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How Much Does A Wedding Tent Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Party Tent

How much does a wedding tent cost

Planning an outdoor tent event comes with a swarm of questions While the most popular being, How much does it cost to rent a party tent? You can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 for a smaller party tent, while some tents can range from $600 to $2,000. In short, the cost of your party tent will depend on a variety of factors.

Were going to breakdown all of the costs you should be aware of, so you can better understand if youre overpaying for your party tent.

How Much Do Wedding Tents Cost

Dreaming of a garden wedding? While the great outdoors can make an amazing scenic backdrop for your wedding ceremony or reception, if your wedding venue requires a tent your wedding tent costs can add up quickly. Those added dollars can put your dream wedding venue over budget if you dont plan accordingly. So, just how much do wedding tents cost? Ive included some general prices below to help get you started as well as questions you should plan on asking a prospective wedding tent company . There are also easy ways to save A LOT of money when it comes to wedding tent cost, so read on!

What You Need to Know When Figuring Out Your Wedding Tent Cost

Wedding Tent Type:

The first thing you should know is that wedding tents are basically broken down into two different types: pole tents and frame tents. While the materials they are made out of as well as their overall shapes/designs can vary widely, you can get a better idea of the style of tent youre looking for by deciding which one of the two you like better. Here are the basic differences:

Pole tents: These tents typically go on grass since they have to be staked. They have at least one center pole but can often have several .

Frame tents: A frame tent is more versatile since it can go on multiple surfaces . Since there are no poles inside the tent, it will give you more square footage inside since you dont have to plan your seating around the poles.

Wedding Tent Size:

Things to remember:

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Tent

Most tents cost from $35 to $1000. Tent cost will vary due to tent size, weight, and features. Deciding on how much money to spend is all about assessing your needs and finding a tent that matches those needs. Although the correlation isnt perfect, youll generally get more tent the more money you spend.

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Other Costs To Consider

In setting up your outdoor event, you would need to consider the weather forecast for the day or week. This can create conflict because the slightest change to the weather may affect the lighting or temperature in the wedding tent.

Tables, chairs, linings, and stages are additional costs that you would like to consider. Its better to stick to one service provider rather than to purchase or rent them separately.

Aside from the wedding tent, you will also be incurring extra fees for sidewalls and flooring if you choose to have them added.

Delivery and setup may also cause additional fees as manpower has to be provided for the setup. Manpower will be used from start up until the end when they would need to uninstall it after your event.

Most Expensive Wedding Features

How much does it cost to rent a tent?

The overall cost of a wedding depends on the scale of the ceremony and reception. While the average cost of a wedding in 2020 was $20,300, this cost can quickly rise as the wedding becomes more extravagant. The most expensive parts of most weddings are costs associated with the reception venue, including the cost of renting materials, including tables and chairs, and serving food or alcohol.

1. Reception venue

The reception venue isn’t typically a single, large cost but a series of above-average expenses that add up quickly, especially if the bridal party opts for a package deal from their venue. Taken in sum, the costs of renting a venue, catering the event and providing other related necessaries makes this feature of weddings the most expensive. Common costs associated with a wedding reception venue include:

2. Engagement ring

There may be more variability in price with engagement rings than almost any other wedding-related expense. The cost of an engagement ring averaged $5,204 per wedding, but the cost of a ring depends on the size and type of stone used, the cut, the manufacturer and other factors that could easily catapult the price of a ring into the tens of thousands of dollars, or even higher.

3. Reception band

4. Photographer

5. Florist and decor

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Wedding Tent

If youre hosting a wedding in an outdoor space, a tent may be a necessity both for your guests comfort and in case of inclement weather. There are many companies that specialize in tent rentals, and the average cost of a tent rental varies widely, but the average starting price for a tent rental in the U.S. is $300. You may also need to pay to reserve a tent in case of bad weather, even if you dont end up using it. If you do use your rental, youll also have to pay for the labor to erect your wedding tent. There are numerous different types of tents to choose from, including clear-top tents, pole tents, marquee tents, and more, plus you may also need to rent utilities, such as generators, heating and cooling units, and even an outdoor catering kitchen, which can certainly add cost. Youll want to work with your tent rental company to determine the best type of tent and any related utilities you will need for your special day.

