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How To Create A Wedding Vision Board

How To Create Your Official Wedding Mood Board

How to make a Vision Board (Wedding Edition)

December 7

Every bride should make some version of a mood board before planning their wedding. Mood boards involve compiling several visuals into a collage to create an evident theme. They are a great way to determine the vibe your wedding will embody and help you easily communicate your vision to those styling your event. Pinning down the mood and tone of your wedding provides you and your wedding planner with a clear direction for planning, making it much easier to decide on flowers, dresses, decor, etc. Creating a mood board might seem intimidating, but weve broken it down into 5 simple steps!

What Is A Wedding Inspiration Board

Also known as a mood board or vision board, a wedding inspiration board is a visual tool you can use to help organize your ideas and zero in on how you want your wedding to look or feel. Its a curated collection of images, colors, or textiles either in digital form, like , or physical forms, like a cork board or poster board.

This Is One Arts And Crafts Project You Won’t Regret


Courtesy of Verry Robin & Co

As much as we love Pinterest and , when it comes to collecting inspiration for your wedding, we’re all for creating a physical wedding mood board. Storing everything in the digital realm can lead to an “out of sight out of mind” mentality, so instead, we love the idea of not only printing out your favorite inspirational wedding photos, but showcasing them in a tangible way. Here’s how to create a wedding mood board that you can keep at home to help you zero in on your wedding aesthetic.

“When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s all about the details. And as we know, there are lots of them!” says Robin Verrier, founder and art director of Verry Robin & Co. in Charlottesville, Virginia. “Keeping everything on the same page is crucial to ensure the whole process moves like a well-oiled machine.” Verrier designs some of the most beautiful mood boards we’ve ever seen, so we definitely trust her advice! Here are some of her top tips for creating your very own IRL wedding mood board.

Meet the Expert

Robin Verrier is the founder and art director of Verry Robin & Co., a creative consultancy based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Gather Your Ideas Into A Vision Board

It might even be a tangible thing like a postcard you have saved or a swatch of fabric that you love. Gather all of your inspiration together in the one place, and make sure you cull any inspiration that is no longer relevant or that you arent one hundred percent in love with. There is definitely such a thing as too much inspiration and you dont want to become overwhelmed by having too many ideas!

Establish A Game Plan

Finished my wedding vision board during a blizzard today ...

Next, take your pile of inspiration and think about the format that makes the most sense to you. If the majority of your ideas are cutouts from magazines or printed from the internet, a traditional format might be best for your vision board. Conversely, if all of your ideas are saved on your desktop, a digital board might make more sense.

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Your Wedding Vision Board Avoids Arguments

When someones certain you need a vintage car to take you to the church, just like they did at their own wedding back in the last century, you simply smile sweetly and explain that when you made your Wedding Vision Board, you realised it was really important to you both to have a sustainable wedding. And end of conversation!

In short, by taking time out to make a Wedding Vision Board, you guarantee your personal Bridal Path will be smooth and straight rather than rocky and riddled with booby-traps, unexploded bombs and the often-relentless pressure to be a people pleaser.

Once you know where your priorities lie, its so much easier to focus. And when you consider that on average it takes 528 hours to organise a wedding, thats no bad thing!

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Creating Your Wedding Vision Board

On todays Lunch Live, I was joined by one of the nicest ladies in Weddings, Grainne from Atlantic Vows. Grainne is a wedding coordinator in The Armada, Spanish Point Clare. Not alone that, she is a Wedding Celebrant and also runs wedding planning workshops.

Grainne Atlantic Vows

One area of planning that can cause a little bit of overwhelm is the starting point and that part where you need to combine all of those ideas, visuals and dreams in to one place. Grainne often talks about creating your Wedding Vision Board and it totally makes sense. Now this doesnt have to be anything fancy, it can be on a big sheet of paper, a scrap book, a word doc.whatever works for you. The key is just to get the ideas out of your head in to one central place.

Essentially, you are creating a mood board that would be common practise in creative jobs like interior design or fashion styling. Its a tool to help you hone your visual ideas for a creative project/special occasion.

So now you have your paper game sorted, what next?

At this stage, you are just thinking out loud and might bullet-point some thinking.

How To Start Your Wedding Vision Board

MAKING OUR WEDDING BOARD! (How To Make A Vision Board)

Starting a wedding vision board can look like a quite complicated task, as there are many different ideas and options going through your mind. But you have to start somewhere!

First, decide on where to make your vision board. You can either print all your visuals and pin them to an actual cork board, or have a digital one. Creating a vision board using online tools does present advantages when it comes to portability and sharing with members involved with the wedding planning.

Some of the wedding inspiration board tools we would recommend include:

  • Food and cake

  • Stationery

The list of wedding essentials is specific to each of us, so do not hesitate to cross some keywords suggested and replace them with others.

This briefing stage is important and shouldnt be neglected as it will help you and your partner to ask yourselves the right questions, decide on which direction to take and also set priorities to all the elements on your list

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S For Making A Wedding Mood Board

photos Golden Days, Minted, Dazed but Amazed, Hazel and Scout, Plexida, West Elm, Moon Canyon Design, Elisabeth & Butter

After youve said Yes! and enjoyed an engagement celebration with family and friends, its time to start wedding planning. Were here to equip you with everything you need to create a day that is undeniably you. As you start to form a vision of your wedding day, a wedding mood board can help guide decisions and visually explain your desires to your wedding team.

