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Pear Shaped Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

Create An Individual Look With Mixed Metals

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Pear shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Since you have an engagement ring that stands out from the crowd, why not create a truly unexpected look with a mixed metal bridal ring stack? Mixing metals will give you an interesting and modern look, but by ensuring you create a cohesive stack it will also be timeless. If you have a rose gold or yellow gold engagement ring, start by adding a white gold wedding band. White gold is the most neutral and versatile shade. You can then mix two metals, by adding an eternity band in the same colour as your wedding ring, or finish your eclectic look by stacking all three shades of gold. Choosing rings that each feature diamonds will create a common motif and ensure you have a stunning, tied-together look.

Why Shop For Pear Shape Engagement Rings At Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

The 114 years of experience we have here at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers has given us the kind of perspective and passion for jewelry that sets us apart. Since 1905, pear shape rings have been a fundamental cornerstone of our engagement ring showcase, and when our customers are looking for a piece of bridal jewelry that’s right for them, we’re always glad to show off the style. Don’t overlook our other styles of engagement rings, including round-cut and princess-cut styles, or our gorgeous wedding bands. For more about pear shape rings, feel free to contact us at -322-2700 or visit our Schererville, Indiana showroom!

Other Pear Shaped Ring Collections

In addition to these fabulous designer name brands, Northeastern Fine Jewelry is proud to offer an enormous selection of even more pear shaped diamond engagement rings in all three of their wonderful New York locations. Made only with The Worlds Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds, the pear rings of the Transcend, Cali Chic, HOF, and Destiny collections by Hearts on Fire are truly without compare. Also, perfect for nature-loving brides-to-be are the rings that comprise Simon Gs ethereal Passion, Vintage Explorer, and Classic Romance lines. Finally, last but never least, are the timelessly designed pear shaped models of the Classic, Contemporary, and Vintage collections by ArtCarved, which are every bit as beautiful as they are comfortable and filled with long-lasting beauty.

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What Is A Pear

Pear-shaped diamonds or gemstones have an elongated teardrop shape and are a combination of a marquise and oval cut.

For over 500 years, pear-shaped rings evolved and adapted to the ever-changing need for more modern touches. They came from marquise shapes, and today, there are pear-shaped engagement rings for every aesthetic, from minimal solitaires to vintage-inspired styles and unique takes with colorful gemstones. Then, there are super-unconventional settings, such as clusters, double-band rings, and off-kilter stones, that are ideal for those inclined to forego traditional engagement rings.

We spoke with industry experts and bling connoisseurs Ashley Zhang, Grace Lee, and Katie Zimmerman to explore all of the insider details about these teardrop-shaped stones.

Meet the Expert

  • Ashley Zhang is a New York Citybased fine jewelry designer who launched her eponymous brand after studying fashion design and fine art painting at Parsons School of Design.
  • Grace Lee is a Los Angelesbased fine jewelry designer who launched her eponymous collection in 2008.
  • Katie Zimmerman is the chief of merchandising at Blue Nile.

Ahead, learn about the pros and cons of pear-shaped engagement rings, how to care for them, and more.

Wedding Bands For Pear Shaped Ring

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Wedding Band Women Set Rose Gold White ...

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Sterling Silver Created Diamond Wedding Bands For Pear

This sterling silver-created diamond ring is a beautifully crafted, hand-made ring. The gemstone displayed in the center of the ring is a high-quality piece of lab-created white sapphire securely held in place by four prongs. Surrounding the gemstone is a beautiful and delicate floral design paving set with small and sparkling cubic zirconia stones that add even more sparkle to this beautiful ring. The sterling silver-created diamond ring is available in all sizes. There are matching rings available for sale as well. This beautiful ring will make a fantastic addition to any jewelry collection.

Mistake #: Colored Tips

Diamond color can be concentrated in pear shaped engagement rings make sure your stone doesnt have an oddly colored tip. Because of the way a pear shaped diamonds faceting changes towards its tip, you can sometimes see more yellow/brown. Thats not a great look. So, when looking at a diamonds color, make sure to take it in as a whole and compare! Is the center the same color as its tip? Or, does the tip look yellowy? Make sure to avoid dark tips.

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Pros And Cons Of Choosing Wedding Bands For Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Top: Catbird 18k gold white diamond and pink sapphire ring $2420, SHOP NOW. Bottom: Catbird 14k gold diamond wedding band $1296, SHOP NOW.

Pairing wedding bands and pear shaped engagement rings are a significant trend these days, as women become more and more independent and do not wait for men to make things happen.

Characteristics Of Pear Shape Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Trend: Pear Shaped Diamonds | The Knot

When you’re looking for an out-of-the-box choice when it comes to engagement rings, why not pick a pear shape ring? Pear-cut diamonds are also referred to as teardrop-cut, and they’re immediately recognizable because of the fact that no other diamond shape has the same profile. Blending the best of a round-cut diamond’s curves and the dramatic point of a marquise-cut diamond, pear cuts offer a truly surprising choice for the fiance who wants something different to represent her love. Here at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers, we offer a wide selection of pear shape rings whose variety is sure to impress any woman who browses them.