The Great Outdoors Venue Hidden Costs

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Whether its a sunlight beach, a romantic vineyard, or a simple backyard wedding, there will be hidden costs, as being exposed to nature and the elements always call for extra precautions. Here are some possible extra wedding venue costs for you to consider.

Tents: You have to be prepared for rain or shine, so always have a Plan B. And of course, you will need lighting and decor for the tent to keep in synch with your wedding theme.

Permits: Events held in a public place like a beach or public park often require permits, location fees, and often, insurance. And you most likely will need a permit for that tent as well.

Dance Floor: You dont want people slipping and sliding in the grass or falling on the pavement and getting hurt. And as an added fee, of course, dance floors built over grass require subflooring.

High Powered, Quality Sound System: There is a lot more noise at an outdoor wedding than an indoor one and you dont want anyone to miss out on the toasts and speeches or not be able to enjoy the dance music.

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Should I Choose A Square Or Rectangular Tent

I recommend getting the squarest tent your site allows for two reasons:

  • Your guests will have an easier time mingling, and all will feel included during important parts of the evening like the cake cutting
  • Wider tents have higher ceilings, which look better and do a better job of keeping you cool. A 40′ x 60′ tent will have a higher ceiling than a 30′ x 80′ tent from the same manufacturer. Only use a long, skinny tent if that’s all that will fit in your space.
  • Once you know how much tent you need, you should create a layout plan so you know where your guest will sit in relation to things like your dance floor and bridal party table.

    What Are Some Typical Wedding Rentals

    How much does it cost to rent a tent?

    Some wedding venues may include rentals like tables, chairs, china, etc. in their packages. However, some do notor you may not love your venues offerings. In these cases, booking a wedding rental company is a must. Wedding rental companies tend to offer a wider selection of items so that you can find tables, chairs, linens, and more that fit your wedding theme and style. Of course, remember that renting high-end, specialty, or custom items for your wedding can add to your wedding rental costs. Some of the items you will need for your wedding that can be rented are:

    • Tables
    • Linens
    • Drapery
    • Glassware

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    Your Personal Indian Wedding Cost Calculator

    If you are about to get married soon and are looking for a simple Indian wedding cost calculator, then your search ends here. Read on to find out more.

    Hiring a wedding planner to help divide your wedding budget in the most suitable manner doesnt come free. But did you know you can successfully manage your wedding budget on your own, without spending a dime or stressing out your parents? Its time you tried WeddingWires Budget toolan Indian wedding cost calculator. It is the most wedding-friendly and practical calculator available in the market.

    If youve read our previous article on Ultimate Wedding Budget Tool Guide then you are already aware that WeddingWire India’s app and website offers a free budget calculator. Most weddings have two types of expenses: major expenses and minor expenses. While major expenses include the wedding venue, catering, decor, photography, wedding outfits and jewellery minor expenses include invitations, makeup, guest accommodation, honeymoon and other miscellaneous expenses like Mehndi artists, DJ etc.

    How Do You Light A Tent For A Wedding Reception

    Here are a few options for spectacular tent lighting: Luminarias. These small paper lanterns hold candles inside, creating a soft glow. Sparklers. If a wedding reception is held at dusk, have each attendee hold a sparkler as the bride and groom enter the tent. Christmas Lights. Tidewater Sail Cloth Tents. Chandeliers.

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    Rustic Barn Venue Hidden Costs

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    If you are planning a rustic, country-themed wedding, a barn is the perfect setting. But getting the barn up to par for your ceremony will require lots of work, and dont forget those extra wedding venue costs.

    Restrooms: If the barn is not equipped with restrooms, you will have to provide them yourself, and its going to cost you if you want more than the basic porta potty.

    Climate Control: Depending on the season, you may be required to rent either heaters or fans to keep yourself and your guests comfortable and happy,

    Generator: While barns can be quaint and charming, they may lack certain modern-day luxuries. like electricity, which you will then have to provide.

    Cleaning: You definitely want your wedding to be free of spiders, dust and dirt so you will have to hire a commercial cleaning crew to get that rustic, homey feel.

