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What Is The Average Wedding Gift

Should I Buy A Wedding Gift If Its A Destination Wedding

Is Couples Counselling the Perfect Wedding Gift? | Loose Women

Yes again. However, the travel and lodging costs that come with a destination wedding can put a big strain on your budget. Its likely that the happy couple views your presence as a gift in itself, but if you want to get technical about it, purchasing a wedding gift is proper form even in the case of a destination wedding. If youre shelling out quite a bit to actually make it to the wedding, then feel free to spend less than you typically would for a local celebration.

Tips To Help Determine How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift

Accepting a wedding invitation is pretty much a contractual obligation to get the happy couple a gift, and no one wants to look like a cheapskate when the presents are opened. However, accepting a wedding invitation also means taking the costs of travel and lodging to attend, which can put a severe dent in your budget. So, how can a guest balance all these financial obligations and give the couple a great gift?

Here are five tips to help you figure out how much you should spend on a wedding present.

Consider What Youre Spending To Attend

Of course, you shouldnt forget that youre already paying a pretty penny to attend the weddingespecially if its a destination wedding or during peak season. “You’re likely paying for accommodations and even flights, so in that situation, it’s fair to assume the bride and groom are conscious of how much everyone is already spending, says Jason Reid, founder of Giftagram, a mobile app that eliminates the hassle of gift-giving. If youre shelling out a lot just to be there, you can cut back on how much you spend on the presentyour presence is a gift, too!

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How Much Money To Give For A Wedding Cash Gift 2021

When someone accepts a wedding invitation and agrees to attend a wedding, there is a pressure and obligation to give the newlyweds a gift.

However, wedding gifts are moving from the traditional wedding registry and more towards cash and gift cards.

Nowadays, many American newlyweds have already been living with each other and thus have many of the typical household items that they would ask for on a wedding registry. Cash gifts have also become popular in modern weddings.

The average wedding cash gift amount is $100. Acquaintances and colleagues are likely to give between $50-$75, friends give approximately $100, family and relatives give $100-$200, and parents give between $150-$300.

Determining how much to spend on a wedding gift is more of an individual decision that is determined by numerous factors.

When deciding how much cash to give us a wedding gift, the guests should consider how close they are to the couple and how much the wedding likely cost.

Generally, the closer an individual is to the bride and groom, the more money they should give us a gift. So, it can be deduced that a close relative will likely give a more generous cash gift than a coworker.

Further, there is some general etiquette that guests should consider when they are planning to give cash as a gift versus the traditional wedding gift from a wedding registry.

How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift Per Couple

Best Wedding Gifts in the UK from £10 to £100

Let’s say you’re attending a wedding as a plus-one and you don’t know the couple particularly well, or you’re bringing a date to a wedding you were invited to. You might wonder if these rules change when you’re thinking about how much to spend on a wedding gift as a couple, and they don’t. In this scenario, again, you might consider spending between $100-$200+ on a wedding gift.

“If you’re attending the wedding with a significant other, you can always give a gift together,” Post explains. “The gift can be structured any way you want: One person can give the gift while the other just signs the card, or you can chip in to the gift together. Whether or not you contribute to the gift is between you and the person you’re attending withjust make sure both names are on the card.” Adds Volkom: “Not only does this option cut costs, it also allows you to put a larger budget towards the gift.”

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Stay True To Your Budget

Whether you plan to earmark $50 or $250 for a wedding gift, take a look at your overall budget before making a purchase. You don’t want to spoil the happy day by spending beyond your means on a wedding gift.

If you go overboard, you might add to the debt you already have or might take on brand-new debt. It’s particularly important to review your budget so that you don’t wind up with more credit card debt than you can handle.

If you don’t have a household budget, it’s pretty simple to create a spending plan. Here are four key steps:

  • Figure out your income .
  • Add up and categorize your expenses.
  • Set realistic spending goals.
  • Monitor your spending.
  • If you already have a free Experian account or , you can track your expenses through the Personal Finances tool. You also can rely on budget apps such as Goodbudget, Mint and You Need a Budget . Regardless of how you track your budget, it’s critical to stick as closely to it as possible, and adjust if necessary. A budget will do you no good if you don’t heed the guidelines you’ve set for yourself.

    Etiquette Of Giving Money

    Wedding experts do agree on a couple of things. First and foremost, the closer a guest is to the bride and groom, the more that guest is expected to gift.

    Of course, guests should not spend an exorbitant amount of money if they cannot afford it. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when giving money as a gift.

    Generally, the norm in the past has been to give a gift that equals the amount of money the new couple likely spent on hosting that guest.

    However, because wedding venues and the cast of weddings generally has skyrocketed, guests should also consider how much the wedding venue and reception likely cost the couple.

    Additionally, guests can keep in mind the amount of money that they had to spend to attend the wedding.

    For example, if the guest is coming from out of state or if the wedding is a destination wedding, the guest can justify giving less cash.

    Because most of the money was spent on travel, it is generally expected that the guest will give a smaller gift.

    Further, there is some general etiquette that guests should follow if theyâre giving money to the new bride and groom.

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    Do You Have To Send A Gift If You Dont Go To A Wedding

    Believe it or not, but traditional wedding etiquette dictates that its not necessary to send a gift if you are not attending the wedding. However, it has become customary to do so anyway. It should be seen as a privilege that you were invited to someones wedding in the first place says Barbosa. You matter to that couple enough for them to include you in the list of people they want at that celebration. So to not give something, even if its small, is offensive, and could have implications on your friendship with them in the future.

    How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift

    WCCO Viewers Weigh In On Spending For Wedding Gifts

    How much should I spend on a wedding gift? You may be wondering if you need to purchase a wedding gift at all. Read on for our complete guide on wedding gift etiquette.

