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Blue And Pink Wedding Colors

Do I Need A Wedding Planner For A Destination Wedding

Blue, Orange and Pink Wedding Details

We strongly recommend hiring a destination wedding planner for your event abroad. Chances are you wont be able to fly back and forth to scout your venue or assemble your vendor team. Your wedding planner will make the planning process much easier with their strong on-the-ground network connection and familiarity with local customs and regulations.

Head to our curated vendor directory to find the best destination wedding planners. Make sure to click into their PartySlate profile to see real examples of their work. There, youll also find reviews, frequently-asked questions, and other helpful information.

Orange White And Goldenrod

Celosia orange is one of the trendiest colors for 2014 and this gorgeous color adds a splash of color and warmth to your wedding. Combine with goldenrod yellow and white to make the perfect blend of warm, sunny colors. If youre not convinced that bright orange is for you, burnt orange and a deep orange red also look great with this lovely shade of golden yellow. White is the perfect neutral color to incorporate into this wedding scheme to add a touch of freshness and lightness. These citrus colors are perfect for spring, summer and fall.

Wedding Color Palettes To Inspire Your Big Day

Here we are, well into fall of 2017 with 2018 just around the corner. That means a whole new year of trends to inspire the beginning of your happy-ever-after. In putting together some of the best wedding trends we see coming, we cant help but feel excited for what next years weddings will look like.

If your big day is sometime in 2018, weve got some uniquely beautiful ideas that we hope will leave you feeling inspired and even more excited to plan it.

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Best Wedding Colors: 25 Dreamy Color Palettes

Looking for the best wedding colors for your big day? One of the first wedding planning tasks is choosing your color scheme that important decision influences all aspects of your wedding, from flowers and boutonnieres to bridesmaids’ dresses and linens. But with so many beautiful colors and seemingly endless color combos, figuring it all out can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 25 of the best wedding color combos. Read through to get inspired! You just might find the color palette of your dreams among these choices.

As you browse, remember that color will be instrumental in setting the tone and mood of your big day. Deciding what wedding vibes you want to channel will help you narrow down your list of possible colors and combos. You can also look to your venue or the season for color inspiration.

However you choose, just remember: there are no wrong choices. When it comes to choosing a wedding color scheme, you just have to go with your gut! When you find the right color palette, youll know. You wont need any neon signs pointing to the right choice.

So read on, get inspired, and discover the ultimate list of the best wedding colors!

Amethyst Orchid Pantone Wedding Color

Wedding Color Trends: Blue and Pink

If you love pink, take a peek at primrose! A bold hot pink, this color can be paired with white and silver for an ultra glam look. On the other hand, it can be paired with white and greenery for a more chic palette. This shade is sure to wow your guests, even in small amounts. So be sure not to go overboard!

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Soft Pink Coral Pink Sage Green & Ivory

Breann was so thoughtful and intentional when it came to her and Lucas garden wedding design. Her floral arrangements featuring coral pink and white roses, eucalyptus, and stunning pink dahlias were jaw-droppingly beautiful. The warm tones of this color palette really paves the way for romantic images! See the rest of their wedding photos here.

+ Trending Wedding Color Schemes

1. Gradient Blues

Embrace every shade of blue by designing your venue with a gradient theme in mind. Get creative with this scheme by incorporating different shades of blue into your table settings or even bridesmaid dresses.

2. Reds And Gold

Let the color red represent the passion and love of your relationship. Pair your shades of red with a dazzling gold accent to let your wedding color palette shine.

3. Raspberry And Soft Gray

Complement the bold coloring of raspberry with the subdued nature of a soft gray for a beautifully unique scheme.

4. Earthy Colors

Wedding color schemes like this one are perfect for an outdoor or rustic-themed wedding. Take inspiration from the colors of our Earth by incorporating browns, greens, and oranges into your wedding.

5. Green And Ivory

Allow green, the color of nature, luck, health, and tranquility to take centerstage at your celebration. Balance your green scheme out with a lovely ivory accent to pull these wedding color themes together.

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6. Yellow And Lavender

The combination of yellow and lavender is sure to create a happy and upbeat atmosphere. These joyous, bright colors are perfect for a springtime wedding and can make for beautiful flower arrangements.

7. Sunset Colors Rich Yellow, Orange, Red

8. Blush, Emerald, And White

9. Brown And Pine Green

10. Cream And Gold

11. Gradient/ Ombré

12. Indigo And Violet

13. Green And Off-White

14. Light And Dark Browns

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Blush And Navy Wedding Tones

Navy is a classic color that pairs with just about anything. In fact, it is a true neutral! Utilizing navy in your wedding color palette can lay a strong foundation for other hues.

Rose pink and gold were incorporated into the bridesmaids dresses. The gowns were complimented in a lovely way with mustard tones to create a beautifully bold palette. See more of this amazing wedding here.

