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Where Can I Sell My Wedding Dress Online

It All Started With A Yes

buying my prom dress ONLINE !! (does it work?)
Hitched on the sunny shores of Dubai.
We are Eva & Andy, a Lebanese Swiss couple who call UAE home.
The beautiful wedding dress we so cherished was never to be worn again.
We tried to sell it but were not happy with the available options.
Dress Come True is inspired by our own experience trying to sell our dress.
Brides we figured, are in the same situation,
looking for their dream dress or have already worn it.
Many glamorous dresses locked in closets.
As for the name, many brides kept referring
to finding their dress as a Dream Come True, hence Dress Come True.
Dress Come True connects brides selling their wedding dress &
brides-to-be looking for their dream dress in a safe & secure environment.
We hope to be part of your fairytale, one Dress Come True at a time.

Local Wedding Consignment Shops

If you want to sell your wedding dress locally, the best option is a wedding dress consignment shop.

Since these shops specifically focus on selling wedding-related items like wedding gowns, accessories, and shoes, this is your best chance for getting your dress in front of local buyers looking specifically for a wedding dress.

One of the big downsides of local wedding dress consignment shops is that they charge fairly steep fees for helping you sell your wedding dress, similar to some sites on this list.

Many shops charge a commission rate in the range of 40% to 60% of the final sale price of the dress.

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Selling Your Wedding Dress Conclusion

All in all, selling your wedding dress online should be your first choice. If you are unsure on what to do with old wedding dress than internet resale stores are the way to go. They enable you to reach so many more potential buyers and improve your chances of selling for a better price. Plus, they let you make quick cash right from your sofa. They are convenient and, in some cases, a much safer option.

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Where To Sell Or Donate Your Wedding Dress

In This Article

If youre considering selling or donating your wedding gown after the big day, or youre looking to purchase a pre-owned dress to cut down on costs, youre not alone. Theres a vast marketplace for second-hand wedding dresses, so weve asked expert Erin Richardson to share her tips and insight.

Meet the Expert

Erin Richardson is the General Manager of Weddings at A07 Online Media .

Best Places To Sell A Wedding Dress Online

9 of the Best Places to Sell Your Wedding Dress for Cash ...

Selling your dress online typically involves listing it on a clothing or wedding website and then shipping it to a buyer anywhere in the country. Going the online route gives you access to a nationwide audience, and many platforms have features that simplify the selling process. If you are looking to make money fast, this might be your best option.

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How To Sell My

. This site currently holds the #1 ranking in Google for used wedding dresses, which means it gets tons of traffic. For your purposes, this increased traffic translates into a vastly larger pool of potential buyers

The more views, the more likely your dress will sell.

If your dress gets 2,000 or more views on PreOwned Wedding Dresses, chances are that it will sell in 70 days or less. Of course, theres a catch: This platform charges a one-time of $25 for every dress it posts.

Be Realistic About The Value:

The most crucial factor that will influence if you can sell a wedding dress is your asking price. While you may have extremely fond memories of your big day, a potential buyer is not so emotionally attached.

Bear in mind that if your dress is a couple of years old, you can expect 50 to 60% of the original retail price. However, the dress must be in a like new condition.

If your dress is older, the value will decrease. This is more likely if there is less demand for your style of dress. For an idea of an approximate price for your dress, look at current listings. Alternatively, sites such as Stillwhite and Preowned Wedding Dresses have calculators to get an approximate value.

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How Much Is A Used Wedding Dress Worth

There are over two million weddings every year in the USA. While it is possible to have a small and quiet ceremony, most weddings have lots of expenses and costs. One of the most significant is the wedding dress. The bride will be front and center of every wedding picture, so it is important that she looks and feels great.

The average cost of a wedding dress is $1,631. So, you may feel reluctant to have your wedding dress gathering dust in a closet.

If your wedding dress is under two years old and in great condition, you can usually expect to sell it for approximately 50 percent of its retail price.

If youre looking to sell a wedding dress from a more recognizable brand, you may be able to recoup closer to 60 percent.

Reasons To Sell Your Wedding Dress

I Tried Wedding Dresses From Wish

Some women keep their gowns as souvenirs from their wedding days. Others hope that theyll have a daughter who will want to wear their dress one day.But if your wedding dress is lying around and collecting dust, selling it might be something worth considering. If you dont have an emergency fund, you could use the money you earn from getting rid of your gown to start one. Or that extra cash could go toward paying off debt, investing in stocks or funding a retirement account.

Selling your dress could also be a good way to give to charity. Someone in a tough financial situation who cant fit a brand-new dress into her budget might love to have a second-hand gown.Just as picking out your wedding gown is a personal choice, selling it afterward is up to the individual bride. Many modern brides, however, find that they want to recoup some money and put it toward a honeymoon, new home, baby preparations or debt acquired from the wedding day itself.In other cases, a divorce, a broken engagement or even a simple change of heart about the gown might cause a woman to sell her original dress.

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Understand The Real Value Of Your Dress

One of the most important factors that can influence whether you successfully sell your wedding dress is the price you ask for it. However, it can be tough to know exactly how much your dress is worth.

Here are some guidelines.

Wedding dresses bought in the last couple of years typically sell at between 50% to 60% of the price you paid for it. This assumes the dress is in like-new condition. Considering wedding dresses are generally only worn once, this is usually the case.

As dresses get older, the amount you can sell it for generally decreases. This is especially likely if the style of your dress isnt in demand. Dresses from high-end designers may keep their value a little longer than non-designer dresses.

