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How To Set Up A Wedding Hashtag On Instagram

Dont Confuse Followers With Community

Instagram Hashtag Strategy for Wedding Planners

Id rather have 100 fans who interact with my work than 1,000 followers who never like and comment. Your goal shouldnt be about quantity of followers instead, it should be about the quality of your community.

Speaking of numbers, dont be afraid to clean up followers, especially those who are clearly inactive or fake. The last thing you need is a bunch of zombie accounts clogging up your Instagram. Also, one danger of having many inactive followers is that your account is less likely to be recommended to other users of Instagram.

Use Your Website And Social Media

Many couples these days choose to set up a wedding website that has all the important information, from location and dress code to the wedding list. If you decide to set up a wedding website as well, put your hashtag on it right away and dedicate a short section to explaining how it all works.

The same goes for your wedding social media page and your own social media accounts, of course. Use your own hashtag early on seeing it in your posts will get your friends and family on board.

The Pro account unlocks the embedding function, letting you can easily integrate your wedding wall on your website or as a Facebook tab.

So Do Hashtags Still Work On Instagram In 2022

Hashtags have always been the heart of much debate, especially following Instagrams recent recommendation to only use between 3-5 hashtags .

As Instagram slowly pivots towards semantic keyword search, it opens up a new world of possibilities in content discoverability indicating that the words in your captions or the topics in your videos will become searchable too.

However, despite these major advancements, hashtags do still work on Instagram. Paired with a strong content strategy, they can help yield impressive results.

Ready to get the full download on Instagram hashtags? Check out our YouTube video guide now:

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Have A Simple Message

Hashtags are often over analyzed by marketing teams. Instead, its best to be straightforward and direct with your message. If you get too complex, the message could get lost within the context. Creative is always good, but too much of it will confuse people.

Champs know: take no road for granted and keep the drive alive. #MoreDriven

Make sure your message gets through to people and is consistent with your brand. You dont have to be too catchy to showcase your brand. In fact, you risk alienating current followers with overly humorous or clever hashtags.

When To Use Hashtags

The Best Wedding Hashtag Ideas &  Wedding Hashtag Generator

People use hashtags for several different things. For example, some of the most optimal hashtags uses include:

  • Promotions
  • Cross-Channel Discussions
  • Targeting

All of these examples require some sort of conversation. And for company-specific hashtags, they should entice discussion and ultimately engagement.

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Wedding Hashtag Examples Az

In addition to the generated hashtags above, romantic adjectives and verbs make for great and unique hashtags. Catchy hashtags can be created with alliteration, rhyming and combining words and names. No matter the combination, you and your guests will love using this hashtag to celebrate your special day.

  • At last
  • Happily Ever After
  • Head Over Heels
  • Hooked On
  • Off The Market
  • Over The Moon
  • Officially
  • Tie The Knot
  • Under the Spell
  • Wooing

A excellent way in creating your wedding hashtag is to incorporate things that are meaningful within your relationship. These unique hashtags will be easy to come up with and will play an important role in the use of the wedding hashtags in your wedding decorations. Whether its a play on words with combining your names and wedding date or if you started out your relationship long distance, these wedding hashtags will be a memorable part of capturing your wedding day.

  • #NoahAndEmma2021 Combining both your names and your wedding year.
  • #TennyBecomeOne Combining different parts of your names to create one new name .
  • #1576MilesLater For couples whove spent long distances apart.
  • #FromCAToTX Incorporating the states where you lived in while dating.
  • #EE4Ever2021 Use the first letter of your names and add a date, this will reduce the chances of the wedding hashtag being used more than once.

Characteristics Of A Great Hashtag

Keep in mind theres no registration procedure for creating a hashtag . Anyone on Instagram or Twitter can just choose one.

That is why you want to make sure your hashtag is the only one for your celebration. Obviously you dont want your collection of Instagram wedding photos mixed with strangers photos. This will mess with the intimate, special memories your Instagram hashtag will collect.

Secondly, you want to give your friends and family a hashtag they can easily remember so they can and will use it. What would be worse than having guests use the wrong hashtag for photos never to be found again or only to be found when your guest wonders why their photo is not in your wedding photo album?

