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How Much Is Liability Insurance For A Wedding

Ontario Wedding Insurance Can Be Arranged Instantly Through Our Online Program

Start a Photography Business – Liability Insurance for Photographers

Are you a Hudson’s Bay Rewards Card holder? If so, purchase wedding insurance on this site to earn 2,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points!

Protect your investment from disastrous circumstances that are beyond your control. Insure your wedding online with a credit card in minutes.

  • Policies Starting at $105 CAD
  • Up to $5,000,000 in General Liability Coverage to cover damage to the wedding venue and injury to third parties.
  • Unlimited Additional Insured certificates for your wedding venue and vendors at no additional cost.

Insuring your Wedding with Front Row will be an easy and simple process that will leave you feeling confident that your wedding is protected!

Front Row Insurance provides Wedding Insurance in Ontario as well as Canada Wide. Are you in the US? Wedding insurance in the US can be arranged quickly through our online program. Only available in California, New York and Texas at this time. Check back soon for more availability.

Learn More About Wedding Insurance

There are various forms of coverage included as part of our Wedding Insurance package. Have a look through the list below which outlines each form of insurance and what it covers:

1. Commercial General Liability

This is liability for 3rd party property damage or bodily injury that could occur at one of your wedding events including rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and gift opening.

2. Host Liquor Liability

As long as a Serving-It-Right licensed bartender is serving the alcohol at your engagement party / wedding reception, youre covered for potential liability claims involving liquor consumption.

3. Wedding Cancellation

The cost to reserve your venue including any deposits or amounts owed under contract can be paid via your wedding insurance policy.

4. Honeymoon Cancellation

This policy will reimburse the Insured if there is a loss of pre-paid, non-refundable costs of travel due to the cancellation of the actual wedding.

5. Loss of Deposits

Our reliable Underwriters will pay for non-refundable deposits that had been paid to providers of any booked goods or services if they suffer financial failure.

6. Wedding Photos & Videos

Any extra expenses that may be necessary to retake the photos and videos that cannot be reproduced from your wedding day for any reason including non-appearance of photographer.

7. Bridal Attire

8. Wedding Gifts

9. Rings / Wedding Bands

10. Wedding Cake & Flowers

11. Wedding Stationery

12. Rented Property & Equipment

Silver Package

Gold Package

What Isn’t Covered Under Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance is considered essential by most professionals involved in the wedding industry, however there are some limits to what it covers. Here are some of the instances where you won’t be covered by wedding insurance. Please be aware, however, that all policies are different and in many cases you can make additions to your policy to cover specific things that might not normally be covered .

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What Level Of Coverage Do I Need

You should only consider buying coverage up to the level of your need because the amount of coverage you buy will affect the price that you pay. Before you make your plans, think about how much it will cost to insure your wedding. You may want to factor this into the cost when making your plans if you believe that you should have wedding insurance.

For example, maybe you only want enough coverage necessary to compensate you for the cost of nonrefundable deposits or reservations that you have already paid for. Other coverage should only be bought if it does not duplicate coverage that you already have you should check your other policies to determine what coverage you already have.

Most insurance companies offer a variety of discounts based upon projected reduced risks for certain features.

How Much Should You Expect To Pay For Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance Canada

While some wedding insurance providers advertise policies for as little as $66, keep in mind that this is for an extremely basic level of coverage. How much you’ll pay will depend on a range of factors, including the number of people attending your event, the length of the event, and the types of coverage you buy. Meanwhile, you’ll pay a premium for wedding insurance coverage with higher limits that may be required if you spend considerably more than average for the venue, food, and other components of your wedding intended to make it a smashing success.

As an example, Progressive notes that a large wedding with 5,000 guests might cost as much as $1,500 to insure. That might seem like a lot of money, and it is, but the financial losses that might occur from the cancellation or damages caused by a wedding of that size could easily add up to many multiples of that amount.

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How Does Event Insurance Work

Some key factors go into your event liability insurance quote they include:

  • The type of event you’re hosting

    A sporting event is different from a speaking engagement, and a policy’s price will reflect it.

  • Critical event details like the date, location, and length

    In winter, risk increases due to ice, and if youâre hosting a summer event near water, expect to pay more. If itâs a private event in your house, itâs likely less than a public event.

