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How To Determine Wedding Budget

How Much Does A Wedding Cost

How to determine your budget for wedding rentals and decor.

The amount you will spend on a wedding can vary greatly, depending on how big you decide to go. Comparing some numbers for average wedding costs can help put your potential outlay in perspective.

According to, for example, the average wedding cost $38,700 in 2019, with the majority of those costs associated with the ceremony and reception.

Wedding-ceremony costs dropped drastically in 2020 due to the crisis and shutdown, dropping to an average of $19,000, but are already on the rebound to pre-pandemic figures in 2021.

The average wedding spend also includes things like the officiant, wedding cake and dessert, wedding and engagement rings, stationery, a dress for the bride, hiring a band, catering, and flowers.

The Knot puts the regular average cost of a wedding a bit lower, at $33,900 for 2019. That figure includes the engagement and wedding rings, and also covers the most essential costs associated with wedding planning, including booking a venue for the reception, hiring a photographer, paying a wedding planner, purchasing the bridal gown and grooms attire, paying for the rehearsal dinner, and covering the officiants fees. It does not, however, include the honeymoon. For that, you will need to budget another $5,000 on average.

How To Set A Wedding Budget

The cost of organizing a wedding day is one of the most pressing topics for future newlyweds. Wedding Planning Assistant will help you to prioritize, not forget anything, and adequately distribute your holiday budget. You will calmly start preparing for your important event without being distracted by a material and mental issue.

Of course, your wedding organizer will help you determine the exact amounts, calculate the final estimate, and detail the cost items. But we still recommend our Wedding budget planner to make an approximate wedding budget example in advance for which you are ready to spend money. And then think about the amounts so that you can already give approximate figures in a conversation with the organizer, and the final cost does not come as a surprise to you. To do this, use our wedding budget calculator and edit how much and on what you are ready to spend, and our tips will answer your question of how to create a wedding budget.

Calculate My Wedding Budget

Although every wedding is unique and will have different components, a typical wedding is comprised of the following items. Rank them in the order of your priority and set a total budget amount. When you have set a total amount, you will see the estimated budget for each of the categories. Based on your priorities, you can adjust the percentage allocations as you see fit.

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Venue Catering Cake And Rentals: 50% Of Total Wedding Budget

How to Create a Wedding Budget (With images)

Youll notice that the biggest chunk of your wedding budget breakdown will be taken up by your venue and your catering costs. First, youll need to make sure that you find a venue that can comfortably fit all of your guests, and has location options for different weather scenarios. Youll also want to find a venue that fits your stylewhether its a rustic barn, a hotel ballroom , or a modern, industrial space.

As for catering, its clear that your guests will be expecting delicious food. Remember, though, that your catering bill doesnt just mean the actual foodyoure paying for preparation, equipment, wait staff, and more. If your caterer is also handling the bar, the liquor and bartenders are also part of this bill.

Your wedding cake and any additional desserts will also account for part of this wedding budget percentage, too. From glamorous multi-tiered fondant confections to rustic naked cakes, there are lots of different types of cake styles to choose fromthe more elaborate and bigger the cake, the more expensive.

And dont forget about rentals, either. Youll likely need to rent a variety of items for your wedding tables, chairs, glassware, linens, flatware, and much more so be sure to factor them into your wedding budget breakdown. If youre hosting an outdoor wedding, a tent may be necessary. In some cases your venue or caterer will provide these items for you. If not, youll need to hire a separate rentals company to supply these important details.

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Cut Costs Where You Can

A common strategy for couples planning a wedding on a budget is to think outside of the box. Here are a few ways you might save:

  • Explore non-traditional wedding venues, such as breweries, public libraries, art parks, and summer camps.
  • Recycle and buy used whenever you can.
  • Have a small wedding cake and supplement with sheet cakes or other desserts.
  • Opt for informal wedding attire.
  • Send digital wedding invitations.
  • A Basic Wedding Budget Calculation

    The most basic way to determine your budget and a good starting point is to calculate the following:

    • Number of Guests

    You can calculate this as per the formula below:

    • 120 guests
    • 8 10 tables at $350 each = $3500
    • Meal per person at $150 per person = $18 000
    • Cost of the venue at $5000

    This gives you a total of $26 500 before adding any extras. Most of these extras are quite necessary for a wedding as well, such as a wedding planner.

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    You Know Weddings Cost A Lot So How Can You Figure Out Your Budget And Then Stick To It This Course Can Show You How

    This course is the first in a series of courses designed specifically for brides. You will quickly learn that the very first step towards planning the wedding of your dreams begins with an honest assessment of your budget. When taking out a second mortgage on your home becomes a strong consideration, then you know it’s time to take a closer look at your wedding dollars so that you can plan a wedding that makes sense.

    In addition, this course outlines the costs you need to consider when planning your wedding, as well as how to budget for the unexpected. Furthermore, you will receive much needed guidance on how to stick to your budget and still enjoy the fun of planning your wedding!

    This course in presented in two parts. This is Part 1.

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    Should You Use Google Drive For Wedding Planning

    Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Budget | Wedding Budget Breakdown | Calculate Your Wedding Budget

    On that note, while were talking about Google Docs, I would highly recommend to keep all your wedding related docs on your Google Drive.

    This allows you to pull them up if youre on the go on your phone using the App or while youre at home wedding planning. This was life-changing for me!

    Keeping your finances organized throughout the wedding planning process can sound daunting. Im convinced that by using free wedding budget tools you can stay organized, which will help you keep your wedding on a budget.

