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How Do You Plan A Wedding

Build An Online Registry

How to plan a wedding on a Budget and diy projects

Building your online registry can seem like a daunting task. With a sea of options to choose from, how do you narrow down which websites to register with? The first step is to consider what you and your partner actually need, before thinking about extra items that you would simply enjoy having. Then, complete your registry prior to any of your wedding events so guests have the opportunity to buy you gifts beforehand.

A convenient way to do this is to use websites like MyRegistry or Zola, which allow you to create your registry from thousands of items from various online retailers. Then, embed the link directly onto your wedding website so guests can buy you the perfect gift with ease.

Include items across various price points so there will be options for all your guests, no matter what their financial situation. You can also set up a cash fund for those who prefer to give you money with the Get Funding app. Use this towards your honeymoon or a new home, or anything that will contribute to your new life together.

Are You Okay With Missing Out Certain Traditions

Yes, there are certain advantages to planning a wedding in 30 days or less, but it also means you wont have time to enjoy certain wedding traditions, like having a wedding party, attending a shower or bachelor or bachelorette party in your honor, setting up a registry, shopping for attire at a traditional bridal salon, and more. If youre okay with going this nontraditional route and skipping these traditions, a super-short timeline is probably the right move.

S To Planning The Perfect Wedding

The second you get engaged, the questions start: When and where is the wedding? Am I invited? Have you shopped for a dress? Take a deep breath, and know that you canand shouldtake some time to just enjoy being engaged. But when you are ready to dive into wedding planning, heres where to start.

1. Make a BudgetMoney conversations are always hard. But without knowing what you have to spend, you cant even begin to start planning, says Jes Gordon, creative director and owner of New York City-based properFUN Events. Talk to your partner about how much the two of you can afford, and if your parents have offered to contribute, get a realistic figure from them.

2. Name the DateYou might have always dreamed of a spring wedding, or decide you want to marry on your anniversary. Or the chosen day could be as practical as wanting to get married within the next six months. Either way, its a good idea to talk to your families about any potential conflicts before setting it in stone. Remember, since summer and early fall months are the most popular for weddings, youll need to plan ahead to get the best venuesor be flexible on the exact date.

3. Get a Guest CountSure, youd love to invite every friend, cousin and co-worker to watch you tie the knot, but thats probably not realistic. Talk to your partner and immediate family about who theyd like to invite and put together a preliminary guest count. With a ballpark number, youll be ready to start looking at venues.

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Send Out Save The Dates

The guest list is set, so start spreading the news!

  • Design your save the dates on Zola, which can also coordinate with your wedding website design .
  • Mail your save the dates approximately 6-8 months before the wedding to give guests plenty of notice .
  • Include your wedding website on your save the date so guests can learn more.

See our Guide To Wedding Save The Dates

Is It Ok To Have 2 Wedding Receptions

Bridal Shower Game * How Well Do You Know The Bride

Having two weddings may sound extravagant to some, but for many couples its the best way to include all of their family and friends.

How do I plan a small wedding fast?

30 Small Wedding Ideas for an Intimate Affair

  • Strategically Plan Your Guest List.
  • Send Handwritten Invitations.
  • Find a Small Space in a Large Venue.
  • Get Creative With Seating Arrangements.
  • What should you get the bride for her second wedding?

    If it is the brides second wedding, in theory, she would already have many of the things needed for starting adult life in her own home, such as pots and pans, etc.which are some of the most common shower gifts, Nichols explains. Of course, many couples choose to get new housewares to reflect their new relationship and marriage.

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    Research Vendorsand Ask The Right Questions

    If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner. And if you want to take engagement photos, now’s the time to find a photographer! We’ve pre-screened all our vendors, but you’ll want to do your own research and ask all the important questions.

    Set Your Wedding Date:

    The reason we recommend waiting to set your wedding date until after choosing your wedding venue is that it leaves more options open. If you see a space you love, you will likely find it easier to consider all of their open dates in a month or season rather than having your heart set on one particular date. While setting your date, keep travel, holidays , and weather patterns in mind. Once you have set a date for the big day, you can start announcing it, particularly to your wedding party and additional wedding vendors.

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    Decide On A Date And A Venue

    Some people say to create a guest list first. While this may be helpful in determining some preliminary numbers, you need more information first, such as how much it will cost per person for meals, drinks, space It is helpful to have an estimate a small or a big wedding? but you should always find the venue BEFORE creating a guest list for a reception only wedding.

    What do you envision?

    Once you check out a few venues , itll be easier to envision what your reception only wedding will be like. You only need to figure out space for the reception, so thats very helpful .

    Then, decide whether youd like a large, small, on in-between size based on space and budget.


    The venue you select will also discuss catering options with you, so now is the time to get a proper per-person meal and bar price. If you plan to cater outside of the venue, find out what you can and cannot do research caterers in your area and get a price list of per person wedding meal rates.

    Dessert only wedding reception?

    Are you thinking about planning a dessert only wedding reception? If so, thats up to you, although most guests will expect a meal of some kind. Few couples decide to do so, typically if theyre looking to do a cheap reception for a wedding. However, if a dessert is the only thing on the menu, be sure to include a note about it on the invitations so guests dont arrive too hungry. 🙂

    Book it

    Not Prioritizing Your Budget On Whats Important To You


    The banquet is over, and now the party begins. When planning a wedding reception, it is important to remember the majority of your reception time will be spent listening to music and dancing, so it makes sense to allocate a proportionate amount of your budget to the vendor responsible for your entertainment. Whether its a band or a DJ, the key idea here is QUALITY.

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    Tips On Planning A Small Wedding

    Planning a small wedding is definitely easier and much less stressful than a big wedding. A destination wedding with your closest family and friends is not just the ultimate trend. It is also highly recommended to enjoy a wedding, a honeymoon and a holiday at the same time.

