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Where To Get Silicone Wedding Bands

#safehandsthe Ring For Every Lifestyle

These Silicone Rings Are a Modern Alternative to Metal Rings (Sponsored) | California Live | NBCLA

What are they and why should you care? Traditional wedding bands are old fashioned. In todays fast-paced world of family, work, working out, sports, and hobbies we are always on the go. Being Active most part of the day requires clothing and accessories to be versatile. So stay active with our silicone rings and show your partner your commitment with a comfortable fit.


Keep your wedding band safe from being scratched or damaged when playing sport, going to the gym, weight-lifting, swimming, climbing or any other physical activity.


Enjoy a flexible and comfortable fit with our lightweight, ergonomically designed silicone wedding rings, specially designed for those with an active lifestyle.


Stay safe whilst being active, knowing that our silicone rings help to protect your finger and your formal wedding band against injury or damage.

Top Reasons To Wear A Silicone Wedding Band

We break down some of the best reasons to wear a silicone ring below & hope you give it a shot!

01. Rubber Wedding Rings Are Safer

Help prevent accidents with your finger by wearing silicone rings made to break and stretch under pressure.

02. Save Money

Even simple metal bands can cost hundreds of dollars, while silicone wedding bands are much less expensive.

03. More Peace of Mind

If you lose your precious metal wedding band, you could have a serious problem. Most silicone bands come in packs of three for easy replacement.

04. Change Up Your Silicone Ring Style

A benefit of the low cost of silicone wedding bands is you can get a multi-colored pack to wear to match with different clothes. You can also wear them on special days and holidays such as St. Patricks day to really get in the spirit.

05. Keeps Your Fingers Dry

Most silicone wedding bands have unique designs or grooves to help prevent moisture build up, keeping your hands and fingers free of sweat.

06. Keeps You Looking Cool

Silicone rings are trendy right now, and there is no end in sight for the craze to die down. Wearing a silicone wedding band is definitely cooler than the traditional band.

07. Rubber Rings Are More Comfortable

Nobody can deny that traditional metal bands are rigid and often get in the way. Silicone bands are light, stretchy, and very comfortable. You will probably forget you are even wearing a wedding ring after a few days of wearing a silicone band.

08. No Scratching or Chipping

Rinfit Silicone Wedding Ring For Women

Rinfit offers both metallic and non-metallic versions of this soft and stackable silicone wedding band. Available in sizes four through 10, this flexible ring is perfect for every lifestyle .

These silicone rings are so amazing! . I have a three-month-old baby and I was constantly scratching her with my engagement ring when I would change her diaper, give her a bath, and get her dressed. It was awful. I felt so bad. Also, I work at a hospital in the ER so Im constantly washing my hands and gloving up then washing my hands again! And my ring will sometimes rip my gloves or because its top-heavy, itll get smashed up against my finger and dig into my skin under the gloves!

With these rings, I hardly know its even there and I can easily wash my hands and glove up without worrying about ripping the gloves! the reviewer continues. A lot of my co-workers wear these types of rings while at work and they are a really good price! 6 rings for about $9 is pretty reasonable. Seeing as how they are just colored rubber bands.

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How Much Is Silicone Wedding Bands For Men

silicone wedding bands for men come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays. You dont know how much something costs because the pricing range is so vast. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as silicone wedding bands for men.

Why Do People Wear Silicone Rings


There are numerous reasons you should consider a silicone ring. First, we like how affordable they are. With a range of $9 to $40, you dont have to panic if you lose it.

Second, theyre great for active lifestyles. Whether you regularly go climbing, lift heavy at the gym, or operate machinery, a silicone ring is a safer option.

Third, theyre comfortable and stylish. They come in a range of colors and designs. And our testers have found the lightweight, flexible design is superior to traditional metal bands.

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Can You Wear A Silicone Ring All The Time

Definitely. Weve worn ours nonstop while swimming, running, climbing, hiking, sleeping, working, and traveling.

