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How To Pick A Wedding Band

Go For A Bridal Set Or Take Inspiration From Them

How to pick a perfect wedding band for your engagement ring?

If youre not in the plan of putting an extra effort to find the perfect wedding band for your ring, going for a bridal set should be a no-brainer for you.

But theres a big chance that you were not a part of the engagement ring selection process. If thats the case, you can browse many online ring retailer sites and take inspiration from their bridal set collections.

Consider A Band That Can Be Worn Alone

Some activities, such as exercise or certain work conditions, aren’t conducive to wearing an engagement ring. In those circumstances, you may want to consider a band that goes with your ring yet can be worn by itself. “Ability for your wedding band to stand on its own is another thing to consider,” suggests Money. “While traditionally we look for bands that complement and sit flush with our engagement ring, some brides who may anticipate wanting to wear only their band on occasion , might consider a more unique and eye-catching band that is breathtaking on its own.”

However, if you or your partner will wear the band around machinery or in sports situations, invest in a coordinating wedding band and purchase an inexpensive secondary band to wear as necessary. Robbins advises, “I also recommend having a non-metallic band, such as a silicone band, for more extreme physical activity.” Silicone bands are inexpensive, and wearing one is a great way to protect the investment of your main wedding band.

How Do I Wear My Engagement And Wedding Rings

Traditionally, the wedding ring is on the third finger of your left hand with the engagement ring above it. Although this is the most common way to wear your two rings, there are other ways to show these off!

One creative way is to wear two thin wedding rings on either side of the engagement ring. This enhances the brilliance of your engagement ring, keeps the gemstone in focus and gives your ring a dynamic, stacked appearance.

Another way to wear your rings is to transfer the engagement ring to the right hand, while keeping the wedding ring on the left. This adds sparkle to both your hands, and is also excellent if your rings have two wildly different styles.

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Make Sure Its A Perfect Fit

Face it, some people just dont fit well together . In the same way, some engagement rings and wedding rings dont fit as well together on your finger, making an awkward pairing.

Typically, once you get married, you have two options of how to wear your matching wedding ring set:

  • Solder the rings together: Typically, you take your engagement ring and wedding ring together to a jeweler and theyll be able to solder the rings together, creating one bigger ring.
  • Stack the rings on top of each other: In this case, youd wear your wedding ring first and then youll wear your engagement ring next. Because they arent attached, they may wiggle some on your finger, but some women prefer this over soldering the rings together.

Whichever option you choose, youll need to make sure that the two rings have the ability to sit reasonably flush with one another. This is imperative when youre attempting to create the perfect matching wedding ring set. If a wedding ring doesnt fit seamlessly with your engagement ring, youll likely want to cross it off your list.

Choose A Wedding Band Material

How to Pick a Wedding Band That Works With Your Engagement ...

The most important part of picking a wedding band is choosing a material. And at first glance, this can seem like a daunting task there are a lot of options!

You can go a traditional route with a material like:

  • Platinum

Or try something more modern with a non-traditional option such as:

  • Tungsten

  • Carbon fiber

  • Silicone

Lets take a closer look at the pros and cons of each of these wedding band materials.


Wont trigger allergies, never loses its shine, rare

Expensive, heavier than traditional materials


A lightweight option compared to platinum or tungsten, always fashionable, easy to resize

Can trigger allergies if made with nickel, can become discolored if comes into contact with certain chemicals, scratches easily


Very durable and difficult to scratch, remains polished over time, usually budget friendly

Heavier than traditional materials, may crack or break under pressure, not resizable


Difficult to scratch, lightweight, more flexible than Tungsten, usually budget friendly

Not resizable

Very lightweight, hypoallergenic, wont discolor around other chemicals

May scratch

Very lightweight, durable, hard to scratch, modern and high-tech look, budget friendly

Not resizable, limited color options


Wont catch on machinery or tools, not conductive, comfortable, lightweight, budget friendly

Easier to break than a metal ring


Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and endless colors and texture options

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Pair With: Ring Enhancer Or Ring Stack

Ring enhancers create the illusion that youre wearing two wedding bands, one on both sides of your engagement ring. In reality, this style is one piece, with an opening in the middle that fits around your engagement ring like a puzzle piece. Many jewelers offer enhancers with engagement rings as a wedding set, and ring enhancers can be found for all different types of cuts and settings. Enhancers tend to look best when worn with an engagement ring at all times, so if you anticipate wanting to wear just a wedding band for certain activities , this style may not be the best option for you.

