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What Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding In 2021

Saving Isnt The Biggest Benefit Couples Say

Marriage or mortgage: which is more expensive in SoCal?

If you dont stand to save much by hosting a micro wedding, why bother? For some, its about spending quality time with a few folks rather than reducing the cost of the celebration.

Guina and her partner initially planned to invite over 100 guests to their Shangri-La wedding. We realized that a lot of the guests were mostly courtesy invites, she said. We wanted to be able to celebrate with the people we really hold dear to our hearts.

Twenty-six-year-old student Thalia Belford, recently married in Muskoka, Ontario, agrees. It was just the 23 most important people in our lives, at a beautiful resort for the weekend together! It was so magical, Belford said in an email. I couldnt recommend a micro wedding enough.

Rustic Barn Venue Hidden Costs

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If you are planning a rustic, country-themed wedding, a barn is the perfect setting. But getting the barn up to par for your ceremony will require lots of work, and dont forget those extra wedding venue costs.

Restrooms: If the barn is not equipped with restrooms, you will have to provide them yourself, and its going to cost you if you want more than the basic porta potty.

Climate Control: Depending on the season, you may be required to rent either heaters or fans to keep yourself and your guests comfortable and happy,

Generator: While barns can be quaint and charming, they may lack certain modern-day luxuries. like electricity, which you will then have to provide.

Cleaning: You definitely want your wedding to be free of spiders, dust and dirt so you will have to hire a commercial cleaning crew to get that rustic, homey feel.

Lighting: Unless the barn has lots of natural light, there will be additional costs to provide adequate lighting.

Average Wedding Cost In Canada: Budgeting A Canadian Wedding

Theres quite a bit of content on an average wedding cost in the U.S. In this article we researched the subject as it relates to Canadian weddings.

One of the largest checks that youll be able to cut on your wedding day will be the cost of the wedding catering. Food and beverages can definitely eat up the budget and usually accounts for about 40 to 50 percent of the entire wedding budget.

Its quite unbelievable isnt it? Think about eating out in a typical restaurant for dinner, the overall cost of medium-size meal for one is roughly 30 dollars for each with tip and tax, not including alcohol.

Consider this number and then multiply by 200 people, it will total to about 6,000 dollars, scary enough right? However, itll be more terrifying when you actually add more glasses of wine, tables for dessert, and cocktail hour! The number will be doubled! Catering is not cheap indeed fortunately there are things that you can do to save on your next catering order.

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The Most Basic Wedding Costs

A sample of well-planned wedding in North America is composed of the following services and facilities that are very necessary in its special ceremony:

The things that were stated above constitute the expenses that are meant to be paid in order to achieve a well-planned wedding in North America. And once the prices of the stated necessities were summed up, the new couples and wedding planners will find out that the average cost of well-planned wedding in North America is about $28,100.

Now lets take a deeper dive into Canadian wedding costs.

The Great Outdoors Venue Hidden Costs

Average wedding cost infographic

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Whether its a sunlight beach, a romantic vineyard, or a simple backyard wedding, there will be hidden costs, as being exposed to nature and the elements always call for extra precautions. Here are some possible extra wedding venue costs for you to consider.

Tents: You have to be prepared for rain or shine, so always have a Plan B. And of course, you will need lighting and decor for the tent to keep in synch with your wedding theme.

Permits: Events held in a public place like a beach or public park often require permits, location fees, and often, insurance. And you most likely will need a permit for that tent as well.

Dance Floor: You dont want people slipping and sliding in the grass or falling on the pavement and getting hurt. And as an added fee, of course, dance floors built over grass require subflooring.

High Powered, Quality Sound System: There is a lot more noise at an outdoor wedding than an indoor one and you dont want anyone to miss out on the toasts and speeches or not be able to enjoy the dance music.

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Browse Wedding Costs By Category

Everything you need to know from the expected to the unexpected.