This article explains a simple, five-step process to create a wedding mood board that captures the essence of your personalities, style, and wedding dreams.

Lets get this party started!

How Can An Inspiration Board Help With Wedding Planning

Whether you’re a DIY couple or working with a professional planner, it’s important to have visuals of what you like, from fonts to fabric swatches. When you have one clear road map, all the decisions you have to make really fall into place . And since you’ll be working with a lot of different vendors, like florists and caterers, you’ll be asked frequently for examples of what you like. That phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings true when you’re trying to explain your idea of rustic elegance.

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Create Your Vision With Images

They say that an image is worth a thousand words. Inspiration boards are a great creative tool to convey a clients mental imaging. Visuals communicate things that words cannot when trying to translate design concepts. What one person calls edgy another might see as chaotic. What one person calls elegant another might see as old-fashioned. Its important that clients trust and communicate with us. This allows us to advocate on their behalf and manifest their vision for their special day.

Having a wedding Inspiration Board eradicates what we like to call blank-canvas syndrome. It also means that a bride and groom wont have a gnawing feeling that that are wasting time on a concept they might not like. And perhaps best of all, collaborating on a wedding inspiration board means that there are no big surprises during the most important day of your life.

Less frustration and more fun!!!


Where To Find Inspo

Creating a Vision Board for Your Wedding  The Internet

Whether you are a DIY bride-to-be or working with a professional wedding planner, it is essential to have visuals of what you likefrom fabric swatches to fonts. Having one clear road map in hand will help all the decisions you have to make fall into place smoothly.

Pinterest, Instagram, Google searches, and wedding magazines and blogs like The Knot or are great to find inspiration.

Since you will be working with several different vendors like caterers, florists, etc., you will be frequently asked for examples of what you like. And this is where the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words rings true. A vision board will help you easily explain your idea of rustic elegance.

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Trust Your Gut Instinct

The most important thing to remember is to follow your heart and create a vision that is perfect for you and your partner. Its one of the most important days of your life, so dont stress about trying to please everyone else.

After all, as much time as you might spend deciding on the little details that will soon be forgotten like the perfect napkin fold or the right shade of ribbon for your bouquet, the one thing you will always, always remember is how the day made you feel so make sure you focus on the details that are going to make you both happy.

It can take some time, but once you have confidently and thoughtfully defined your wedding vision keeping the above tips in mind, the good news is that the rest of the wedding planning process will start to unfold naturally and you will find it much easier to communicate your vision to everyone involved in bringing your big day to life.

And dont forget to have fun doing it enjoy this process of watching your vision come together, and take a moment on the day to stand back and appreciate the beautiful wedding that you created!

S To Creating A Mood Board On Canva As A Wedding Planner

Its tutorial time. Were sharing our 5 Steps to Creating a Mood Board using our favourite tool Canva.

Mood boards are a big part of putting together a visual proposal for your wedding couples.

It can be a collaborative experience to help them to see the ideas you have for their wedding based on what theyve told you.

Many of you may not have designed a mood board before and dont know where to start.

My advice is to have a play and experiment, you never know what you might produce.

But how do I design a moodboard? you might ask. The answer is simple. Canva.

Canva is an easy to use online design tool used by businesses around the world. Making great design accessible to everyone.

Its also one of the top tools we recommend for wedding business owners. We use it to create much of our own visual content here at The Wedding Academy.

With so many new students recently joining our community and the challenge running this month we thought wed show you how to design a wedding moodboard using canva.

No prior experience on Canva required. This is an easy to use 5 step guide on Creating a Mood Board.

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Congratulations Youve Made A Vision Board That Really Works

Be sure you put it someplace where youll be able to see it daily. A bedroom wall or closet door are ideal places. Or if you work from home, a wall in your home office would be great since you spend so much time in there.

Heres the thing. Its like, set it and forget it or out of sight, out of mind.

Yes, you can set an intention and manifest it. Were manifesting every minute of every day were just not doing it consciously in most cases.

Unless youre like a super manifestor, I wouldnt set yourself up for failure by creating a vision board only to bury it someplace where youll never see it.

I took a Law of Attraction class years ago, and the teacher had us make a vision board notebook. I spent a lot of time looking for the right images and put them on pages in sheet protectors. It was a beautiful book. But it literally did me no good.

I did look at it from time to time. But honestly, it just was not the same energy for me to flip through my beautifully-made notebook as it is for me to look up and see my vision board on my wall. I truly believe there is something really powerful about keeping our desires in our conscious mind. And having a vision board you see daily does that.

I can look up and say to myself, Im manifesting that. And that is powerful.

Finding A Common Thread

Create My Wedding Vision Board With Me!!

You shouldnt limit your source of inspiration or put limitations on your creativity. Some of your ideas may not feel like they fit together but dont let that stop you from putting those ideas on the vision board. Once all of your ideas are represented on the board, you can take a step back and concentrate on the final vision. Look for ideas that have a common thread, removing things that feel out of sync until you have a vision board that feels cohesive.

Once you have your vision board, set up an appointment with our wedding specialists, and we can make your vision board a reality.

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