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Different Kinds Of Wedding Rings

What Are The Different Types Of Ring Settings

How to Choose a Wedding Ring (Type, Size, Fit, Shape)

The four most popular ring settings are halo, classic, solitaire, and vintage. These will become important to know if youre opting for a bridal set or are trying to find a wedding ring that sits flush against your engagement ring.

If you have a halo engagement ring, you might need one of our engagement ring band styles that fit underneath the edge of the center stone. With a vintage engagement ring, you might need a different style of wedding band that is shaped specifically to fit the cut of the engagement ring .

If youve already purchased your engagement ring in one of these four styles, one of our diamond experts should still be able to help you find a ring to complete your bridal set.

Matching To Partners Ring Or Not

One very common question we are asked is: Should we get the same rings to match each other? The answer is: its completely up to you and what you decide as a couple.

On one hand , matched wedding rings can be a very sweet way to link your rings to each other as a couple. Matched rings are often the same metal and style but different widths to suit each partners hands.

On the other hand, everyone is different and the style that suits one person may not suit another and therefore it may be better to decide on each ring based on what best suits the respective wearer.

Why A New Years Day Wedding Ceremony

Why not?! Its the fresh start to a new year, new beginnings it makes sense to have a wedding on this day! Its very symbolic. People are also in party mode on New Years, which is great because your guests will already we prepped to have a good time.

It might even be best to hold your wedding on New Years Eve and then party into the morning, counting down together until the clock strikes midnight, and ringing in the new year with all of your guests!

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What Is A Destination Wedding Ceremony

A destination wedding is a wedding abroad, or so far outside of the town you live in that it takes significant travel to get there. About 25% of weddings are destination weddings these days. If youre thinking about having a destination wedding, you have so many choices from tropical destinations to the very popular Ireland and Scotland, as mentioned previously!

A ceremony for a destination wedding can incorporate the wedding customs of the culture youre traveling to. If its not part of your own cultural heritage, make sure you ask some people who are from that culture to help you.

You should have the consent and help of people from the home culture to assist you with any rituals that you plan on incorporating, to ensure youre doing it correctly and respectfully.

As for vows and readings, it will depend on the setting youre in and how much of your own personalities and home culture you want to infuse into your ceremony.

My suggestion for destination wedding ceremonies is to do plenty of research on the destination youre heading to beforehand. Dont show up without any knowledge of the place or of what you can expect!

Different Types Of Wedding Rings Whose Designs Are Timeless And Will Make You Stand Out

20+ Square Wedding Ring Designs, Trends, Models

Here is a list of different types of wedding rings whose designs are timeless and will make you stand out from the herd.

Mudra Saini |

Wedding rings hold a special place in the heart of a woman since they have been dreaming and waiting for this from a very young age. An engagement or wedding ring represents the eternal commitment and loyalty towards the spouse and the promise to be with each other, no matter what! They say diamonds are every girls best friend and women just cant get enough of diamond rings. However, if you want to amp up the game while maintaining the standards of the engagement ring, then theres a lot in the list that is utterly classic and can literally draw everyones attention. Here is a list of different types of wedding rings whose designs are timeless and will make you stand out from the herd.

Full eternity ring

A full eternity ring is a cute way to depict that enduring bond with your one and only. You can go with a simple one or if you want something fancy, you can insert gemstones or diamonds at different places to boast unrivalled sparkle and shine from all angles. Emeralds and sapphires can also be added to the ring to make it elegant yet beautiful. If you are going with this ring, try matching the colour of the diamond with the colour of the metal for a glamorous engagement ring.

A Double Halo Diamond Ring

Diamond matching sets

A large teardrop diamond

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Do Couples Pick Out Engagement Rings Together

Traditionally, the engagement ring is picked by the man and is gifted when he proposes. It is usually a surprise and takes a bit of research to ensure he chooses the perfect ring and the correct sizing. You do not have to go the traditional route, though, and many modern couples end up buying rings together. This can take a lot of pressure off the individual purchasing the ring and ensure no unwanted surprises in terms of sizing.

Men’s Wedding Ring Advice

The most common men’s wedding bands feature a court profile. Most men tend to opt for a 4mm band or wider, while men’s thin band rings are also gaining in popularity.

After finding the right size and profile you like, you can choose which metal you want to go with. If you want to match your partner you could choose the same metal type or maybe a contrasting band is more to your style. It’s important you sit down together and discuss what you both want, but that’s where an appointment with a jeweller is essential.

