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How To Become A Certified Wedding And Event Planner

Be A Great Leader During Stressful Situations

How to become an Event Planner!! ll Get certified? What’s the best major to get a degree?

Being a wedding planner requires you to wear many hats. At any one time, you have to deal with vendors, couples, families, and finances. Of course, there can also be a lot of drama. Being a good leader and being able to stay calm, delegate, listen, and lead in a time of stress is your most important skill, Ferguson says.

Learn these skills by interning or shadowing with wedding planners, so you can be immersed in different situations and learn how to address the chaos.

How Do I Become A Certified Event Planner

Becoming a certified event planner is a great way to set yourself apart in a very competitive industry. Especially during these less-than-normal times, getting a certification is a wonderful way to show your dedication to your career, attract job opportunities, and pick up additional professional skills. Luckily, there are courses and programs tailored to all kinds of event professionals. Navigating the different options available can be overwhelming, so in this blog post we will walk you through some of the different opportunities to help enhance your career.


How To Become A Certified Event Planner

This article was co-authored by Hovik Harutyunyan. Hovik Harutyunyan is an Event and Wedding Planner and the Owner of Hovik Harutyunyan Events, a full-service event planning firm based in Los Angeles, California. Hovik has over ten years of hospitality and event planning experience. His firm specializes in weddings, private celebrations, and corporate events. Hovik’s work has been featured in Vogue, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Modern Luxury Weddings. He has a BA in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article has 11 testimonials from our readers, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 869,442 times.

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Top 3 Wedding Planner Courses You Can Take Online

Weddings are always a joyous occasion: the bride is glowing with joy, the groom is beaming with pride and all the guests and family are delighted with the occasion. But if you take the time to notice, youll find one or two people who arent exactly enjoying themselves quite as much as everyone else.

Despite the smile permanently plastered on their faces, the truth is that theyre walking on knives. You might see them breaking into a nervous sweat at the slightest disturbance, or pacing around nervously for no apparent reason. To top it off, theyll be first in line in dealing with everybodys temper tantrums.

Yes, that person is the wedding plannerthe person whose job it is to act like Cinderellas fairy god mother and make this glorious day materialize so that the Prince and Cinderella live happily ever after. As a wedding planner, you can say I have the privilege of wielding the magic wand quite frequently!

Unfortunately for us planners, wed all admit that the adrenaline rush of pulling off a wedding without a hitch is part paranoia, part bliss. No matter how many hairs grey out at the end of every reception, wedding planning is something which, once experienced, makes us crave it more and more. Like an evil scientist commanding his minions, theres a certain thrill in being able to boss around the caterers, the florists, the dress maker, and everyone else who makes the wedding possible. But dont me wrong, it wasnt just about the adrenaline rush.

How To Become A Certified Wedding Planner A Complete Guide

Learn how to start a lifestyle business

Facts, Figures and Labor Market Situation for Wedding Planning Professionals

United States

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics lumps wedding planners together with event planners. As at 2012, there were 94,000 people involved in event planning.
  • Job growth projection is at 22% and above between 2012 and 2022. 44,200 planners will be employed between 2012 and 2022. 48% of people in this field have a bachelor degree, 29% has an Associate degree, and 15% has a college or no degree at all.
  • The average cost for a wedding in the United States is $25,631
  • The marriage rate is 6.8 per 1,000 populations.
  • Nevada has the highest number of marriages
  • 16% of weddings occur in June
  • 47% of couples spent 1 to 9 hours a week on wedding planning.
  • 18% of couples hired a day only wedding coordinator
  • 8% hired a wedding planner from the beginning

united kingdom

  • 74% of wedding planners work full time, while 10% worked part time, with 16% being self-employed. 44% of the wedding planners in UK are males.
  • There is no set entry route for wedding planners, as most become one after organizing their wedding and that of their friends.
  • Working long hours like 12 hours or more, are usually during peak periods between May and September.
  • UK wedding industry generates over £10 billion.
  • Only 2% of the total weddings in a year take place in January
  • Average age to get married is between 30 and 31 for women and 33 to 34 for men.
  • Average cost for a wedding is £22,236



The Positives

The Negative


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The Business Of Happiness

Where else can you find a career that constantly surrounds you with happiness and celebration? The wedding and event management industry is indeed an exciting and rewarding field. Wedding planners are able to lend their talent and creativity to an industry that is constantly bringing in new ideas and trends, updating itself with each and every season. Wedding planners can expect to work on everything from budgeting and timeline development to selecting and managing bakers, caterers, florists, musicians, lighting designers, photographers, videographers, and more.

Your job: Making dreams come true

Gaining Experience And Training

  • 1Get relevant hands-on experience. This helps you improve your people skills, a crucial part of an event plannerâs job. It will also be the best way to make a decision as to whether or not this is work you’ll love doing. It’s wise to try work in event planning for at least a few months before considering formal training, even if you just seek work experience.XResearch source Work as an assistant at a hotel or for a caterer, or seek job shadowing opportunities with a professional planner. Get to know what itâs like to work behind the scenes at events that you someday hope to plan. Volunteer to plan fundraising events with community groups.
  • 3Build a portfolio. Include relevant experience that you can show to prospective employers and to professional associations that offer certification. Keep records of any events you helped to plan, such as photographs and professional references from clients and vendors attesting to your reliability and expertise.Advertisement
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    Becoming A Certified Master Wedding Planner

    1. Must be an active AACWP Certified Wedding Planner for a period of five consecutive years.

    2. Must serve at least one full term of office on the AACWP Board of Directors.

    3. Written recommendation from two CMWP members in good standing. Contact AACWPs Membership Chairperson for a list of these members.