$27 vs. $40 is the average cost per person for buffet vs. plated service

46% of bus and limo services require at least 3 hours of rental time

Get key details, availability, and message directly to learn more and schedule tours.

On average, most couples in the US spend nearly $30,000 on their wedding ceremony and reception. However, this can vary widely depending on the vendors hired and location. WeddingWires Wedding Cost Guide provides a comprehensive breakdown of average wedding vendor costs by area, along with details on factors that can affect pricing, so you can go into wedding planning knowing what to expect and easily create a wedding budget you can stick to.

Paying For Your Wedding

Whoever is paying for your wedding should consider carefully how they will cover the bills, so that this joyous life event doesn’t become a source of stress. If you have already saved enough funds for your dream day, then be sure to have a rewards credit card in your wallet. You can get cashback, miles or other points every time you spend money for your wedding. A rewards card is not a good idea if you can’t pay the full balance back every month, because rewards cards tend to have high interest rates that would quickly wipe out your rewards, and then some.

If you need to borrow money to pay for any wedding expenses, then a 0% purchases card can help you avoid interest charges during the promotional period, while you pay your debt off. Still, try not to borrow more than you can pay back in a year or so. Having a large debt to pay off is no way to start a marriage . For instance, if you put £8,000 of charges on a purchases card, you’d need to pay the credit card company £667 a month to pay back this debt within your first year. Be sure to plan your budget carefully so that you can comfortably pay for the expenses. Your wedding may be a glorious day, but it is only one day of a hopefully long and happy marriage!

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Average Wedding Cost By State

Wedding budgets often boil down to location. States like Kentucky and Utah can offer gorgeous venues without a hefty price tag. If youâre set on getting married somewhere where real estate can come at a premium â like New York or New Jersey â the cost of your venue will be much higher.If you do choose your small hometown for the big event, you may want to consider the cost of transportation for your friends and family.


Most Expensive Wedding Features

What You Need to Know About Destination Weddings in 2021

The overall cost of a wedding depends on the scale of the ceremony and reception. While the average cost of a wedding in 2020 was $20,300, this cost can quickly rise as the wedding becomes more extravagant. The most expensive parts of most weddings are costs associated with the reception venue, including the cost of renting materials, including tables and chairs, and serving food or alcohol.

1. Reception venue

The reception venue isn’t typically a single, large cost but a series of above-average expenses that add up quickly, especially if the bridal party opts for a package deal from their venue. Taken in sum, the costs of renting a venue, catering the event and providing other related necessaries makes this feature of weddings the most expensive. Common costs associated with a wedding reception venue include:

2. Engagement ring

There may be more variability in price with engagement rings than almost any other wedding-related expense. The cost of an engagement ring averaged $5,204 per wedding, but the cost of a ring depends on the size and type of stone used, the cut, the manufacturer and other factors that could easily catapult the price of a ring into the tens of thousands of dollars, or even higher.

3. Reception band

4. Photographer

5. Florist and decor

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Experts Say Weddings Could Become More Expensive In 2021 And 2022

There are multiple reasons wedding costs might increase over the next two years, but the two main reasons are results of the coronavirus’ impact on the wedding industry.

Thousands of couples canceled their weddings amid the pandemic, rescheduling them for 2021 and 2022. Those cancellations left wedding vendors like wedding planners, venues, florists, and caterers with no sources of income.

As vendors try to bounce back from the economic hardship caused by being largely out of work for a year, many of them are raising their fees, Valentina Ring, a UK-based wedding planner, told Insider.

“Sadly, the uncertainty and increased logistical complexity that the more ‘physical’ wedding service providers are facing, like florists, caterers, or decor hire companies, has meant that their expenses and running costs have increased which in turn means they need to increase their fees in order to run a sustainable business,” Ring said.

“The difficult circumstances of the last twelve months may leave many business owners having to make the difficult, but necessary, decision to raise their prices,” she added.