You may choose to remove yours at night or during specific activities out of personal preference. But after 2 years of testing, weve found you can certainly wear a silicone ring every day.

A Thick Silicone Ring Thats Ideal For The Gym

Its sold in an assortment of rich, neutral tones.

If you love the idea of a breathable wedding band but are looking for something thicker and more masculine, this option from Forthee is worth your attention. The matte black rings have what looks like tire markings on the inside that, beyond the aesthetic, ensure steady airflow so the ring doesnt become stifling or uncomfortable. This makes them a great option to wear while exercising

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What Are Silicone Wedding Rings

When you envision wedding rings, you probably picture metal bands, which is why you might be scratching your head at the idea of a rubber version. In actuality, silicone styles are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the number of benefits they offer to certain brides and grooms. To learn more about the option, we spoke with two leading experts in the market. Here, they answer all of your questions about the marriage jewelry trend.


Can You Shower With A Silicone Ring

LeBron James & Steph Curry Starting INSANE NEW Fashion Trend!

Although it is recommended to take off your ring before showering to avoid moisture and potential bacteria build up over time, it is totally safe to shower with your ring! If you work outside often, or frequently go to the gym, keeping your ring on while showering gives you a chance to clean off the days dirt and grime.

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Black Silicone Men’s Wedding Band

Service Needed

Plan Terms and Electronic Delivery.

4Allow ring sizing up or down two sizes.

5Costs may vary depending on specific service, size and material type.

Have a question about Black Silicone Men’s Wedding Band?

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Is It Time To Get A New Silicone Wedding Bands For Men

Youre looking for a new silicone wedding bands for men. What do you think? Its difficult to predict future price changes. If there are no signs of production slowing, it can be worth buying now to enjoy your investment sooner. But if output is declining and prices are predicted to rise, you might want to wait until the buzz has died down before making a choice.

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Glow In The Dark Silicone Ring

by Etsy: IcingOnTopStudio

Going to the roller rink or partaking in laser tag? Want to earn some compliments at the club? A sparkly glow-in-the-dark ring is what you need!

Wherever you decide to wear it, this silicone ring is a fun departure from the ordinary.

Comes in sizes 4-12

by Rinfit

From glow-in-the-dark to wood grain to horoscope ringsjust when you think youve seen them all, this gem-inspired silicone ring shows up on our list, too!

Definitely double-take-worthy we think theyre neat in every color.

Available in sizes 4-10.

Qalo Realtree Strata Silicone Wedding Bands For Men And Women


Manufactured by

Qalo Realtree Strata Silicone Wedding Bands for Men and Women

Key Features:

Qalo Realtree Strata Silicone Wedding Bands for Men and Women provide a safe, durable alternative to the metal wedding band, and are perfect for wear during all outdoor activities.

The ideal choice for both male and female hunters, these rings are made from durable, medical-grade silicone, but at the same time, theyre so soft and comfortable that you can wear them absolutely all the time including on the hunt.

Boasting a combination of premium fit and function and developed with QALOs comfort-fit manufacturing process, the STRATA ring floats on your finger while providing extreme breathability.

The only dual-layered silicone ring on the market, the STRATA features 100% silicone and comes laser-engraved with exclusive Realtree designs, blending supreme comfort with unmatched toughness and durability made to withstand long days in the stand or in the boat.

Choose between exclusive Realtree-approved designs and colors that fit your lifestyle.

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Silicone Wedding Bands Help Save Money

Looking at traditional wedding bands can seem daunting due to the price tag. Many gold and silver bands can cost hundreds of dollars, even thousands, and will still scratch and fade over time.

When you purchase a silicone wedding band, you can often spend less than $20 for a stylish and comfortable ring and use the money saved for a well-deserved vacation or gift for your new partner in life.

Replacing silicone wedding bands is also extremely simple, as many silicone rings come in bundles of 3 or more in case any do break or end up lost.