When valuing your dress, look at posts on the sites listed above to find ones similar to yours. Consider setting your price at the going market rate. But you should be aware that just because a dress is listed at a certain amount doesnt mean it will sell for that price.

You could also consider using a wedding dress value calculator like the ones onPre-Owned Wedding Dresses orStillwhite.

If you really have no idea how much your wedding dress is worth, then consider using a consignment store or a service like Nearly Newlywed , which will take care of the selling process for you.

Finally, consider dry-cleaning your dress It can add a small amount of value to the total price.

Be Smart And Steadfast

Act fast when you find what youre looking for, but dont be shy when it comes to asking questions. While coveted designers and styles tend to get snatched up quickly, be smart when it comes to shopping and negotiating one of these sought-after gowns. Request even more photos of the dress’s condition and consider asking the seller to allow for a return should the dress not fit or be as described.

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Facebook Buy And Sell Groups

Another local option to sell your wedding dress is on Facebook Buy and Sell groups or through the Facebook Marketplace.

These groups will sell almost anything, so you wont be marketing to brides only. The upside is that the buyers are local, so you dont have to worry about shipping your dress.

Include lots of photos, a good description, and a competitive price when listing your dress. You may have to negotiate on the final price, so leave some bargaining room.

Itll probably take you longer to sell your dress via Facebook, but there are no fees to create a listing.


Things To Consider Before Selling Your Wedding Dress

Often when brides ask us about selling a wedding dress, it’s because they’ve found a dress they love that’s outside of their budget, and they’re considering spending a little extra in the hope of making some of the money back after the wedding. It’s a good plan, in theory, but there are a few factors to bear in mind before you hand over that credit card.

  • The kind of wedding dress you’ve got in mind – is it a popular style and size?
  • The style of wedding you’re having – is the dress likely to be in good condition after the wedding? This is particularly important if you’re having your ceremony in a forest, taking your portraits on a beach etc.
  • Your plans for immediately after the wedding – is there time to get the dress dry cleaned and put it up for sale? Many’s the bride who tossed her dress in a bag as she headed off on honeymoon, only to forget all about it upon return!
  • How motivated you are to sell your wedding dress – are you an organisational marvel? Or the kind of person who tends to shove problems in the cupboard and hope they’ll go away

Before you buy an over-budget dress with the idea of selling it after the wedding, ask yourself if you afford to buy the dress if you don’t sell it afterwards? Things happen, red wine spills, dresses tear, dry cleaners mess up, dresses fail to sell. If, for whatever reason, you can’t sell your dress, can you take the hit for the full cost?

Photo by IG Studio via One Fab Day

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Want To Sell Your Wedding Dress After The Big Day

If so, you might be wondering:

  • Should I sell my wedding dress locally?
  • Are there places that will buy my used wedding dress?
  • Whats the best way to sell my wedding dress?
  • Which wedding dress resale sites are the best?
  • Are there fees for selling my dress online?
  • How do I ship my wedding dress?
  • Is it safe to sell a wedding dress online?

Maybe you splurged on your dream designer wedding dress and want to recoup some of your costs on an item you only wore once. Or perhaps you bought a dress and had a change of heart.

No matter why you want to sell a wedding dress, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to navigate all the different resale sites, especially if you are determined to get the best price for your gown!

Best Places To Sell A Wedding Dress Online And Locally

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Wedding dresses are often the most expensive item of clothing many people ever buy. And why not? Brides want to look their best on their wedding day.

Wedding dresses often hold immense sentimental value. However, their high worth also means they are a popular item to sell when people want to earn some extra cash.

What you may not know is that there is a substantial market for used wedding dresses, and they hold their value remarkably well often selling for up to 60% of their retail price.

The biggest choice to make when selling a dress is whether to sell online or locally. Each option has pros and cons.

Here is our list of the best places to sell wedding dresses online and locally.

In this article

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Selling Your Wedding Dress Locally

If youd prefer to go a more traditional route and sell your wedding dress locally, head on over to your local thrift or boutique shop to see if theyll take it. You can also make use of platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to sell your dress to people in your area for no additional fees.

Thats it! Armed with this guide on how and where to sell a wedding dress, youll get your gown off your hands in no time.

Best Sites Selling Your Wedding Dress Online

Online Wedding Dress Review | 5 jjshouse wedding dresses under $300

People these days dont have the time to meet with every potential seller or something they need. Instead, they do most of the shopping online. So, just like you can sell used cell phone or get rid of used DVDs, you can also sell wedding dress too.

Selling online extends your audience reach and saves you precious time. No meeting in person, no risks of being scammed. Just list your dress and wait for someone to buy it. Its simple as that.

If youre not sure where to sell a wedding dress online, just scroll down to find the most popular and reliable options.

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No : Research Wedding Dress Pricing

When deciding on how to price your wedding dress, do some homework first. In general, dresses that are under two years old can sell for about 50 percent of their original retail price. According to The Knot, a top wedding planning site, designer gowns from brands like Vera Wang can fetch up to 60 percent of their original price.

However, if youve made significant alterations to the dress or if there are stains that wont come out, you may have to charge less for the gown.

My dress was originally $1,000, and I spent about $350 on alterations. Because my dress was hemmed so much, I knew that the market for the gown would be limited. It would be too short for anyone who was taller than me or for anyone who wanted to wear heels with their gown. Because of that limitation, I followed Tradesys recommendation to price my dress at $450.

My dress sold for its full asking price within two weeks of me posting the listing. Thanks to my careful details in the listing, a woman who was my exact height purchased the dress.

My buyer didnt have any questions, but you may receive questions or requests for more photos from potential customers. Check your account daily so you can respond in a timely manner to improve your chances of making a sale.

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