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How To Plan A Courthouse Wedding

How Do I Get To The New York City Hall Marriage Bureau

Starting to plan my Courthouse Wedding!!!

Super easy! I always recommend downloading Google Maps when navigating through New York City. You can simply type in your Origin and your Destination. In this case, your destination will be 141 Worth Street for the marriage bureau. It is a clerks office nearby. Also consider getting an Uber, Lyft, or Taxi to your destination.

When Is The Best Time To Get Married At City Hall

When looking for available dates and time slots, keep in mind that City Hall is a public building. If there is a major public event, some parts of the building might be inaccessible while you are there. However, an experienced photographer who knows the venue will be able to find enough great photo locations.

The busiest days are Thursday and Friday. Most couples prefer to have their wedding ceremony on these days and the place is buzzing. Some like it busy, but if you dont, then book your appointment for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Also, remember that the building is open for the public Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. The busiest hours are between 11 am and 2 pm. Hence, if you want to avoid the crowds, look for available time slots early in the morning. Alternatively, you can book a late afternoon appointment. A 3:30 pm ceremony is a good choice because most of the people will leave by then.

Do Think About How To Make The Experience Personal / Dont Assume You Can Write Your Own Vows

Yes, its a simple ceremony, facilitated in a public office setting. It is still YOUR special day. Think about incorporating touches that add symbolism about you as a couple, especially since most courthouses will not allow you to recite your own vows. Maybe its a certain flower type, an accent color for shoes / tie, ora music recording. Think about what is special to you as a couple, and make sure you incorporate it.

Regardless of the setting or the level of money spent, getting married is a special milestone in anyones life, and a heartfelt memory. Allow yourself to savor your moment of becoming a union and credit yourself with making a choice to keep things simple and low stress!

Emily Andrews is a writer at and marketing communications specialist at RecordsFinder, an online public records search company. Communications specialist by day and community volunteer at night. She believes in compassion and defending the defenseless.

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Set A Courthouse Wedding Date

Decide on a date that will work for your civil ceremony. Amy Mader, a Texas-based event planner with 25 years of experience, tells HelloGiggles that courthouse weddings require an appointment with a judge and that most judges post their availability on the county website. Keep in mind that these appointments usually need to be within standard business hours of the courthouse itself, so you’ll likely need to schedule something on a weekday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Capture The Event On Film

How to Plan a Small Courthouse Wedding

If there’s one thing that you should invest in, it’s hiring a talented photographer to document your wedding day. There’s no better way to have mementos that you can look back on and cherish for decades to come. Ideally, you want someone who has shot at that city hall before and is familiar with the surrounding areas to scope out beautiful photo ops.

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How Do You Get Married At The Courthouse

How does a courthouse wedding work, logistically-speaking? There are a few steps youll need to follow:

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  • Ask the Important Questions: So many things about public wedding ceremonies depend on the jurisdiction and regulations of your city, so make sure youve researched the below questions before scheduling your city hall wedding:
  • How many people are allowed to attend the ceremony?
  • Will we be walking down an aisle?
  • Where in the courthouse will the ceremony be held? Is it mostly private?
  • Is there a place to get ready or touch up?
  • Are there any good places to take pictures either before or after the ceremony?
  • Do you offer a reception area on-site for cake or refreshments after the ceremony?
  • Can we include our own written vows in the ceremony or special readings at all?
  • Are we permitted to have either live or pre-recorded music for the ceremony?

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Courthouse Wedding With Reception Later

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Hi Ladies! I just got engaged a week ago but my FH and I have been together for 6 years. Turns out he’s been planning the engagement since October so now that the proposal is over he wants to get married asap and doesn’t care too much about a big wedding – just parents, siblings, and a few close friends. We’re in the process of buying a house and would have to pay for the wedding ourselves except for maybe & dollar 5k from my mom.I want to get married sooner than later too so I am happy to get married at the courthouse but I still want to have a reception and celebrate with friends and family in a year or so when we can afford it. I also want to do the traditional things of a bridal shower and bachelorette/bachelor party. Is it unrealistic to expect all those things if we get married at the courthouse?

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Cost For A Civil Wedding

The cost for a civil wedding in a courthouse in Nova Scotiais established by the Nova Scotia Cost and Fees Act.Current information about the cost of a courthouse civil weddingcan be provided by courthouse staff.

The cost for a civil wedding outside of a courthouse is $ 200.The cost for a wedding rehearsal is $ 100.The Administrative Justices of the Peace can also bill for expenses,if applicable, for mileage, parking, and tolls.

Get A Replacement Licence


You must apply for a replacement licence only if you still wish to get married and:

  • you or your future spouse have changed a name or since your unused licence was issued, or
  • you no longer have your unused licence

The replacement licence is valid for three months from the date it was issued. Couples should only apply for a replacement within three months of their rescheduled wedding.

When you visit a municipal office to get a replacement licence:

  • municipal fees may apply
  • there is no provincial fee
  • bring your unused licence
  • bring your identification documents
  • go to the municipality where you originally purchased your licence

If you are unable to go back to the same municipality where you originally purchased your licence, additional time and information may be required to issue a replacement.

Contact your municipality before applying for a replacement for more information.

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How To Plan A City Hall Wedding

Wondering how to plan a city hall wedding? Were here to help! Were sharing our top tips for courthouse wedding ideas PLUS ways to make your city hall wedding special. Like this? Subscribe for even more to your inbox.

Want to get married at city hall? Wondering how to plan a courthouse wedding? What is the ideal city hall wedding outfit to wear? Do you send invites? Ah, so many questions.

