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How To Write Thank You Notes For Wedding

Buy New Stationeryand A New Pen

Writing & Education : How to Write Wedding Thank You Notes

One of your first post-engagement purchases should be new stationery that can be used to write your thank-you notes. For those who are changing their names after marriage, you may actually need two sets of stationeryone with your maiden name, and one with your married name or monogram, especially if youre opting for more formal stationery. An easy way to avoid this is by keeping your stationery informal and including just your and your partners first names. Dont forget to buy some new, easy-to-write-with pens, as wellwriting thank-you notes with a poor-quality pen can be a real drag.

Wedding Thank You Message From Bride And Groom

Wedding Photographer: Vaughn Barry | Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

Thank you so much for celebrating with us on our wedding day. It truly was the best day ever and it would not have been the same without you! We are so grateful for your generosity and for sharing our most special day ever with us.

Your friends and family really made your wedding day, right?Well, tell them by saying: Best day ever, thanks to you!

Oh how we love the Treloars included this line on the front of their wedding thank you card

To Bridesmaid Or Groomsmen

Thank you notes to your bridesmaids as well as your groomsmen should be written with care. These will be some of the most personal and appreciative cards youll write. They may or may not give you a gift, but that pales in comparison to the gift of their friendship. You should emphasize what their friendship means to you. And, of course, thank them for their gift if they had given you one.

Dear XXX,Thank you for all your help before and on our wedding day! We loved having you by our sides for this special moment and were so happy that you could share in the celebrations. Thanks for making our wedding day unforgettable. We couldnt have done it without you!Lots of love,

Dear XXX,Thank you for being my bridesmaid/ groomsmen.To have you here supporting me is something that I treasure. Our friendship has no boundaries, that alone is hard to measure. I know you will be guiding me and keeping me so calm. A gentle hug when needed most is all part of your charm. So thank you is my message here, but not just for today. For always being my best friend and knowing what to say. Well always have our memories of our past and future too. When you are here to witness as I turn to say I Do.Best,

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Set Up A Station In Your Home Dedicated To The Task

You can set up a work area in your home for writing thank you notes, Swann says. This way the task doesn’t pervade other areas of your home, and you have somewhere to be organized and efficient while working.

When you’re purchasing initial supplies and paper goods for your wedding, Swann suggests also purchasing thank you cards and stamps. This way you already have all the supplies needed to write thank you notes for gifts that arrive early.

Graduation Thank You Note Wording For Cash

Wedding thank

Dear Grandma & Grandpa,

Thank you so much for coming to my graduation party and your graduation present. Im so excited to be finished with high school and way more excited to start college next fall! Your generous gift card is going to help me decorate my new dorm room. Im looking forward to visiting you this summer. Im so excited to go shopping, thanks again!


Pro tip: Its easy to procrastinate on writing thank you letters, especially during that post-graduation buzz. Getting your thank you notes written and out of the way before enjoying the rest of summer will help jumpstart your new adulting habits!

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Baby Shower And Newborn Thank You Card Etiquette

From diaper cakes to a helping hand, your friends and family have done all they can to make your life as a new mom and dad as smooth of a transition as possible. Even though it may seem like you have zero time on your hands to give a proper thanks, you should try to get a few minutes each day to write out a thank you.

Do You Have To Send Thank

Thank-you cards for wedding gifts are a must, but it’s also important to send gratitude notes for additional presents received too. You’ll need to write thank-you cards after every single wedding event . In other words, every single engagement gift, bridal shower gift and wedding gift should be individually acknowledged. So, even if one person gave you three giftsone at your engagement party, one at your bridal shower and one at your weddingyou should still write them three acknowledging each one. It’s for this reason that we recommend starting early and sending out thank-yous as you receive gifts to avoid a backlog of notes to tackle after your wedding day.

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Wedding Thank You Note For Vendors

Sure, money was exchanged, but if you were lucky enough to have vendors who made your special day extraordinary why not spend a couple minutes expressing your gratitude? Youll likely make their day too.

Dear Edmund & the Rhodes Team,

Thank you so much for being so attentive on our special day and for helping Tom get over feeling so awkward, he had a blast with the bridal photos. You and your team did an extraordinary job making sure no special moment went un-photographed, we cant wait to see the photos!

Thanks again,


Misspelling Your Your Guests Names

Practical & Creative Writing Lessons : How to Write a Wedding Thank-You Note

Check and double check that guest list to make sure every impossible-to-pronounce, is-that-even-a-name name gets spelled correctly. Also, dont forget to include the name of your guests plus ones. If you arent sure of someones name or how its spelled, do some detective work and ask around. Chances are, someone else you know will have the inside scoop on spelling the name correctly. Someones gotta be Facebook friends with them, right?

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Tackle Your Thank You Cards As A Team

Weddings are about you as a couple, so keep this in mind as you work on your thank you cards. Split the task up so you can cover more ground. Not only will you get your cards written and sent out faster, but its a fun way to reminisce about the day together.

Some couples like to write cards to each of their closest friends and family, then split the rest of the guests. Others simply divide the list in half and work through them. Decide what works best for you, but its nice to share this task so youre both involved.

What To Cover In Your Wedding Thank You Note

Your goal is to make sure your guests know how much you appreciate their gift. So, there are a few basics youll need to cover in your thank you note.

