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What Are Some Wedding Themes

Classic Modern Wedding Themes

Wedding Theme INSPIRATION!
  • Modern minimalist: Reduce distractions by limiting over-the-top decor and focusing instead on what really matters: the happy couple. Less is more with this simplistic theme that uses shapes, geometry, and small pops of color to come to life.

  • Mid-century modern: Embrace this retro design style in your wedding decor with retro tablescapes and burnt orange furniture.

  • Art deco: Celebrate the timeless elegance of the roaring 20s with gold decor, sparkling sequins, feathers, and lots of bubbly. Use a wedding color scheme of white, gold, and black for a sophisticated art deco design.

  • Art history: For a tasteful and refined affair, consider a theme that commemorates art history throughout its decor and design. A museum or small art gallery is the perfect setting for this eventful art lesson.

  • Preppy: Your country club wedding is the perfect stage for a preppy wedding theme. Combine bright accents and modern patterns together for a bold and flirty design in your modern save the dates, invitations, and decor.

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    Nerdy Fun Wedding Themes

    So video games and movies arent your things, but a traditional wedding isnt quite right and you still want to let your inner child shine through your wedding styles. Be a nerd! Celebrate your passion for incessant learning and worldly culture by displaying it for the world to see on your big day. Heres how.


    The simplest way to describe Kawaii is a love for Japanese Pop culture. Hello Kitty, Studio Ghibli, Pink and blue hair, and babydoll dresses with oversized bows can make their way into your table toppers, desserts, and J-pop playlists. Swap the bridal gown for a babydoll dress with oversized bow, and add a Mask to the grooms Tuxedo to pull off this look sure to result in a fantastic photo album. Oh, and dont forget the Japanese photobooth!

    Pro Tips:

    • Do think about serving classic Japanese food at your wedding
    • Do have your bridesmaid dress in bright colors
    • Do have a cake that shows off your favorite Kawaii character
    • Dont assume all your guests will know the theme
    • Dont forget to add bright colored sneakers to your wedding day attire

    Canvas Wedding Ceremony Backdrop

    iSave to

    Getting married also means having someone officiate the wedding ceremony and believe it or not you have lots of choices when it comes to who will oversee the ceremony. If you are looking for a fun twist at the wedding ceremony consider having a friend, a special family member, or an important person in your life officiate.

    Expert tip: You dont need to have a specific person or a religious leader officiate your wedding. You can pick anyone and have them get the proper paperwork online. Couples who are having a wedding outside of a traditional religious location can consider having someone special officiate.

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    Creative Seasonal Wedding Themes

  • Summer glamp: Go glamping for a laid-back camp-themed wedding with a touch of glamour. Elevate a barn or backyard venue with feminine furniture and festive food stations for a summer camp experience like no other.

  • Midsummer: Celebrate the Swedish Midsummer holiday with a summertime ceremony that is centered around florals. Host a daytime picnic where you and your guests relax in the sun while making flower crowns and wreaths.

  • Wedding Entertainment Ideas Everyone Will Love

    Light Up Your Wedding With These Creative Fairy Light ...

    Wedding entertainment ideas have evolved significantly over the years and can be what sets a wedding over the top for guests. Good entertainment will not only keep your guests engaged throughout the reception, but will also act as an essential icebreaker. You are likely to have guests who are not familiar with others in attendance, so stirring activities will encourage your friends and family to mingle. But how can you make sure you find the right entertainment for all types of personalities, without settling for stale options?

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    Whimsical Modern Wedding Themes

    So maybe you dont want to feature wizards and wants at your wedding, but you do want it to be magical. Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Overdo your use of plants and nature. Oversize your flowers and balloons. Over-indulge in your sense of reality, and live life the way you deserve.


    Gradient pinks and blues are the calling card of a unicorn theme. Make sure that this is consistent through your event decor and bridal party attire to tie the evening together. Add some unicorn figurines as table toppers, and maybe a horn sticking out from the cupcakes. Most importantly, rent a white horse for the day. Apply a convincing horn and have the best photoshoot of your life.

