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Where To Print My Wedding Photos

Be Golden Large Wedding Album With Bespoke Printing

How to Use Wedding Photos in Your Home | Albums, Prints, and More!

Courtesy of Be Golden

An exquisitely made album from across the pond, this bespoke book is hand-bound at a bookbindery in England. Available in a range of vibrant jewel tones, its covered in premium-quality book cloth and custom foil stamped with personalized lettering. Choose from a selection of colors and fonts for a perfectly personalized photo album.

Best On A Budget: Snapfish


Several companies compete in the low-cost photo printing market. You won’t get the same level of quality of printing or packaging with any of them, but if you don’t have much cash to spend, take a look at Snapfish.

The company has a lowest-price guarantee, and with 100 free photos to get you started, regular sales, and standard prints starting as low as nine cents, it’s not hard to see why.

Uploading photos is straightforward, either from your computerâ or directly from Facebook, or Flickr. The app and Web interface are both easy to use, quickly taking you through the various cropping and editing options.

As mentioned, the quality of the photos isn’t as high as other companies on this list, in terms of both color and clarity and the types of paper. Don’t expect too much from the packaging, either â the company typically uses a standard cardboard envelope, so there’s a greater risk of damage in transit.

Still, if you’re after a simple and inexpensive way of preserving your memories on paper, Snapfish is well worth trying out.

Top Tips From A Pro For Printing Your Wedding Photos

I always encourage the couples I work with to print their wedding photos. That way they become a tangible thing to touch and are much more likely to live on and be shared with future generations. You have made a big investment to get the photographs so make the most of them!

Here are some top tips on getting the best results when printing your wedding photos:

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Order An Acrylic Print

Acrylic is often overlooked with all the print options available. But theyre particularly well-suited for wedding photos in particular for a few reasons.

For starters, theyre made to last. Sandwiched between metal plates and acrylic sheets, its difficult to damage your photograph. While the surface of your acrylic may collect some small scratches over the years, the photograph maintains its integrity.

Because of the protective measures in place, the contrast and colors of the photo are better preserved. In conjunction with a glossy acrylic covering, these prints demand attention. Whats more, depending on the width of your acrylic, your piece may be able to stand on its own rather than relegated to a wall.

Realistically, the expense of acrylic prints is a bit restrictive. You likely wont want to purchase this treatment for every one of your images. Nevertheless, acrylic is an excellent way to memorialize that one special moment that you want to look back on often.

Our Print Recommendation:

A Canvas As Grand As Your Love

Personalised Wedding Print By The Little Paper Company ...

Your wedding felt larger than life, and so your decor should fall nothing short of that. A big canvas print is a great way to give that beautiful moment the spotlight it deserves. Try hanging it on a large wall above the couch, over the fireplace or above your bed. This canvas will not only bring back those butterflies in your stomach but it will also tie the room together really beautifully.

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Why Do You Use Fujicolor Crystal Archive Photographic Paper To Print My Photos

Fujicolor Crystal Archive photographic paper is a silver halide colour paper, designed exclusively to produce high-image-quality colour prints. This paper incorporates latest silver halide emulsion technology, coupler technology and layer design technology to deliver enhanced colour reproduction, white purity, image stability and handling of the photo.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive photo paper is available in gloss and matt finishes and is regarded worldwide as offering superior, vivid colour reproduction.

Create Canvas Diptychs Or Triptychs

Are you looking to create a beautiful, bold display without shelling out a small fortune? Ordering a photo canvas or two may, very well, be an appropriate middle ground.

In particular, ordering a multi-panel diptych or triptych is an effective way to show off your wedding. For starters, doing so eliminates the need to invest in one gigantic, unruly piece. Plus, having a few photographs to play off of one another often creates more interesting, dynamic displays than one image would do on its own.

Another advantage of working with canvas over other specialty print materials? There are dozens of online printers to choose from. Whether youre on a budget or looking for specialty treatments, the variety of suppliers means that youre more likely to find a perfect fit.

