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What To Wear Under Your Wedding Dress

Smoothing Wedding Undergarment: Satin Slips

What to Wear Under Your Wedding Dress Shoe Advice

Lightweight and ultra-feminine, a satin slip adds that perfect dose of ooh la la to your soft fit-and-flare or relaxed sheath. Plus, a satin slip in a slightly different colorway adds visual dimension to your lace or illusion overlay.

When it comes to choosing wedding undergarments for your bridal gown, treat a satin slip as exactly thata slip. It can smooth and enhance your silhouette, but its not optimal for keeping everything in place.

Btempt’d By Wacoal Women’s Lace Kiss Thong Panty

Pro: Simplistic design in variety of colorsCon: Can fit snug

Bowtie Beauty: Keeping true to their name, this cute lace thong is a temptation in of itself, inviting you to look and enjoy at every glance. Paired best with a tighter dress and shapewear britches to avoid any accidental panty lines, these panties will shine in any color you choose, by complimenting your legs and accentuating your waistline. Not to mention, that little bowtie is an adorable bit of personality, and while sometimes the cup is a bit small, these panties should be in any bridal starter pack.

What To Wear On Top

One of the most important undergarments for any bride is the bra. Having everything supported and lifted will help make you look amazing on your wedding day. These days many bridal gowns actually have bra cups, and supportive boning built right into the bodice of the dress, so you might not need anything more. But, if you would like a little additional lift or a bit more fullness, you can always purchase bra cups and have them sewn into the dress by your seamstress.

Looking for that perfect little set to wear under your beautiful gown? Check out our list of Wedding Lingerie Shops.

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Eve’s Temptation Lily Women’s High Waist Lace Seamless Slimming Panties Underwear Full Coverage

Pro: Slim-fitting that follows natural curvesCon: Minimal tummy control

Luxury Lace: With a high-quality material and impressive stitching that is both elaborate and elegant, these Eveâs Temptation panties are a must-have for any bride-to-be who wants a guaranteed success for her wedding day. They have a shape that hugs your curves and is great at eliminating any visible panty lines through clothing, while also being a wonderful fit for women at any size.

The only area where the Eveâs Temptations can be a bit disappointing is in the matter of tummy control, where, due to the liningâs lower positioning and material breakdown , it will have minimal slimming effect in regards to the stomach area.

What To Wear Under Your Wedding Dress


The perfect fit for your bridal look often starts with the right undergarments. Here are some suggestions for finding them based on dress styles.

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The undergarments you wear are the base of your wedding day look, and the right foundation can enhance the fit of your dress.

Your underpinnings help form the shape and structure of your dress and how it drapes on your body, said Lori Kaplan, the founder and owner of Bra Tenders in New York City.

Ms. Kaplan suggests choosing undergarments even before committing to buying your dress and taking them with you to your dress fittings. I recommend first finding options of shapewear and foundation that will work with the dresses youre eyeing.

She added, So many brides have dreamed about their wedding dress since childhood that when the time comes to pick their gown they may not have considered how their grown-up shape will fit into the dream dress, and whether, for example, that backless gown will work with 34H cups, she said.

If you cant make it to a lingerie boutique or youre short on time, Wacoals mybraFit app can help you find the correct bra size by using measurements taken from scanned images of your body and answers to questions about your shape and size.

Heres a guide to picking your bridal undergarments based on the silhouette or style of your wedding dress.

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When To Start Bridal Lingerie Shopping

Start shopping for your bridal underwear once you’ve found the gown and prior your first dress fitting so that you can take it with you to check it is suitable and dont be afraid to take a couple of options to try on!

Give plenty of time and thought into what you will need, and double check with your dressmaker or bridal boutique what type of bra or support they recommend or what’s necessary, as many corseted gowns for example, won’t need an extra bra.

If possible, make an in store appointment with a bridal lingerie or bra fitting expert. Don’t forget to take a few images of your dress to show your fitter.

One thing to keep in mind is that last-minute weight changes will affect the fit of your bra. If you find yourself losing weight before the big day, get refitted if necessary. Your lingerie shop may also be able to make some alterations to your bra, but don’t leave it too late, you want your underwear to fit like a glove.

