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How To Pick Wedding Dress Style

Consider A Bespoke Design

How To Pick A Wedding Dress That Suits Your Shape

This way, you can have exactly what you would like without compromising for your big day. A designer will tailor the look to your figure perfectly and will take your preferred style into account. You can combine your favorite elements into one unique design, which will disguise your least favorite bits and flatter your favorites!

– Erica Stacey

Pay Attention To The Color

Rebekah WestoverOver the Top EventsDarcy Moody Suggestions SalonAshley SylvesterSalt Lake City Temple Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Whether your wedding is outdoors surrounded by nature or in a ballroom oozing Old World elegance, one thing you always want to pay attention to is the color palette. Not only for the wedding designs, but for the fashion too! You know we love our color wedding dresses But if your venue has red curtains that cant be removed, you probably wouldnt want to wear a butterscotch colored gown.

Megans custom Galia Lahav gown is a stunning example of complementary hues with its soft pink tint that encapsulates the secret garden vibes of the elegant courtyard wedding so well. Not to mention the grand doorway of Salt Lake City Temple where their ceremony was held!

Wedding Dresses For Full

  • If you are a full-chested beauty, shop for wedding dresses with wider straps or sleeves to help support your bust and also hide bra straps.
  • To find the perfect wedding dress for your body type, choose your neckline wisely. A sweetheart, portrait, bateau neckline, or even an off-the-shoulder neckline can hide strapless bras and flatter your natural curves.
  • Opt for a bridal gown with a higher back or corset. These types of wedding dresses can hide a bra and also provide extra support. You can still wear illusion just wear nude garments underneath for secret support.
  • If you also have narrow hips and slender legs along with your full chest, check out this blog: The Best Wedding Dresses for Apple-Shaped Body Types!

Wedding Dresses: Flora by Rebecca Ingram & Fernanda Lynette by Sottero & Midgley

Bridal Gowns: Georgia by Rebecca Ingram & Nora by Maggie Sottero

Wedding Dresses: Tiffany by Maggie Sottero & Cambrie by Sottero and Midgley

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The Style Of The Dress Should Fit Your Silhouette

Research your bridal designers and boutiques before you begin visiting boutiques or designers. The look you want to create should match the designer’s style. For example, if you want to create a boho look, try to look for designers that design boho wedding dresses.

The wedding dress budget should match the designer or boutique prices. Don’t go to a shop if it’s out of your budget. It could be disheartening to find the dress of your dreams, only to know you can’t afford it.

When you’ve got your options laid out for you, remember to consider that the style of the dress should suit your body shape. A good starter when you are hunting for your wedding dress is to think of your favorite top or dress and find designs that are similar to it.

– Jessica

Have An Open Mind When Trying On Dresses


When setting up your appointment, provide as much info on what youre leaning towards and some details about your wedding such as venue, theme, and how youd like to look and feel on your big day. This will help your stylist prepare for your visit.

Try on the styles you want but stay open-minded if your stylist chooses something that you hadnt considered. You may be surprised and fall in love with a gown you hadnt thought of.

With a little upfront research and preparation, wedding dress shopping can be a wonderful, stress-free experience. By doing your research and connecting with the boutique in advance, you are increasing the possibility of finding exactly what you want at your first appointment!

– Stacie

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Accentuating A Petite Chest

If you want to accentuate your breasts or add a bit more body, something with significant detail is excellent!

Smaller, perkier breasts can easily wear low cut tops with ease and elegance. It wont look like the girls want to jump out and have their own party!

When choosing the best wedding dress for your body type remember that two halves look more significant than one whole. Creating a middle line or having more prominent patterns on either side of the center line will create the illusion that your chest is more significant.

How To Find The Best Wedding Dress For Your Body Shape

Wedding dress shopping is such an exciting and emotional once-in-a-lifetime experience. While you may be prepared with questions you have for your consultant, , and dresses favorited on our website, you may be still wondering, what will look best on my body shape? Well, weve got the scoop! Learn about which wedding dresses will work best on your body type, below.

