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Where Should I Get My Wedding Dress Cleaned

Personal Touch Premium Process

How to Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

The EcoClean wet cleaning and pressing teams in Austin have over 80 combined years of experience in garment care. Your wedding gown will be handled with extreme care and respect. We understand the value and importance of each dress and are excited to return them to their original beauty.

  • Every gown is assessed to identify its unique fabrics, embellishments, construction, and cleaning needed. Dresses requiring wedding gown restoration are personally inspected by our plant manager.
  • Debris is carefully removed and stains are treated by hand.
  • Dresses are washed with specially designed protective mesh bags and washed alone in clean fresh water with gentle detergents and conditioners.
  • Gowns are air dried to avoid damaging heat and abrasion.
  • Each gown is meticulously steamed and pressed by hand back to its exact pre-wedding look.
  • Pictures are taken to share with the bride to document the garment before preservation.
  • The gown is beautifully arranged in the preservation box to minimize wrinkling and ensure a clean and safe environment for storage.
  • Dresses are shipped in a special shipping box and tracked back to their happy Brides. For brides local to Austin, the gowns are picked up and returned by our local delivery team.

How To Clean A Wedding Dress: Wedding Dress Stain Removal

If you get a mark or stain on your wedding dress, there are often things you can do right then and there to remove it. For example, rather than putting your wedding dress in the washing machine, food and drink marks can generally be spot-cleaned with an effective stain remover. Always patch-check your cleaning method by trying it out on a small area first â somewhere no one will see. If it works, apply elsewhere.

  • Apply to the affected area and if your dress has lots of layers, be sure to separate them out so anything you apply to one layer doesnât seep onto the next.

  • Never rub stain remover into your dress, simply pat gently to protect the fibres.

  • Rinse off thoroughly and then dry with a hair drier .

  • Happily Every After And Then A Mydressbox Before & After

    Every wedding dress has a story to tell. Every MyDressbox includes:

    • Fast Turn Around Time
    • Delicate Hand Clean without industrial solvents or detergents
    • Any needed Repairs to the gown like ripped hems and torn lace
    • After cleaning every gown is gently steamed to remove creases
    • Carefully packed and wrapped in acid-free tissue paper
    • FREE acid-free, Australian made MyDressbox Wedding Dress Storage Box
    • Full Insurance on your gown from the moment it leaves you until the moment you get it back looking like new!
    • FREE Tracked Courier, Nationwide!

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    Where To Dry Clean A Wedding Dress / Where To Get Wedding Dress Cleaned

    A wedding dress should be cleaned and preserved by an experienced high quality wet cleaner. Many local dry cleaners in Austin send their wedding dresses away to be cleaned by other companies. Wedding dress cleaning by mail is now a very popular option which allows the bride to deal directly with the company cleaning the dress. Wedding dress cleaning by mail also allows more brides access to having their dresses wet cleaned, which is the best method possible for wedding dress preservation.

    How We Clean Or Restore Your Wedding Dress

    wedding dress nightmare. wedding is less than a week away ...

    Your wedding day is one of the most special moments of your life. At Mulberrys we consider it a privilege to be part of the memories of this wonderful celebration for Minneapolis residents. Whether its an heirloom bridal gown that needs to be restored or a gown that you would like to clean and preserve for your children, Mulberrys wedding gown experts have the answer. Mulberrys has specially-trained wedding gown restoration and preservation experts who will hand clean your special wedding gown, reinforce the wedding gown seams, and reattach any beads and other embellishments to the wedding dress where needed. To prevent any damage to the fabric or dye, we wash the wedding gown in crystal clear purified water and non-toxic solutions. Finally, we package your wedding gown in a premium quality, acid-free wedding dress box that maintains color and prevents yellowing, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy your special day for years to come.

