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How To Decorate A Church For A Wedding

Elegant Chairs And Gorgeous Flowers

Wedding Planning & Decorating Tips : How to Decorate a Church Alter for a Wedding

Image : Shutterstock

This quite simply gorgeous church decoration features beautifully decorated chairs and exquisite flower arrangements that really bring the already beautiful insides right to life. The green in the flowers adds freshness to the overall wedding white theme, and the well lit cathedral makes for a very pretty overall picture.

Elegant Twisted Candle & Flower Pedestals

These Show-Stopping Pedestals Will Shine Bright On Your Big Night

Beautifully crafted and elegantly designed, this set of two pedestals can have flowers attached, or hold candles with a dramatic flair.

A perfect accent piece for tables or even a main feature at the altar, these pedestals really shine. You can also re-use them in the future for fancy dinner parties, or use them as a decorative piece around the house after the wedding

Finally Share The Wealth

As you collect things and as you dream, remember your small church. Dont let your stockpile get dusty.

  • Are there upcoming events that would be even better using these tips?
  • What other ministry teams could use your ideas? Your talent? Your stuff?

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Laurie Acker

Laurie Acker is a pastor’s wife and ministry mentor who helps people in small churches go from burnt out and frustrated to finding joy and success in small church ministry! After 30+ years serving in churches from big to small, in 2019 she launched a resource site called The Creative Little Church. Just a few years later with a growing international community on Facebook called Solutions & Support for Small Churches, free online conferences through Small Church Summits, and comprehensive ministry training at The Small Church Academy, small churches have more resources & support than ever before. Laurie & Dan have been married for a few decades, with 3 grown children, an amazing son-in-law, and a very busy puppy named Pesto. They all live in Tucson, AZ where the sun is almost always shining!

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Modern Abstract Dancing Couple Sculpture

Capture The Beauty of Motion With This Conversation Starter

Totally artistic and elegant, this dancing couple sculpture is sure to be a conversation started among your guests. Perfectly capturing the loving motions of dance, this romantic couple would look great on the gift table, dessert table, or any guest table!

Made from a strong and durable resin material and completely hand-made, these figures are just under a foot tall and comes in just under $30.

Handwoven Boho Hanging Macrame

Decorations For Pews For A Church Wedding Img 7118

Give Your Church A Boho Makeover With This Stylish Backdrop

Most churches have boring backdrops spice it up with this boho macrame. Approximately 59 wide by 78 long, this unique hand-knotted macrame makes any setting beautiful and boho.

Make a statement with this piece and were sure it will be the talk of the ceremony. You can use this at the altar, head table, cake table, or just about anywhere, and its that versatility we love!

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The Sad Truth About The Church Fellowship Hall

The Church Multi-Purpose Room is neglected and only half loved.

Multi-purpose means not for any one purpose.

If yours is dirty, dingy or beat up, join the club! The room we use most in a church often has the least personality.

It looks ready for a dodgeball game, rather than the bridal shower happening this weekend.

So lets tackle it.

My ultimate dream in our Fellowship Hall is a Big Red Button for Instant Transformation!

Push the Big Red Button and BAMM! the bright, stark, multipurpose room transforms into a dimly lit, veiled environment, perfect for reflection and prayer.

Push it again, and BAMM! Its fun and bright and ready for a familys baby shower celebration.

Push it again, and BAMM! Its all set for community, potluck, and conversation.

Unfortunately, I dont have a Big Red Button. So Im going to give you the next best thing.

String Lights And Flower Bundles On Chairs

Tie string lights over the aisle to add a cozy feel to the ceremony. This boho Tennessee wedding had rustic barrels at the end of the aisle, while tiny flower bouquets rested on the backs of white ceremony chairs. The minimal aisle decor draws the eye straight to the flower-adorned branch arch.

Photo by Hailley Howard Photography

This aisle was lined in ferns and surrounded by white flowers. At this wedding upstate, it gave way to a semi-circular altar of white delphinium, larkspur, snapdragons, and wild ferns.