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Mermaid Wedding Dress Silhouette

Perfect for: hourglass figure, small bust body shape, curvy silhouette

Mermaid wedding gowns are one of the most popular ones that many women try, but only a few end up wearing them. The specific mermaid cut is perfect for women with the desire to show off their curves, hourglass figure, as well as, small bust shape. The skirt is strictly following your body line with the dramatic flair from the knees to the hems.

You Dont Have To Break The Bank

How To Pick A Wedding Gown

Check out online sites such as eBay and Etsy and High Street stores such as Monsoon, Whistles, and John Lewis for bridal bargains.

Just make sure to measure yourself correctly and check against the designers size chart if youre purchasing your dress online. Most importantly, ensure that the retailer offers a full refund if the gown isnt quite right. You don’t have to break the bank to look like a million dollars on your wedding day.

– Shelley & Kirstie

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Think About Adding A Bustle

Justin Lee

If the dress of your dreams has a long train or hem, decide whether you want to get a bustle sewn into the gown. This will help you pick up your train during the reception, but keep in mind that it will alter how the back of the dress looks. Research the different bustle styles to see if one is right for your dress before you undergo fittings and alterations.

Your Ultimate Collection Of Wedding Dress Tips As Told By The Experts

Having the wedding of your dreams starts with two things finding your partner for life, and the perfect gown for your special day. You’ve got the partner-for-life secured, so all that’s left is to delve into the bridal fashion world and find the dress to complete your fairytale celebration.Brides today are blessed with the prosperity of wedding dress options they can choose from, depending on their styles, silhouettes, and budgets. But having this abundance of options can also make the decision making harder.With so many dresses to choose from, it might take longer for you to find “The One.” To help brides-to-be like you overcome this, we’ve asked wedding dress designers and experts for their tips on finding the perfect wedding dress. From boutique-hopping hacks to make your dress shopping easier to tips on enjoying your wedding planning duties, you’ll find everything to make your ceremony of love the most memorable chapter of your life.

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Dress Shopping Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

  • Trust your bridal consultant. During your dress-shopping appointment, they may pull a wedding gown silhouette that feels outside of your comfort zone. Remember to keep an open mind stylists are trained to help each of their brides find the one!
  • Do your hair and makeup before a bridal appointment. You dont have to go all out with the contour, but a little zhoosh will boost your confidence and help you imagine a complete bridal look for your big day.
  • Shop with your trusted bride tribe only. Buying a wedding dress is a big deal, so you have every right to exclude people who dont love, support, and cheer for you at every step of the way.
  • Use a few simple references and style tips to help you find the perfect wedding dress for your body type. Weve outlined a few of our tried-and-true pointers below!

Know Who Your Designer Is

Wedding Gowns Pick up Styles.

Spend plenty of time doing your research. Look at the bridal designers who are out there and spend time looking at their work. Just because they are well known, it doesnt mean that they have the right style that suits you. There are many new bridal designers out there, so choose well.

Make sure that you research their past brides, the girls who have bought their dresses from the designer. Look at the real wedding pictures. This will help you get a better understanding of how the dresses look on a real bride rather than a model on a photoshoot. They even might inspire your own dress.

Speak directly to the designer. It’s essential to build a good relationship with them and their team. Be open and honest with them about your expectations. They’ll listen, and the more they know, the better the design will be. Listen to their ideas – they’ll know what works. They will want to help and will be excited to make the perfect dress for you.

– Elena Ferrara

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Have An Ensemble Thats As Unique As You And Your Marriage

Whether youve got a dozen ideas or youve always known exactly what you want to wear, come to your designer with anything that inspires you. Youll be amazed by how your vision is transformed and amplified in the hands of an expert. Youll have a true one-of-a-kind look to wear, and maybe even wear again for other special occasions!

Plus, when a piece is custom fit to you, you dont have to pay separately to have it altered.

