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How To Decorate A Church For A Wedding

Small Church And Large Church: Different Arrangements

Simple Church Wedding Decorating Ideas

Each church is different. A church may have more light or less, a single nave or three, be Romanesque or Baroque. In Italy, every church is beautiful. The largest and most famous ones have their historical and artistic charm, the smaller ones have an atmosphere that smells of simplicity and romance.Lets see together what features they have and how they can be decorated for your wedding.

The small church and the church in the countrysideSmall churches are usually located in rural contexts, surrounded by nature, a forest, a meadow or set in small towns timeless.

The advantage of these small jewels is the fact that they are very simple structures that can be decorated with few but very suggestive elements.

The big churches or the cathedralsIn case of a large church or a cathedral, things get a little more complex, because the grandeur in itself, the heights and the presence of chapels, niches, arches and aisles require more demanding installations. But with a few tricks, you can find solutions that give a really nice and rich effect.

Working With The Space

One of the most important things when decorating your ceremony is to work with the space itself. Here, the wedding is in a very large and already ornate church, so the couple decided to keep their own decor minimal, with just collections of white flowers.

The space may be lined with colored carpet, in which case you dont want any of your decor to clash. This bride chose a red ribbon to match the red aisle runner it ended up paying off for a beautiful monochromatic flair.

If your space features gorgeous and ornate stained glass, then you might want to cut down on bringing your own decor. This bride went for simple candles to complement the space, which was the right choice, as the royal blue of the windows makes enough of a statement on its own.

Frame The Entry With Florals

It’s possible that magnificent historic architecture doesn’t require much in the way of embellishment. Even though, if you choose, you can always include some striking flowers. Now is the chance to make that statement entry you’ve always wanted to make. Create a magnificent church entrance by combining large and little flowers.

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Simple Church Wedding Decorations That Look Amazing

There are many cheap ways to decorate a small church for your wedding and transform dull to glam without spending big bucks. Church wedding decoration ideas on a budget shouldnt mean you need to skimp on quality, it only means youre shopping smarter and thats where we come in.

From small church wedding ideas to Vatican-style megachurches, wedding decorations for a church really depend on your personal style and persona.

Quite often brides and grooms ask themselves and others How should I decorate for a church wedding?. Weve got all the unique ideas you could ever want when it comes to your front of church wedding decorations, wedding aisle runner decorations, and everything in between.

To help you find inspiration on decorating your church for the wedding ceremony, weve put together some simple decorations perfect for any church venue and answer your most frequently asked questions about church weddings!

Decorate The Wedding Arch For The Church Wedding

Wedding Ideas Church Catholic

Do you know that you can also include a wedding arch as a display and decoration at your church wedding? You can put it at the entrance or aisle for added appeal and also as a way to dress up the church for a wedding.

A classic archway for weddings in churches is an oval arch decorated with greenery garlands and white flowers. But for a more rustic look, especially with aged churches, use a wooden arch.

The wedding arch will be one of your backdrops for wedding photos, including the brides entrance and the exit of the newlyweds. Just make sure to talk to the church if adding this element is acceptable beforehand.

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Create A Floral Backdrop

Many religious buildings, including the renowned Templo de San Cayetano, have gained notoriety for their stunning design and lavish use of gold. Don’t be afraid to put your own stamp on things, even if you’re getting married in a stunning cathedral. Just use some foliage and some plain white flowers as a backdrop, and you’ll have yourself a show stopper!

What Decorations Are Needed For A Church Wedding

Church wedding decorations vary greatly from wedding to wedding and there are no set rules on what you must or mustnt include. Simple church decoration styles include small pew ends and some decoration as you enter the church as well as surrounding the area you will get married in towards the front of the church. But more elaborate Church decoration ideas include candle lights, swathes of beautiful fabric and other props to create ambience in the church surroundings. Wedding aisle runners to bring the look together seamlessly. Ultimately, the Church wedding decorations you choose should be a reflection of you as a couple and the overall feel of the day itself and you dont have to break the bank to achieve it.

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Church Decorations For Wedding Ceremony

Keep in mind that there will be certain restrictions when it comes to church wedding decorations, as with most wedding venues. Be sure to speak with whomever is in charge of the building to determine what you can and cannot decorate and so on.