Last but not least, your hashtag must encourage attendees to use it. Its all about making it fun for your guests to post on Instagram.

So, your Wedding Hashtag must be unique, encouraging and easy to remember.

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How To Use Unique Hashtags

Unique hashtags are all about attendee-generated content. They help your event attendees share their posts with each other in an easily discoverable way.

Consider the hashtags #ciscosalescon2021 or #deanandalisonwedding. If you let guests know your unique event hashtag, when they add their content to Instagram, everyone at the event will be able to find it. Its a super fun way to share pictures from the event.

From a business perspective, unique hashtags allow you, the event pro, to reach the guests who experienced your incredible work. Suppose youre also posting your pictures from the event. In that case, the guests will see them. Theyll also see your profile, maybe follow you, and hopefully get in touch when they need your extraordinary efforts.

How To Create A Stunning Wedding Website

How to Create Your Wedding Hashtag | The Knot

Go to almost any wedding these days or browse any recently married friends Instagram and youll see it: the cute, catchy, unique wedding hashtag. Almost every couple has one for their big day, now, and its easy to see why: pictures are organized across social media and easily searchable for the bride, the groom, and the happy guests. Plus, how cute is it when you have your own super-exclusive, awe-inducing couples tag?

Take it a step, further, too, and your wedding is completely customized with its own website: everything you need and care about in one convenient place! Not only will your guests thank you for fewer headaches due to lost info, but you will look oh so pulled together and efficient.

Do You Need a Wedding Website?

A wedding website may seem like a big concept, but its really just a streamlined way of organizing your big day. Rather than a bunch of lists, papers all over or even hundreds of different links, you have, instead, everything in one place.

Some wedding website examples that really drive this point home are inclusive of many important items that you may have been considering sending out one by one:

Have a look at these sites to draw some inspiration:

How to Build Your Wedding Website

Look, we know not everyone is a natural-born coder or web-builder, so, luckily, there are services that can help with this! Check out these best free wedding websites:

What About Wedding Hashtags?

Get Building!

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Event Industry Networking With Local Hashtags

One other interesting use case of local hashtags is the networking aspect. Ive spoken to hundreds of event planners who, when they need to source new vendors, turn to Instagram. They use local hashtags like #sfeventpros to find new people to work with.

So tag your best work with local hashtags.

And if youre not sure what those local hashtags are, use the hashtag generator or browse tags in the Search page, like this:

  • Go to the search page in Instagram
  • Type in your location and a keyword like wedding
  • Youll see the top hashtags related to your search, as well as the number of posts. Dont worry if there are only a few thousand. Often, the more niche a hashtag is, the more youll stand out.

    Your Wedding Hashtag Should Be Easy

    The key to having your wedding hashtag on everybodys fingertips is by making it simple, quirky, and easy to remember. If your wedding hashtag is too complicated, long, or tricky the chances are that people would not memorize it and thence, they wont use it.

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    Wedding Hashtag Ideas + Tips

    You may be wondering, how do I make my own wedding hashtag? Dont worry, here are a couple of simple tips to create a unique and fun hashtags for weddings. Think about the details you want to include in your hashtag to make it memorable for not only your wedding day but the days after when you and your spouse are happily married. When brainstorming your hashtag:

    • Make sure it isnt taken already, if you are set on one that is taken try adding numbers, dashes or other symbols to it to make it work.
    • Capitalize each separate word so it can be read clearly.
    • Steer clear of words that are easily misspelled, if the last name you want to use is super long then try a nickname or cute abbreviation.
    • Get punny and creativeeveryone loves a good play on words.
    • Pull inspiration from popular phrases or pop culture to find a creative hashtag that works with your name.
    • Have others read your hashtag out loud to make sure it comes across clearly.
    • Make it personal- these hashtags are a representation of you and your partner coming together on your special day.
    • Make it memorable- guests will gravitate more towards unique hashtags than generic ones.
    • Dont make the hashtag too long- make these hashtags fit easily on wedding decor, in addition, the wedding hashtag might have a typo if its too long.

