, by making different frugal choiceslike finding a place with a lower venue fee which allows them to bring in their own food and drinksa couple could end up spending much less with a piecemeal approach. The table below shows how this could play out for a reception with similar elements in Bowling Green, KY.

An Outdoor Landmark
$5,989 $11,626

In this case, the couple cuts their costs in half and saves $5,637. A significant portion of thatcomes from the $3,300 difference in the venue fee . The rest is from higher food costs, and higher service fees and taxes.

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