Of course, you can purchase elaborate decorations for a church wedding online or at your local party supply store. However, one of the best things about church weddings is that they dont have to be over-the-top. You can use a variety of church decorations for wedding from flowers to ribbons to lanterns.

One of the best things about church weddings is that most likely already have a stunning venue so can just add to that. If you have permission, you can decorate the outside of the church as well as the inside.

Think About What Decorations You Want To Use

Wedding Planning & Decorating Tips : How to Decorate a Church Alter for a Wedding

Flowers are the first decorative element that comes to mind. What else can you use?

An expert advises: Rose petals are a frequent addition to decorations. Scattered on the carpet or along the alley, they are a beautiful transition for the newlyweds. We are also happy to use stands for flower arrangements, which can be placed both at the altar and at the chairs of the Bride and Groom, or in front of the entrance to the Church.

Another decorative element are wreaths made of greenery or with the addition of flowers, which can be an alternative to bouquets at the benches. A popular decorative element last season were also plaques with the Hymn to Love, which can be placed along the road to the altar.

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Beautiful Church Wedding Decorations That Will Elevate Your Day

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If you’re holding your wedding ceremony in a church, you’ll automatically benefit from its architectural beauty. But that doesn’t mean you should skip the church wedding decorations. With just a few small details, you can elevate your ceremony from basic to beautiful. When , start with the church’s already-there decor, and then go from there. There’s no need to overdo your wedding ceremony decorationsyour goal should be to enhance your wedding venue’s natural appearance, not hide it with lots of fussy decoration ideas. A talented floral designer will likely know how best to decorate the church, and you can add a few details, as well.

How To Decorate A Church Wedding

Image by Sophia Veres Photography. See more of this real wedding here.

Regardless of your wedding size, budget, or chosen venue, there are endless decor options that can infuse your big day with personality. Hosting a traditional wedding doesnt mean youre bound to strict or boring rules. There are ways to decorate a traditional venuelike a churchin a unique way that still preserves the natural charm.

To help navigate the ins and outs of church wedding decorations, weve compiled top-notch decor ideas and tips thatll transform an ordinary simple space into a dreamy wedding venue. Get ready to take your church ceremony to the next level!

Before gathering inspiration here are our top threetips for decorating your church wedding:

  • Finalize a wedding budget thats comfortable for you and your significant other
  • Most churches have venue coordinators on staff. Meet with them to discuss any rules the church has in place for wedding decor
  • Ask the church coordinator if they have a lookbook for previous weddings that have taken place there. This is a great way to get starting inspiration

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Go Green And Add Succulents

Throwing down succulent flower petals is one of the most cost effective ways to decorate your church wedding as buying succulents in bulk is super cheap! Make it extra-fun by mixing the petals of your and your partners favorite succulents for an added unique touch.

Since most church weddings are inside, it is important to purchase indoor friendly succulents so that they still look great on your big day!

Modern Abstract Dancing Couple Sculpture

Pin by VP Flowers on Pew End Ideas

Capture The Beauty of Motion With This Conversation Starter

Totally artistic and elegant, this dancing couple sculpture is sure to be a conversation started among your guests. Perfectly capturing the loving motions of dance, this romantic couple would look great on the gift table, dessert table, or any guest table!

Made from a strong and durable resin material and completely hand-made, these figures are just under a foot tall and comes in just under $30.

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Elegant Chairs And Gorgeous Flowers

Image : Shutterstock

This quite simply gorgeous church decoration features beautifully decorated chairs and exquisite flower arrangements that really bring the already beautiful insides right to life. The green in the flowers adds freshness to the overall wedding white theme, and the well lit cathedral makes for a very pretty overall picture.

How Much Does It Cost To Decorate A Church For A Wedding In Total

The cost of church wedding decorations varies from couple to couple and church to church. Some small handmade pew ends using flowers from your garden and recycled jams jars could costs as little as $20 for the whole set up, while a staggering floral display with candles and fabric could set you back thousands of dollars! Review your total budget, as well as how much you are preparing to spend on decoration as whole to make sure you dont overspend and throw the whole day into turmoil!