    Pick A Venue And A Backup

    Pin di Dream wedding/engagement

    Once youve chosen a potential season or date range for your big day, youre ready to book a venue. If youre keeping your wedding local , then you can start to envision how you want to transform your spacetents, dance floors, tables, an altar. And if youre looking to book a venue at a specific destination its time to start doing research and making some calls.

    If youve hired a wedding planner, they will be a great resource for you during this process. Heres a guide we like to help walk you through booking a wedding venue. Dont forget to have a backup plan in case things fall through too!

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    Capitalise The First Letter Of Each Word

    It might seem like a minute detail, but you should capitalise the first letter of every word in your wedding hashtag for clarity.

    It will allow your guests to read the hashtag clearly and see where each word starts and ends. Itll also ensure your joke or pun is easier to notice!

    Hoorah! All thats left to do is to share the hell out of it. Seriously youll only be able to use it once, so you need to tell the world!

    There are a number of places you can include your wedding hashtag: on a banner on your wedding transport, on menus, props, table number signs, napkins, guests books, wedding websites and save the dates.

    Talk to your stationery designer about including it on your wedding invitations, encourage the members of your hen or stag parties to include it on all of their social media posts throughout the hen and stag dos and get yourself a wedding hashtag sign to display on the big day.

    Time To Say I Do To The Wedding Hashtag For You

    Overall, the point is to have fun with your hashtags. Be creative and use them in any way you choose. Its your special day and the wedding hashtag is just the punny catchphrase to highlight your love. Hopefully youve thought of the best wedding hashtags to use when your wedding comes. But if you need an extra mind or want to rely on a professional writing service, let Wedding Hashers help you and your #ButterHalf craft the best wedding hashtags imaginable!

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    The Slow Method: Manually Entering Hashtags

    The original way to enter hashtags, and also the slowest. Entering each hashtag individually can be time consuming, especially if you’re reaching the maxiumum of 30 hashtags threshold. Not to mention you have to remember them. I don’t remember the last time I used this manual method of entering hashtags and don’t recommend it if you’re looking save time.

    Try A Wedding Hashtag Generator

    Hashtag printing and slideshow

    Still running into some roadblocks? If you’d rather not splash the cash on a professional writer, there is a Plan C. Try using a free online wedding hashtag maker, like this one from Wedding Hashers. A quick Google search will bring up plenty more of these generators, so you can keep trying different options until you find the best wedding hashtag generator for you.

    One thing to keep in mind: These suggestions won’t be professionally tailored to you and your partner. That said, they’re still a helpful template for coming up with your own special phrase. Many generators will also give you top trending wedding hashtags so you won’t miss out on the latest and greatest formats.

    Idalia Photography

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    How To Create Your Own Hashtag

    Create a hashtag by developing your end goals first because having a hashtag tied to a metric is essential to effective marketing. Do this before you start coming up with clever phrases or keywords for your brand.

    Like we mentioned earlier, hashtags have the chance to increase traffic, clicks and engagement. All these things should factor into your social media ROI strategy. So before you start, consider the hashtag goals best aligned with your brand goals, such as:

    • Increase brand conversations with your company
    • Be more visible on a specific social network
    • Increase total link clicks
    • Measure total reach
    • Increase mentions

    These goals should tie in with the aims of your overall social media marketing strategy. Planning goals first is always the best step toward seeing results.

    How To Search Multiple Hashtags On Instagram

    The easiest way to search multiple hashtags on Instagram is to set up search streams in a social listening tool like Hootsuite to track the hashtags youre interested in so you can see all the relevant content on one screen without having to conduct each one as an individual Instagram hashtag search.

    Instagram business profiles can conduct up to 30 unique hashtag searches in any given seven-day period.

    Heres some more information about how to set up search streams so you can keep track of multiple Instagram hashtags easily on one dashboard.

    We wrote a full post about the benefits of social listening if you want to dig deeper into how this works.

    Bonus: Download a free checklist that reveals the exact steps a fitness influencer used to grow from 0 to 600,000+ followers on Instagram with no budget and no expensive gear.

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