Pink Blue And Purple Wedding Color Schemes

Dusty Rose & Navy Blue Wedding Theme | Colors Combination ð¸ð?ðµ

If you truly love pastels, then this palette that includes pink with purple and blue wedding decorations is absolutely stunning. From gorgeous gowns to amazing hair and makeup, you can fill your day with all things pink.

Blending pink wedding colors with other pastels can be elegant and sophisticated. A soft wedding color palette can also include a few darker tones of your pastels, too. See this full styled wedding here.

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How To Pull Off A Yellow And Blush Color Theme:

Yellow and blush lend themselves to outdoor settings. The brighter your color palette, the more classic your wedding will feel. Conversely, if you want your wedding space to feel like the inside of an Anthropologie store, accent muted hues with natural, grassy plants, cozy seating areas and lots of warm lighting.

Trendy jewel tones like indigo and violet are two of the moodiest colors to work with. Perfect for intimate settings, deep jewel wedding colors will make your wedding feel royally elegant.

Blush Navy Peacock & Gold

Navy blue is a continued color of choice because of the way it fits seamlessly into so many different color palettes. We especially love this unique and unexpected combination of blush, navy blue , peacock green and gold.

This palette, of course, would work perfectly in the fall or winter, but we can even see it in the spring, too. It has an enchanting, Gatsby-esque vibe to it, which we find timeless, memorable and kinda-super-irresistible.

BRIDESMAIDS: Your bridesmaids can wear either navy blue or blush pink floor-length gowns , bringing in the gold with their accessories and shoes. They can hold bouquets of soft pink and cream roses, with bright greenery incorporated throughout. And your bouquet can be a bigger version of theirs, perhaps even with a few burgundy roses added to it.

GROOMSMEN: Your groomsmen can wear navy blue suits with cream-colored ties, while the groom wears a blush pink tie. Theyll look extra sharp with some brown shoes and blush roses on their lapels.

FLOWERS & DÉCOR: Your floral arrangements can combine shades of deep greenery with blush and even a few burgundy roses. They can be tied together by gold ribbons with a subtle sparkle. If you put up frames to decorate, have them be different shades of gold and assort them at random for a woodsy-yet-elegant setting. You can even have a blush wedding cake , with touches of gold and cream on it.

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Navy Bordeaux Pink & Gold

BRIDESMAIDS: Your bridesmaids can wear bordeaux or navy blue dresses, with gold accessories and brown shoes. If theyre wearing bordeaux gowns, have them hold flowers that are a combination of white or cream, peach and pink. If theyre wearing navy dresses, their flowers can be a mix of burgundy, pink, and peach, which will bring a lively pop of color to the whole ensemble. Their bouquets can be tied together by a navy blue ribbon with subtle gold details.

GROOMSMEN: The groomsmen can wear navy blue suits with bordeaux ties and brown shoes. The groom can wear a navy suit as well, with a white shirt and cream-colored tie. Add a peach and pink flower to their lapels to bring a little touch of brightness to their look.

FLOWERS & DÉCOR: If you go with floral arrangements that incorporate bordeaux, shades of pink, peach and deep greens, keep your table settings classic and simple, with cream napkins and gold details on the table settings. Have a white or cream-colored cake with bright peach, pink and burgundy flowers lying on it. Wood also looks great with these colors, so keep that in mind when deciding furnishings and other decorations.

Prettiest Blush Pink Wedding Color Ideas For Spring And Summer

20 Light Blue and Blush Pink Wedding Colors for Spring Summer 2021 ...

Pink is girls love and its a wonderful wedding color. Also different shades of pink give a completely different feel for your big day. Different shades of pink tell us a very different story and give a completely different feel. If youre planning a formal wedding then make sure you use hints of gold to give it that rich classic look. Brides looking for a more casual approach should team your pink with whites and pinks alone as this makes a great rustic feel. Check out these pretty shades of pink wedding color ideas and get inspired.

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Wedding Color Mistakes To Avoid

The good news about having an entire rainbow of colors to choose from is that you have endless possibilities however this can also lead to a few mistakes and common blunders.

One of the biggest wedding color mistakes is selecting too many colors that you want to use on your day. Most of the time couples select two or three colors to use together and every once in a while we will see a fourth color added but anything more than that and you are on the road to a color disaster.

Another very common mistake is a couple selecting a color theme that is too similar to each other. Selecting a combination of creams, whites, and beiges which you might think is very simple can actually turn out to look like a bunch of mismatched colors. If you are looking for a color theme that is all in one close color family consider working in the light blue, pink, or neutrals.

