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What Goes On A Wedding Ceremony Program

What Not To Include In A Wedding Ceremony Program:


While wedding ceremony programs can be mini booklets, many couples choose to print all of the details onto a single card. In order to save space, you can skip printing many of the following details.

  • The order and names of those who will be part of the processional.
  • Song titles
  • Printouts of readings
  • Explanations of wedding ceremony inclusions, like why you chose your readings. Your officiant or reader can verbally explain the details.
  • The order and names of those who will be part of the recessional.
  • Information about your receptions location.

Sample Program Language: Catholic Service

A Celebration of MarriageName of Church or ChapelCity, State

First ReadingBook of the Bible Chapter: Verse, Name of ReaderResponsorial Psalm: Name of Psalm, Name of ReaderSecond ReadingBook of the Bible Chapter: Verse, Name of ReaderGospel AcclamationBook of the Bible Chapter: Verse, Name of Reader


Blessing and Exchange of Rings

Prayer of the FaithfulResponse: Lord Hear Our Prayer

Presentation of the Gifts

Presentation of Flowers to the Blessed MotherSong NameComposer/Artist

Ceremony Program With Wedding

An awesome way to help guests get to know your wedding-party VIPs a bit better is stationery that includes fun illustrations and a brief bio for each member. This idea is not only helpful, its colorful and fun.

Ways to Display: Roll these up like scrolls and tie them with a colorful ribbon that matches the wedding theme. Have them positioned on a table near the entrance to the ceremony or waiting on guests seats.

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What To Put On A Wedding Program

A wedding ceremony marks the beginning of a marriage, and a couples life together. Wedding ceremonies may be a civil or religious rite that can take place anywhere at a church, in the gardens, at the beach, or at the city hall.

From the brides march down the aisle to the wedding reception, there are a number of wedding traditions and aspects that make a wedding ceremony special.

It is important that the couple include their guests and the people around them in the celebration by guiding and informing them of what is happening at any given time. This is made possible by wedding ceremony programs.

Types Of Paper Wedding Programs

wedding program in 2020
  • Flat Card: the most standard type of paper program, a flat card is the easiest and most affordable to design, purchase, and print. It allows you to fill the space on the front and back of the card with your information.

  • Paddle Fan: if youre getting married outside during warm months, a paddle fan program is a popular choice. Essentially just a flat card attached to a wooden stick, a paddle fan program gives guests a way to cool off while they read more about your ceremony.

  • Multi-panel Fan: in this program style, several sheets of paper are attached with a metal grommet or ring, allowing the pages to be spread open like a fan. The shape and size of the sheets can vary to your liking, from rounded to teardrop to long and vertical.

  • Tri-fold: a larger sheet of paper is folded three times vertically, making for a ceremony program with a self-opening cover that reveals three separate panels.

  • Accordion: similar to tri-fold, an accordion program design involves folding a large sheet of paper back and forth on itself several times to create multiple, attached panels.

  • Booklet: like it sounds, a booklet program design binds together several pages of paper so that they open like a little book. Ribbon, raffia, or other material can be used to tie together the pages, or a booklet program can be stapled in the center and folded by a professional printer.

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Why Should You Have A Wedding Program

While its not a must-have, a wedding program is often welcomed by guests. Whether its simple or detailed, your wedding program is a timeline that lets your guests know whats happening and when. Without one, it could be hard to follow the ceremony.

A wedding program also helps your guests feel more involved with the ceremony. This is especially true if you include readings and words to songs. Theyll be able to read and sing along and really feel part of the celebration. Many guests also like to keep the program as a keepsake of your special day.

Wedding Program Cover Wording

For wedding programs that are more than a page, the cover will have wedding programs text. This text must be informative and romantic. It must include the who, why, when, and sweet romantic quotes as footnotes. Get creative by first putting the couples name down on the cover.

Then include the date that youre having the wedding. The venue is also very important. Youll find a sample wedding program in post.

Here are a few popular examples of wedding program wording for the cover include phrases such as:

  • The two become one.

The names of each participant should be spelled in full.

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Plan Your Wedding First

Before you can create your wedding program, you need to know what will happen at your weddingtheorder of service, the music selections,the readings, and so on. If you haven’t figured out those details yet, consult the wedding planning steps listed in the left menu, andcontact your parish for assistance.