Like bridal wedding rings, there are plain and patterned types of men’s wedding rings available. We have a number of styles, shapes, and patterns to choose from, so your best option is to try on a selection of ones that catch your eye.

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When Should You Give An Engagement Ring

Is there really a right time to give an engagement ring? The decision is based purely on your relationship and what feels right for you. If you and your partner have discussed marriage, and the decision does not come out of anywhere, then there is no set time. As a guideline, though, many people tend to wait around a year to three years before getting engaged.

What Is A Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Kinds of Rings: Engagement, Wedding & Promise : Rings & Jewelry

A Catholic wedding ceremony requires both parties to be of the Catholic faith. It takes place in a Catholic church during what is called a Nuptial Mass, and usually takes place in the morning or early afternoon.

In my personal experience attending many Catholic weddings, they are long , and very structured. Theyre often very similar to each other, and you have to sit through the full mass, because its a worship ceremony as much about God joining the couple together as it is about the couples story and commitment to one another.

Catholic wedding ceremonies include the following parts:

  • A processional and welcome
  • Three biblical readings, and perhaps a hymn or solo
  • The exchange of vows
  • Music

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Different Wedding Ring Types You Should Consider

If you want a timeless option that is viewed as being more traditional, the classic flat wedding band is the way to go. These are simple bands that are typically made from gold or silver. Womens rings within this style are usually a little thinner than mens rings.

The eternity ring is another option, which has diamonds all around the whole band. Diamond wedding rings are extremely popular today, but if you want to go with something other than diamonds, thats an option as well! If youre concerned about the price, you can also get a half eternity ring, which is when only half of the band is covered in gems.

A five-stone ring is a very elegant choice. It has five diamonds set into a golden band, and usually, there are smaller diamonds set around the larger stones on the sides. The stones are meant to symbolize specific parts of a couples relationship, such as trust, loyalty, and commitment.

If you want something that is a little more unique, you can opt for a twister or curved wedding ring. These are exactly what they sound like! The twisted band has two metal bands wrapped around itself, and the curved ring is shaped in a curved U or V shape.

The twisted ring is meant to symbolize the lives of both people coming together and becoming one. The curved ring is ideal for brides that have a large engagement ring and want to give it ample space while wearing their wedding band.

How To Select Your Wedding Ring

With all of the different options and types of wedding rings available in the UK, it can be difficult to know how to choose a wedding ring. But there are six things that you need to decide when choosing the perfect ring:

When choosing a wedding ring, there are many different options and types of wedding rings to choose from but there are six things to research before selecting the perfect ring for you.

  • Size
  • Stones
  • Budget

These are the six areas that you will need to decide your options on. You need to think about the shape that you and your partner want, colour, durability and price.

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Different Kinds Of Wedding Rings

With so many different options available from splurge-worthy platinum to classic gold to budget-friendly tungsten it can be a bit confusing to determine the right type of metal for your wedding and engagement rings. If you find a perfectly paired wedding ring for your marriage you will get a large variety of designs categorized in many designs.

Pin On Ring Things

The Best Metal For Wedding Bands

wedding ring sets

Once you decide to buy a wedding band, you should choose the one made of harder metals, such as pricy platinum, traditional yellow gold, extravagant rose gold, elegant white gold, or timeless silver.

Whichever option you choose, make sure that the band matches your engagement ring. The combination of the gold diamond ring and silver wedding band can look a bit kitschy.

Earlier, couples tried to find the bride and groom rings that match. However, modern men often choose fashionable and durable bands made of tungsten, titanium, palladium, or stainless steel.

Nowadays, couples often pick out bands made of unusual materials, such as titanium carbide and corrosion-resistant zirconium. Believe it or not, the new trend is to have wedding bands made of wood. They look pretty elegant since the piece of wood is integrated into the metal frame.

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Reading For A Victorian Wedding Ceremony:

Sir Philip Sidney, My True Love Hath My Heart

My true love hath my heart and I have his, By just exchange one for another given I hold his dear and mine he cannot miss There never was a better bargain driven My true love hath my heart and I have his.

My heart in me keeps him and me in one My heart in him his thoughts and senses guides He loves my heart for once it was his own I cherish his because in me it bides:My true love hath my heart and I have his.

Types Of Wedding Rings You May Love

Many people, especially Westerners, cant recognize the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band. You will be surprised if I tell you that it can be significant in both symbolism and the appearance of these two jewelry pieces.