    As the resource for all things Wedding Registry, we get a lot of questions here at Zola from guests looking to pick out the perfect wedding present. The question we get most often is, How much should I spend on a wedding gift? The answer varies depending on a few factors, such as how well you know the couple and how many different wedding events youre invited to. Some of you may even be wondering if you need to purchase a wedding gift at all. Read on for our complete guide on wedding gift etiquette.

    As anyone whos attended a wedding can attest, there are quite a few expenses that come along with celebrating your loved ones wedding. Between attending the bridal shower, travelling to the bachelorette party, and adhering to the dress code, your budget might even be tapped before you even receive the formal invitation if youre in the wedding party.

    Although, contrary to what you might think, an invitation to a wedding isnt a request for a gift, says Lauren Kay, the executive editor of The Knot, one of our go-to sites to find wedding inspiration, planning resources, and more. As a guest, you have no obligation to get the couple something, but chances are youre excited about the duo and want to show them some love, she adds.

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    How Long Do I Really Have To Give A Gift After The Wedding

    iSave to

    The honest fact is that the earlier you can send a new couple your gift, the better. It is more interesting opening gifts while the wedding glow and rush are still present. But do not put yourself under any kind of pressure. If you are not financially or emotionally up to the task of getting a gift during the wedding, rest easy. You have up to one year after the wedding to send in your gifts. Do it at your own convenience and who knows? It may be a pleasant surprise to the couple.


    As much as the experts know, it will be nice to hear real people who have had actual experiences talk. Many of them consider the cost of gifts based on their closeness to the couple and some match whatever they were gifted at theirs. Others think the luxury of the wedding should count, while a few prefer donating cash or paying towards a cause.Testimonials from real people:

    • Miki, a 34-year old female who has helped plan weddings for lots of people is sympathetic to the plight of couples. She says wedding expenses are not cheap and everyone should give at least $100 for wedding gifts. Give from $200 above if you come with a plus one. She, on the other hand, says she has given up to $500 for her close friends.
    • Jess who is 27 years old says that she will give more towards wedding gifts if the wedding is a luxurious one.

    What Is The Average Gift Amount

    To give you an idea about what is an appropriate wedding gift amount, here are some of the figures you might want to consider:

    • For Siblings

    If one of the couples is your sibling, you can actually get them a gift worth $150-$195.

    • For Best friends

    A budget for your best friends wedding gift could be around $140-$170.

    • For Other Family Relatives

    You can spend around $100 on a wedding gift for your other relatives.

    • For Colleagues

    You can either give a wedding gift individually or group for your colleagues wedding. I suggest that you have it in the group to raise money and buy the best find items.

    • For Acquaintances

    As for acquaintances, you may give them gifts worth $50-$80, depending on your budget.

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    What To Give As A Member Of The Wedding Party

    If youre a part of the wedding party as a bridesmaid or groomsmen, youre probably thinking of ways to one-up the other members of the bridal party to stand out and get the couple something super special. But what do I get? Where do I start? Do bridesmaids and groomsmen even give wedding gifts?

    Themaid of honor or thebest man may even wonder if a wedding gift is needed, considering all the other responsibilities and money spending that comes with the job.

    Whenever you receive that frilly wedding invitation, in the bridal party or not, its usually customary to get the newlyweds a wedding gift.

    Depending on what the rest of the bridal party is doing, you all may want to organize a group gift where everyone can pitch in for an expensive item. Depending on the couples wedding registry, the price point on some of those gifts can get quite pricey.

    If the couple has the typical expensive wedding gift like a KitchenAid Stand Mixer or a ridiculously expensive Vitamix blender, this may be the perfect chance to get together and split the price of that gift.

    If youre worried about all the money you will have to spend being a part of the bridal party, let the couple know. They should understand that not everyone has unlimited funds, so no shame if you cant afford an extravagant gift.

    Average Amount From Parents

    What Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding Gift In Illinois

    For parents, the amount of cash gift will depend on their involvement and contributions to the overall wedding costs.

    More likely than not, parents may have helped with the wedding budget and other event costs such as the groomâs dinner, the wedding reception, or the wedding ceremony itself.

    Yet, the amount that parents should give as a wedding gift will probably be on the higher end such as between $150 and $300.

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    Cash Gift For Cultural Weddings

    The amount of cash that is generally gifted at a wedding may differ depending on culture and religious factors.

    Additionally, there are some general guidelines for cash gift-giving when it comes to cultural differences.

    To make it easier to discern how much money to give depending on the nature of the wedding, we have broken down wedding cash gifting by different cultures and ethnicities.

    Don’t Forget About Cultural Norms

    Where your budget falls will be the most important factor in what you can give. But, you may also want to consider cultural norms.

    In some cultures, cash is a traditional gift. Japanese weddings, for example, tend to have rather generous cash gifts ranging from $300 to $1,000 depending on the closeness of the couple, according to The Knot. Similarly, in traditional Cantonese weddings, cash gifts tend to be rather large $888 is a common gift, according to The Loop Hong Kong, as 8 is a lucky number.

    Cash gifts have meaning in other cultures, too, Trumpower says. “Money in multiples of $18 is common at Jewish weddings, as 18 is the numerical equivalent to ‘chai’ in Hebrew, meaning ‘life’ in English. In Hindu culture, the number one is considered lucky, so guests may want to consider gifting in these denominations, for example: $101, $151 or $201. Buddhist culture also views the number one as lucky.”

    If you’re attending a wedding for someone of a different culture than your own, start by doing your research. If it’s inconclusive, it’s OK to ask knowledgeable friends if there’s anything you should know about gifting norms gifting according to your own norms could come across as insensitive or even offensive, in some cases. If you need to ask, be clear that you’ve tried to do the research yourself, and you want to make sure you’re being respectful.

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