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Additional Pear Shape Ring Collections

A.JAFFE offers a glamorous collection of pear shape rings in its Classics collection-and the name is wholly appropriate. The pear-cut diamond is a classic style that brings turn-of-the-century beauty to contemporary tastes. For example, A.JAFFE offers modern touches like two-tone metals and split-shanks to blend the best of both worlds in one ring. Alternatively, you can go for a designer like Love Story Diamonds-the name of this company attests to their passion for diamonds, and the elegant 14k white gold engagement rings offered by this genius designer are packed from band to halo with pave-set side stones sure to catch attention.

Mistake #: Odd Reflections In Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Pears with improper angles can show fisheyes or other odd reflections these lower a diamonds value and beauty. And, you want your diamonds sparkle to be the main show not confusing reflections. So, when looking for your perfect pear, beware of add shattered glass looking inclusions or weird halo looking inclusions. These kinds of reflections mean a diamond was not cut well and will not sparkle as much. Check it out:

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Pear Shaped Engagement Ring With Wedding Band


2 carat pear shaped Moissanite ring


18K gold V-shaped pear diamond ring for women


2 carat pear shaped Ruby ring


1 carat pear shaped diamond ring


3 carat pear shaped diamond ring


3 carat pear shaped diamond ring

Emphasise The Unique Shape

Wedding Bands For Pear Shaped Rings / Small single band pear shaped ...

While the simplest way to style your fancy-shaped engagement ring is with a straight wedding band, you can also play up its look with an unusual wedding band design. A curved or contoured wedding ring will beautifully follow the curve of your pear shaped ring and amplify its size while a chevron design will create an unexpected edge. Lacey, scalloped, or twisted wedding bands will also add to your engagement rings uniqueness and create an intricately detailed and beautiful look.

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Round Created White Diamond Full Eternity Ring

The eternity band is a symbol of togetherness and everlasting love. For a ring bearer or couple that has been together for decades or even centuries, the sentiment behind the eternity band is one of comfort and peace. This symbol of eternal love is a timeless choice. The round cut diamond shines with beautiful brilliance, which is surrounded by pave diamonds encompassing the band.

Honeycomb Wedding Bands For Pear

Look amazing during your wedding ceremony with this elegantly designed ring. The Honeycomb Eternity Stackable Ring Set is perfect for the woman who wants to express her style and individuality. The set of rings has various styles that will suit any moment in an engagement, wedding, or anniversary outfit. Mix and match platinum, 14k gold, or 18k white gold twisted frames with one diamond stone for each band on the stackable rings set!

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Mm Round Cut Created Sapphire Full Eternity Ring

The 2mm Round Cut Created Sapphire Full Eternity Ring is described as an eternity ring created with a whole round-cut created sapphire set in silver. The band measures 2mm wide and is available with inside or outside engraving. This ring is specifically designed to fit around pear-shaped engagement rings.

Carat Morganite And 175 Carat Total

How to pick the perfect pear shaped diamond for engagement ring

Wedding bands to go with pear shaped engagement ring. Its easy to pear a ring to a recipient with this amazing selection of styles from Modern Gents. Ad A Smarter Way to Buy a Luxurious Engagement Ring w Easy 30-Day Returns. Men and women may possibly find to have harmonizing models or variations that show the character.

Its perfect for ladies who love the idea of stackable wedding bands but still want to highlight the main attraction. Similar ideas popular now. Ideal pear shaped cuts have a length-to-width ratio of between 150 and 175.

Ad A Smarter Way to Buy a Luxurious Engagement Ring w Easy 30-Day Returns. DaValle Jewelers Bridal and Bling Specialists. PearRoundBaguette Wedding Band CZ Diamond Engagement Band Half Eternity Band Unique Wedding Band Lab Diamond Ring Gold Wedding Band CrimsonIndia 5 out of 5 stars 34.

Pear Shaped Morganite and Diamond Ring. Slim dainty bands and double bands complement this shape for a truly charming overall look. The perfect band could be selected for model of the band or character of the wearer.

While choosing your wedding band might seem easy the task gets tougher when you have a less conventional engagement ring. SY289 Vintage Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring with Split Shank. 14 karat rose gold Gemstones weight.

DROP A HINT. Whether your pear stone is sitting in the traditional way or east-west this band will fit your engagement ring nicely.

Pin On Stackable Wedding Rings

Pin On Classic Wedding Rings

Pin On Vintage Engagement Rings

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How To Style Your Engagement Ring: Pear Shape

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Pear shaped engagement rings, sometimes called teardrop, are one of the most-loved fancy shapes among brides. This flattering shape combines the sparkle of a round brilliant diamond with a unique tapered point, which elongates the finger and gives you a timeless look with an edge. Choosing a stand-out engagement ring style can make it a little trickier to pair with a wedding band, so weve put together some of our favourite ideas to help you style your perfect bridal ring stack.