1. Greeting Your guests name.

2. Thanks Thank your guest for the gift. You should be specific here.

3. How you will use the gift Youll want to elaborate on how you will be using and enjoying their gift.

4. Thank them for attending Thank your guest again for attending. To make it more personal, include a special detail about them.

5. Say thanks again Thank your guest for the gift again.

6. Signature Your name.

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Who Should You Write Thank You Notes To

How do you know when sending a thank you card is appropriate and who should you write thank you notes to? This question is actually not as tricky as it sounds. Whenever someone has done something nice for you like presenting you with a gift or going out of their way to help you, its definitely worth writing them a thank you card. No, sending a thank you text message is most definitely not the same thing.

Of course there are actual occasions when thank you notes are basically expected, but huge life changing events are not the only time a thank you note is called for. In fact, the more surprising the thank you note is the more special it will make your recipient feel. Below are some good solid reasons to mail a thank you note, but dont let that limit you

When in doubt write that thank you card!

  • Your cousin tutored you in Spanish after your last failed exam.
  • After a job interview.
  • Graduation gifts

What To Write In A Wedding Thank You Card

Thank You Card Variations

Sending your thank you cards will be one of the very last tasks on your wedding to-do list. But how do you craft the perfect heartfelt message for each individual guest without getting stuck with writers block along the way?

If youre currently looking for some thank you card wording inspiration, youre in the right place! From etiquette tips to wording examples, keep reading for our complete guide on exactly what to write in a thank you card after the big day.

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How To Sign Off Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding Photographer: D-Image Plus Photography | Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

To those that travelled half way around the world to celebrate with us and to those that sent their love and well wishes it truly was the most magical day. We are incredibly lucky to have a fantastic bunch of people in our lives!

There you have it, our list of Wedding Thank You Cards Wording Examples Note.

We hope these wording ideas have helped you with writing your wedding thank you message. We highly recommend that you add your own spice into the thank you note because its so much more personal with a bit of you in there

Leave us a comment below if these wedding thank you card wording examples were helpful to you!

For thank you card wording ideas for unattended wedding guests, check out this blog post now.

Wedding Thank You Card Example

Wedding Photographer: Liz Jorquera | Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

Are you feeling grateful about your friends and family?

Every now and then, your friends just want to hear how lucky it is for you to have them in your life. Why not put that down on paper and send them off to your sweet friends!

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for celebrating our marriage with us. It was the most incredible day of our lives, and it wouldnt have been the same without you.

We are so lucky to be surrounded by a beautiful circle of friends and family that made our wedding day perfect. We are grateful for your presence, warm wishes and generous gift and look forward to sharing many more memories with you!

Wedding Photographer: Freedom Garvey Photographer | Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

It meant the world to us to have you as part of our wedding day.Thank you for the love and laugher that you have contributed to our lives. We are so glad that you were able to join us in Margaret River on our first day as husband and wife.

It was the most wonderful day of our lives and it would not have been the same without you! We are truly grateful for your generosity and presence on our special day.

Ok, we love this thank you card!

At the end of the day, your wedding is a special celebration that brings your friends and families together.

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To Your Wedding Suppliers

Without your wedding suppliers, your guests would be hungry, or worse they might not have a venue to go to! Whether you realize it or not, your wedding suppliers are a crucial piece of your wedding planning puzzle. You should let them know how vital their service is and how much you appreciate them.

Dear XXX,Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and wedding planning expertise for our recent wedding. You made our entire wedding planning process run smooth and made sure that nothing was out of place everything looked absolutely perfect! We owe it all to you and your wonderful team. I look forward to recommending your services to all my friends and telling them what a great job you did! Thank you so much again,

Dear , and I want to thank you for the beautiful photographs you took at our wedding. We will treasure them always. We are so pleased you were part of our wedding. You definitely helped bring our vision to life.Sincerely,

Example #9 Wedding Thank You Note Wording For Your Vendors

Tips on Writing the Best Wedding Thank You Notes

Dear Sue,Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and wedding planning expertise for our recent wedding. You made our entire wedding planning process run smooth and made sure that nothing was out of place everything looked absolutely perfect! We owe it all to you and your wonderful team. I look forward to recommending your services to all my friends and telling them what a great job you did! Thank you so much again, Carol and Mark


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When To Send Out Your Thank You Cards

Its best to send out your wedding thank you cards as soon as you can! While you might not be able to write and mail out all your cards immediately, strive to have them sent within three months of your wedding date. Even before the wedding day, you can start sending out thank you cards. This applies to gifts youve received before the wedding, like wedding shower gifts. In this case, you should send a thank you card within two weeks of receiving the gift.

If youve missed the three month or two week mark, you should still send a thank you card! As always, better late than never. To ensure that your thank you cards are sent out in a timely fashion, start writing them once you and your spouse get back from your honeymoon.

Example #12 Wedding Thank You Card Wording For A Gift You Dont Like / Cant Return

Lead with a positive tone, but dont be fake or over-the-top commenting on the gift.

Dear Grandpa,Thank you so much for the handmade wood carving. It reminds me so much of you and when I used to come stay over the summer as a child. Im grateful to have one of my own. We know it was a long trip, and we cant thank you enough for making it. We are blessed to have shared our big day with you. Love,Lizzy

Gilt Agate

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