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How To Write Wedding Thank You Cards

Why Do I Have To Write Wedding Thank

DIY Wedding Thank You Cards

Your guests are likely shelling out a good chunk of cash to pay for your wedding gifton average, over $100. A wedding thank-you card is a tangible way to show your appreciationnot only for the gift itself, but also for your guests attendance to your wedding or pre-wedding event. It may seem like a dated tradition, but its actually quite important.

For People Who Gave You An Unfamiliar Item

Pro tip: Focus on the giver, rather than the mystery gift. If possible, include a fond memory with them during the wedding.

Dear ,Thank you again for being a part of our big day, as well as for the wonderful wedding gift. It means so much to us that you traveled so far to celebrate with us. and I feel lucky to count you as our friends!Best,

Ways To Say Thank You For Your Gift

  • We deeply appreciate your gift.
  • Our profound gratitude for your gift.
  • Our deepest thanks for your gift.
  • Were truly thankful for your gift.
  • Were so grateful for your gift.
  • We cant thank you enough for your gift.
  • We love your gift thank you so much!
  • Your gift is very much appreciated.
  • Thank you for your generosity.
  • Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

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Thank You For Attending The Wedding

Sometimes a guests presence is the wedding present, and thats worth a thank you, especially when theyve traveled or made a special effort to be there for you.

Example #1

Dear Caroline,From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for going out of your way to be at our wedding. It meant so much to look out and see your smiling face in the pews, and to have a chance to talk and catch up at the reception. We cant tell you how much we appreciate it. Our big day was even more unforgettable because you were there to celebrate it with us.Lots of love,

Example #2

Dear Hannah,Wow! Our wedding day went by way too fast. It was so fun to celebrate with all of our friends and family. We hope you had fun and we want you to know how grateful we are that you were a part of this day that was so important to us.Fondly,Kate and Taylor

Writing-tip: A warm closing is the perfect finishing touch for any thank-you note. Create your own, or choose from these favorites:

  • Sincerely,
  • All our love,

Wedding Thank You Cards Wording Examples

Pin on thank you

Wedding Photographer: Josephine Lee Photography | Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day. It was so great to have you all there to celebrate with us. We really appreciate all your kind and generous gifts and contributions toward our honeymoon. We had the most amazing time travelling around Italy in September/October.

We cant wait to see what the future will bring for us and we are excited for you to be a part of it.

This is a tad similar to a previous point but Luke and Sophie gave more details as to what and when theyve done with their wedding gifts.

If youve used your wishing well towards your honeymoon, tell your guests where you and your new hubby have gone. We are sure they would love to know how Italy went next time they see you!

Dont forget to have the photos ready to show them

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To Bridesmaid Or Groomsmen

Thank you notes to your bridesmaids as well as your groomsmen should be written with care. These will be some of the most personal and appreciative cards youll write. They may or may not give you a gift, but that pales in comparison to the gift of their friendship. You should emphasize what their friendship means to you. And, of course, thank them for their gift if they had given you one.

To have you here supporting me is something that I treasure. Our friendship has no boundaries, that alone is hard to measure. I know you will be guiding me and keeping me so calm. A gentle hug when needed most is all part of your charm. So thank you is my message here, but not just for today. For always being my best friend and knowing what to say. Well always have our memories of our past and future too. When you are here to witness as I turn to say I Do.Best,

Writing Your Wedding Thank You Card

For Lines 1-2. Get straight to the point and thank them for spending their time coming into your wedding. If a guest did not make it due to some unforeseen events, you could acknowledge them.


  • Thank you for attending our humble wedding. It truly meant a lot to us!
  • Thank you for making a way to be with us at our wedding. We hope to see you soon!
  • Were sorry you werent with us on our day. It was a lovely day, and youre special to us. Get well soon!

For Lines 3-4. If the guests came with gifts on your wedding day or maybe a late gift, always be thankful.


  • We truly appreciate your fantastic gift! God bless you!
  • What a generous gift-giver you are! The will surely be of help in .
  • Your gift is the best. Thank you very much!

For the ending lines. Heres how to write your closing note.


  • Thank you again for coming. We hope to hear from you soon.
  • It is a blessing to have friends like you. Our love goes with you.
  • Thank you for celebrating with us. Were so lucky to have you!

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Wedding Thank You Card For Vendors

18. Thank-You Wording For Bar Staff

Every vendor you hire also plays an important role in transforming your wedding day vision into a reality. Heres an example of how to thank the bar staff.

