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Can You Wear Black To A Wedding

When To Avoid Wearing Black As A Wedding Guest

What To Wear To A Wedding

At one point in time, black was a mourning color. Those who wore black to a funeral did so to symbolize that they were mourning the loss of someone. As a result, wearing black to a wedding was seen as the wrong thing to do.

While the objection of wearing black clothing to a wedding has become obsolete, if you are attending a traditional wedding, you may want to skip out on the black wedding guest dresses. If you know that the bride and groom or their families are very old-fashioned, it may be best to avoid wearing

Even if the wedding is very modern, the groom and bride of the wedding may have specific dress requirements that prohibit you from donning the hue. Always stay true to the dress code requirements that your bride put in place.

Consider The Wedding Locale

Its very common to see guests wearing black to weddings that take place in metropolitan areas of the northeast United States, like New York and Boston. Its much less frequently seen among guests attending weddings in the South, however, so you should think about wearing a more colorful look to a wedding held there. Formal or full-length black ensembles may also seem out of place in warm weather or tropical settings. Likewise, you might want to stay away from wearing black if the couple is having a traditional church ceremony. Because black is still considered the color of mourning in a church, wearing it at somebody’s wedding ceremony can be a faux pas.

Think About Today’s Fashion Rules

Long gone are the days of avoiding white after Labor Day. Today’s trends involve expressing personal style, including wearing black to a wedding. Even though it may go against thoughts of previous days, in certain situations, wearing darker colors isn’t considered offensive or funeral-esque.

“In years past, it was considered a faux pas to wear black to a wedding,” says Meredith Ryncarz, the owner of Meredith Ryncarz Photography in Savannah, Georgia. “In recent years, that thought process has shifted to it being more acceptable to wear black to a wedding.” However, before you grab your go-to black cocktail dress, there are other factors to weigh.

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Consider A More Conservative Approach

While theres nothing wrong with wearing a tiny black dress to a summer wedding, its often more courteous to the bride and groom if your attire covers all of your bits and pieces for a more sophisticated image.

Have fun with your costume and let it reflect who you are, but make sure the focus remains on the people youre celebrating.

What Not To Wear To A Wedding

17 Black Dresses You Can Totally Wear to a Wedding

There are only a few big fashion rules you really shouldnt break when attending a wedding. The most important aspect is that you are dressed formal enough. That means you should avoid anything thats too casual or relaxed such as denim, sportswear including footwear, flip-flops, camouflage, clothing with text slogans, cartoons or crazy prints.

You should also make sure your outfit isnt too revealing or sheer. If in doubt, make sure you have a set of nude underwear on underneath your dress to be completely safe that youre covered. As well as selecting a dress that isnt too casual, you also dont want to make it look like you want to upstage the bride. Make sure you dont show up in a very formal ballgown unless its outlined on the invitation as a formal event.

To help you figure out the biggest fashion faux pas or donts, here are your top questions answered.

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Whistles Carolyn Broderie Dress

Sizes: 4-16

The broderie and scalloped edge detailing gives this dress added interest. With a flared-out skirt and a fitted waist, it has a universally flattering silhouette thats perfect for twirling on that dance floor too. The breathable cotton would suit a summer wedding, just swap the chunky sandals for something a little more delicate. These pretty pink Whistles sandals will work like a charm.

Is It Ok To Wear Flats To A Wedding

It depends. Check the dress code first. If its a black tie or formal wedding, its generally better to stick to heels. Remember that flat shoes can dress down an outfit, so if you really want to wear flats, consider wearing a fancier pair. Lace flats, or flats with formal details like jewelled accents, are dressier options.

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At A Beach Or Garden Wedding

While most ladies who wear black to a wedding will be more likely to do it at winter and autumn weddings to match the weather, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing black to a summer or spring outdoor wedding. The only issue we can see with this is that youll likely stand out quite a bit. Generally, women attending these weddings will be wearing floral dresses or pastel-coloured numbers that go with the vibe. Wearing black will instantly set you apart but if youre happy with that, then go for it!