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Ice Blue + Light Pink

Ice blue, with the light shade of blue, is great for spring weddings no matter the wedding style is vintage, modern elegant or rustic. Ice blue and light pink color combos can make a lovely wedding. Ice blue bridesmaid dresses will make girls look youthful and fresh. They are great match with white bridal gown. light pink bouquets, candle chandelier, flower garland, name cards, wedding shoes, wedding cake and dessert etc in these colors will give you more inspiration to make a fantastic wedding!

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Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love

The color blue doesn’t necessarily have the best rapport. Between Picasso’s Blue Period and the common phrase “having the blues,” there’s plenty to suggest that the shade is anything but energizing. But we’d like to assert that the huein all its many formsis one you should certainly consider for your ceremony and reception color palette. And the following photos, taken during real couple’s celebrations, are here to prove why.

From ocean-colored tablescapes and azure place cards to barely-blue wedding dresses and the prettiest cerulean napkins you’ve ever seen, there’s plenty to suggest that blue is about as dimensional as a color can be. The best part? The shade can be modified for any type of wedding style. Punchy sapphire works best for modern parties. If you’re throwing a more traditional event, you absolutely can’t beat navy. The shade’s incredible rangefrom the deepest indigo to the clearest sky bluemakes it a malleable shade that’ll fit right into your ceremony or reception, whatever you have planned.

How To Pull Off An Ombr Color Theme:

Royal Blue and Pink Rose Gold Cupcakes for a wedding shower ð§? Mollie Cakes

Pick one shade as your base, and build your supporting elements around it. Work with your team of pros to identify how best to utilize your color of choice. Your florist will know which in-season blooms match your palette, while your pastry chef can help design a desert spread that leans into the same colors. If you’re working with a stationer, weave the gradient into your paper goods and signage. To make a memorable impact, include one monochrome element , and weave alternating gradient shades into smaller details like table arrangements, favors, seating cards or even your wedding party outfits.

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How To Pull Off A Pink Blue And Ivory Color Theme:

Since blue and pink are statement colors, embrace the gradients of both to blend them together. Consider adding deep mauves and pastel blues to your bouquet, or arrange light pink and blue candles around your reception space. Include accents of both on your wedding stationery, and let your neutral base color stand out too so one shade doesn’t feel stronger than the other.

Light and Fade Photography

Yes, your wedding colors can be red and green and not give off holiday vibes. Rich jewel tones like emerald and ruby can serve as complementary moody wedding colors, especially when they’re counteracted with a third light shade, like ivory or, in this case, mauve or taupe. While jewel tones are synonymous with cooler months, there’s nothing stopping you from having a luxe, moody wedding in the spring if that’s your vision.

Soft Green Ivory Blush & Bright Navy

Eva & Kurt opted for a simple color palette centered around white/ivory and greenery, featuring blush and bright navy accents. What we loved about their color scheme was that the greenery was more of a soft green in tone rather than deep, emerald-toned greenery. The blush pink and brighter navy accents also provided pops of color throughout the day! See their full blog post of wedding images here.

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Chic Light Pink And Navy Blue Wedding

With industrial vibes and contemporary styling, Cassie and Miless special wedding day at The Standard was what chic downtown wedding dreams are made of! Their choice of a light pink and navy blue wedding created an effortlessly classic, yet fun, event.

There was a lot of traditional, and non-traditional elements in this wedding that we can really get behind. In fact, we see a lot of these ideas in the 2020 Wedding Trends. They nixed a traditional wedding party with a Man of Honor designation for the brides side of the aisle. Ben took his duties seriously, and we even discussed hiring him for all our future weddings. All of the men looked stunning in their navy blue suits, while the women dazzled in light pink bridesmaids dresses.

Cassie and Miles also chose to do a First Look. And what better time to pop some confetti than after seeing your future spouse for the first time? After the couples confetti first look and portraits with yours truly, they said, I do in the ever-popular main ceremony site. This ceremony location is stunningly cozy with warmly lit bistro lights. The warm bistro lights continue to the balcony, where we caught the last of rays of the sun. The fading sun and glow of the lights made for some effortless photos of the newlyweds.

Pink Wedding Color Combinations To Consider

20 Light Blue and Blush Pink Wedding Colors for Spring

Pink has long been a favorite of girls everywhere. Using a pink wedding color palette doesnt mean that everything has to be in muted tones. Although it certainly can if thats is what you envision for your day! Whether you pair the hue with bold brights or other pastels, your wedding colors can shine with these pink wedding color combinations.

Do you adore pink? Its a beautiful tone to incorporate into your wedding color palette, but knowing what to pair it with can be difficult. Whether you want a hot pink wedding reception or crave a blush and navy wedding, I have some inspiration for your own pink color combinations for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Such lovely tones!

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Champagne Green And Black

Make your wedding full of glitz and glamour with a champagne, green and black color palette. Maximize your use of champagne and green and use black as the accent color. There will be a royal vibe to your day just from your colors and you can layer it with decorations. These are some of the best wedding colors for simple and chic events.

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