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How Much Is A Dj For A Wedding

How Do You Create The Perfect Dj Playlist For A Wedding

How much does a wedding DJ Cost?

The key thing here is to make sure that you are happy to trust your DJ.

Give your wedding DJ a list of your all time favourite tracks, but be prepared for them to use their knowledge and expertise to keep everyone on the dance floor happy.

Firstly, I always ask the customer what music they like. Everyone is different, as are peoples taste in music. I always give the happy couple first dibs on which types of music or what song choices they would like for their wedding.

The perfect DJ playlist isnt really out there, but knowing how to read a crowd and get them on the dance floor comes from that knowledge and experience.

You can play the same venue twice, at the same time of year, to a similar number of people but the odds are both audiences may well enjoy two totally different sets of music!

Do You Have To Tip The Wedding Dj

Great DJs can gauge the mood of a wedding and know what songs fit the moment best. They are very significant at weddings and deserve a tip for a job well done. In normal situations, a DJ gets tipped between 10% to 15% of its total charge. Never go below 10%.

  • Research
  • Do your research. Check out a list of DJs in your area online, their websites, videos, song lists, and see what they have to offer. This will give you an idea of whats out there, and where you should start.

  • What do you want?
  • Consider what you want. Are you looking for country music, classic, RnB? Only certain DJs would have the particular style and ambiance you are looking to create. This should also help you narrow down your search.

  • Have a face to face meeting
  • Once youve decided on which DJ or DJs might be perfect for your day, have a meeting so you can connect, and respond to the slew of questions that you might have.

  • Rate their experience
  • The feedback you get from the DJ should give you an idea on how much experience they have in this area. Ask which events they have managed lately, how long theyve been in the business and what type of reviews that they receive.

  • Check out their equipment
  • Equipment is vital in this line of work, and depending on the size of your venue, youre going to want speakers that can accommodate it. So ask about the quality of their equipment and also ask to see them if possible.

  • Make sure they understand your needs
  • Do they have a backup?
  • Check their music selection
  • Are The More Expensive Los Angeles Djs Worth The Extra Cost

    Think of shopping around for a Los Angeles wedding DJ as something similar to shopping for a new car. There are several different options. You can buy a brand new Ford Prius for $24,525 or a McLaren Speedtail for $2,250,000 . Any car you purchase will serve as a mode of transportation. The experience, however, is going to be very different depending on your decision. The same goes for hiring a Los Angeles wedding DJ.

    If you have ever attended a high-end wedding, the experience is very different from a simple wedding done in a backyard. At a higher end wedding, the venue usually has stunning architecture and beautiful lighting that brings the space to life. They also provide top notch service that leaves your guests impressed. All of this increases the chances of the outcome you desire on your big day. Can you have a fun wedding in a backyard with an inexperienced DJ that isnt comfortable on the mic, and only provides tacky/cheap lighting? Absolutely! Is it also possible for an inexperienced surgeon to successfully perform surgery in a basement without advanced tools, the latest devices, assistance, and technology. The experience and the extras make the outcome you want much more likely. Why not have an experience that is better in just about every way? It all depends on what you want, what you can afford, and how important it is to get the results you desire on your wedding day.


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    What Equipment Do I Need To Provide

    Wedding DJs will usually have their own decks, high-quality PA sound system, microphones, and many have disco lighting. The quality of their gear makes a big difference to the quality of the sound and experience they createmore expensive DJs are often the ones who have better equipment, with this investment in quality and experience reflected in their cost.

    Always check with the DJ whether they need extra equipment for their performance, as often your wedding venue may be able to provide additional lights or PA speakers to enhance the experience.

    Its important to check your venues license details they may have a cut-off time at which music will have to stop. In addition, its a good idea to ask the venue if they require the DJ to provide proof of Portable Appliance Testing for any electrical equipment brought on site. An up-to-date PAT certificate proves that equipment has been checked for safety within the last year.

    How Much Does A Dj Cost For 4 Hours

    How Much Does it Cost for a Wedding DJ

    The average DJ cost for a wedding reception that lasts about 4 hours runs around $600 to $1,200 with most DJ companies charging $200 per hour. This rate varies according to where you’re getting married and the experience level of your DJ. Make sure to discuss the DJ’s setup time and tear-down time to get an accurate estimation of the price.

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    What Are The Factors That Affect The Cost Of A Dj

    The most difficult hurdle anyone faces when comparing the cost of a wedding DJ to other disc jockeys in that area is figuring out if two DJs are even comparable, to begin with. In any given area, the price of a wedding DJ ranges from extremely low to quite high . With such a wide range, we needed to figure out the best way to compare prices. Ultimately, we determined that how much a DJ costs in a given area is determined by three main factors Date/Time/Location , Equipment, and Client Expectations.

    Heres A List Of Djs You Can Book For Your Wedding: Part 1

    Getting options for your wedding music can be a daunting task if you dont know where to start. Lucky for you, Bride and Breakfast is here to help! DJs are popular for wedding receptions, and were listing some below who can surely get the good vibes going on your big day. We hope this helps, and stay tuned for the next one!

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    Are You Booking Your Dj Directly Or Through A Dj Agency

    Yes, this factor determines the cost. The reason for this is that a booking agency will add a fee on top of the DJs fee. So the average cost for a wedding reception is $1500 through a smaller DJ agency. If you book from a larger DJ agency the starting price is usually $2,000. These prices do not necessarily include travel time or set up and breakdown although often it is all included in the price. A full PA system is also included in this price. You might just have additional sales tax to add. Of course if you add ceremony or cocktail hour the overall price will be higher.