Use potted plants so you can easily move decor from the ceremony to reception to save on your flower budget.

Photo by Cacá Santoro Photography

When you’re walking down an aisle of cement, you want to add some warmth to it. These candles, greens, and single blooms do the trick. If budget is an issue, another option is to only place the installation at the start. “There is a special place in my heart for floral and/or candle holders,” says Heflin Cordero. “When placed at the base of the aisle, they not only make for great photos, but they are the first thing guests see so you get the immediate wow-factor without having to decorate the entire aisle.”

Photo by Erich McVey

Play up the height in your aisle décor. At this destination wedding in Capri, the bride created her very own ceremony setting, complete with flower-wrapped trees and a rug-lined aisle.

Photo by Sposto Photography

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Having Your Wedding At A Church Doesn’t Mean You Have To Eliminate Dcor

If you’ve decided to have your wedding ceremony at a church, here are the easiest ways to incorporate your design aesthetic into the original styling of the house of worship

Though one of the most popular wedding trends as of late is to have an outdoor wedding, there are still thousands of couples who choose to keep with tradition and exchange vows at a church wedding. If you’ve decided to have your wedding ceremony at a church whether the house of worship you grew up attending, your current sanctuary, or a gorgeous church in a new destination, you’ll be faced with two options: decorate minimally to accentuate the ornate design of the cathedral, or work with your wedding designer to add complementary décor to the space to really create a wow-factor with church wedding decorations. If you decide the latter, discuss the rules regarding decorations with church administrators first. Next, start thinking about how you can incorporate your design aesthetic into the original styling of the house of worship.

Save Money On Ceremony Decorations At A Church

Affordable Wedding Decor Ideas for Church Ceremony – Table Skirting

1. Use Your Venues DecorationsIf youre getting married in a church, see what decorations they have for you to use. Many have candelabras which can add sophistication to your ceremony. Also, you may not have to decorate at all if you plan to get married during Christmas or Easter time when churches are already adorned with flowers and greenery.

2. Use Candles Instead of FlowersCandles are a lot cheaper than wedding flower arrangements, and can often be more romantic. Use them at the altar, to line the aisle , or even in place of bouquets.

3. Get Some Potted PlantsIn the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, they lined the aisle of the beautiful Westminster Abbey with big, potted trees creating an English garden atmosphere. You can do something similar by bringing some potted plants from home or borrowing a few from a friend.

4. Buy Lots of TulleThere are so many fun things that you can do with tulle to decorate, but here are two of my favorites. The first thing you can do is create a canopy effect with the tulle. Have a few friends hang some from the center of the ceiling and then drape it down to the corners of the altar or stage. To complement the tulle canopy, use tulle to make bows to put on the pews or rows of chairs.

5. Decorate the Altar OnlyIf you have a beautiful wedding venue already, there is no need to go overboard with your decorations. Perhaps all you need is a simple arrangement at the altar.

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Church Members Get Priority

Make sure you understand the rules and regulations of the church where you want to have your ceremony. In some cases, a church will only host a wedding if the bride and/or groom are a member of the church. If a church is willing to host non-member couples, you may be put on a waiting list or be expected to make an additional donation.

Rustic Wedding Decoration Ideas


Got an ugly wall that needs covering or just want to make a cute rustic feature? Stack wooden crates on top of each other it can be only a couple, you dont need to do a whole wall! and fill some of the gaps with flowers and others with cute decorations like a lantern.

We adore these vintage wooden apple crates which have real character to them.

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How To Decorate A Church For A Wedding: 7 Creative Ways

There are 7 important elements to know for those who want to learn how to decorate a church for a wedding themselves. If you dont want to hire a decorator, its possible to prepare the church for the wedding ceremony not just for aesthetics but to also make it more appropriate for the ceremony.

But more than preparing the wedding church, you must also know the etiquette of the religious officiant. Please read how much to pay a priest for a wedding as well.