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    Here Are Some Wedding Dress Cleaning Tips You Should Consider

  • The dress material: you must be sure of how to handle the wedding dress material so that you don’t cause unnecessary damage to the dress. Some sample wedding dress materials are satin, taffeta, lace, chiffon, organza, tulle, and charmeuse.
  • Use the right cleaning product: check out the right cleaning product suitable for the wedding dress material. Don’t use stain removals that are too harsh on the material that can cause damage to the fabric
  • Don’t use the washing machine: using the washing machine can cause discoloration as the stains might spread to other areas on the fabric. Also, you will not be able to properly remove sweat stains from places like the armpit, sleeve, and neck region.
  • Remove all detachable embroideries before you start washing: this is always the first thing to do but you have to be careful so that they don’t get spoilt. You will also be able to do a deep washing on every part of the fabric.
  • Don’t scrub too hard with your hands or a hard brush
  • In an attempt to remove the stains, you might find yourself scrubbing the dress so hard with your hands or a hard brush. Instead, place a clean cloth underneath the stained area, apply your cleaning product and scrub gently.

    Our Cleaning And Restoration Process

    At Mulberrys, we love playing a small part in the biggest moments of our customers lives. Thats why our wedding gown preservation experts take their job so seriously. Whether you have an heirloom gown you want restored for your daughter or youve decided its time to preserve your already-worn wedding dress, our professionals are here to helpand to make sure the job is done to top-quality standards.

    What Makes Wedding Dress Preservation Different From Regular Cleaning?

    Wedding dress preservation is about far more than just dry-cleaning a white dress and folding it into an attractive box. When we begin the process, well first inspect the dress for any stains, spots, or imperfections that need to be removed, from red wine to invisible sugar stains that brown as they age. After all stains are removed, our experts will reinforce any weakened seams, carefully reattach loose adornments like sequins or pearls, and make sure your gown looks as good as new.

    Wedding Dress Cleaning
    Packaging of the Future

    Your gown will be thoroughly cleaned from the bodice to the very last sequin or jewel on the train. It will then be carefully folded into an acid-free, museum-quality box designed to prevent yellowing and keep your dress looking brand new for yearsso if you want to pass your gown on to your daughter, niece, or other family member down the road, it will be even more pristine than you remember it.

    When to Preserve
    Handling Your Preserved Dress

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    How Do Dry Cleaners Clean A Wedding Dress

    Dry cleaning Using a chemical called tetrachloroethylene and a dry cleaning machine to remove stains and dirt instead of water. Laundry cleaning using hot water and normal detergents in a washing machine to remove stains and dirt. Hand washing- Using water and detergent at home in a basis and hand washing the gown.

    What Does Preservation Cost

    HOW TO CLEAN A WEDDING DRESS – save your money $$$ and wash it at home!!

    Depending on the amount of damage done to the dress on the wedding day, how it’s been stored up until the preservation process begins, and the level of intricacy of the gown will determine the cost of preserving a garment. “Our most expensive assignments are typically in the $2,000 to $2,500 range,” says Scheer. “This price generally applies to fully embellished custom ball gowns with very full, layered skirts and detachable trains,” he adds. When choosing a company to perform this important assignment, do your homework and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Inquire about training and qualifications do they warranty their work are they recommended by couture designers? “It can’t hurt to ask your salon for a reference also,” says Scheer.

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    How Can I Make Sure My Dress Is In Good Hands

    “I always tell my brides to ask a lot of questions. You want to make sure that the person taking care of your gown pays attention to detail and knows fabrics as well as how gowns are constructed,” says Karen Jean-Aimee of Madame Paulette, a luxury cleaning and restoration service. Ask about the type of cleaning method used, do the cleaners hand clean and if they will pretreat any stains and soiled areas. Some companies, including Wedding Dress Preservation by The Knot, go so far as to photograph, measure, carefully remove and inventory ultra-delicate embellishments before cleaning to really prevent damage. Then, they’ll meticulously reinstall them.

    Also, find out if the company does the work on location or if it ships gowns elsewhere to be cleaned and packaged. Don’t rule a company out if it doesn’t work in-house, especially if they have good reviews. It’s just good to know where your dress will be in case you want to check in.

    Sending your gown away for treatment? You’ll worry less if you know it’s insured during transit and service. Wedding Dress Preservation by The Knot includes $1,000 of shipping insurance with its Cleaning and Preservation kit. You can also add additional coverage for $15 per $500 of value. In addition, the company offers shipment tracking so you’ll never be up all night wondering where your gown is.