At the same time, the high number of couples who rescheduled their weddings means there will be more weddings than ever in 2021 and 2022.

To meet the booming demand, vendors will need more staff to pull off the events, which could also lead them to increase their fees, according to Juliana Mead, the vice president of B2B Marketing, The Knot Worldwide.

How Much Does A Wedding Planner Cost

With so many moving parts to make up a perfect wedding, many couples turn to a professional for help planning it all. An estimated 30% of couples hire a wedding planner to take care of some or all of the logistics, according to Wedding Wire.

While the average cost of this professional help comes at a price of around $1,500, the price tag depends what type of assistance your planner provides.

Couples have the option of choosing

  • a full-service planner
  • a day-of coordinator
  • a wedding-weekend or destination-wedding coordinator or
  • a professional who offers a-la-carte services and assists with only a specific aspect of wedding preparations.

Obviously, the less assistance a planner provides, the lower the price will be.

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Start By Making A Wedding Budget

According to the BBB, about half of couples spend more on their wedding than they originally budgeted. Like any other large expense, a wedding requires some careful planning and saving, and making a budget should come well before you send out the invites.

Before you start planning, start by having a conversation about money with your partner, and make sure you’re on the same page about not only this goal, but also your goals together afterwards. Making a spreadsheet together of your expenses, savings, and spending can be a great way to take a deep dive into your finances as a couple, explains one financial planner.

Once you’ve taken a look at your finances and goals, you can get a better sense of an amount you’re able to spend on a wedding, and where your priorities lie on spending both now and later.

How Much Does A Wedding Cost In The Uk With 2021 Average

How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

I see you, looking at how much a wedding costs in the UK. Are you getting married, or planning to? Then a big fat congratulations are in order!

But, I know exactly what you are thinking. Weddings equal lots of money and can I actually afford to get married? I want to marry my soul mate but how can we achieve our dream wedding, within our budget?

Do not fret, I am here to help. Let me share with you not only the average wedding costs in the UK, but also some words of wisdom and advice on where to start with all things wedding budget.

Plus, I have a free downloadable budget spreadsheet you can snag, to help you on your way to wedding dreams. Woohoo!

Photo: Alexa Loy

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Couples Planning Their Wedding Often Struggle To Know: What Is A Reasonable Budget For Our Wedding

As wedding photographers & videographers, weve seen our fair share of weddings all across Ontario. While weve been based out of Hamilton for the past six years, weve shot weddings of all different sizes and budgets in Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, St Catharines, and all over the Niagara region. What weve learned is: there is no one right answer for everyone. Depending on your stylistic tastes, your number of guests, your location, time of year, day of the week, vendors you hire it can all change pretty quickly.

At the beginning of the month, we polled our Instagram audience about their budgets for their weddings. The results we got back were very telling!

First, its important to note that we limited the responses to weddings that took between 2016 to 2020 and 2021. We didnt want data that was any older than 4 years because so much has changed in the wedding industry since that time .

We had 42 participants respond, and concluded that across the board:

How Much Does The Average Wedding Cost In Canada

Wondering how much it costs to tie the knot in Canada? Weve got the magic number and a few saving tips to help you stay within your budget.

The average wedding cost in Canada is roughly $29,450which is pretty steep, especially if youre working with the average millennial budget. For our Global Wedding Report, we surveyed real couples and crunched the numbers to figure out just where all this money is going. If you can cut costs in these areas, you may be able to keep your big day below $20K .

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Venue And Catering Costs

Venue and catering costs account for the largest portion of most wedding budgets. If you’re set on a stately home or a castle, it’s not unusual for costs to start from £70 to £150 a head. Depending on the size of your guest list, the venue and catering can easily run into the thousands or tens of thousands of pounds pretty quickly. At the other end of the spectrum, an intimate, catered, garden-party wedding can cost as little as £35 a head.

If you like the idea of a destination wedding, you may find that getting married abroad can actually save you money!

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