Why Do People Get Silicone Wedding Bands


Why Do People Get Wedding Bands?

For thousands of years people have used rings to symbolize love and commitment, usually in the form of a marriage. While the exact origins may not be known, most trace wedding ring history back about 5,000 years to ancient Egypt, where couples would exchange braided papyrus, reeds, and other plants to be worn on their fingers as a symbol of eternity with no beginning or end.

Those less-durable materials eventually gave way to more long-lasting ring materials such as leather or ivory, and that material began to symbolize your commitment to the person , as rare or expensive materials became more prevalent for couples ready to tie the knot.

Defying the Tradition of Expensive Wedding Rings

Today that tradition of expensive wedding ring materials continues, and many couples believe that they have to spend exorbitant sums of money on metal rings and diamonds or other precious stones as a way to symbolize their love .

Fortunately, there has been a bit of a revolt from the traditional, expensive metal and diamond rings toward silicone wedding rings. These rings are far more affordable , giving you some extra cash to splurge on an amazing honeymoon, add that special touch to your wedding day celebration, or even spend on something super practical like a down payment on a car or a home.

Selection and Safety

Are Silicone Rings Right for You?

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Silicone Ring With Metal

by Rinfit

Rinfit rings are one of the best brands in the silicone ring game. The metal accent with infinity symbol adds a little bling to this silicone ring, but its still affordable enough to get one in every color! Guaranteed to elicit frequent compliments from friends and strangers alike.

Available in your choice of seven cool colors, in sizes 4-10.

Groove Life Luna Stackable Ring

Enso Elements Classic Black Pearl Color Silicone Band Ri…

It’s sometimes tough to put together a stackable set of rings. And who needs that work with everything else on their wedding to-do list? Cue these stackable silicone rings from Groove Life that perfectly complement one another. One can symbolize an engagement ring, another a wedding band, you get the idea!

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The Best Silicone Rings Of 2022

February 7, 2022 | By Mallory Paige

Silicone rings keep fingers safe while climbing, working with machinery, or hitting the gym. Heres our guide to the best silicone rings to suit every style and budget.

Why silicone rings, you ask? Well, theyre durable, affordable, easy to clean, nonconductive, and comfortable. Theyre a great option for the gym when you dont want to beat up your traditional wedding ring, a necessity when working with heavy machinery, and a great option for climbing, traveling, and daily life.

If youve ever cringed listening to someone talk about ring avulsion when a ring catches on something and does serious damage to ones finger you can imagine the importance of a silicone ring. And from the variety of colors and styles available, its clear theyre also growing in popularity.

We tested rings for more than 2 years while lifting weights at the gym, climbing, swimming, paddling, cooking, woodworking, and living daily life. Here are the best silicone rings for every budget and style.

Scroll through to see all of our recommended buys, or jump to the category youre looking for:

Best Overall: QALO

QALO wins top awards for durability and versatility. Weve worn our QALO rings through all manner of outdoor activity and havent had any issues with the medical-grade silicone stretching or breaking. And we like that theres a huge selection of color options and styles available.

Runner-Up: Groove Life

How Long Do Silicone Rings Last

This can vary depending on the ring and your personal lifestyle. That said, weve been wearing our top choice ring for a solid 2 years, and it looks and feels as good as new.

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Why Choose Botthms Silicone Rings

The botthms Rings is created for people with active lifestyles to avoid ring avulsion injuries and enjoy a lightweight ring. botthms silicone rings stand out for their quality and durability, freeing you up to live actively, safely, and comfortably. Made from medical grade silicone.


Gold Rings That Look Like The Real Deal


In the right light, it looks like a real gold ring.

Many matte silicone wedding rings exist on the market, but fewer metallic ones do. Thats why this top-rated gold ring is so popular. In the right light, it looks like a real gold ring, making it an ideal replacement for your actual ring. Tricky, tricky.

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