    Now, if you book your DJ directly and NOT through a DJ agency, you might be able to get your DJ for as low as $1,000 for your wedding reception. Since now there isnt an additional finders fee you could haggle a bit more. That said, you would need to have a good referral for this DJ and trust that they have trusted equipment not to mention the ability to provide a Certificate of Insurance which many venues require. So proceed with caution and make sure you know what to ask your DJ.

    What Questions Should I Ask When Hiring A Wedding Dj

    How much should you charge to DJ a party or Wedding

    Hiring a DJ for your wedding is about more than simply checking that they’re available on the right day and suit your budget. You need to select a trustworthy professional who shares your musical tastes and understands your style.

    Beyond the standard DJ hire cost, some of the most important questions you should ask a potential DJ are:

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    Things To Consider When Hiring A Dj

    Although itâs good to have an indication of the average price to hire a DJ, there are quite a few considerations to think about that will impact the overall cost.

    Letâs look into some of them below.

    The Type of Event

    The type of occasion youâre hiring for will have an impact on the DJ price.

    The set up for a wedding often requires more hours both at and outside of the event itself, as well as involving a more personalised touch, so bear this in mind when considering budgets. On the other hand, a childrenâs birthday party might require less time setting up and a smaller set list, so the overall price may be less.

    Are you looking for a full DJ set or perhaps just some background music for a corporate event? The type of entertainment youâre looking for will influence your overall hire costs.

    Number of Guests

    In general, a larger crowd means a wider demographic of people to cater for. A good DJ will be able to read the room and keep the majority engaged, but age ranges and music tastes all need to be considered to keep everyone entertained.

    Also, a bigger audience will mean more equipment and lighting to ensure the aesthetics and sound are of the highest quality, which will have an influence on quotes and pricing.

    The Venue

    The venue and its location will have an effect on pricing. Typically, London as well as other bigger towns and cities in the south-east will see slightly higher costs.

    DJ Experience

    Equipment Requirements

    Hire Time

    The Music

    What Do You Need To Know About A Dj Contract

    Whether you are a professional or freelance DJ or a company that provides sound system service, a contract is a requirement to set out the terms and conditions between the DJ and the client. A DJ Contract is a legal document outlining the terms, conditions, arrangements, and fees agreed by both the client and DJ.

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    How To Choose A Wedding Dj

    Pick a wedding DJ who meets the following requirements:

    • They offer fair prices that fit within your budget.
    • They have a high rating on Thumbtack.
    • They have mostly positive customer reviews.
    • They have a friendly personality.
    • They’re professional and communicative.
    • They’re familiar with the music genre you want them to play at your wedding.

    Additional Equipment Or Services

    How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost? (5 Tips to Save)

    Many DJ companies offer add-on lighting and special effects for use during the wedding ceremony or reception. If your DJ needs to use additional DJ software, create complex special effects, or have access to specialized DJ equipment, it’s likely to increase the price. Heres Afino Entertainment’s pricing for common add-on options:

    • Two CO2 cannons : $600
    • Black lights: $40 per light
    • Custom image projection: $250
    • Fog machine: $200 Costs may also be affected if the couple requests music or sound effects that the DJ has to download or seek out beyond his or her existing music library.

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    Category 3 Wedding Specialist Djs

    First, let me admit that I am naturally biased since Limelight Entertainment falls into this category, but I stand by our pricing for a reason. If your wedding entertainment is important to you, we are the DJ service you want to hire because it is important to us too.

    The primary reason why wedding specialist DJs cost more is simple: experience. These entertainers have seen it all and know how to customize a wedding experience that is perfect for you and your guests.

    With countless weddings under our belt, we can fit any mood from mellow and romantic to eclectic and energetic. We are steps above the rest when it comes to professionalism, performance, and production.

    From start to finish, wedding specialist DJs offer only the best. When you hire a DJ from this category you can expect the best equipment, seasoned voiceover and mixing skills, and extensive music knowledge. For example, I can use my background as both a musician and an audio engineer to take your special day to a whole new level.

    A premium experience comes with a premium price, and your loved ones will thank you for it. These DJs maintains musical prowess through attending industry events and furthering their education in music and composition. A superior DJ can create unique mixes that will enhance your event and keep the energy right where you want it until the very last song.

    But wait, theres more!

    What Are The Benefits Of A Wedding Dj

    Besides helping you find more of the music you love for your wedding, a DJ can keep your wedding reception on schedule so that you can enjoy yourself. While the wedding planner and a few friends can help with itinerary management, the DJ can guide the whole crowd much more easily due to the additional attention they grab using their sound system. They can make announcements, such as the First Dance, at just the right times and change the moods of the crowd quickly according to the type of the music they play.

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    Power Source For Outdoor Weddings: Do You Need A Generator For A Tent Wedding

    How do you plan to source power to your outdoor wedding, be it in a tent or wide-open field? So many wedding elements require power including food, lighting, music and so forth. Even if youre trying to keep things as simple as possible, youll still need to rent at least one generator to power your outdoor wedding.

    Average Wedding Dj Prices

    How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?

    So how much does a wedding DJ cost? According to My Deejay, there are too many variables to offer a single answer to that question. There are, however, trends in certain demographics. Heres the consensus on the average wedding DJ cost:

    • A wedding DJ in a major metro area will run anywhere from $1,600 to $2,200. This is the average cost for a professional DJ with a good reputation. It covers the DJ and equipment for a four- to six-hour wedding reception, but doesnt include lighting and other services.
    • In smaller cities, the average is slightly lower, between $1,400 and $2,000. Again, this is for DJ services and equipment only.
    • In rural areas and cities with a lower cost of living, the price range is somewhat reduced. You can expect to pay $1,000 to $1,600 for the DJ only.

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