Your Guide To Wedding Ceremony Programs

DIY Ceremony Programs Your Guests Will Love! | Honeycomb Ceremony Fans | DIY Wedding

Think of your wedding program as your guests guide to your big day! Although a traditional paper ceremony program is not essential, your wedding guests will certainly thank you for having one. Theyll feel included and enjoy your day even more! Regardless of ceremony type, your wedding program can be exactly what you want it to be. It can be a thick booklet with almost every word to be said at your ceremony, or a fan made of a single sheet of paper with only the most important details. Below youll find a quick run down of what your expected to include as well as some inspiration on how to make your programs more personal!

Content Overview

THE BASICSYour names will serve as the title, whether on the front cover or inside as the first page. You can also include the date and location of the ceremony.

ORDER OF EVENTSList the order of events at the wedding ceremony to help guests follow along. Include music, songs, poems and readings in the order in which they will occur. You can include the readings in their entirety so guests can savor every word. If you want, include words to songs so guests can join in. If youve written your own vows, its a nice idea to add them to the program so your spoken words can linger with your guests. You can also include a brief explanation of any special religious rituals that will occur during the wedding ceremony. This may help guests unfamiliar with whats going on feel more comfortable.

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Order Of Service Examples For A Wedding

Service orders often follow a similar format, regardless of what type of ceremony you will have.

A basic order of service: a wedding ceremony may follow these guidelines:

  • Processional: The bridal party marches down the aisle.
  • Bridal March: The entrance of the bride to the ceremony service site.
  • Welcome/Introduction: The officiant welcomes guests, bridal party and couple.
  • Exchange of Vows: The couple commits to one another personal wedding vows can often be used.
  • Exchange of Rings: A common ritual in weddings in the U.S. and other countries.
  • Pronouncement: The officiant declares the couple married the couple may kiss.
  • Recessional: The couple and bridal party exits to a musical selection.

The outline above provides a basic structure for many ceremonies performed in the U.S. today. Optional items are usually scattered throughout the basic order listed.

Section Two: Order Of Ceremony

Prelude This is the music played while guests are being seated. You may choose to list the song title, composer and the musician playing the piece

Processional The music played while the wedding party walks down the aisle. Traditionally, the bride follows.

Opening Greeting Usually spoken by the ceremonys officiant.

Readings If youre having any special readings during your ceremony, such as poems or bible verses, they typically go here.

Wedding Message Your officiant will often give a message honoring the couple.

Exchange of Vows Say we do and exchange rings!

Unity Ceremony If youre adding a unity ceremony, such as candle lighting, place it after your vows.

Presentation of the Couple The couple kisses and the officiant announces the couple as husband and wife. Cue the cheers!

Recessional The music played while the bride, groom and wedding party walks back down the aisle.

Heres an example of what this section might look like:

Prelude Processional: Cant help falling in love Welcome Special Reading by Sam Forst: I carry your heart with me Wedding Message Recessional: All you need is love

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Types Of Wedding Programs

Your wedding programs should complement the rest of your wedding stationery and decor, but they’re also an opportunity to be as traditional or creative as you want. From classic booklet programs to custom hand-lettered signs, there are a few different ways you can present all the necessary info. Here are some of the most popular wedding program ideas.

Religious And Cultural Considerations

Wedding Ceremony Program Templates · Wedding Templates and ...

If youre planning a religious or culturally traditional wedding, you might think you have no room to personalize your ceremony. But, weve seen time and time again that, with a little creativity, most couples are able to find at least one way to make their ceremony their own. If, for example, youre having a religious ceremony for which you cant write your own vows and have to use readings from scripture, choose a totally unique and unexpected unity ceremony. If youre following cultural traditions for your wedding, choose non-traditional music that is meaningful to your relationship. Just because youre having a religious or traditional wedding ceremony, doesnt mean you cant find ways to personalize it. You might just need to get a little creative!

Image by Alineapict. See more of this real wedding here.