Elegant Roman Column Pillars

Pin on Wedding Decoration

Take Your Church Wedding Decoration Game To The Next Level

These beautiful roman columns can be adorned with flowers, lighting, ivy garlands, candles, and much much more! The creative approach you can take with them is endless.

There is some assembly required, and they come in sets of two. Made out of high quality and durable plastic, they feel much sturdier than they look and can hold some serious weight.

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Lights To Set The Mood

I am a worship director with more candles & lights in my office than music. I have white Christmas lights, fairy lights, clip on lights.

Plus Candles galore: Votives, tapers, tealights. Large and small. Real wicks and battery powered. All well-loved and well-used.

Im not preparing for a national disaster. Im just ready to quickly change environments for maximum impact!

Average Church Wedding Cost

Matter of fact, a church wedding cost nothing. A wedding ceremony under God is not for sale. But theres a thing call donation. Although it allows the couple to use the church grounds for some hours, its still a donation. For couples who grew up or are regular members in the church, the fee could be none to minimal. It says at an average of $200.

Other couples whore not members spend between $400 to $2000 for a church ceremony.

Getting married in a church costs $1000 on average.

A small church of 100 people capacity may cost between $100 to $300. For synagogues that can take about 250 people, the average cost is $400 to $700. Large cathedrals that can take 300 people and above cost between $800 to $3000. These average prices vary in the city you live in and the type of church you want to get married in.

Yet, anyhow you look at it, it is way cheaper than halls and ballrooms for the ceremony. This is without the fee of the organist, maybe officiant, decor and any other necessities you need. But no matter how much all these costs, it remains cheaper than outside of the church.

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How To Decorate A Church For A Wedding Ceremony

Chances are, your church wedding decorations will be as unique as you and your partner. The options are truly limitless when it comes to the vision you have for your wedding. Perhaps you’re envisioning a church decked in tulle with tons of glowing candles. Or maybe it’s a rustic affair that’s capturing your imagination, with natural materials like burlap and wood. Either way, your church wedding decorations should take into account the overall wedding theme you’ve chosen you want your ceremony to flow seamlessly into your reception.

Some of our favorite wedding ideas? Start with the church’s entrance. This area will introduce your guests to your wedding. A beautiful wedding flower arrangement or garland will set the tone. And an on-trend sign that sports your wedding colors is a great addition as well . Your next opportunity to add a dash of elegance is with a simple yet beautiful program basket. These items, along with decorations for your church pews and the altar will ensure your ceremony will be totally photo-worthy.

Need some additional decoration ideas? We’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful church wedding decorations that are totally on-trend this wedding season. So whether you’re looking for wedding aisle decorations, pew bows, or a way to dress up your altar for your big day, we’ve got everything you’ll need right here.

Aisle Stairs With Blue Runner

Wedding Decorations & Themes : Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

This Aspen wedding didn’t need much decor with that gorgeous mountain view as a backdrop. With stairs for an aisle, a bold blue runner led all the way down to the circle of lush greens that made the ceremony arch. The color of the runner goes perfectly with the blue of the mountains and sky.

At this greenhouse ceremony, lines of potted greens fit with the setting perfectly. The greenery throughout the ceremony casts a spotlight on the all-white altar.

A gravel aisle paved the way down the grassy yard for this intimate Tuscany wedding. The ceremony was kept to lush greens and fresh white blooms. To focus the attention on the chuppah, the couple purposefully kept the aisle flower-free.

Photo by Jennifer Emerling

Another trendy aisle for the win right here. Persian rugs are all the rageand this photo is further evidence why.

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What Is A Good Budget For Church Wedding Decorations

There is no such thing as a good budget for church wedding decorations, as it really is a case of individual budget constraints and personal choice. Its good to look at the decoration budget as a whole and then drill down into the different areas that need decorating on the day then allocate the budget out accordingly. A budget of $200 should be able to get you some décor to pep up the church but this figure should be used as a guide depending on what you are looking for.

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