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How To Choose A Dj For Your Wedding

Who Will Do The Setup

Wedding Reception Tips #20 – How to choose a DJ – Types of Wedding DJs

Someone will have to set up the sound system on the actual wedding date. While this is usually a person from the company supplying the music, you’ll need to confirm this in order to coordinate setup time and the soundcheck with your venue. Plus, you’ll want to ask the band what’s required if your wedding ceremony or reception will be outside. “Any outdoor performance needs a cover,” says Loreto. “The sound equipment is very expensive and can be damaged in sunlight or inclement weather.”

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Final Thoughts And Takeaways On Choosing The Right Wedding Dj

In summary, theres no all-encompassing 10 Steps to Choose Your Wedding DJ 100% Guaranteed. But having a vision in mind of what you want to achieve with the DJ can be helpful in directing your questions. And it does boil down to a couple of factors you can take into account throughout the interviewing process:

  • Your budget and their availability
  • Reviews and references
  • The vibe you want for your big day and how willing the DJ is to work with you to realize that goal
  • A signable contract

And finally, the gut. How did the DJ strike you? The way you feel when talking with them is the biggest indicator of compatibility there is.

If all the above criteria are met, and you think they feel right, then its time to sign and commit! Congratulations, youve successfully navigated the confusing web of choosing a wedding DJ!

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Ask How They Get The Crowd Going

If you want your DJ to be really involved in making your reception fun, make sure to ask about how they engage a crowd. Some important questions to ask:

  • How does the DJ get people dancing if they seem reluctant?
  • Will they accept requests from guests?
  • Is the DJ willing to also act as an emcee and make announcements?

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First Dance / Bridal Waltz

Some people call this the first dance and others call it the Bridal Waltz, thats not really important but just know they are the same thing. Now for the Bridal Waltz there will be two main songs that you need to play. Once for the bride & groom, and a 2nd slow song for the bridal party, parents and guests.

Some couples will have a choreographed dance, so if this is the case you need to know exactly when their routine finishes so if you are the MC, you can call for an applause. Right after this then the bridal party will be announced to join them, followed by the guests. Some weddings however the parents may be asked to join the dance floor before the bridal party. Once again, before the wedding day its a good idea to ask who will be introduced and in what order? And how many minutes and seconds before the first group will be welcomed onto the dance floor.

Note: 2 songs to be played, first one is the bridal waltz, 2nd song is for the bridal party/parents and guests, then the dancing begins.

Here are some suggestions:

Create Your Playlist Early

How to Choose the Best DJ for Your Wedding

It may sound like a flimsy part of the process, but its not. Its advisable to get your playlist to your DJ at least two weeks before your wedding day, so he gets familiar with what you want. The Dj who makes that demand knows his onions indeed. Stick with him. Let him know the songs that must not be played. If you cant stand songs with swear words, let him know. If you dont like a particular artist, let him know as well. But be an early bird and have his work cut out for him.

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Wedding Venues In Connecticut

4/2/21: The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic will be mentioned quite a bit in this post. In Connecticut, things are getting much better. As of about a couple weeks ago, the wedding industry is closer still to getting completely back on its feet. Im keeping close, current tabs on the pandemics effects on weddings in Connecticut over on the Wedding Planning Tips resource page.

Everything You Need To Know

Theres a lot of advice out there on how to choose a wedding DJ. And it can be overwhelming and headache-inducing. The good news is: it doesnt have to be. Finding the right DJ can be easy if you know what to look for.

And it all boils down to knowing what youre looking for. But in all the chaos that is wedding planning, its hard to even know what you need and what you should ask for. How do you know the DJ you book will provide the atmosphere you want, vibe with your guests, and above all, help you create the experience you envision?

All of these factors seem like they would lead to a complicated, convoluted response. However, like with many complex questions, there is a simple answer. Imagine the vibe you want for your big day. How do you want guests to feel afterwards? And how can your DJ help you achieve this?

With that in mind, the big question to bear in mind when starting to choose your DJ should be:

  • What is the experience I want to create with my wedding, and how can my DJ make it happen?
  • If Ive found more than one who has the vibe I want, how can I narrow my parameters and find The One?
  • What are important traits that make up a good wedding DJ in general?
  • And what questions am I forgetting to ask?

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Once You Connect With A Wedding Dj Company Consider Asking The Following Questions:

  • What is the total price for my Wedding?Include the planned hours and any potential to go longer as well as travel fee or any other fees. Make sure you know whats included in the price and what other services they offer like ceremony music, Wedding slide show, photo booth, photography, videography and special lighting.
  • Who will be the actual DJ for my Wedding? Do we get to work directly with him/her during the planning process?We recommend you speak with or video conference with your actual Wedding DJ prior to booking your Wedding. Then, plan to work directly with your DJ planning your Wedding. Of course, we commend using to enter all of your Wedding details online!
  • How much experience does my DJ have with Weddings?An experienced Wedding DJ would have performed at 30 Weddings or more. You run a risk with using a DJ with less experience, however you may be able to negotiate a more competitive price.
  • Tell me about your music library.Most Wedding DJs have digital music or CDs, so the quality of the music shouldnt be an issue for the modern DJ. Consider providing a list of important songs to affirm they will be able to provide the music you want.
  • Can you send me a picture of your Wedding DJ setup?This will also help assure you to make sure their setup is professional and matches your expectations in advance.
  • Finally, choose your Wedding DJ with confidence and excitement and make sure you satisfy all the requirements for ensuring your amazing Wedding day!