Samantha Iacia

Samantha Iacia has been writing about weddings for more than eight years, beginning with a weekly… wedding column for her hometown newspaper. She specializes in bridal fashion and jewelry, wedding decor, wedding flowers, and all things aesthetic. As the WeddingWire Editor, she can be found bookmarking new wedding trends, helping out on set at a photo shoot, or working on the teams Digital Editorial Style Guide. Twice a year, she attends and reports on New York Bridal Fashion Week. Originally from Catonsville, Maryland, Samantha now lives in Washington, D.C., where youll usually catch her on her way to get a chai latte, rewatching Harry Potter for the zillionth time, or looking at pictures of other peoples cats.

How To Care For Baguette Wedding Bands

Its essential to clean your baguette wedding bands regularly. While diamond baguette wedding bands last forever, regular cleaning and proper care are crucial to keep them brilliant and sparkle. Cleaning it can be a hassle for you and even cause diamonds to lose their shine, from makeup and skincare products to skin oils to dirt and other environmental dust.

Its vital to clean underneath the wedding bands shaft so that dirt and other debris dont get stuck in the ring. So, if youre unsure of how to clean the wedding band, you can give it to Jewelry Unlimited, who will handle the band delicately. Ultrasonic machines are an excellent way to give your diamondBaguette Wedding Bands a good cleaning on a special occasion, but really, the best way to clean your ring is with a mild soapy water mixture.

Be sure to store your wedding band in a safe and dry place, like a fabric-lined ring box or jewelry box, while partaking in hand-heavy activities, especially when they involve any products that may harm your wedding band over time.

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Choose A Matching Metal

Typically, it is considered that an engagement ring and a wedding band set is ideal if both of the metal is the same i.e. platinum engagement ring with platinum engagement band and so on.

You should note that pairing gold with platinum is not recommended at all since platinum being the denser one, will wear down the gold ring.

In the case of gold rings, however, youll have a full choice to play with the colors. A combination of rose gold and white gold or yellow gold or white gold also looks stunning.

What Wedding Band Looks Best With My Engagement Ring

How to choose a Wedding Band to suit your Engagement Ring

One of our most frequently asked questions is, which wedding band looks best with my engagement ring?. Like your engagement ring, a wedding band is a piece you will wear every day and should reflect your personal style. Our Find My Matching Wedding Ring tool can help with your decision by allowing you to see your engagement ring paired with any Brilliant Earth wedding ring to find your perfect match. If you are opting for a stacked or nested bridal look, our Create Your Own Ring Stack Tool allows you to see up to three wedding rings stacked with your engagement ring for endless styling options. Our Jewelry Specialists are also ready to lend their expertise in a personalized appointment to help you find your dream bridal set both virtually or in person!

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When To Choose Your Wedding Bands

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to choose your wedding bands before the big day arrives. The last thing you want to do is be forced to choose a wedding band simply because you ran out of time. Instead, make the experience a memorable one, shopping with your partner to pick a matching set of bands together. Give yourselves plenty of time to browse and look around. Roughly four months should be adequate time to select the perfect band for each of you.

If you plan to have a custom engraving or make size adjustments, give the jeweler a heads up and set aside extra time for these, too. Your wedding bands represent your commitment to each other and youll be wearing them every day, so take your time with this step. Take a weekend off from all the wedding planning stress and visit a local jeweler to try on Verragios gorgeous wedding bands and bridal ring sets.