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Sections To Include In Your Wedding Program

  • General Information: Bride and Groom names , date, ceremony time, location of ceremony with city and state and officiants name if you wish.
  • Order of Ceremony: This is the part of the program that will lead your guests through the ceremony. There are a variety of options, so take your time in planning these details with a wedding coordinator and ceremony officiant. A sample ceremony is included below:
  • Prelude
  • Seating of Mothers/Parents and Grandmothers/Grandparents
  • Processional
  • Bridal processional
  • Greeting
  • Exchange of vows and rings
  • Unity candle
  • Presentation of the couple
  • Recessional
  • New Address: This is a very practical addition to the wedding program. If the bride and groom are setting up a new home in a new location, consider including your new mailing address. This will make it easy for friends and family to contact you in the future!
  • Our new home sweet home.
  • Our new residence
  • The bride and groom can be found at
  • Please send us a Christmas card at our new address!
  • Have fun with your program design! Carry your wedding invitation design theme through to your ceremony programs with a traditional style, booklet, fan, or something completely unique!

    Were also an extra set of eyes to help catch any type-os. Hitch can help design and organize your program if you need. Were here to help, especially during this time, which is so close to your wedding date!

    What Is A Wedding Ceremony Program

    A wedding program is traditionally a piece of paper that lists out details of your celebration. It normally contains a wedding day timeline, order of the ceremony, details about ceremony readings and information about the wedding party. But do you need wedding programs? Not necessarily. Not everyone hands out wedding ceremony programs at their nuptials, and that’s perfectly OK. However, if you’d like to give guests more information about your wedding day, they can be an easy way to do so.

    Whether you want all of your guests to know the meaning behind your selected readings or you want to explain the format of your Indian-Jewish wedding or you just want to give your wedding party a shout-out, wedding programs allow you to do all of that. Plus, they can double as a convenient fan for your guests if you’re exchanging vows in the heat of the summer. It all comes down to what you and your partner want, though we recommend printing programs so that your guests are informed about the details of your wedding day.

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    The Order Of Ceremony Events

    On the inside cover , include the order of the ceremony events. This allows guests to follow along with your wedding ceremony.

    This program section depends on what you plan for your ceremony. If you plan a short and sweet service prior to saying, I do, this section will be rather short. However, a traditionally religious service like a Catholic wedding will require a more lengthy order of events.

    Religious or Traditional Wedding Ceremony

    For a religious ceremony, write the corresponding songs, prayers, and Bible verses you chose for your service. List each step within your ceremony on a separate line.

    Processional: Rondeau, J.J. Mouret

    Brides Processional: Canon in D, Pachelbel

    Opening Prayer

    First Reading: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

    Exchange of Vows

    Blessing and Exchange of Rings

    Unity Candle: This Is Love, For King & Country

    Lords Prayer

    Recessional: Ode To Joy, Beethoven

    Modern Wedding Program Template

    For a more modern wedding ceremony, you will probably share a mix of favorite secular songs, poetry readings, or monologues in lieu of more religious components. However, just like for a traditional ceremony, you will write each step of your ceremony on a separate line.

    Prelude: God Only Knows, John Legend

    Processional: A Thousand Years, Christina Perri

    Introduction of the Couple

    Reading: Roads Go Ever Ever On, J.R.R. Tolkein

    Exchange of Vows

    Recessional: Best Day of My Life, American Authors

    Sample Program Language: Jewish Service

    Weddings Planning Ideas : How to Design a Wedding Program

    The Wedding Ceremony Uniting

    Entrance of the Best ManEntrance of the Groom

    Entrance of the Maid of Honor and BridesmaidsSong NameComposer/Artist

    Blessing Over the Wine Message From the RabbiExchange of Vows and Ring ExchangeSeven Blessings

    Song NameComposer/Artist

    Jewish Wedding Traditions and Their Meanings

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    Tropical Leaf Wedding Program

    Instead of a paper program, hand-write the ceremony details on an oversized tropical leaf. This natural look can be perfect for a destination wedding or a couple who just happens to love a good tropical theme. Because theyre handwritten, tropical leaf programs come across as really personal to your guests. Depending on the other colors of your theme, consider what color you want to use when writing on your leaves so that it all ties together.

    Ways to Display: Put bows on the end of the leaves and hang them from the back of chairs or place them on every chair for your guests, just beware of a strong gust of wind!

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