    Pro Tips:

    • If color is your thing you are in luck because the unicorn wedding theme is for you and no one said unicorns have to be for kids. A unicorn can offer a perfect wedding theme for anyone who wants to brighten up their wedding day. Fun colors such as pinks, purples, greens and blues are all perfect colors to make the unicorn wedding theme come to life.

    Rock ‘n’ Roll Biker Theme

    Skip the basic music theme featuring black and white notes. Instead, bring out your bad side with a rock ‘n’ roll biker themed wedding. Play ceremony music with an electric guitar, hire a live cover band, and make sure your attire has a little edge to it by skipping the tux in favor of leather jackets and jeans, selecting a street style gown, and wearing your best kicks down the aisle. Ride off on your motorcycle for an exit that won’t be forgotten! It’s sure to be a memorable and rocking good time for everyone.

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    Easy Diy Hack: Use Vintage Cups As Center Pieces With Pearls Overflowing From Them Love That Idea

    Designed by Devika Narain . That Elephant center piece is genius !

    The Rajasthani: This was for a mehendi in Udaipur. The bride was from the states and wanted something super colourful for her mehendi. So we picked elements from the local rajasthani bazaar, pinwheels, puppets, umbrellas, used dhols as coffee tables and filled chai glass holders with gulab and mogra. Bought clay elephants off the road and painted them in bright neon colours. Had people making lac bangles live and giving away bandhani duppattas and traditional jootis.

    Classic Or Traditional Wedding

    10 MOST POPULAR WEDDING THEMES WORLD WIDE in 2021 I The Wedding Project

    Classic wedding style is ideal if youre looking to evoke timeless elegance and the utmost sophistication on your wedding day. This style steers away from over-the-top trends and flashy details, opting instead for a perfectly-coordinated aesthetic with decor that is chic and refined. Achieve classic wedding style through matching centerpieces, fine china, high-end linens, and a carefully-chosen wedding color palette. Venues like historic estates, ballrooms, and country clubs are naturally suited for classic wedding style.

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    How To Pick A Wedding Theme

    There are just a few simple concepts to keep in mind:

    • It should be easily recognized by your guests. If its too obscure and your guests have to ask what the theme is, youve missed the mark.
    • It should be personal. Your guests should walk into your event thinking This is SO .
    • It should stand out. Even if youre so in love with Harry Potter, if its the 5th HP themed wedding your guests attend this Spring it may not get the full appreciation it deserves.

    Pick A Theme Any Theme

    Now that youve gone through the list of the best and most beautiful wedding theme ideas imaginable, its time to settle on the theme that speaks the loudest to you and your partner.

    Once wedding themes are established, the planning process can become more precise and purposeful. Nows the time to begin selecting your table settings, color schemes, and decor to match your wildest wedding theme ideas.

    As you plan out your themed decor, dont forget to include your wedding hashtag on some of the decorations! There are so many creative ways to cleverly incorporate your hashtag with your wedding theme.

    Whether you decide to have a fairytale wedding, a traditional wedding, or an unconventional one, the theme you and your partner choose will ultimately be the perfect representation of you two as a couple. Congratulations and enjoy the planning process!

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    It Doesnt Have To Be A Book

    As an alternative to the classic guestbook why not give your guests something else to write on, perhaps create a website for guests to upload messages to if you play games try Jenga blocks or a pack of cards or get them to write on the border for a photo frame then print the best group shot you can from the wedding. We love this idea of every guest writing their name or a short message on a wooden heart and creating a piece of art work out of it. Such a fantastic record of everyone who came and their messages to you.

    Simple Wedding Themes For Winter

    The Best Summer Wedding Themes

    With winter, you can either dive in and embrace it or warm it to its core. Either way, you have yourself a great wedding theme and some fantastic photoshoot theme ideas on your hands. And one thing that this season has that others dont more options! Since its cold you can bundle right up with cute cardies, fur stoles, or long sleeve anything.