– Marianne Faulkner

Trying On Wedding Dresses

Another thing to bear in mind is that there are various stages of the wedding dress process. At your first appointment, your bridal designer and their team will not be taking your exact measurements. The first appointment is all about discussing what bridal dress styles you like and trying on various dresses that take your fancy. The bridal team will adjust and pin the samples to your shape, so there is no reason to worry about dresses not fitting you exactly.

Moving forward, if we know that a bride is planning on losing weight, we would agree with them a date to begin taking measurements. This gives the bride a clear timeframe and goal to work towards. It also helps to factor weight loss into the wedding dress creation so that brides do not have to worry about having a dress thats too big for them. Another important thing to consider with weight loss is the type of service for your wedding dress youve chosen to go with whether youve selected a made to measure, ready-to-wear or fully bespoke dress design.

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We Suggest Being Open

Dont fixate on a particular style or dress designer without trying on various gowns. You may be surprised how great you look in a form-fitting gown. Or maybe you love the way you look in that sparkly princess ball gown.

You only get to wear one, so make sure you love it. Dont let anyone else influence your dress decision. At the end of the day, youre the one wearing it and will be remembering it forever.

– The Curvy Bride

Badgley Mischka Long Sleeve Tiered Georgette Cocktail Dress

How to pick your perfect wedding dress with style guru Jessica Mulroney | GMA Digital

13. Zattcas Womens Elegant Velvet Long Sleeve Maxi Dress Winter Party Long Dress

One of the favorite picks in classy dresses for wedding guest outfits is a long sleeve maxi dress. The velvet dress in black exemplifies grace with a lovely drape detailing and round neckline alongside offering a comfy fabric. You can choose the elegant velvet maxi dress for weddings during the winter season for a gorgeously modest outfit.

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Wedding Dresses For Hourglass Figures

  • For hourglass body types, corset style and/or mermaid wedding dress is designed to flatter and accentuate your natural curves. A relaxed fit-and-flare wedding dress is also a gorgeous option for hourglass brides.
  • If a ball gown wedding dress strikes your fancy, opt for a structured bodice and full skirt to cinch in your waist and play up your red-carpet silhouette.
  • Be sure to avoid loose-fitting sheath wedding dresses that tend to drown out your figure.
  • A sweetheart or portrait neckline complements your feminine shape, especially when paired with a fit-and-flare silhouette.
  • For more tips and wedding dresses for hourglass-shaped brides, hit the link: Flattering Mermaid Wedding Dresses for an Hourglass Figure!

Wedding Dresses: Hattie by Rebecca Ingram & Astley by Maggie Sottero

Bridal Gowns: January by Maggie Sottero & Joss by Sottero and Midgley

Wedding Gowns: Kitara by Sottero and Midgley & Valona by Sottero and Midgley

Consider A Custom Design

You may have found details you like, but no single wedding dress that ticks all the boxes. Why not look into working with a designer like Angela Osagie Bridal to combine everything you love into a one-of-a-kind gown? Theyll help you match this bodice with that skirt and add a sleeve or embellishment for a perfectly personalised look.

Thanks again to Angela Osagie Bridal for sponsoring this story! Want more? Were busting the 5 Biggest Wedding Dress Shopping Myths.

Want to help our readers plan awesome weddings by partnering with us on content like this? Find out more about our sponsorship opportunities.

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Tip : Decide The Wedding Dress Type

Honestly speaking, this decision depends on your wedding theme. Will it be held in a huge cathedral and seem rather magnificent? Or will it be a sophisticated evening event with a civil ceremony?

Since simple beach weddings in the tropics become popular in the modern era, do you want to take a try too? Certainly, what you wear should look harmonious with your wedding avenue and settings.

If your wedding is held in a grand building, you will certainly not want to wear a cute baby doll wedding gown.

If you plan to generate a romantic beach wedding, you may never feel comfortable while wearing an elegant wedding dress with a long train. However, the choice is yours.

After all, it s your own wedding. As long as you look wonderful with a wedding dress and your husband-to-be loves the way you look, buy it.

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