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Wood Grain Mens Wedding Band

Can Wood Rings Get Wet

How to Make Wood Wedding Rings | Quick and Easy

Water is most certainly not a wood wedding rings best friend, especially when it comes to long term water exposure.

While its probably best to remove a wood wedding ring before hand washing the dishes, bathing the kids or washing the car you should be alright with short-term exposure to water as long as you have your wood wedding ring properly coated and sealed at all times .

Regular care and maintenance are important for both wood inlay and bentwood wedding rings.

How We Make It

Step 1: Start with High-Quality Damascus Steel

We source our Woodgrain Damascus steel from a small forges that specializes in custom patterns. The material is made in the USA.

Step 2: Cut the Ring

We cut the ring on a lathe in our Brooklyn workshop and then use hand tools to deburr it.

Step 3: Buff to a Mirror Finish

Giving the ring a mirror finish before the acid bath ensures the pattern’s texture will be consistent.

Step 4: Acid Bath

Each ring’s unique pattern is the result of how two steels were twisted and compressed as they were forged together. As the acid eats away at one steel faster than the other, the pattern is revealed.

Step 5: Polish to Perfection

Once the ring has fully etched, we neutrolize the acid, clean it, and carefully hand polish.

Gibeon Meteorite And Arizona Ironwood Wedding Band

By RenaissanceJewelry

Another fine choice is this exquisite Gibeon Meteorite wedding band with Cobalt Chrome and Arizona Ironwood. Authentic textured meteorite provides a striking contrast against polished ironwood. A flat bevel top makes this ring as comfortable as it is eye-catching.

Check out more meteorite bands here.

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Mens Hammered Wedding Bands

The modern guy wants a wedding ring with enough character to compliment his unique style while also showing off his rugged and masculine side. With chiseled looks that could only come from a skilled blacksmith, we think this style fits the bill perfectly. For these storied gentlemen, we present to you, our mens hammered wedding bands. Read More

The modern guy wants a wedding ring with enough character to compliment his unique style while also showing off his rugged and masculine side. With chiseled looks that could only come from a skilled blacksmith, we think this style fits the bill perfectly. For these storied gentlemen, we present to you, our mens hammered wedding bands.

Our Range Of Wood Wedding Bands

Buy a Hand Made Cool Mens Ring, Alternative Wedding Band Rugged, Mens ...

As opposed to those old, original, crude loops sitting in some dusty museum, today’s wooden rings are sleek, expertly crafted and smoother than the pickup line you first used to break the ice with your spouse-to-be. Careful attention is paid to selecting the right wood for the job, and each jeweler takes their time to shape the piece to exact dimensions. Next, it’s coated in a water-resistant resin before being shipped off to it’s new manly owner. Take a look at a few:

The Buffalo: tungsten, with mahogany inlay. Fierce, bold, enticing. A symbol of the proud and strong animal spirit inside you. This ring makes a statement, but only on its own terms.

The Conqueror: tungsten carbide with platinum plating and koa wood. Just try to look at this ring and NOT picture a mighty Viking warrior, staring down his enemies, before laying down a heaping helping of whoop-ass. This ring is tough while still being lightweight

The King Arthur: titanium and koa rosewood… Dude, how regal is this thing?!? The perfect mix of polished metal and rich wood inlay, this ring is built for a king. It doesn’t matter whether your throne is a construct of a hundred swords or a pile of memory foam covered in leather , this ring is for you!

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What Is The Difference Between Wood Inlay Rings And Bentwood Rings

Youve heard us mention several times now the terms wood inlay rings and bentwood rings, and you might be wondering exactly what were talking about. The terms wood inlay rings and bentwood rings simply refer to the two different styles of wood wedding rings:

Wood Inlay Rings

Wood inlay rings are just as the name implies, a traditional precious metal ring with and embedded wood strip in it. Ceramic, bone and tungsten can be easily swapped out for the metal.

Bentwood Rings

Bentwood rings are rings made with solid wood surrounded with wood strips bent and gently formed into the shape of a ring.

Wood Grain Damascus Steel Men’s Wedding Band

Renowned for its incredible strength and amazing beauty, Damascus steel was a sought-after treasure during the Middle Ages for making swords. Chris Ploof works with a modern variation: stainless steel Damascus. It possesses all the beauty and qualities of the original however, it’s made from alloys that cannot rust like carbon-based steel. Stainless steel Damascus is easy to care for, available in beautiful and unique patterns, and offers high durability.