Types Of Engagement Ring Settings

The first step when deciding how to pick a wedding band is knowing the different types of engagement ring settings. The shape of the center stone, the size, and whether or not the ring has a halo all affect the types of wedding bands that will look good with your engagement ring. Brush up on these engagement ring basics to find out how to classify yours.

You’ll also need to ask yourself if you want a wedding band that sits flush next to your engagement ring without a gap, or if its okay to have a little space between the two. Some of this will depend on the settingfor example, engagement rings with high-profile settings, like cathedral and Tiffany, often have space for your wedding band to sit “under” the diamond of your engagement ring, leaving no gap. Your wedding jeweler can suggest the best style based on your engagement ring and personal preferences.

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More Tips For Choosing A Wedding Band For Your Engagement Ring

  • Have a chat with your partner about the kind of wedding band they’d like. Some couples prefer to have identical wedding bands or even bands that fit together. Others choose a different style but keep a unifying element across two rings, be it the materials, the metal , the stone or the design.
  • Consider the alternatives! There’s no law against wearing the wedding band on a different finger, or a different hand – it’s all about finding what’s most comfortable for you. Depending on the kind of ceremony you’re having, you could even ditch the wedding band altogether, and exchange a different piece of jewellery!

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How To Pick A Wedding Band That Matches Your Engagement Ring

How to Pick a Wedding Band That Works With Your Engagement ...

Once your perfect engagement ring is sitting pretty on your finger, it probably feels like a weight has been lifted off your shouldersits one less very important item you can check off your to-do list! But, the ring journey is not over just yet: now its time to pick a wedding band that matches your engagement ring.

While some engagement rings are made by jewelry brands that offer matching wedding bands, many are not. It can be difficult to find a band that looks right at home with your ring, especially if your ring features an unusual center stone, a unique center stone cut, or a bold metal. Since these two rings are going to be worn together forever, you want them to really flow together perfectly, like a match made in heaven.

That said, theres a lot to consider, and so many options to choose from. Brides spoke with jeweler Colleen Montague, who says that one of the most important things you want to do is make sure that the engagement ring remains the star of the show. Try to choose a wedding band that wont overpower your engagement ring, she says.

Meet the Expert

Colleen Montague is the lead jewelry designer and owner of Moissy Fine Jewellery.

Ahead, everything you need to know about finding a wedding band that fits perfectly around your engagement ringincluding our favorite ring pairings!

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Create Your Own Custom Wedding Band

Sometimes, you may not be able to find a wedding band that you feel perfectly complements your engagement ring. Or maybe you have the perfect idea of what a wedding band should look like, but you cant find anything like it at a jewelry store or online. What can you do?

The answer is simple: create a custom ring! Most people are intimidated by the custom ring making process, but the in-house stylists at Aurosi Jewels make the task simple. In just a few steps, youll have a one-of-a-kind custom ring. You will have the perfect matching wedding ring set because it was custom made just for you!

If youre choosing to go the custom route, youll have a multitude of choices to make, such as:

  • Metal: Choose your favorite color in either 10 or 14 karat gold.
  • Stones: We can create custom rings utilizing stones such as cubic zirconia, moissanite, or lab-created diamonds.
  • Price point: When most people think custom, all they think is expensive. However, by going the custom route, we can help you make the right choices to stay within your budget without compromising style.

Decide On Your Design

Wedding bands come in a variety of materials and designs, but one of the major design details Kankariya says you’ll need to consider is whether the band is plain metal or has gemstone or diamond accents. “Diamond accents are typically small, brilliant cut and round diamonds, but can be larger as well,” she says. “Gemstone accents can be made of a variety of colors and types of precious or semi precious gems.” They can also be birthstones. She recommends that grooms consider how subtle or flashy they want their look to be. “Plain metal is more subtle and less expensive as well,” she adds. “Most jewelers have a variety of designs in both variations to choose from.”

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