Dear ,

Thank you so much for helping our wedding day run as smoothly as possible. We appreciate the bartenders being so courteous to each guests requests and helping ensure everyone was hydrated and enjoying themselves. It was so nice to work with you and your team.


19. Thank You Message For Dining Vendors

The catering team that helped your dining dreams come true could also use a kind shout-out. Use this template as an example of a message for the dining vendors.

Dear ,

Your team truly delivered a remarkable meal that we simply cannot get off our mind ever since. Both the chicken and vegetarian dishes have been the talk of the town among all of our guests. We thank you for helping turn our culinary requests into a reality. It was a sincere pleasure working and interacting with everyone on your catering crew.

All the best,

20. Thank You Wording Example For Dessert Vendors

For all the wedding day desserts and sweets you ordered, youll want to write a sweet thank you note to show your gratitude.

Dear ,


21. Thank You Wording For The Wedding Planner

Hiring a professional wedding planner can be a wonderful way to ensure the planning and logistics of your wedding day go off without a hitch. Heres how to thank them.

Dear ,

All the best,

Dear ,


Include A Personal Note

DIY Thank You Cards for Weddings, Parties, and more

As youve seen in the wedding gift thank-you note templates above, its important add a personal touch to each note. Whether you say something specific about the gift received or add a brief detail about your relationship with the card recipient, making each thank-you card unique is pretty essential.

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Be Sure Wedding Card Language Feels Personal And Thoughtful

When it comes to wedding card wording, the language should vary depending on who is reciving the card. If you donât tailor your messaging to feel personal, the thank-you cards you worked hard on creating may be overlooked or feel genaric. Below youâll find wording examples for each type of wedding thank you cards:

Monetary Gift Thank You Ideas

If an attendee has made a financial gift for your wedding, be sure to thank them for their generosity in your thank you note. Its especially thoughtful to include a detail about how their contribution will be used, i.e. as honeymoon funds, toward the purchase of a house or vehicle, etc. Here are some classy and thoughtful ways to acknowledge your guests financial gift:=


  • Thank you for your incredible generosity! Your gift will help us make our dream honeymoon a reality. Well be sure to share some photos with you when we get back!
  • Thank you so much for your generous gift. We cant wait to put it towards renovating our new home! We are beyond grateful that you were able to celebrate our wedding with us.
  • Thank you for your generous contribution to our married life! Your gift will go toward purchasing new appliances for our home, and we cant wait to use them. We are so happy you were there with us on our special day! We love you!

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Thank You Card Wording For Someone Who Gave You A Cash Gift Before Your Wedding

If you receive a cash gift before your wedding, youll want to try to get that thank you note out as soon as possible, if you can.

Dear X:

We are so thankful that you thought of us before our big day! Thank you so much for contributing to our wedding fund.

While we are sad that you cant make the wedding, well be sure to share pictures and videos! Your generous gift will be used for a new couch that will fit our new space much better!

We hope to see you soon. In the meantime, we send our love and hugs! Thank you! Bride and Groom

Thank You Note For Wedding Vendor

Wedding Thank You Note Wording Examples

Dear Anna,

Thank you so much for all youve done for our wedding day. The photos are absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. Well treasure these photos forever, and we cant tell you how much they mean to us. Our favorites are the ones outside in the garden! Thanks again for being part of our wedding day!

Warmest thanks,

Elizabeth and Jacob

Remember to tip your wedding vendors! You can give them a thank you card along with a tip, or you can send a card to them in a couple weeks. For vendors who go above and beyond, a thank you note shows your appreciation for their time and effort in making your wedding day an unforgettable experience.

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What’s The Time Frame

Ideally, you should acknowledge every present immediately, but sending it within two weeks is also acceptable. The period surrounding your wedding is a busy time if you fall behind, make every effort to send a thank you as soon as you can — but no later than three months after the event.

To ensure the task doesn’t become too overwhelming, write notes in small batches. Diane Warner, author of “Contemporary Guide to Wedding Etiquette” , offers this strategy: “Set a goal of writing three or four thank-you notes per day. Don’t try to tackle them all at once, otherwise they may tend to start sounding trite.” She also recommends that both the bride and the groom divide the note-writing duties.

Wording Example For Specific Gift

This wording is ideal if you were given a specific gift from the individual/couple that couldnt attend.

We just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your gift is truly appreciated and we truly appreciate your genoristy for thinking of us on our special day.