What’s Different About Winter Wedding Guest Attire

How To Dress For Every Wedding With Rachel Zoe | Cosmopolitan

There are a few things that set winter apart from other seasons. When it comes to the dress code, winter weddings typically tend to be a bit formal in nature, says Sullivan. Many couples opt for a formal, black tie optional, or black tie dress code. In many ways, this reflects the location of the celebration, as winter wedding venues are generally on the formal side .

Another wonderful aspect of winter wedding guest attire? The beautiful seasonal colors. “There are a multitude of color options guests can wear to winter weddings,” says Sullivan. “Classic deeper hues such as navy, burgundy, and black are ever popular and ultra re-wearable,” the designer continues. A black dress or emerald green pant suit are both great options. Leave lighter colors and patterns for the warmer seasons.

Planning on wearing a tux? “A black tuxedo will forever be a safe bet,” says Sudhakar. “However, various blues, from midnight to navy to jewel tones , are becoming just as popular due to their approachability yet uniqueness,” she continues.

Whether you’re looking for women’s or men’s winter wedding attire, jewel tones aren’t the only way to make a seasonal statement. “Guests should also feel empowered to go bold with metallicsafter all, what better time than the holiday season?” says Sullivan. A glittering gold maxi dress or silver sequin cocktail dress will perfectly complement the jubilant mood. Similarly, a blazer or dinner jacket with metallic details joyfully salutes the season.

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Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

During the colder months, its natural that youll want to pick a dress that is warmer to wear or will need to include a coat or jacket in your outfit. One good option is to select a long-sleeve cocktail dress with a higher neck and slightly longer skirt. This will still look extremely elegant but will keep you warm during the wedding. Make sure any jacket or coat you wear over your dress will suit the theme if in doubt, opt for a tailored blazer or jacket with suit-style lapels.

What To Consider When Choosing Wedding Attire

When it comes to choosing wedding fashion, there are a few factors that you will want to consider before making your final selection.

Weddings can take place at any time of the year and in many different locations around the world. The etiquette of the wedding that you are going to attend can also play a large part in the wedding guest attire you are going to wear. Wearing black to a wedding is typically fair game, but consider the following factors.

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What Shoes To Wear To A Winter Wedding

Shoes are an important part of your winter wedding guest style. And believe it or not, there are some special considerations to take into account for the winter season. “Winter weddings are a great excuse to break out your favorite classic footwearclosed-toe, rounded, and pointed pumps are very popular given their elegance and warmth,” says Sullivan. “Alternatively, in warmer seasons, we tend to see more strappy open-toe looks to keep cool.”

Similarly, there are some seasonal differences in menswear when it comes to choosing the right shoes. “It’s true that lighter tan or light brown shoes in leather or suede tend to lend themselves more toward summer weddings,” says Sudhakar. “Fall and winter, however, call for boots, and while a classic black or dark brown cap-toe shoe is a safe bet, don’t be afraid to rock a dress boot with your suit,” she continues. Your boots should also be polished, clean, and free of embellishments so that they won’t draw away from the rest of what you’re wearing, Sullivan says.

If dress boots aren’t your thing, Sudhakar suggests wearing “a simple plain toe, a clean dress Venetian, or a stylish monk strap.” Or, if you’re wondering what shoes to wear to a black tie winter wedding, Sudhakar recommends a pair of classic black patent or evening shoes.

How To Choose The Right Winter Wedding Outfit For Cold Weather

17 Black Dresses You Can Totally Wear to a Wedding

The biggest challenge when deciding what to wear to a winter wedding as a guest is the weather. Thankfully, we’ve got some tips on picking out an outfit that’s appropriate for chilly temperatures. “Guests of winter weddings should consider fabric types, outerwear, and footwear carefully to protect from the elements,” says Sullivan. She recommends choosing an outfit with thicker fabric made from natural fibers, such as wool. Consider avoiding outfit ideas that have short sleeves or are sleeveless, like a slip dress, unless youre planning to layer a jacket or sweater on top.