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What Are The Church Wedding Dcor Ideas To Inspire Your Own

Even if having an outdoor wedding is one of the most popular recent trends, millions of couples still opt to exchange vows in a church. Let’s say you’ve settled on a church for your wedding ceremony. This may be the place of worship where you were married as a child, the place of worship where you currently worship, or a stunning church in a far-off locale. You can either decorate modestly to draw attention to the cathedral’s gorgeous architecture, or you can work with your wedding designer to add complementary decorations to the room to create a wow factor with church wedding decorations. If the latter is the case, you should consult the church leaders about the regulations concerning decorations. As a next step, consider how you may update the church to reflect your personal taste in design without drastically altering its classic ambience.

Your wedding church does not have to be a huge cathedral to look elegant and luxurious. To save money on your church wedding decorations without sacrificing quality, use our resources.

It’s possible that picking the location of your wedding ceremony is the most crucial component of the whole process. After all, it is there that you and your future spouse will exchange your wedding vows. While there is no shortage of picturesque beachside locations or hip, up-to-date halls in which to exchange your vows, it is customary to do so at a place of worship.

Do You Have To Decorate A Church For Weddings

How to Make a Church Pew Wedding Decoration

There is no need to decorate the church if you dont want to. You may have chosen the venue because you liked the look of it without wedding decoration so its really up to you. However, that said, most guests enjoy arriving and seeing even a small amount of décor as a hint towards the rest of the wedding day.

Closing Thoughts

So now youre all set to take care of the wedding party favors for your guests, bringing you one step closer to your big day! Heres to wishing you much love and happiness!

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Elegant Church Wedding Decoration Ideas For 2022

From quaint chapels in the countryside to towering Catholic cathedrals, church wedding decor is an elegant way to reflect your wedding theme. Even though a church ceremony is quite traditional, you may be wondering how to uniquely decorate a church for your wedding ceremony. the good news is that you can still maintain a fresh, modern vibe in your church wedding venue that speaks to yours and your future spouses styles. Another bonusfrom the altar to the pews to the aisles, you have no shortage of spots to beautify. No matter how big or small your church of choice is, put your own spin on the space with greenery , signage, lanterns, and more. Check out these elegant church wedding decoration ideas and get inspired.

Entrance Decorations

Images Via: The Ty The Barn / Whimsical Wonderland Weddings / Wedding Forward / One Fab Day

How To Decorate A Church For A Wedding: 7 Creative Ways

There are 7 important elements to know for those who want to learn how to decorate a church for a wedding themselves. If you dont want to hire a decorator, its possible to prepare the church for the wedding ceremony not just for aesthetics but to also make it more appropriate for the ceremony.

But more than preparing the wedding church, you must also know the etiquette of the religious officiant. Please read how much to pay a priest for a wedding as well.

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Exterior Church Decoration Ideas

Your church wedding decorations aren’t complete without a sign that proudly proclaims your ceremony. This beautifully handcrafted sign from Minted makes a great choice. It’s available in three prominent sizes and is perfect for resting on an easel or hangingwhichever works for your setting. Choose from eight chic colors for the background.

Minted Villa large custom sign, from $20,

When it comes to church wedding decorations, don’t forget about the entrance to the church! It’s the first thing wedding guests will see on your special day, so a little something is needed to spruce it up. This beautiful wreath makes a great optionit’s adorned with an array of white and pink flowers nestled among a swath of greenery for a pretty, cheery start to your ceremony.

Adeeing handmade artificial wreath, $21,

Your guests will know they’ve come to the right place when you hang this chic wooden hoop on the door. This beautifully handcrafted sign displays both your names in the middle in a pretty cursive font.

Innovation Visual custom wooden hoop with wedding names, $25,

Looking for that perfect welcome sign? This one, from Etsy shop Weddings Decor Studio, does the trick! White writing pops against a handsome wooden background on this beautiful, handcrafted sign. It’s available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to display on an easel or hang. Choose a large size to display outside the church, or a smaller size to place next to your program basket.

Stunning Church Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas To Steal

Breathtaking Church Wedding Decorations See more: http://www ...

If you set your mind to have a church wedding, then you must be interested in church wedding decorations. Planning a church wedding can be really challenging. Different from outdoor weddings with great view and romance, churches are not built for glamour and beauty, they are places for solemn prays instead. So you may really need some tips on how to decorate your church wedding. Here we make a great list of the fabulous church wedding decorations you will heart. Despite the restrictions, you will find a way to bring festive and glamour into it. Go ahead and pick up for your church wedding.

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