Love and

To Thank you for the amazing . Now we can Its very kind of you and we will think of you each time We are truly fortunate to have [friends/family[ who know us so well!

Love and x

Top Tip: Its generally a good idea to document all the gifts you receive, and by whom. This way you can reference them in each wedding thank you card to make them more sincere and personalized.

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Wedding Thank You Cards + Message For Gift Cards Or Money

Sometimes, people cant think of wedding gift ideas for couples and thats alright! Theres no need for guests to feel pressure. So, when you receive gifts in the form of money, gift certificates, or gift cards, its still a great idea to send wedding thank you notes to the givers.

Heres an example thank you message for wedding gifts in the form of cash or GCs:

Thank you for the furniture store gift card! Were incredibly excited to use it. Well be moving into our new home soon and this will help us buy the appliances we need. It truly means a lot to us, especially since weve been wanting to set up an at-home coffee station. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness!

While its not necessary to mention your general plans for the gift, its a nice touch and will make them feel good about gifting you something youll use in the near future. Dont state the specific amount of money or credits in the card. You can use an adjective like generous if its a substantial amount.

Do You Need To Write Wedding Thank You Cards

DIY Wedding Place Cards, Menus & Thank You Cards


Yes, you do. Even if the person didnt give you a gift, even if you thanked them in person at the wedding, and even if they live overseas, you need to send them a thank you card. At YHM, were big fans of getting rid of traditions that dont feel like you. But the wedding thank you card is one tradition we stand behind.

Think of your wedding thank you cards as really the nicest way to end your wedding and begin your marriage. Youre reaching out to your closest loved ones and expressing your gratitude.

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List Your Gifts As You Open Them

You want your wedding thank you notes to be personal so write down who gave you which gift as you open them. That way you can thank them specifically rather than thanking for ‘the gift’. It’s also nice to include a brief sentence about how you used the gift, for example: “Thank you so much for the towels! They go with our bathroom décor perfectly.”

Thank You Cards For Guests Who Didnt Attend

Those lovely people in your life who were thoughtful enough to send you a gift, but couldnt make it to the wedding should also be getting a personal thank you note. Be careful not to make them feel bad about missing your special day while still thanking them.

Dear Uncle Marshall & Aunt Lilly,

The lovely platter you sent was so incredibly thoughtful, thank you! We actually just hosted our first dinner party last week and I was so excited that I got to use it ! Were sorry you guys couldnt make it to the wedding, but we know you were celebrating with us in spirit. Cant wait to see you guys when we come up for a visit.

Sending you our love,

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Draft Your Card Wording Separately

If youre prone to make spelling errors or other mistakes when writing by hand, it may make sense to draft your card first on a separate piece of paper. This is even more important if you purchased a set amount of cards and would prefer not to waste money on tossing cards out.

Another option is to write your card in pencil versus pen. While less formal, most recipients wont notice the difference or think less of your card. Even jotting down some key points on paper, like making sure to mention how much their attendance meant to you or how lovely you thought their wedding attire was, will make your card read much smoother.

To Guests Who Have Traveled Far

10 Wedding Thank

Dont forget to thank guests who went to great lengths to be with you on your wedding day. It shows a great deal about how much they care for you. They carved out the time and also the money to make it to your special day. Be sure to include how much you appreciate them for doing that! If they have not given you a gift, remember that their traveling expenses and time are just as valuable.

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Wedding Thank You Cards + Message For Wedding Vendors And Planners

These wedding thank you notes are for all of the people who made your big day a successful and stress-free celebration. You can give this to your wedding planner, caterer, make-up artist, gown designer and seamstress, and to your photographer. Basically, anyone who went above and beyond for you.

Heres an example:

We would just like to thank you for your professionalism and expertise in planning our wedding! It was absolutely flawless and I wouldnt have had it any other way. Thanks to your expertise, it was a dream come true for us. Our straight out of a fairytale wedding would not have turned into a reality without you. Thank you so much for exceeding our expectations!

Also, a glowing public review on their social media pages would help boost their reputation too!

Late Wedding Thank You Cards

Weâre all human. If your three-month window has long passed you by, you may be wondering if a tardy note will end up compounding your embarrassment. We say: better late than never.

Most modern guests are well aware that newlyweds arenât delaying their thank yous out of ingratitude. When you start your belated thank you note, offer a quick apology and write the rest of your thank you note as you normally would. If youâre still worried about sending out a late note, just think about how good youâll feel once itâs done.

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