    Hop on over to this post next about how to make your own DIY wedding binder.

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    Be Flexible And Adjust As You Go

    Remember that your budget is not set in stone. The goal is to estimate your costs as close as possible, but also remember that there will likely be additional fees or other items that you may not expect. Thats why its important to think through every aspect of your wedding and budget for even the small things. For example, items like stamps may seem inexpensive, but when youre sending out multiple save the date cards and invitations, this item can really add up. So, be sure to budget in everything you will need to make your dream wedding day a reality!

    How Much Does An Average Wedding Cost

    Wedding rings, food, and drink are usually the things that cost the most. All of them are necessary and should be included in the wedding budget breakdown. Essential expenditures actually account for only a half of the expenses spent on the average wedding. In this wedding budget calculator, you can see nearly every category that goes into a wedding, to help you consider consider if you can cut down on the other half. In total, the average wedding cost in the USA is around $30,000!

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    Get Your Priorities Straight

    For some of our clients, their priorities are the same meaning both the bride and the groom want to spend a larger portions of the budget on the same items. With other clients, the bride and groom have different expectations and different “most important things.” We also have clients whose parents are paying that have very specific priorities and thoughts on how the budget should be spent. Once you have your max budget figured out, it’s time to create a low to high budget with every line-item a wedding budget should include. Include everything: your shoes, airfare, hair and makeup, suits, tables, chairs, china, flatware, glassware, linens, the venue, lighting, generator, restrooms, guest transportation, accommodations, invitations, entertainment, the list goes on and on!

    Staying Within Your Wedding Budget

    How to Calculate A Destination Wedding Budget ...

    Now that you have calculated an estimated budget for your wedding, its important to do your best to stick to it. Take a look at what you have chosen as your top priorities and must-haves. Find out how much it would cost to make all of those dreams come true and see how far off you are from your allocated amount. If you are significantly over budget, you will need to make sacrifices in certain areas. For example, if your dream venue is your top priority but is way out of your price range, consider asking the venue what the price difference would be if you held the wedding on a Sunday morning or afternoon versus a Saturday evening. Or, if you absolutely must have a certain photographer, ask him what types of custom packages he can create for you to fit your needs. Feel free to shop around with vendors to find the ones who are right for you.

    Keep track of what you are spending and take notes as you move along with planning your wedding. This worksheet will help you stay within your budget and pinpoint which areas are causing overspending and which are allowing you to save.

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    Figure Out Who’s Contributing

    Perhaps it’s just you and your fiancé. Or maybe your parents or other family members want to chip in. Whatever the case may be, finding out who’s eager to contribute to your wedding is a good first step in calculating your overall budget.

    Try to ascertain how much each party is willing to spend, or what particular aspect of the wedding they’d like to take care of.

    Yes, we realize that money conversations can be super awkward, but knowing who your contributors are is essential to figuring out your bottom line. Just be sure to approach these conversations in a respectful way, and be okay with hearing “Sorry, I’d love to help but I can’t.”

    How Do I Determine My Wedding Budget

    When thinking about how much you are willing and able to spend on your wedding, remember that there is no such thing as the right budget. One couple may choose to spend more on alcohol and the rehearsal dinner while another couple might prioritize wedding photography and extravagant wedding rings. The best approach to determining your wedding budget is by prioritizing all of the items that could potentially be included in your big day. Weve compiled a list of the most common items that couples will have to spend money on for their wedding to help you calculate what an appropriate and reasonable budget would be.

    Another thing to consider is whether or not you will hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator. Wedding planners and coordinators are there to help you organize and plan your event and play an integral role in your wedding. If you plan to hire either a wedding planner or a day of coordinator, you will need to factor their cost into your budget as well.

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    Why The Amalfi Coast Is The Best Undiscovered Place To Get Married In Italy

    If youre dreaming of a rustic, romantic wedding day in Italy, look no further. The sweeping cliff sides of the Amalfi Coast are dynamic and steeped in history, and youll quickly fall in love with the beauty and charm of the small coastal cities. Keep in mind, travel fees to the Amalfi Coast will be where a lot of the extra costs come in for most vendors, but to help you start planning your Amalfi Coast destination wedding, heres some information to help you create a wedding budget:

    • Standard venue buyout

    • For a bougie airbnb – about $15,000 for three nights to accommodate 8 guests

    • Planner 10-20k depending on whether youre planning an elopement or a full wedding

    • Caterer about $150-$300 a head

    • Rentals about $200 a head

    • Florals 6k – 50k+ depending on size and precise location of wedding

    • Hair and makeup 1k per person

    • Videographer 4k -8-12k


    What Is The Breakdown Of A Typical Wedding Budget

    How to Organize your Wedding Budget using Excel

    Although I cannot give you a right number on how much your total wedding budget should be, I could give you wedding budget percentages, which is an estimate of how much each expense category in your wedding would cost in percentages. Below is a wedding budget breakdown of a typical wedding:

    • Reception and rentals 40%
    • Photography & Videography 10% Wedding budget percentages help couples know how much they have to spend for each expense category
    • Wedding consultant 10%
    • Wedding attire 8%
    • Personal flowers and floral decorations 7%
    • Music and entertainment 7%
    • Wedding rings 4%
    • Stationery 3%
    • Wedding cake and other pastries 2%
    • Ceremony and legality 2&
    • Day-of preparation 1%

    Be aware that the above is just the day-of budget. The engagement ring, rehearsal dinner and honeymoon are calculated separately from the wedding day costs.

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