SKU: CP00006

THE DETAILS: Damascus Stainless Steel “Wood Grain” Men’s Wedding Band

  • Ring width 6mm

  • In stock ring size: 8.75


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Best Types Of Wood For A Wooden Ring

When choosing a wood band, the best types of hardwood to look for are oak, walnut, birch, maple, dogwood, applewood, ash, hickory, cherry, aspen, elm, poplar, and eucalyptus. Each of these woods have their own unique grain and a special meaning behind them.

If eco-friendly rings are top priority, please be aware of endangered woods like mahogany, Brazilwood, rosewood, Madagascar Ebony, Spanish Cedar, and sandalwood. If you do however fancy one of these listed, just make sure it has been collected sustainably.

That wraps up our favorite picks for wooden wedding rings. Whether you are a nature lover or just looking for something a little extra special for your wedding band, wood is a fantastic material choice. It is a reminder to stay grounded and remember our roots.

Will you choose a wooden band for your wedding day? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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It Is Normal And Can Be Easily Polished

Crafting our Historic Teak Wood Wedding Ring – A Ringumentary

Wood grain mens wedding band. Whiskey Barrel wood is the most popular and for good reason. We procure several wood types to craft a stunning wood wedding ring. Oak bands have a nearly monochromatic appearance and feature a thick straight wood grain that looks great paired with smooth metals.

Explore our selection of impressive mens wood grain wedding bands currently and find the best wedding rings based on your style. Our Range of Wood Wedding Bands. Buy A Hand Made Cool Mens Ring Alternative Wedding Band Rugged Regarding Wood Grain Wedding Bands View Photo 2 of 15.

This gives it a beautiful wood grain pattern that shows a wide variety of colors ranging from beautiful and luxurious golds to bright and brilliant copper hues. Mens wedding rings Mens Wedding Rings Perfect and beautiful wedding rings for men to suit your lifestyle and taste. MENS WOOD WEDDING BANDS crafted out of real wood.

It is easy to shop easier finding the proper wedding rings is just a few clicks away. The brass and copper in this ring will oxidize over time. The wood grain pattern and timber hues are jaw dropping.

Matching sets and symbolism. Chestnut and mahogany are dark woods with rich tones radiating a warm atmosphere and they tend to have pretty subtle grains best suited for a minimalist band. 1358 6000 FREE shipping.

It has to fit right and look OK. This means that each ring will develop a truly unique character as it ages. Place an order and buy now.

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Wood Wedding Ring Maintenance Tips

Once you buy your wood wedding ring, you will want to make sure it stays in top shape

01. Seal it up

Make sure your wood wedding ring is properly sealed to keep it looking newer longer and prevent damage from daily wear.

02. Take it off before doing dishes

Remove your wood wedding ring before doing laundry, dishes or bathing the kids to prevent possible water and chemical damage.

03. Leave it off overnight

To prevent sweat and moisture from washing hands set in the wood, let your ring dry out on your nightstand every few days. If your ring does get wet, dry it promptly.

04. Get regular inspections

Have your ring periodically inspected for any reparable damage to prevent long-term issues. We recommend getting an inspection once every three years or so, or let your ring inspector determine the best timeline based on the material of your ring.

Why Wood For A Wedding Band

There a couple different reasons why one would choose to have a wooden wedding band made for your man. One, depending on what type of finish is on the ring, a wood ring in most cases is hypoallergenic. Making it a fantastic option for anyone who suffers from metal allergies.

Two, if nature plays a big part of your life along with the values of renew and recycle, than a wood ring makes a very meaningful choice.

Two Types of Wood Rings When shopping for a wood ring you are bound to come across two different types of rings, bentwood and wood inlay.

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Mens Tungsten Wedding Bands

Super tough and super comfy. These men’s wedding rings are built to withstand just about anything. Plus they are backed by our lifetime warranty.

Whether you’re looking for a modern wedding ring, classic, or one in between. We offer a variety of designs and colors.


U.S. Domestic Shipping: 1 to 4 Days

International Shipping: 9 to 24 Days

Canada orders usually take 8 to 15 days.

Most rings ship in less than 24 hours. All shipping times are given on each product page.

Faster shipping options are available at checkout.

We ship both domestic and internationally for free. We use United States Postal Service.

You will receive a second email with a tracking number when your ring ships out.

Customer Care

Wood Grain Wedding Band Men

Mens GOLD wood grain ring fall wedding band PLYWOOD 14 kt

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Why Choose Wood Wedding Bands

One of the first questions youre probably going to ask yourselves when you start shopping for your wedding rings is What kind of wedding ring/band should we get?.