Underwear by Wonderbra | Photo by Helen Warner Photography via B.Loved

What Underwear Should I Wear To Try On Wedding Dresses

When it comes to underwear, its really not that big of a deal. In fact, some women have even just worn leggings to try on there dress. This might not work for every style, but it should for most.

A lot of women like to wear boy shorts because it provides a little more coverage than other underwear.

Some women wonder if they should wear a thong to try on wedding dresses so that they wont have any underwear lines showing through their dress. This is a great thought, but it could be a little embarrassing if youre walking around trying on dresses. If you do this, make sure to bring a slip with you to cover up with. Dont worry so much about showing underwear lines when you are trying on dresses. You might pick out a dress that has a full skirt so it doesnt matter anyway, and if not, just realize this isnt your final fitting or your final look.

Once you have the dress picked out, youll have a better idea about what kind of underwear you should wear.

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If Your Wedding Dress Has A Sexy Open Back Opt For A Backless Bra

When it comes to backless wedding dresses, a strapless, adhesive bra is a must! Silicone cups will provide the most natural look and feel, while keeping the attention on your gorgeous, dramatic back.

Shop backless bras by Fashion Forms, and choose from strapless, adhesive, push up, and lace up bra options. Thanks to these wedding undergarments, no pesky bra straps here on our Meletta and Gabriella wedding gowns!

What To Wear Under Your Gown

Ask Lori: Do I need special undergarments with my wedding dress?

One of the most puzzling aspects of the wedding attire puzzle can be what undergarment to wear with your gorgeous gown. You want something comfortable but pretty, hidden but flattering. There are a dozens of options for bridal lingerie the trick is finding a great bra that will complement your dress and your body type. Here, we’ve come up with a few wonderful, affordable options.

For a Backless Dress

Dress by Sophia Tolli

A strapless, backless adhesive bra is a must. We love the Intimates Nu Bra . Because these bras are completely backless, they are not ideal for large-chested women, given their lack of support. But, when comparing all the backless, strapless bras out there, the Nu Bra is our favorite.

For a Slinky Sheath

Dress by Mark Zunino

The Stella McCartney Smooth Supernatural Bra combines comfort with invisibility, making it the perfect bra to wear underneath a more lightweight, body-hugging sheath. Because of its plunging neckline, this bra does not provide complete coverage and is better suited for smaller chested women.

For a Plunging Neckline

Dress by Nicole Miller

Dress by Jenny Packham

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Want To Know What To Wear Under Wedding Dress

The choice of wedding lingerie includes three criteria:

  • your figure,
  • the type of dress you are going to wear
  • and your own taste.
  • Therefore, you should know your measurements and personal preferences to not go wrong. If you have chosen a dress with a deep neckline or open shoulders, a bra with patterned ribbons is probably not the best option here. In this case, you should go with some convertible bra with detachable straps. However, it shall have a rigid construction to support the breast well.

    If you have a curvy body shape, you can purchase wedding undergarment with silicone inserts at the edges. They better fix on the skin and will not visually fill you.

    Types Of Wedding Lingerie For The Bride

    The first thing you do is you choose perfect bridal lingerie just after you have bought a wedding dress.

    Whatever type of lingerie you go with, first of all, it must offer an ideal combination of comfort and support. Since you are going to wear your wedding dress undergarments all day long, you should bet not only on the design of a bridal undergarment but also on its quality and fabric.

    There is one unspoken rule saying that «a wedding lingerie should not be noticeable». For your big day, it is best to choose a simple wedding undergarment. If you want to surprise the groom with a beautiful bridal undergarment, you can buy it in advance to try it on and make sure it hugs you perfectly. Otherwise, it will be not enough time to return it and to pick up other, more suitable option.

    A bodysuit is a shapewear that perfectly pulls the figure and conceals flaws like bulging sides or tummy. Since its seams are practically invisible, this is an excellent option for dresses which made of very thin fabric and tight-fitting outfits. Sometimes bodysuit decorated with lace and various inserts, so it looks very effective and sexy.

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    What Bra Style Should I Choose

    Choosing a bra for your wedding day depends a lot on the style of your dress. Different bras are not only various shapes, but can also position your boobs quite differently and trying to find the best bra for a strapless, backless, plunge or mermaid dress isnt always easy. Whats ideal is starting with your bra so you can try different dresses with it and marry your underwear and outerwear so they are a great partnership.