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Etiquette Rules For Wedding Invitations And What You Need To Know About The Wording And The Best Time To Send The Wedding Invitations

Planning ahead is important for weddings, but how soon is too soon? Ideally, youll send your invitations out 6 to 8 weeks before the big day. For destination weddings or out of town guests, you should plan to send them even earlier so they can make their travel arrangements. Wedding invitations should be mailed the old-fashioned way to ensure everyone receives it. You surely dont want to risk an online invitation getting filtered into your junk folder.

As for the wording, you should make sure the date, time, location, and the names of the bride and groom appear on the wedding invitation. You can also add who is hosting the wedding and the dress code, if applicable. Never include anything about gifts or registries as its considered impolite. Guests will call with their best wishes and inquire about gifts during that time.

Dont leave your guests guessing for who in the household is invited either. If you invite a family sans their children, be sure to only address the invitation to the parents. If you plan to include the children, add and family to the envelope. For single guests, if you want them to bring a date, add plus guest to remove any mystery.

Which Wedding Photos Should We Print

Put Your Wedding Photos in Print with a Hardcover Photo Book Artifact Uprising

When it comes to selecting which wedding photos you want to print, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Start by narrowing down the images into only photos that contain people. Lets be real, you probably wont print any decor photos or details. Why would you want a giant wedding cake hanging on your wall? Those are better left for your wedding album. Focus on choosing images of the people who matter most to you!

Of course, youll probably focus on the images of the two of you that you love most. But dont forget to choose a few family images, too. Studies show that couples who have strong familial bonds also have stronger marriages, so choose a few favorite wedding family photos to display around your home!

Our best advice is to choose between 10-20 favorites that you could print in various mediums to include in your home decor.

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What To Do Next

Please choose the relevant department from the menu below or check out our gallery above to get a taste of what we do.

If you still can’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch as we will always try our very best to accommodate your wishes. You are also more than welcome to pop in and visit us at our print shop & photography studio and check out our modern shop and facilities.

All The Best And Keep Safe The Photo Lesk Team

How are we managing our business under Covid ?

* We are working with limited staff present in the shop * We are operating a limited costumers in the shop policy in order to limit exposure to other people * Our facilities and equipment are sanitised regularly * Our staff wears masks * Alcohol sanitiser is at your full disposal throughout our shop and studio * we constantly make sure there is proper ventilation to the shop and studio areas *

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Best For Quality Prints And Paper


  • Prices on the high end
  • No TIFF or PNG support


  • Excellent print quality on high-grade paper
  • Superior website usability and features
  • Letterbox cropping and border options
  • Highly protective packaging for shipping
  • TIFF and large files supported



  • Well-designed, fast, modern web interface
  • Solid editing tools
  • Tons of print surface options, including mugs, blankets, and much more
  • Online gallery sharing


  • Fast service with same-day local pickup option
  • Smartphone ordering app

Why Is A Print Release The Best Option For Wedding Photography

Personalised Couple Wedding Print By Eleanor Bowmer ...

For most wedding photography brands, the easiest option is to offer clients a print release license for their images. For the client, this gives them unlimited access to their pictures whenever they like, for as long as they want. They can post their images on social media, use digital files in their Christmas cards, and make the most out of the pictures from their special day.

At the same time, a print release ensures that the photographer still gets to benefit from their hard work. It prevents a client from editing the picture and making it look terrible online something that could harm your marketing. It also ensures that you can continue to use the images in portfolios to show your skills to other potential clients. Ultimately, print release licenses preserve both the integrity of the art and of the industry overall.

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How Much Do Photo Print Services Cost

You don’t have to break the bank to get printed photos. For 15 cents or less per photo, you can have 4-by-6-inch prints from several services here. Walmart has the lowest price at just 9 cents. Mpix charges 36 cents for a mailed 4-by-6 print, followed by Nations Photo Labs’ 32 cents, but both provide excellent image and paper quality. In the middle are Amazon Prints’ and Shutterfly’s 15 cents for a 4-by-6. Local pickup options tend to cost more. CVS Photo and Walgreens start at 37 cents for 4-by-6s for local pickup, but you can often get your photos faster this way.