For years now, youve been fed a steady diet of other peoples ideas of what is the right material for a wedding ring or band. Pretty much two flavors, white gold and yellow gold, right?

Youve also probably heard quite a bit about tungsten, titanium, cobalt and rose gold wedding rings. All of these in their own unique way are very beautiful and are solid choices for a couples wedding ring set.

Theres one more wedding ring choice, however that is rapidly gaining in popularity among brides and grooms worldwide. Theyre called wood inlay and bentwood wedding rings.

These types of wedding rings are steadily gaining in popularity for a reason. Well, more than one reason, actually. Keep reading to find out more.

Ceramic Wood Inlay Ring

After the wood strip is added, a resin is applied over the wood. A resin is a special substance commonly used with jewelry that, in this case, covers and protects the wood, making it essentially waterproof and very durable. High-end resins are practically invisible, making the wood appear more natural.

Bentwood Rings

There are few different methods when it comes to how bentwood rings are made. The following is the most common method:

The picture on the left is a thin strip of wood that is in the beginning stages of being bent. It will sit in a special solution for a few hours before it is wrapped even tighter. The picture on the right shows the thin wood being wrapped even tighter and into multiple layers which gives it great strength.

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Mens Wood Grain Wedding Band

What Type Of Wood Is Best For A Wedding Ring

How to Make Wood and Copper Wedding Rings | Easy Woodworking Project

When youre shopping for a wood wedding ring, at first you might feel a little bit like youre shopping for furniture. Seriously!

Mahogany, pine, rosewood, maple and birch are just some of the many species of wood you might find in a wood wedding ring. Which wood is the best is wide open to interpretation, however.

While any of these woods are beautiful choices for your wedding rings, youll want to try and temper the excitement over their appearance with the reality of needing to make sure you pick something that will be durable and therefore give both of you joy for the years to come.

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Men’s 80mm Comfort Fit Stainless Steel And Wood Grain Carbon Fiber Inlay Wedding Band

Service Needed

Plan Terms and Electronic Delivery.

4Allow ring sizing up or down two sizes.

5Costs may vary depending on specific service, size and material type.

Have a question about Men’s 8.0mm Comfort Fit Stainless Steel and Wood Grain Carbon Fiber Inlay Wedding Band – Size 10?

15% Off Select Clearance – Discount Applied In Bag

Product Details

Content + Care

A Brief History Of Wood Wedding Rings

Let’s just start off with a little quote from author David Russell McAnally from his article in Popular Science Monthly, November 1887:

“The materials of which wedding-rings have been composed are as diverse as the nations which have used the ring. The British Museum has rings of bone and of hard wood, found in the Swiss lakes…”

It’s 1887, and this dude is talking about rings, sitting in a museum that had been open for almost 130 years already. While the article doesn’t give an exact age of said rings, it does leave the impression they are, I believe the scientific term is, “old as #@& %.”

But when you stop to think about it, it makes perfect sense. Wood is one of the most common, easily obtained and versatile materials on the planet. Long before man mastered the art of carving stone into spears or mining iron ore to smelt into kick-ass battleaxes, wood was there to provide our most basic tools and supplies. Sure, you may have spent the better parts of your high school days earning that C minus in metal shop, but you started out cobbling together that crappy wooden birdhouse your mother swore was perfect.

Of course some of the first wedding rings were made of wood . It is kinda all we had when we began making stuff out of more than just our own dung. And mankind thrived once we had tools, shelter and hunting weapons. We owe our very existence to the fact that we got wood! … Wait… Scratch that last line, and let’s move on.

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Caring For Your Wood Wedding Ring

Just … don’t go dunking your wooden ring into the pool at the Y. That resin is water-resistant, not waterproof. You know the difference. You’ve seen your buddy’s deck, then one that was due for a re-staining three years ago and looks more like a gray, wavy potato chip than anything you want to attend a BBQ on. Don’t do that to your ring. Keep it out of the pool/ocean/shower/toilet, and all will be gravy.

What Is A Wood Ring


Our wood rings are an exquisite combination of natural cut hardwood and custom formed alternative metals. The wood can either be used as an inlay on the exterior of the ring or as a sleeve on the interior. We use the finest exotic hardwood available. The wood used in these rings is natural, imperfect and beautiful. The variation in color, character, pattern and quality of the woods ensures no two are the same. We also have a wide variety of wood types that can be used to customize your ring and make it even more unique. You can view the available wood types here.

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