    Most of the couples who decided to have an intimate wedding have a very clear vision. The drive of cutting the guests list is not dictated by the number of seats. Instead, the idea is to share the day with the most important people in their life. Enjoy every little meaningful moment and have fun! From that vision to booking a destination wedding and sending out Save The Date notice is a very small step.

  • Pick a dateDespite big wedding planning, micro weddings allow couples to pick a date without a massive advance. Its almost like turning a wedding into an elopement with few guests. Short notice is absolutely doable, and you can definitely consider it. Keep in mind, your guests are the most important people in your life, and they will quickly respond with yes to travel with you to your destination wedding.
  • Set a budgetDo you want a full house with a basic wedding experience? Or a few numbers of people enjoying only the best you can offer? Decide on this and create a budget to suit.Tip: Determine the number of guests by the amount youre willing to spend and not the other way round.
  • Sara Bartolini, wedding planner and coordinator for SposiamoVi

    Choose Your Bridal Partys Attire

    Your bridal party has accepted the honor of being in your wedding, and now you have to decide what they should wear.

    If you prefer all of your bridesmaids to wear the same dress, its a good idea to provide a few options to choose from and see which one gets the most votes. Youll want to choose a dress that flatters and pleases everybody, so its important to take into consideration the color, fabric and shape of the dress.

    The other option is to choose a color you like and let them choose their own dress. It all depends on your theme and the aesthetic that youre going for.

    For the groomsmen, decide if you want tuxedos or suits, and in what color. Or, if you prefer a more relaxed look, you could opt for khakis and a button down shirt. Do you want your bridesmaids and groomsmen to color coordinate? Match the colors of the dresses to the mens bow ties for a fun, modern aesthetic.

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    For Tracking Your Wedding Budget: Mint

    While not explicitly made with weddings in mind, Mint is a popular free money management site for a reason: It’s easy to use, syncing with your bank account and credit cards so you can monitor your spending and move funds around as needed. Create a wedding budget and stay on track, thanks to weekly email summaries and text reminders when payments are due.

    What Do You Need To Know Before Planning A Wedding

    Western Wedding

    The answers to these four questions are a good starting point as you figure out how to plan a wedding. Once youve discussed these questions with your partner, you can move forward with other wedding-planning steps:

    • Around how much do we have to spend on a wedding?
    • Where do we want to get married?
    • When do we want to get married?
    • Do we want a big or small wedding?

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    Convey All Table Assignments Clearly

    When it comes to actually telling your guests where to sit, the goal for wedding table cards or place cards is to find that sweet spot between creativity and ease of use. Tented or envelope cards are the most traditional and can be arranged in a variety of ways depending on the type of tables youre working with. Table assignment signs and charts can also work well. Arranging guests names in alphabetical order means theyll be able to find their seats faster than if they had to read every table arrangement on the list to figure out where to go.

    Opting for one or two long tables for everyone? A diagram with numbered seats, accompanied by an alphabetical list of guests names and seat numbers, will get them in place with ease. A font thats easier to read is always welcome, for any sort of signage.

    The bottom line: Having some sort of wedding seating plan, even if it’s just table assignments, will make your reception flow that much more smoothly.

    Select A Stationery Suite

    As your big day draws closer, you’ll need to alert guests with beautiful wedding invitations. But, believe it or not, your stationery suite includes more than just save-the-date cards, formal invites and RSVP cards. Consider what you want all of your paper goods to look like, from place cards, menus, ceremony programs, and wedding favor tags. Each plays a role during the day, and having a consistent design among all will make your wedding look seamlessly cohesive. We recommend using The Knot Invitations to find paper goods that match the style and theme of your wedding day.

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    Add Some Personal Touches

    Erich McVey Event Planning by Alise Taggart

    Whether it’s familial or cultural wedding customs that have a special meaning, or if there’s a tradition that the two of you want to start for future generations, don’t be afraid to incorporate some heartfelt, personal touches into your wedding day festivities. Remember, this is your day!

    Construct A List Of Wedding Day Priorities

    HOW TO : Plan a wedding in 30 days!

    Leila Brewster

    Sit down with your partner and determine what the three most important aspects of your wedding will be. Is it the venue or specific wedding date? Locking in a certain wedding photographer or live band? Prioritize those details and be willing to compromise on the rest. This will help you stay within your budget and help you focus your efforts on what really counts.

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    Pick Out Your Reception Dress / Wedding Attire

    What will you wear for your wedding reception? Some brides decide to forego the traditional gown, partially because they wont be wearing it down the aisle, the reception is usually less formal, and because of the cost. On the other hand, many brides DO still want to go big and a traditional wedding gown is definitely acceptable for a reception only wedding. The style you choose for the gown is completely up to you. It helps to pick out attire that complements the tone and theme of your wedding, so if youre planning a big ballroom reception with elegance, go with a formal ballgown.

    Another popular choice is a two-piece wedding dress with an elegant top and full ballgown skirt.

    If your wedding is being held in a backyard setting or outdoors i.e. a barn reception, farm, field, etc., plan for a wedding dress like this to suit this style. Boho wedding dresses are especially fitting for weddings like this. And dont forget the boots!

    Planning a reception on the beach? Go with a maxi dress or convertible wedding dress like this and dont forget to choose the most comfortable wedding shoes you can.

    If your wedding reception is taking place at a traditional venue such as a banquet hall, choose any kind of dress youd like, from a formal gown to a more casual bridal jumpsuit or boho dress. I love this wedding gown by Barzelai.

    by barzelai

    The bottom line is to choose ANY wedding dress you like best. Its your wedding, so make sure its everything YOU want it to be.

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