Even if you want enlargements at popular sizes, such as 5-by-7 and 8-by-10, you don’t have to spend a lot. Snapfish will send you 5-by-7s for just 69 cents each. Nations Photo Labs and Printique charge $2.49 for an 8-by-10 print, and most other services charge a still-reasonable $2.99$3.99 for that size. For wall-art-size prints, you’ll pay more, but prices still aren’t exorbitant. All the services in this roundup sell 16-by-20 prints for about $20, and most charge closer to $15.

One thing worth keeping in mind is that most of the services included here offer special discount pricing from time to time. The See It links above often lead to some unexpected bargains and offers.

A Lot Of Photographers Myself Included Give Printing Right To Couples While Also Offering Their Own Print Sales But Where Should You Really Print Your Wedding Photos

I decided to find out who really was creating the best high quality photo prints for your average consumer printing needs. With a quick survey of my social media followers I asked who they use for printing I then sent the following 6 photographs to the most mentioned printing companies, all of whom have rave reviews by their users, but were they actually quality photo prints? Hopefully answering one of my most often asked questions “Where to print photos?”

The companies were, Boots, Timpsons, Snapfish, Photobox, DSCL colour lab and finally my own professional photo lab printers.

If I have photographed your wedding or you have enquired with me you will know that with every wedding, and every photo shoot I photograph, I supply the full-size digital images for you to use. This includes printing your own photographs or sending them elsewhere to be printed. You can also in the online gallery order prints directly through myself.

Why do I do this? Well, in short, I’m a photographer, not a salesperson. And I would rather just be upfront with my prices including the images into those rather than my prices changing depending on what prints you wanted and all the sales spiel that goes with and all that blah blah blah!

This, however, got me thinking, and I hope I explain this well enough for you

The same, believe it or not, happens with printers, this ranges from the type of paper, the type of ink the printing company uses, and even how the digital file is set up.

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Quality Professionally Designed Photo Albums & Wedding Magazines

your legacy in print

Throughout history, printed photos have served as an important part of a familys legacy. Examining old printed family photos can reveal details about your ancestors. The photos can help you better understand the people who have shaped who you are today.

Your photos will become an important part of the legacy you leave behind. While it may be hard to imagine your future children flipping through photos of your wedding day, the images become more precious and priceless as time goes by.

Read this fascinating study that researched The Impact Printed Photos Have On Families.

We are privileged that couples trust us with their wedding day memories and cant wait to print your wedding day story. Now, just to decide whether to print your photos in our fine art album or wedding magazine.

The Coffee Table Book works exclusively with couples handcrafting modern wedding albums and custom wedding magazines.

Nothing compares quite like a printed album for storing your precious images in one place. These beautiful archival fine art photo albums are coffee-table worthy and offer couples the opportunity to own a bespoke heirloom quality album full of their priceless wedding day memories.

The custom wedding magazine an editorial-style softcover photo book is a popular offering for an alternative way to share your wedding day memories through photos and words.

Now is a good time to ask yourself are your digitally stored wedding photos safe?

Best For Mobile Printing: Printique By Adorama

Printing Wedding Images


There’s plenty to like about Printique by Adorama’s service, from quality photos to competitive pricing, but it’s the company’s mobile photo prints that stand out. If most of your shots are taken on your phone, this is the service for you.

Print quality is excellent, with high-quality papers, accurate colors, and solid detail. âThere are plenty of choices for the size and type of print you’d like, from calendars to photo books, and metal, wood, and canvas in addition to standard papers. Pricing is in line with other online print services, and shipping takes around three days.

The company also gives several options for how you’d like to crop your photos if needed. Helpfully, it also won’t let you use a photo that would result in a poor-quality print because it’s too small. It’d be nice if other companies did this!

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