  • How many people attend the event

    Event liability insurance quotes are done in tiers for guests, they include 1-250, 251-500, 1,001-1,500, 1,501-2,000. If you need more than 2,000, weâll connect you with an insurance broker to walk you through those steps.

  • If alcohol is served

    If you are serving alcohol, prepare to pay a little more because it’s an addition to a standard contract for liquor liability coverage due to the risk increases.

  • Liability limits

    Most venues want a minimum of 1,000,000 in liability insurance. Depending on the number of guests and location, it can be easily increased and won’t cost much more.

  • Best Overall Wedding Insurance Coverage: Wedsure


    • You can use Wedsure for some weddings outside of the United States

    • Change of Heart coverage is available

    • Some consumer complaints about claims denial

    While Wedsure wasn’t founded until 2011, this company is backed by Allianz Insurance, a top global insurance carrier with stable ratings for financial stability from Moody’s and AM Best . Wedsure offers two main types of coverage for weddingsliability coverage and cancellation coveragebut it also offers optional add-on coverages for jewelry and gifts, special attire, loss of deposits, and more.

    Pricing for Wedsure coverage varies and depends on the type of plans and any add-on coverages you choose. However, you can apply for a quote in a matter of minutes and buy a policy online. Their wedding cancellation coverage starts at $125 and provides reimbursement for covered wedding expenses if illness, poor weather, and other unlucky events ruin your big day.

    Wedding Liability Insurance, which is the most popular plan offered, starts at $125 and covers lawsuits against you for injury during your wedding, medical payments resulting from those injuries, injury, or damage caused by serving liquor at your wedding, and more.

    Note that you can use Wedsure for weddings outside the United States, but that a limited number of countries are included. Interestingly, this provider even offers “Change of Heart” insurance coverage as an add-on, which allows you to cash in on your policy if the bride or groom gets cold feet.

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    What Is Wedding Liability Insurance

    Liability coverage handles venue damages or injuries and illnesses to people at the wedding site. Some companies also offer liquor liability coverage, which covers you if a drunk guest gets into an accident after the wedding.

    Shasha said there are many options under the liability policies.

    Optional liability and liquor liability coverage can be added to a wedding insurance policy to protect your contractually assumed exposures, such as bodily injury, property damage and personal injuries to third parties at the venues where your wedding ceremony, reception and rehearsal dinner will be held. Some venues require proof of liability insurance before the event takes place, so its a good idea to get in touch with your venue ahead of time to make sure you have the right coverage, said Shasha.

    Kerri McDonald from WedSure has seen many claims over the years, including hurricanes, fires, deaths in the family and closed venues.

    All sorts of things happen. A lot of people get injured at weddings as well and sue the venue and the bride and groom. Those are very large claims that can go into hundreds of thousands of dollars, she said.

    Remember, while everyone hopes for the perfect, problem-free wedding day, thats not always the case. The survey found that:

    Wedsure Review Best For Customized Policies

    Wedding Insurance in the US | Wedding Liability Insurance USA
    Offers achange of heart policy Liability coverage limited to weddings in the U.S and its territories, and in Canada
    Nine separate coverage options available More expensive than the competition
    Free host liquor liability No option to remove liquor liability

    The company that invented wedding insurance according to WedSures website is also the best we found when it comes to customized policies. Via its award-winning website, youll be able to manage and tailor your policy from anywhere and at any time.

    Starting at $125, WedSures liability policies allow you to add or remove coverable locations and services depending on the specifics of your event. The company offers up to $5 million in liability coverage and features cancellation policies starting at $95.

    COVID-19 Policy: WedSure is still offering cancellation policies, but the company will not cover COVID-19 related cancellations. Per company policy, COVID-19 is considered a known circumstance and is therefore outside coverage.

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    Who Is Liable For Alcohol

    If a waiter or bartender serves alcohol to someone who is obviously a little tipsy already, the server could be liable for harm caused by that person. And thats not allthis liability could extend from the server to the business that hired the hospitality staff, the event host, and possibly even the bride and groom.