In most cases, the engagement ring is more expensive, with a large diamond, that men buy to propose their girlfriends. It is a symbol that you belong to someone but are not married yet.

On the other hand, the wedding band is much more modest, usually without jewels, and symbolizes the lifelong commitment. There are several types of wedding rings you can exchange during the wedding ceremony. Lets consider your options.

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Versatile Types Of Wedding Rings For Men

Many people think that mens wedding bands do not have any special style since they get less attention than engagement rings. That notion couldnt be further from the truth. From classic to modern, mens wedding rings can be stylish.

Women generally pay attention to their ring styles more than men. However, some men are particular about the type of rings they wear too. Lets look at the different options men can choose from .

Engagement Ring Styles That Work With Unique Bands

Introduction Wedding Ring Styles Series, 1 of 9

If your heart is set on a unique wedding band, consider engagement ring styles that work with your band as opposed to against. We are particularly fans of three-stone engagement rings. The center stone will be highlighted next to the unique texture or pattern of the wedding band.

For example, the Denmark 3-stone is already a pretty unique ring. But when you pair it with a unique wedding band, the engagement ring really seems to pop. The Denmark features diamonds in a channel setting a quarter-way around the band for optimal brilliance and shine.

If youre going for more of a traditional wedding ring, youll want to opt for a solid band that matches the color of your engagement ring. You may even like a pavé setting made of the same metal. Both of these options offer a sleek and classic look. And, if you want to mix things up, there are a few things you can do:

  • Get a wedding band style with filigree or other popular metalwork
  • Mix and match your engagement ring metal color with your wedding ring color
  • Couple your classic engagement ring setting style with something more vintage for a wedding band
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    Brilliant Earth Elodie Ring Set

    Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

    The luminescent curve of this open-basket design elegantly cradles this round solitaire engagement ring. The striking contrast between the 18k yellow gold and flurry of diamonds is a level of beauty we can’t resist.

    14k white gold surrounds an array of brilliant diamonds along a matching pavé-set band. An effortlessly elegant diamond solitaire sits pretty as the star of the show.

    The Wedding Ring Experience

    Larsen Jewellery proudly offers couples the opportunity to make each others wedding rings under the guidance of your own personal jeweller. This is a uniquely special experience what could be more romantic than having your wedding ring made by the person who will be putting it on your finger during your ceremony?

    Our Wedding Ring Experience includes lunch, and champagne at the end to celebrate the completion of your rings.

    You can learn more about our wedding ring experience here.

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    What’s Special About A T H Baker Wedding Ring

    Our wedding bands are crafted from metal tubes as opposed to liquid moulds.

    This gives the metal a much stronger structure that is made to last, like the eternal love you share with your partner. What’s more, the metal bands from our T. H. Baker collection come with our unique hallmark.

    All our rings are made to size as opposed to being resized.

    We can measure your ring size in-store. Alternatively, you can use our printable ring size guide. To ensure you get the correct size, please follow the printing instructions carefully. We cater for all sizes from H – Z+.

    Competitive Prices.

    We offer competitive prices on our wedding rings, to offer the best quality for the best price.

    Grooves And Edge Details

    14 Tips on Picking the Perfect Wedding Band for Your Engagement Ring ...

    Adding details to the edge of a wedding ring is particularly useful for wide rings. The addition of edge details breaks up the solid form of a plain wedding band while keeping the desired width.

    Bevelled edges are a subtle detail where the edges of the ring are filed at around 45 to the surface of the ring. This is also considered a type of ring profile.

    Grooves can also be added to the sides of a wedding ring to add detail to a wide wedding band. As the name suggests, a groove is a carved section parallel to the side of the ring.

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    Your Complete Guide To Buying Wedding Rings

    Youve got the venue, the food, the music, the photographer, the dress, the suit now all thats left is to choose your wedding rings.

    With its origins tracing back to Ancient Egypt, the tradition of exchanging wedding bands has endured for thousands of years. Even as styles have changed and tastes have modernised, the wedding band has remained a constant symbol of everlasting love. All you need to do is find the right one.

    From traditional gold to exquisite platinum, from simple and understated to eye-catching diamonds, wedding rings can come in all sorts of different styles, shapes, widths and sizes. To help you find the perfect rings for your big day, weve put together this handy guide with everything you need to know about selecting your style, metal, size and finish. Whether youre a traditionalist or youre looking for something bohemian, weve got everything you need to choose a ring that will last a lifetime.

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