    Single Owner/operator Or Dj Agency


    The next important thing to consider is whether you will hire an agency who could prescribe any number of DJ’s or a “one-man-dj operation”. While most agencies only offer talented performers, they still lack the consistency of a single owner/operator. It’s unlikely that equipment and music selection / ability of each DJ will be equal. If enquiring with an agency it is important to find out from the get-go who your DJ will be so that you can scour the web for their name and reviews! There’s certainly a few agencies that use DJ’s straight outta high school, pay them a pittance and give them shoddy equipment to use. Should you go down the DJ Agency route and be located in South East Queensland I can highly recommend the services of “We R DJ’s“. There are many advantages of hiring an owner/operator DJ. Firstly it simplifies things, meaning less stress and consistent service. You will deal with one person throughout the entire process which streamlines things and makes for total accountability. Secondly you know exactly who you are getting and their experience level. Thirdly is that the reviews on the web will pertain directly to them, giving you an excellent overall picture of previous customer experiences.

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    Question : How Far In Advance Should We Book Our Wedding Dj

    Now that you understand what your wedding DJ should be doing for you and how you should match up on a personal level, its time to start thinking about actually booking them. When considering how to choose a wedding DJ, make sure that you factor this into the equation.

    Sal describes that six months before your date might be too late. He further explains, Realistically, when you find a facility , you want to find your photographer and DJ almost immediately.

    This is especially true right now in our state since the Covid-19 restrictions are about to be lifted quite a bit. So, once you find your Connecticut wedding DJ and other vendors which are important to you, youll want to book them as early as possible for your wedding before another couple gets them.

    Three: Prune Your Playlist

    After several months of adding music to the various playlists, you may find you have way too many songs! Now its time to prune your dance playlist down to 3ish hours in length.

    Tips for pruning your playlist:

    • Set aside time for a playlist party with your partner
    • Create scorecards labeled 1, 2, and 3.
    • 1= meh 2= ok, sure and 3= YAS!
    • Play each song to get the vibe, and then each of you rates the song.
    • Songs that get a total of 5 or 6 points go into the final playlist.
    • Any songs with a 2 or 3 get deleted.
    • Songs with a 4 can be left on the original playlist in case you need them as filler.

    Hopefully, youll have the perfect amount of songs with your top-rated selections. This *should* result in playlists full of only songs you both love!

    Knowing What Songs to Avoid

    Typically, hardcore rap, heavy metal, and country music can skew too far in a direction away from the mainstream . Theres a reason why genres like soul and R& B work so well. Everyone can dance to Marvin Gaye. Thats a fact. Other safe picks include classic rock and Whitney Houston.

    Some couples ask people to suggest songs on their invitation, which is an easy way to source crowd favorites. There are also lots of lists online about popular wedding songs that everyone will love.

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    Questions To Ask A Wedding Dj

    To further help you with your quest on how to choose a wedding DJ, here are some questions you can ask your prospects:

  • How long have you been in the industry?
  • How many weddings have you worked in as a DJ?
  • How do you describe your style as a DJ?
  • Will you be the one performing at the wedding?
  • Have you worked with a wedding the same as ours? How was it, and what are your recommendations for this type of wedding?
  • Are you familiar with our wedding venue?
  • Will you be providing everything, and do you have other requests for your equipment?
  • Do you plan on using effects? Will you bring other people with you?
  • Are you open to suggestions and requests? Can we see a sample setlist?
  • What is included in the package? Will you also be the wedding MC?
  • What will you wear?
  • Who will be responsible for setting up and breaking down the equipment?
  • Are you prepared for malfunctions? How do you handle them?
  • How much is your rate? Do you get paid by hours, or do you offer a package?
  • What are the other potential fees that you might include? Can we see a breakdown of expenses?
  • These are only the most important questions to ask your wedding DJ to avoid false expectations and miscommunications before, during, and after the wedding. You can note the answers to these to find those that may need extra clarifications.

    Question : Are Wedding Djs Pretty Much One Size Fits All

    Why Some Wedding DJ Costs That Much

    Human beings are unique in their personalities. Actually, research suggests that understanding your own personality can help you quite a bit in life. Correspondingly, for something as personally and socially important as your wedding day, it makes sense to choose a wedding DJ whose personality meshes with yours.

    Accordingly, when it comes to something as emotionally-involved as your wedding day, youll probably want certain wedding vendors to match your particular energy preferences. As far as how to choose a wedding DJ, energy/personality compatibility with you and your partner should be near the top of your list.

    Its All About Energy

    Sal puts it best in our interview, explaining, Do you want someone who is interactive? Do you want someone who is very low-key? Its hard to find a DJ who can do all of that.

    Following from that advice, consider the following possible scenarios. If:

    Keep in mind that back when you or your partner proposed, it probably wouldnt have happened if your energies werent compatible. Similar should be true for your wedding DJ.

    If Youre Really Unsure About Wedding DJ Personalities

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    Get A Feel For Their Personality

    Experienced DJ companies will have bios of their DJ staff on their websites. They will also have DJs of all styles, so whether you want trendy or traditional, rowdy or conservative, the more you research and communicate your personality preference with the DJ company the better. The best DJ companies will also have options for hiring specific DJs who are very popular and highly sought-after. You may find it money well spent to upgrade to reserve a specific DJ if that personalized service is important to you. Ask if they have a package that allows you to reserve one of these more popular DJs which includes a face-to-face meeting with the DJ in person before your reception.

    Read through the bios online and see if a particular DJ matches the style of DJ you want. Take the time to read through references on the companys website the reviews are loaded with information that will tell you if that DJ has a great personality and if they are invested in your big day. Check the reviews on wedding websites such as The Knot or WeddingWire, as well as any Google reviews. They are filled with stories that will illustrate if the DJ has the personality youre looking for.

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