    Money: Skip The Middleman

    After all the recent dents in your pocket from the wedding, professionally cleaning and preserving your dress may seem daunting, so you are probably tempted to choose Plan B dry cleaning. However, this could be a naïve mistake because most dry-cleaners charge as much as the experts, if not more. For example, professional preservation companies, like Affordable Preservation, specialize in wedding dresses and offer top quality packages for only $245 for complete cleaning and preservation, including your veil, and insurance against loss or damage. If you decide to go this route be sure to

    • ASK: Do you perform the dry-cleaning on-site?
    • EXPECT: Usually, dry-cleaners offering wedding dress cleaning arent adept to take on the task of dealing with precious, delicate gowns. They often outsource it to professionals who have the proper equipment and expertise and guess who bears the marked up costs? You. So always make sure the price is right, who is doing the actual cleaning, and whats your recourse if the dress is damaged.

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    How To Clean Preserve And Store A Wedding Dress

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    Your wedding dress, veil, and keepsakes create cherished memories and preserving those pieces for future generations can be done with just a bit of care. The key to preserving a wedding gown or any type of fabric like baby clothes is to protect it from the elements, especially light and moisture. With proper handling, the gown and accessories should last for hundreds of years.

    How Much Does It Cost To Restore A Wedding Dress

    I bought my wedding dress! Can

    Some brides think that restoring their mothers gown is less expensive than buying a new one but this isnt always the case. If the gown has holes in the fabric, is stained, or doesnt fit, the wedding dress restoration cost can range from $300 to $800 or more depending on how much work needs to be done.

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    Caring For Silk Garments

    Fabrics made from silk fiber demand special care.

    Understanding silks characteristics, along with the use and care recommendations for your garment, will help to maintain and extend the life of your dress. Silk is a protein fiber and similar to human hair. Remembering this will help you when you think about the care and also cleaning it.

    To prolong the beauty and life of silk garments, follow these simple guidelines in use and care:

    • Avoid extreme temperature changes ~ do not store in attic or basement, as this will allow for rapid discoloration.
    • Avoid exposure to sunlight ~ this will discolor the garment if white, and fade if it is colored.
    • Pressing your garment ~ Silk has a natural elasticity which does not hold creases well. Therefore, if you hang your garment many of the creases will fall out. Alternatively press with a dry iron on a silk setting. Steam can be used on heavier silks but could cause puckering and shrinkage on finer fabrics.
    • Avoid alcohol-based products ~ such as hair spray, perfumes & nail polish remover. Silk fabric is easily damaged these products.

    Where Should I Get My Wedding Dress Cleaned

    Where Should I Get My Wedding Dress Cleaned. Putting on your dress should be one of the last things you do before heading out the door. This way, you can avoid any food, drink, makeup or hairspray stains that may be part of the.

    The cost will normally depend on a number of factors, including style, embellishment, fabric, the degree of any stains, and whether the dress needs to be boxed. The easy option for cleaning your wedding dress used by many women is to spot treat only the stains without washing the rest of the dress. Brides often wait up to. Your best bet is with the gown insurance that professional dress cleaning services offer. I just had my dress professionally cleaned after my alterations.

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    Where Should I Get My Dress Cleaned

    Whatever you do, dont take your wedding dress to any old dry cleaner. Not all dry cleaners specialize in wedding dresses and may use harsh chemicals and toxins. They may even end up doing more damage to your dress, especially if its made of delicate fabric, such as lace, organza, chiffon or silk. Be aware that some local dry cleaners will send your wedding dress to the same top rated wedding dress cleaning company, that you can actually send your dress to directly yourself, but the local cleaners will mark up the price for a profit.

    Its important to find the right company with a good reputation that uses the latest state of the art cleaning process. Affordable Preservation Company will send you a box and pre-paid shipping label to send in your dress so you dont have to drive miles to find the right place. They even provide you with online tracking of your dress. This way you can see if your dress has been received and when its on the way back to you and the shippers tracking number.

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