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What Does A Wedding Planner Do For You

If You Don’t Have The Time To Plan A Wedding

What does a wedding planner ACTUALLY do? | The essential value points in hiring a wedding planner

Here’s the deal: Planning a wedding is a lot of work. Even if you’re the planner in your friend group or have a Type A personality, wedding planning is a big undertakingand one you might not actually have the time for. “Until someone plans a wedding, they do not have any idea how much work and time it takes,” Meyer says. “It’s easy to think, ‘I can do this quickly and easily,’ but the reality is nothing good is done quickly or without work.” That’s where a wedding planner can help. They do this for a living, which means they’re going to devote all of their effort and energy to helping you, and they’ll be able to bring their expertise to the table .

Why is wedding planning so much work? “One wedding can have up to 20 vendors and take over a year to plan, which means thousands of emails, hundreds of phone calls, countless venue visits and meetingsit’s a full time job to plan a wedding,” Meyer says. “If couples have time, they can totally plan a wedding on their own, but if time is limited, hiring a planner would be the best way to go.”

Create A Marketing Plan

Whether you want to be an independent planner, part of an agency, or anything in between, your business will have a hard time taking off without the right marketing plan. Just like wedding venue marketing, wedding planner marketing is all about understanding what couples want and then reaching those couples on the channels that they use. Here are a few tips:

Learn Positive And Effective Communication Skills

Have a clear understanding of what you want in life. Then, express your wants and needs clearly to the people around you. If they are not able to help, ask for an explanation why not so that you have time to identify another path forward or a new approach altogether.

This will improve relationships with all other parties involved, further contributing towards improved productivity within the business environment.

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What To Expect During The Planning Process

This is where we get to see what it is exactly that they do to help the planning get moving and stay moving.

Day-Of-Wedding Planners

For those who choose day-of-coordinators, this type of wedding planner helps to make your wedding day run smoothly, but does not help with the rest of the planning beforehand.

Depending on the coordinator, they will generally reach out to all of your vendors to touch base and give them a run down and schedule of what will be happening during your wedding.

At the time of your wedding, wedding planners are like a stage manager, telling each person where and when to walk, where vendors need to be at what time, they are always prepared to put out metaphorical fires, and of course they watch out for those unruly guests and anyone who might not belong. Theyre a fantastic help for brides who just want to sit back and relax!

How To Find Your Purpose In Life

Wedding Do

According to a survey, 74% of people dont know what their purpose in life is. The purpose of life is very important, and it has a significant impact on the quality of life. Finding your purpose in life is the most important thing in your life.

People who have a clear idea about their purpose in life are satisfied with their lives. The main purpose of life is to live healthy and happy lives.

However, there are some simple steps you can take to find your purpose in life. These steps will help you understand what you want from life and help you live a meaningful life.

You can use these steps to understand what you want from life and find your purpose in life.

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Event Management/month Of Coordination

Your budget may not allow for a planner to walk you through every step but having someone to run your wedding day is very important. You, your wedding party and your mom will be busy getting ready and enjoying the day and you will not want to have to break to set up the tables or centerpieces. This is where a coordinator steps in. They will take over logistics and communications in the busy weeks leading up to your wedding and then ensure that the wedding day runs smoothly.

A coordinator can come in and review your contracts, details and needs. They can point out any holes in the planning and assist you in fixing those before wedding day arrives. Your coordinator can manage the little logistics and free you up to enjoy time with your family and friends.

How To Become A Wedding Planner In 8 Simple Steps

Wedding planning is one of the toughest jobs in the events industry. Its also one of the most important, as well as one of the most rewarding. Planners oversee almost every aspect of the wedding timeline. Theyre in charge of doing everything they can to ensure that a couples wedding is everything they expect it to be and more.

Being in the wedding and event industry has its challenges, but there is nothing better than seeing months and months of hard work come together to create the most perfect wedding day, wrote Denise Ferdinand of the Fairy Godmother Wedding & Event Planning Company in a post on their website. Watching all the hard work unfold is one of the most rewarding experiences that this business has to offer. In this business you continuously get closer to your clients and that is what makes their wedding so special and unique, watching your work bring your clients dreams to life is such a magical feeling.

Want to learn how to become a wedding planner? Keep reading! In this post, we go over the steps you can take to get started, as well as things you can do once you get your feet off the ground. We also answer a handful of frequently asked questions about wedding planning.

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What Do Partial And Day

In contrast, partial coordination or day-of coordination options only include a fraction of the services provided by a full-service wedding planner.

A partial wedding coordinator typically enters the picture within a month of your wedding. With little to no insight into your vision, they step in once you have completed the majority of the design and planning. They offer no advice on vendors and rentals, the wording of your stationery, explanations on how rooms blocks work, or other important details. They help execute the day of timeline and implement the floor plans and design youve already developed but dont have any insider information as to how the plan was created or the vision behind the entire wedding experience.

Day-of wedding planners are responsible for keeping a schedule on your wedding day. Rather than visionaries, they are simply order takers who work behind the scenes. Without insight into the vision behind a couples dream wedding day, partial wedding planners can only provide a surface level of support without the expertise or insight to pull together a high-end wedding.

Whether youve been dreaming of your wedding for years and know every detail, or you have no clue where to start, only a full-service wedding planner who has become your partner throughout the wedding planning journey understands your vision for your dream wedding and can be trusted to design, build, and execute every element of your wedding accordingly.