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    Easy Diy Hack: Use Kites As Table Mats So Fun

    Black, gold and glam: We did this was for a party in Bombay. The theme was black and gold and all the guests were meant to dress in those colours. The client wanted the space to look like a nightclub and I wanted to add a fun yet chic element to it. While talking to the client we realized she was a science student and quite a geek so we covered the walls in chalkboard with graffiti and offset that with gold and black foiled arches, lots of candles and red roses to make the venue look super glam.

    Go Glam with Bulbs & Sequins: Nothing screams glamorous louder than lots of bulbs- hanging above the bar, or as strings to cover the ceiling. These are perfect for any sangeet.

    Burying The Bourbon Tradition

    Burying the bourbon is a Southern tradition thats said to prevent rain or bad weather on your special day. Exactly one month before your wedding, dig a hole at your ceremony site and bury an unopened bottle of bourbon . According to the superstition, youll have sunny skies for your wedding day! Right after you and your spouse say I do, dig up the bottle and enjoy. While were not positive that this works, we can’t argue that it makes for a priceless photo op.

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    Newest Stylish Themes For 2022

    For the couple that wants to be trendsetters and try something different from the rest, new, different, and otherwise, alternative wedding themes might be the right choice. The key is to keep it stylish and chic, so simplicity and elegance would be key. This type of theme could be minimalist and modern, or even slightly vintage.

    Make Your Own Wedding Cake Wedding Entertainment Ideas

    20 worst wedding themes ever – funny and hilarious

    Another unique but incredibly fun experience was seeing the chef bringing out all the components for the wedding cake for the guests to put together! Isnt this one of the best wedding entertainment ideas ever or am I totally off?

    Gloves were involved, of course, but instantly, a few guests turned into children whilst playing with fruits and cream to build up a delicious-looking cake! Everyone else was taking photos on their phones and sharing them! What a great way to have people talking about your wedding or your wedding venue! Another one of my favorite wedding reception entertainment ideas!

    Its so hard to name my top favorite wedding reception ideas, but making your own wedding cake is definitely one of the top 5, at least!

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    Cord Of Three Strands

    This popular wedding ceremony ritual has Biblical origins. As described in Ecclesiastes 4:12, the cord of three strands is the most difficult cord to destroy or tear apart. The three strands represent you, your partner, and God joining as one. You can use loose cords of any kind for this ritual, but if you want to turn the braid into a keepsake after your wedding day, you can easily find decorative unity boards made especially for this tradition on sites like Etsy and Amazon.

    Honing In On A Specific Vision For Your Nuptials Makes It Easier To Pull Together Your Flowers Invitations Color Palette Menu Music And More Top Planners David Tutera And Mindy Weiss Share The Most

    First, a word of advice from the pros: One of the most common questions that wedding planners receive from clients is how they can make their wedding different from all of the rest, especially if their close friends are getting married around the same time. According to Mindy Weiss, the key to successfully personalizing your “I do’s” is to “Bring in something that will remind people of you, whether it’s a color you love to wear, a special song, or even just a feeling.”

    Incorporating your favorite things as a couple is great check out these nuptials inspired byHarry Potter, baseballandThe Wizard of Oz but don’t feel pressured to pick a motif out of nowhere just for the sake of throwing an unbelievable party. It won’t feel authentic and you may regret it decades from now. David Tutera sees this mistake happen all the time: “It’s very easy to go over-the-top…you want to make sure that your theme is incorporated in very simple and understated ways.”

    Ready to get started? See which style below best suits your personality and lifestyle plus, check out wedding ideas for every season!

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    What Does Wedding Theme Mean

    A wedding theme will set the tone for the big day and guide every aesthetic decision made from that point forward. With so many variations and wedding styles to choose from, the choice can be an overwhelming one. But it doesnt need to be. Consider what elements speak to you as a couple or as individuals.

    Bottle Of Wine Unity Ceremony

    16 Awesome Outside Fall Wedding Ideas

    Wine has been a symbol of life and prosperity for centuries. There are several variations of using wine during a wedding, especially at religious ceremonies, but a common option is to have two small carafes of wine, one white and one red. After exchanging rings, the couple pours the wines into a third carafe, creating a blend. They each take a sip of the mixed wine to represent their individual lives becoming one.

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