    4. Provide documentation or a portfolio of three recent full-service weddings completed within the past 24 months. The following information should be included:

    a. Signed agreement between the planner and the bride

    b. Wedding calendar or timeline

    c. Wedding budget

    d. Vendor contact list

    e. Verification of planning meetings with two vendors

    f. Photographs of the weddings prepared as an inspiration board not to exceed one page. Include the contact information for the photographer.

    5. Successful completion of written examination

    6. Oral interview with a panel of AACWP members. During the interview, the applicant will give a short presentation based on a topic related to the applicant’s experience and expertise in a format of choice such as PowerPoint, hand out, or discussion, in which the applicant can relate their experience in such a way that would be useful to others in the industry. This topic must be board-approved prior to the presentation.

    7. Publication of advice in a book, news article or magazine. Provide a copy of one of these documents.

    10. AACWP application processing fee ~ $75 ~ Applicant will be invoiced upon receipt of materials.

    Certified Special Events Professional

    How to Become a Certified Event Planner

    This certification is offered by the International Live Events Association and is open to people who have at least three years of experience. You need to demonstrate the necessary skills, ability, and knowledge and pass the CSEP exam to gain certification.

    This certification is necessary for people who want to specialize in planning corporate conventions and meetings. You need to pass a special written exam that covers all aspects of meeting management.

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    Ways To Become A Wedding Planner

    If youre planning to switch your career to become a wedding planner, then you have made a right decision in this situation, as you all know global pandemic made every people shut down in their current industry, but the wedding planning makes the perfect career for every person in meanwhile. If youre a creative and you have a very unique decision, then you can easily choose wedding planning career. In this article, we are going to describe how to become wedding planner and top reasons to become a wedding planner.

    There are so many companies and event management online platform will attract the couples to get the latest wedding planner for their wedding, because couples dont have that much time to make the arrangements of wedding at last time and they will go for event management people or hire wedding planner.

    Q What Does A Wedding Planner Do

    A Wedding Planner talks to engaged couples about what types of things they would like on their wedding day.

    This goes for the venue, the type of flowers, the style of dress, colors, basically any little detail that will make the special day even more special.

    Then, the Wedding Planner gets all of that organized and makes sure everyone is where they need to be on the wedding day.

    The job can be stressful, but its often a very fun and exciting time for everyone.

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    Make Dreams Come True

    Distinguish yourself from the many wedding planners in the field today by earning your Certificate in Wedding Planning from an accredited university. Professional certification from Cal State East Bay informs your clients or potential employers that you have expert knowledge in all aspects of wedding planning and management.

    After you complete the program, there is a sense of pride and confidence that will take you through your work. During the program when you are working long hours and putting together your Staging Guide, take a step back and recognize what you have accomplished and this community you have joined. This is just the beginning, and this program can shape you and your business into what you want it to be.

    In fact, many successful graduates have used this program as a starting point for their careers. Upon completion of the program, students have launched their own wedding planning businesses or secured leading positions with wineries, hotels, and private venues in their wedding and special event departments. Others have pursued their interests with caterers, rental companies, entertainment companies, or other service providers in the wedding industry as directors of sales.

    Your job possibilities are endless. With a comprehensive and dynamic education in the field of wedding and event management, youll be equipped to excel even in the most challenging opportunities.

    Consider Formal Wedding Planner Training

    Become a Certified Wedding and Event Planner ...

    You dont need a special degree or certification to become a wedding planner. But if you want to head into the industry and you have little-to-no experience, learning the ropes and all of the ins and outs can be extremely beneficial. The American Association of Certified Wedding Planners, for example, was created by wedding professionals who saw the need for an organization dedicated to the education of those seeking to become wedding planners, and to elevate those already in the field through certification and continuing education. The organization offers in-person and online training. Students have two months to complete the course and are then eligible to apply for a membership as a Trained Wedding Planner.

    Another option is the Lovegevity Wedding Planning Institute, which offers a course for people interested in becoming a Certified Wedding and Event Planner. The average time to complete the course is 8-12 weeks, and graduates receive a certificate, letter of recommendation, and the professional Certified Wedding and Event Planning designation. I would highly recommend Lovegevity courses to those who are willing to take the plunge and go after your dreams, wrote one graduate. The Certified Wedding Planner course was the perfect curriculum I needed to reassure that I am going in the right directions.

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    Financial Aid And Payment Options

    CCBC currently offers Continuing Education financial aid to those who qualify. We package public and private funding options to benefit students which include COVID-19 relief funding, the Maryland Sequence Scholarship, CCBC Opportunity Grant funding, Maryland Promise, and Baltimore County College Promise. Financial aid funding is available for select CE courses and programs.

    Additional opportunities for financial support include partial payment options through Nelnet Business Solutions and tuition waivers for those who qualify. Resources outside of CCBC may also be available through employer/sponsor paid tuition, the Department of Rehabilitation Services , and your local office of workforce development.

    For more information about funding resources and how to apply for them, please contact the CCBC Continuing Education Information Center at 443-840-4700.

    What Students Have To Say

    I went into the program knowing little to nothing about the wedding planning and food and beverage industry, but I knew I had an interest in wedding planning. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from the program. It has truly helped me get jobs in that industry and helped me to succeed at those jobs.

    Madison Yoshida

    Having taken the online program, I didn’t expect Joyce to be so hands on and involved in the program! Anytime I had any questions, Joyce was readily available to give answers, assistance, and feedback. Even after the program has ended, Joyce continues to engage with us and sends us correspondence in regards to opportunities in the field!

    Christina Yabut

    I was in the industry for over 8 years before I decided to enroll in this program. The program has made me understand many aspects of the industry which builds my self confidence which in return provides me with happy clientele. I would recommend this program to anyone starting out or anyone who has been in the industry. You will be shocked at how much there is to know!

    Saneta Husainzada

    Find out what you’ll learn in the program. »

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