If You Want To Be Intentional About Who You Hire

Do You Really Need a Wedding Planner The MUST HAVE for DIY Wedding Planning

At The Knot, we believe your wedding should be a reflection of who you are. There’s no better way to live out your values than being intentional about who you give your business to. “Couples should align with planners who share the same values as them,” Meyer says. “At Jove Meyer Events, we prioritize collaborating with fellow small businesses owned and operated primarily by women, people of color and queer people.”

Who you spend your wedding budget on may seem like a small detail, but it can make a big difference. “By working with us and the vendors we partner with, you’re putting your money towards uplifting others who have historically been ignored or mistreated,” Meyer explains. “Hiring vendors with intention can make your wedding a more meaningful and powerful experience for those beyond your guests and yourself, you can change the life of others by hiring with purpose, not just those that are popular or cool!”

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What Do Wedding Planners Provide

Wedding planners are well versed in the details of the wedding industry. They have a keen eye for contracts and working with vendors, taking away the guesswork in decision-making and for advising on what often works and what doesnt.

A wedding designer, often confused with a wedding planner brings an artistic eye to the table:

  • Choosing venue decor
  • Selecting the theme and style
  • Managing the overall color scheme

Wedding planners can guide these choices based on their experience but focus in on the logistics of arranging their services based on your decisions. The services they provide include:

Budget | Pre-wedding Events | Stationery | | Etiquette | Food | Fashion | Entertainment | | Mediation | Day-of | Misc.

What To Expect When First Meeting Your Planner

When you meet your potential wedding planner for the first time, youre going to have loads of fun! You get to tell someone who truly cares, all about your dreams, ideas, and desires for your big dayyour planner will ask you lots of questions so that she can really get to know you and your partner.

The wedding planner will ask you about things like your budget, guest count, absolute must havessuch as valet, alcohol, outdoor location, etc.

He or she will also ask what color scheme youre going for, how many are in your bridal party, and more.

All of this will help them to tap into their resources so they can contact the appropriate vendors and venues to meet your specific needs and desires for your big day.

In all, meeting your wedding planner will be a fun time where you and your future husband or wife get to vision-cast with someone who is equally excited and will get your wheels turning for more amazing ideas to incorporate into your wedding ceremony and creating a fun reception.

The planner will offer different packages to meet your needs, and the most common is day-of and full-service planning, which includes day-of-coordination. Well look into both of those as we dive further into this article.

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Your Wedding Coordinator Will Not Clean Your Reception Venue

Clean up after a wedding can be designated to a variety of individuals. The venue themselves will have a fair amount of responsibilities after an event and what they handle internally as well as what they expect clients to have taken care of by other professionals or friends and family will vary by venue and is always spelled out in your venue contract. Major event strike items like breaking down chairs and tables or sweeping/mopping are never a coordinator’s responsibility and generally fall under the responsibility of the venue staff. However, some venues, in an effort to be more budget friendly, state in their contract that these tasks are the responsibility of the client – in which case they will either offer an option to have their staff provide these services for a small additional fee or expect you to delegate someone to take care of the tasks.

Should I Become A Wedding Planner

Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist  Catching Up With Claire

There is indeed something very special about being able to help engaged couples plan the wedding of their dreams. Quite often, however, those who say they would like to become a wedding planner base this opinion on only having planned their own wedding, and see this job through rose coloured glasses. They typically donât realize the time, effort, and organizational skills that are required to manage multiple weddings at the same time.

If you are seriously considering pursing this career but aren’t 100% sure it’s the right fit for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Are you passionate about every aspect of a wedding?

There are many elements that have to come together in order to have a successful wedding, and you need to be interested in all of them. These include the venue, the food, the cake, the flowers, the favors, the music, the DJ, the photography, the videography, the wedding dress, the tuxedos, the transportation, and the decorations. Clients can detect if you aren’t genuinely excited about a particular aspect of the wedding planning and this can have a negative impact on your business.

Are you able to adapt quickly to last-minute changes?

Can you be kind and compassionate, yet stern when necessary?

Do you have excellent attention to detail?

Do you have excellent organizational skills?

Are you willing to be hands-on?

Wedding Planners are also known as:Wedding ConsultantBridal Consultant

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How Does A Guest List Affect My Wedding Planning Cost

Unless budget isnt a concern, couples will need to decide to work on a guest list fairly early on in the planning process. It may not be realistic to invite 200 or more guests, and the more invited, the bigger the expense and how it may affect location and plans. Choose those relationships you value most to begin your guest list with. These are the people you will want to share your special day with. Then let your budget dictate how many you include from your outer circle of friends.

Unfortunately, some people may have to be backups or left off the list entirely, simply because it can easily cost $100+ per person, depending on food and beverage options. When in doubt, sometimes its easier just to let friends and family know that you plan to keep the occasion smaller and more intimate. This will help to avoid confusion and hurt feelings if someone must be left out.

Your Wedding Coordinator Will Not Return Rented Clothing Items For You

So, we have no problem returning a cake stand to the baker for you, or the votives that the florist used in the tablescapes, but we won’t save your friends and family the hassle of returning tuxes? What gives?!? Late fees & damages, that’s what.

The baker and the florist typically don’t have late fees in place that designate a specific return time for their items or super stiff penalties into the hundreds and hundreds of dollars for damaged items–suit rental groups do. Since your fiance, father, groomsmen etc. rented their suits, they are financially responsible for returning them at the correct time and in the proper condition. Transferring responsibility to your coordinator can lead to problems if any of the suits is returned in less than pristine condition or if we are unable to get them back to the rental group until later in the week. It’s simply a duty best left to the individuals who rented the items in the first place.

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