But heres some good news: its easier than you may think to plan a city hall wedding. And due to the crazy year, youre not alone: many couples faced with COVID, closures, and face coverings are shifting their focus on smaller ceremonies and looking up how to plan a city hall wedding to finally tie the knot.

by jazzdoodles

Whether your original wedding date was postponed and you dont want it to happen again, or youre just ready to get married and start spending your life with your partner, a civil ceremony or city hall wedding may be the right choice for you.

by simpletedesign

Its easy to plan with a few steps and you CAN make it memorable, too. We believe all couples deserve to feel special on their wedding day, whether a big party or small event and a few personal touches here and there will make your wedding day memorable. In addition to how to plan a city hall wedding, well also show you the best courthouse wedding ideas to make it your own.

What Is A Courthouse Wedding

A courthouse wedding is also known as a civil wedding or civil ceremony. It is a nonreligious ceremony that allows you to legally marry your partner. There is less emphasis on the pomp and circumstance of the event. The focus is on the couple joining in matrimony.

With a courthouse wedding, there tend to be less than ten guests. All in all, a courthouse wedding can be done in less than ten minutes.

It also doesnt require any of the customs we usually associate with a wedding. You dont need a sermon, you dont have to say vows, and you dont have to exchange rings. You can of course choose to do whichever of these customs you want to, but they are not legal requirements. Basically, a courthouse wedding can be customized to suit your needs.

Courthouse weddings are presided over by a legal official, such as a judge or court clerk. The Justice of the Peace may say a few words. Then you, your partner, and your witnesses are required to sign the marriage license. After that, youre married!

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How Does A Courthouse Wedding Work

Lets see how does a courthouse wedding work. Its fairly simple getting married in a courthouse. You first arrive in it with your spouse and close ones and go through a standard security check. Inform the people that youre there to get married.

Depending on their schedule, you might have to wait, but when your turn comes, youll be walked into a small courtroom or office, where one of the presiding magistrates is working.

The magistrate will speak a few words, make you take your vows, ask you to sign the license along with your witnesses in front of him, and then declare you married.

Getting married through the court is an official and solemn ritual because legally speaking, youre not alone anymore!

How Do You Celebrate Your City Hall Wedding

How to Plan a Courthouse Wedding: Tips and Etiquette

First off, before you leave the ceremony site, be sure to capture some photos of the event. We suggest consulting or hiring a local photographer to help you find the perfect location to shoot, whether its at the courthouse or a nearby park or restaurant. You can choose to either share these photos on social media, print and keep them for your memories, or you can showcase them in a wedding announcement to share the good news with family and friends.

After the ceremony, many couples choose to host a small dinner or other reception at a local restaurant to celebrate the occasion, while some couples opt to delay a day-of event and celebrate with a larger group at a later date. Nonetheless, renting a private room and filling it with decorations to celebrate the new couple or heading to your favorite bar to enjoy a signature drink or glass of champagne can be the perfect end to the perfect day.

Doing it Your Way

At the end of the day, your city hall wedding should be about you and your partner, so tailor it to your vision and enjoy every moment, exactly as you wish.

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What Do You Wear To A City Hall Wedding

What to wear to a courthouse wedding: Its a question as old as the courthouse wedding itself. The truth is that there is no hard-and-fast rule here, and you can go as classic or nontraditional as you please with your wardrobe. Just note that, traditionally speaking, all courthouse matters lend themselves to slightly dressy attire no jeans or sneakers, for example. Most women opt for a little white dress or white jumpsuit or pantsuit, and most men opt for a jacket and slacks . This is an area of bridal fashion that has gained significant traction over the past year, and you can see there are a variety of stunning looks that would rival that of a traditional wedding day.

All this in mind, ultra-formal attire like tuxes and ballgowns may be too much or look out of place at city hall or in the courthouse, but, if you have the confidence or want to overdress for kicks, there is nobody stopping you. For the men, you may want to review our guide on wedding suit tips!

Wedding guests should follow your lead, but because a courthouse wedding can mean a variety of dress codes, be sure to let them know how you will be dressed so they can feel comfortable.

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Pick An Outfit You Feel Good In

Just because you’re not having a big wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have a fabulous courthouse wedding outfit. You can make it as formal or as casual as you’d like. Feel free to wear whatever you and your partner feel best in, traditional wedding attire included. Jeatran says her biggest regret in her own courthouse wedding was not wearing something that made her feel special. “We were planning a big wedding six months later, but looking back, I do regret not going with my gut on this one.”

A classic white dress is always a chic choice, or go with a fun pantsuit or tuxedo. Some designers, like French-based brand Laure de Sagazan, have even devoted entire collections to civil ceremony attire. Or you could shop for a short white bridesmaid dress or cocktail frock, which may be cheaper than one labeled specifically for brides.

Rebecca Yale Photography

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What Were Your Main Reasons For Choosing A Courthouse Wedding Over A Larger Ceremony

Woman A: Our priorities for our wedding day were quality time together, quality time with our families, and a delicious, intimate dinner. We knew that if we hosted a large wedding, wed be distracted by the moving parts, our time together would be limited, and wed all be too busy being with a massive group to really get quality time with our immediate families. So we separated our plansour courthouse wedding day was spent with our immediate families and a couple of close friends, and then we hosted a dinner party for our broader community later on.

Woman B: Avoiding big plans and involving too many people. We firmly believed that our most intimate feelings regarding committing ourselves to each other forever should be shared in private.

Woman C: As the news of COVID-19 worsened, our families became concerned that if, god forbid, either my fiancé or I got sick, there was a possibility we might not be able to visit each other in the hospital. This larger medical concern, coupled with the fact that we were also very in love and ready to be wed AND liked the idea of being frugal, made us realize that a courthouse wedding was the right step for us. And thankfully, our whole family was supportive and on board!

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