    What To Wear Under The Dress

    What To Wear Under Your Wedding Dress

    When you get fitted for your dress, it is essential to wear your wedding shapewear to the fitting. How the dress fits depends on your body AND shapewear or lingerie you wear under the dress. The day of the wedding is not the time to wear new shapewear or underwear it begins way back at your dress fittings.

    When I spoke to the lovelies over at Triumph, one of the largest makers of lingerie in the world, I was impressed by their offerings of shapewear and gorgeous bridal lingerie. I wish I knew about this brand while planning my wedding, since I relied on whatever I could find at the store at the time. And, let me be the first to tell you: stuff at stores isnt that attractive. Im talking big, bulky undergarments that leave much to be desired. They werent sexy, they werent sultry. They just were what they were: undergarments. Instead, though, Triumph strives to be the eminent leader in gorgeous lingerie and shapewear to hug your curves, be totally seamless, and make you feel oh-so-sexy.

    Now, Ill be the first to say that ordering lingerie online? No thanks. I love to see pieces in person. But now that Ive had the chance to see these for myself , Im forever changed. And, can I tell you a secret? Im an avid lover of Aerie and Victorias Secret, but after trying these bras and Im not even joking I actually said, WOW. This is how a bra is supposed to fit. Its like a glove.

    Oh, and how gorgeous are these? I think theyre oh-so-lovely for the honeymoon.

    xo -E.

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    If Your Dress Has A Low Back

    From Inbal Dror to Galia Lahav, sexy open backs are one of the hottest wedding dress trends right now. If you plan on wearing one of these plunging styles, a regular bra is out of the question. When it comes to a backless gown, your best bet is a bra that has adhesive cups. Nude silicone cups will give you the most natural feel and will be practically invisible. Another option is to have cups sewn into the dress itself.

    How To Shop Underwear

    Slim-fitting dresses or those made of a single layer of material often require underwear that lies flat and smooth. A nude-colored Commando thong will always work, but brides also shouldnt feel limited to just that one option, theres also a smooth lace thong. Dresses that highlight body parts (sometimes call for strategic shapewear. It absolutely has to fit correctly, or you risk being cut off in weird places. Try a high-waisted thong, which gives a smooth, seamless fit through the bodice, or a full slip.

    if your wedding dress isn’t fitting that much, you may wear any panties your like

    nude flat thong panties is a proper choice for a fitting dress or a dress with sheer parts

    such a full slip in nude color will be a proper choice for a low cut wedding dress and will help you modelling

    SPANX strapless bodysuit is a good idea for shaping your body on a big day

    mesh sheer illusion spandex stretch bridal bodysuit is a nice shapewear idea to go for

    if you need to accent some part of your body, there are many types of undergarments to do that, too

    if your wedding dress has rather unique cutouts, you may still find some proper lingerie to wear with it, too

    such a chic white lace bridal bodysuit is ideal for a wedding dress with a cutout back and no straps

    try various types of thong bodysuits to fit your needs and your wedding dress perfectly

    higher spandex panties and a matching bra will be perfect shapewear for some types of dresses, and nude color makes them invisible

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    What Kind Of Bra Should I Wear To Try On Wedding Dresses

    Dont stress too much about the type of bra you should wear to try on wedding dresses. Women have worn all types and made it work in one way or another.

    Here are the different options for what bra you should wear to try on wedding dresses.

    Your everyday bra. There are actually four reasons why you shouldnt worry about buying anything special for trying on wedding dresses. The first reason is, if youre trying on a dress that hides the bra well, no one will know any different. Secondly, if youre trying on a strapless dress, you can simply leave the straps off and tuck them into the side of the dress.This isnt ideal as working around the straps can be annoying, but its doable. Remember this isnt the final fitting, just trying things on to see what style and ultimately what dress you like. The third reason is, most of the larger wedding dress boutique have bras and corsets there for you to use when youre trying on dresses. Lastly, a lot of dresses have the bra portion built into the dress, so you wont even need a bra at all.

    Download my FREE starter guide that will help you know exactly where to start your wedding planning journey.

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