    Lighting: Unless the barn has lots of natural light, there will be additional costs to provide adequate lighting.

    Finding The Perfect Wedding Tent Sizes

    How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Party Tent?

    Whether its for a wedding, a barbecue, or a music festival, party tent size matters. Ensuring your party tent is big enough to accommodate your guests and your other needs is critical. So lets start by learning how to calculate our spacial needs accurately.

    As a general rule, you should always provide at least 10 square feet of space for each individual guest. A standard size 20×20 high peak tent or frame tent has 400 square feet, without the obstructive center poles youll find with pole tents. This means they can generally accommodate around 30 to 40 sitting and dining guests or less, depending on how much space you want to provide each person. And it goes without saying that people appreciate more space.

    Seating more guests of course means you need more tent space. If youre looking for a wedding tent for 150 guests, for instance, youll need 1,500 square feet of interior space. Of course, you dont need to fit everyone under a single tent. Its quite common for wedding planners to use multiple tents instead of one huge party tent.

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    What Are The Additional Expenses

    In some circumstances when the event planner is situated more than 30 miles away from the wedding event location, you will be asked to also pay for the travel expenses.

    As pointed out above, some businesses will add LED lights or projectors while others will not. If they do not include this in their quotes, then one projector will cost around $50 to $100. These projectors, if you wanted to include them in your wedding, will project lights, words, and even photos during the event.

    Other lighting add-ons such as chandeliers can be included for an extra cost. There can also be strings of lights throughout the installed draping.

    Wedding Lighting And Your Venue

    Wedding lighting is one of the most affordable ways to transform your event space. Its also one of the best ways to enhance the finer parts of your venue. Remember, lighting is what makes your event feel special. Everything from the cake to your dress will be affected by lighting. Good lighting can completely transform your venue, instantly enhance the reception décor, and create amazing photo ops for you and your guests.

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    Determine What Type Of Tent You Want

    There are several styles of tents available for rentbut the most popular are frame tents and pole tents. There are three main considerations to take into account when it comes to which type of tent you rent: space logistics, aesthetics, and budget.

    Pole Wedding Tent Pros and Cons

    • PRO: Pole tents tend to be the more aesthetically pleasing option theyre the ones with the swooping roof
    • PRO: Pole tents are less expensive
    • CON: Pole tents will have center poles/obstructions
    • PRO: No frame to cover updoes not need liner
    • PRO: Pole tents require shorter setup time
    • CON: Must be staked into the ground
    • CON: A pole tent requires clearance on all sides for stakes and anchor ropes

    Frame Wedding Tent Pros and Cons

    • PRO: Can be erected on any surface
    • PRO: Can be attached togetheryou have more options when it comes to shape/configuration and you could have multiple spaces connected, such as a walkway from ceremony to party
    • PRO: Does not have any center poles or obstructions
    • CON: Almost always pricier than pole tents
    • CON: Frame is visible from the insidemany people dont like the look of the frame, and the solution is an expensive liner to cover it up
    • CON: Requires longer setup time
    • PRO: Can be left up for a long time

    Choosing A Basic Tent

    How much does it cost to Air Condition a tent?

    The three major tent styles are pole, tension, and frame.

    The classic push-pole tent has a fabric roof over a straight line of high-center poles that slope to a shorter set of support poles. The tension tent has recently become a favorite of vendors and brides its soaring center poles create a “sculpted” exterior. Both are generally a minimum of 30 feet wide and, by adding sections, can be extended to almost any length. Push-pole and tension tents require about 8 additional feet of clearance on all sides for anchor ropes and stakes .

    If your site is small, you may decide on a frame tent it can be as narrow as 10 feet. These tents are supported by a framework of pipes in the ceiling, which is often concealed with a fabric liner. For a more extensive guest list, you’ll likely want a pole or tension tent, which can be made to accommodate a large number of people.

    If you’re having an open-air ceremony at the reception site as well, it’s a good idea to reserve a backup tent for it in case of bad weather. Since you’ll need only chairs , this tent can be smaller than the one for the reception. For a Saturday wedding, the company usually needs to know by the Wednesday before if, based on the forecast, you want to install the backup tent.

    The push-pole tent, shown with open sides, has a billowy silhouette.

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