Whether you’re searching for a formal tuxedo or semi-formal suit for your winter wedding attire, Sudhakar also suggests turning to wool. “Heavier textiles such as wool flannel in a solid color are just as elegant as basic wool, but with that added texture and warmth for the colder months,” she adds. Wondering what to wear to a casual winter wedding? For casual or daytime winter wedding guest attire, a nice suit is still a must. That said, feel free to play around with accessories depending on the dress code, such as adding a fun holiday-themed tie or pocket square.

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Can You Wear Black To A Wedding

Follow these guidelines to avoid a faux pas.

Color plays a significant role in wedding planning. As couples select their wedding palette, and the bride chooses to wear a beautiful white dress, there are traditions that set the tone for the wedding day. However, there is sometimes a bit of ambiguity in the formality of wedding guest attire, begging the question: Can you wear black to a wedding?

Before answering, there are several factors to consider, one of which is Southern etiquette. “Gone are the days where wearing black to a Southern wedding was seen as less of a celebration,” says Bobbi Brinkman, owner of Bobbi Brinkman Photography in St. Simons Island, Georgia. “Today’s couples know how to incorporate Southern traditions while bending the rules, especially when it comes to asking the guest to follow a dress code.” But, what are the unspoken standards, and how do folks steer away from being a fashion don’t? Southern experts weigh in on five things to consider if you want to wear black to a wedding.

Can You Wear White To A Wedding

White is another tricky color that can throw people off. Even beige or grey can be mistaken for white. The main reason people are worried about wearing white is that it might look like youre wearing a wedding dress. This could upset the bride. If you really want to wear white, the rule is that you are completely sure the dress cant be mistaken for a wedding dress. It should include some other color, print or pattern somewhere on your outfit. If in doubt, its best not to wear white.

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Can A Wedding Guest Wear A Long Maxi Dress

Yes! Even if the event is semi-formal or a beach wedding, a long maxi dress can be a great style choice. You can pick a dress that features a high slit or opening to make it comfortable to walk and dance in. Just make sure the dress style is fancy enough for the event itself and doesnt look too much like a beach cover-up or casual dress.

When The Dress Code Is Formal Or Black

What to Wear to a Wedding

Even if you’re attending a formal or black-tie optional wedding, wedding guests are still encouraged to wear black. Typically, formal weddings refer to an evening affair wherein tuxedos are not required for gentlemen, but would be appropriate to don for this event. Men are encouraged to wear a formal dark-colored suit or a tuxedo, and ladies a dressy dark-colored or black suit, long gown, or a dark-colored formal cocktail dress with high heels or dressy flats. Wearing black is very common.

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Black Clothing Is The Key To Effortless Chic

Whether you often gravitate toward black clothing or you’re trying out this chic shade for the first time, you can’t deny that black lends an air of sophistication to any outfit. But many wonder, can you wear black to a summer wedding? Is a black dress appropriate for a summer wedding? Our resounding answer is yes! When you style black right, you certainly can!

A black dress or skirt is effortlessly elegant. It also gives you the freedom to play with your makeup and your accessories so that you can play up your sense of style while making sure you look put together and modern. With many occasion-ready dresses made in this hue, you won’t have any reason to hide it in the back of your closet when the weather heats up.

How To Select Colors

You may choose to wear any color except black or white. The guest’s goal should be to blend in with the surroundings and let the bride shine. As her guest, you should avoid attire that could be considered informal or in bad taste. Pastels, jewel tones and earth tones are excellent choices, as are most primary colors.

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Best Avoided At A Church Wedding

As black is considered the traditional colour of mourning in the church, wearing black at a church wedding probably isnt the best idea. While it is quite unlikely that youll have a hyper-religious person in the wedding say something to you, it may slightly offend some of guests or the bride and groom.

If youre attending a wedding in a church and you do want to wear a darker colour, then perhaps stick to a dark grey, navy or deep green so that theres no chance of offending anyone.

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