    When it comes to wedding planning, its crucial to realize you could be held liable if you provide alcohol or allow people to consume it at your eventeven if somebody else causes the damage or injury.

    So, what can you do to reduce the risk? In addition to making sure youve protected yourself by purchasing liquor liability insurance, here are a few tips to minimize the chances of alcohol-related disasters:

    What Is Event Insurance For Weddings

    Essentially, our event insurance for weddings covers you if damage has been inflicted upon the venue or any of your guests during your wedding day celebration. In addition to these coverages, you can also add a coverage for host liquor liability insurance. This added alcohol insurance for weddings will cover you in case of an accident resulting from the serving and consumption of alcohol.

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    How Liability Insurance Protects You

    For your venues and vendors to have liability insurance coverage is as equally important to you as it is for them. Although it wont cover personal losses or no-shows , a companys general liability insurance policy will protect you from unforeseen incidents and accidents like the photographers camera falling into the lake or a guest getting into a drunken fight and throwing a chair into the wall. In these cases, you wont be held responsible for damages because the photographer/venue will be covered and reimbursed for such losses.

    When youre interviewing prospective venues and vendors, ask them about their insurance policies, if they have them or require them and what they cover. And for those who dont have insurance coverage? Tread lightly. Better to be safe than sorry, especially on such a momentous day.

    What Does Wedding Liability Insurance Cover

    Wedding Liability Insurance Cost / The 5 Best Wedding Insurance ...

    Just like with your home or auto liability insurance policy, wedding liability insurance covers both personal and property damage that happens during the event. That includes the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception. These days, some event spaces will require you to purchase wedding liability insurance in order to have your event in their space.

    Here are some examples of how you might use wedding liability insurance:

    Example 1: A guest gets too intoxicated and causes damage to the event hall. You might be on the hook for repairs or replacement costs if you don’t have liability insurance.

    Example 2: An elderly guest trips over the bride’s long train and has to be taken to the hospital for injuries. Your insurance would cover their medical costs up to your liability limits .

    Examples 3: Your wedding dress is lost, stolen, or damaged before the big day. You’ll obviously be put into a bind because most wedding gowns need to be altered a few times before your big day, but at least you can depend on getting the replacement value back.

    The second type of wedding insurance is called Cancellation and Postponement Insurance.

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    Bc Wedding Insurance Can Be Arranged Instantly Through Our Online Program

    Are you a Hudson’s Bay Rewards Card holder? If so, purchase wedding insurance on this site to earn 2,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points!

    Protect your wedding from disastrous circumstances that are beyond your control. Insure your wedding online with a credit card in minutes.

    • Policies Starting at $105 CAD
    • Up to $5,000,000 in General Liability Coverage to cover damage to the wedding venue and injury to third parties.
    • Unlimited Additional Insured certificates for your wedding venue and vendors at no additional cost.

    What Does Thimbles Wedding Insurance Cover

    Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Like the old saying, our Wedding Insurance policy also has four main areas of coverage. These include scenarios such as:

    Non-employee, third party bodily injury: Dance floors often become big slip-and-fall hazards where people may have a drink in one hand while dancing away. Should a guest injure themselves while dancing, you could be liable for their medical expenses as well as their pain and suffering.

    Third-party property damage: Guests can get a bit rambunctious. If someone in your party damages tables, chairs, or anything else at the venue, you could be liable for the costs of replacing or repairing whatever is damaged.

    Liquor liability: Friends and family can often be found overindulging in alcohol as they celebrate the moment you get hitched. Alcohol consumption could lead to injuries to themselves or others, which you can be liable for because you made drinks available to guests. With Thimble, liquor liability is included in your wedding coverage if youre not selling alcohol, such as a BYOB or open-bar event.

    Personal injury & advertising: Exciting and enthusiastic, weddings are times when folks celebrate and sometimes go a bit too far. If during the celebration the speeches go beyond embarrassment and you are accused of slander, the personal injury coverage could come in handy.

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    Types Of Wedding Insurance

    There are two main types of wedding insurance you can buy, depending on your needs and predicted risk:

    • Event cancellation coverage, which handles the costs associated with canceling or postponing your wedding.
    • Liability coverage, which insures against bodily harm to guests or others that may result from attending your ceremony or reception.

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