Which Way Do You Wear A Pear Shaped Ring

There aren’t any rules about the ‘right’ way to wear your pear shaped engagement ring. But engaged gals typically choose to wear it with the tip of the pear diamond pointed away from you or toward your fingertips.

If you choose to wear it this way, your ring should look like a falling teardrop when you raise your hand to view the diamond, according to Brilliant Earth, a San Francisco-based jeweler.

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Buy Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring:

This Blue Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring is a sensational choice for your engagement, especially in solitaire style. A Blue Pear Shaped Diamond can reflect more sparkling lights on the eyes it increases the wearer’s beauty and appearance. In This Ring, 2.40 CT BLUE PEAR LAB GROWN DIAMOND is placed on the center shank.

A solitaire diamond ring comes with the solo. Let me explain this. A solitaire diamond ring has only one diamond that fixes in the bezel-set, prong style, and basket style to make it more durable. In addition, a solitaire diamond ring for those eagerly awaiting looks for spectacular reflections.

How Do I Choose A Pear Shaped Diamond

32 Stunning Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Choosing the best pear shaped engagement ring means finding a diamond with even brilliance/contrast, even color, no dark bowtie, no odd reflections, and a soft and pleasing shape! To do this, youll want to avoid some very common mistakes. Pear cut diamonds are not graded for cut by GIA, so its important to learn some tips and tricks before you go shopping! Here are the most frequent issues we see with pear shaped diamonds, so you can avoid them!

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About Pear Engagement Rings

Pear engagement rings, sometimes referred to as teardrop engagement rings are named for their distinctive shape, one that features both a rounded and a pointed end. The pear cut engagement rings combination of a round cut and shape gives it an elegant and elongated appearance. Despite the teardrop rings modern appearance, pear shaped diamond engagement rings can be traced all the way back to the 15th century!

Browse our collection of gorgeous pear-shaped engagement rings. From unique styles to luminous designs, a pear-shaped diamond is a contemporary choice to complete the solitaire or halo engagement ring of your dreams.

Art Deco Pear Shaped Diamond Ring:

This 1.00 Carat Pear Lab Diamond Art Deco Ring has round shape diamonds around the cneter diamond. Also, in this ring, the diamonds are engraved on the surface for exceptional appearance. Added that, in this pear art deco ring, the shank is turned with clever artistry.

If you are looking for a stylish and antique cut pear-shaped lab-grown diamond ring, then you can choose the art deco style. In this ring, the surfaces are covered with the diamonds. In wide meaning, the art deco ring is the trending style. When you look at this antique art deco style ring, you must noticed that there is engraving craftsmanship has placed.

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How To Wear A Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Yes, there is a way to wear a pear-cut diamond ring on hand. As you know now, the pear cut diamond has a sharp edge tick point due to this, when someone wears this shape ring in finger with downside it cause harm to them. But, the right way is a pear-cut diamond ring always worn on the finger when its edge is the upside to breathtaking looking.

What Kind Of Wedding Band Goes With A Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

What does a huge carat pear-shaped diamond engagement ring look like?

Should you go with a pear-shaped engagement ring, you’ll want to pay extra attention to which type of wedding band you decide upon especially given this style of ring’s irregular shape.

With pear-shaped rings, it’s normal to expect some space between the ring and the band. For that reason, a lot of jewelers will recommend going with a simpler style so as to allow your teardrop ring to really shine.

Otherwise, you can look for a jeweler that offers a matching band to go along with your engagement ring so that your ring and wedding band will line up perfectly.

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Buy Teardrop Wedding Diamond Ring:

This pear lab-grown diamond bridal set looks eye-catching from far away due to its elegant sparkling with lights. In particular, two bands are separately placed. So you can say that one band is very similar to a chevron ring, which has round and pear-shaped diamonds.

While another band has Halo-style structures in the center and on splits shanks, round diamonds are also placed there. That makes it a 100% engagement ring instead of a bridal ring. But, you have memorable engagement moments when you choose this ring.

Why Shop Lewis Jewelers

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Lewis Jewelers has been the go-to source in the Greater Detroit and Ann Arbor Michigan areas. Founded in 1921, the jewelry store has supplied customers with designer brand engagement rings, wedding bands, Swiss-quality timepieces, fine fashion jewelry and certified loose diamonds. Lewis Jewelers attributes its success to building a reputation of integrity, providing excellent customer service and quality products. We offer great Risk-Free Shopping experience, and great Financing and Jewelry Insurance options for your precious jewelry. As a Platinum Tacori Dealer, we are proud to be serving our local community designs from the highly coveted jewelry designer. Come into our showroom and experience the collections first-hand today!

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