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Womens Black Wedding Ring Sets

Ensuring The Correct Finger Size For Your Ring

White Sapphire Cheap Wedding Ring Sets For Women | Italo Jewelry

Ensure correct ring sizing for your black wedding band by ordering a set of our trial sizes. We provide 3 sample ring sizes in 7mm widths in three different finger sizes.

Firstly, we send out a Multisizer. Our size samples are based upon your estimated finger size after using the Multisizer tool.

Stdibs Diamonds Mine Rose Gold Ring Set

Courtesy of 1stDibs

This art decoinspired ring marries an oval-cut ring on a classic rose gold band paired with a matching braided band. What’s not to love?

This one spells love at first sight for the fashion-forward bride. The four linked rings are in a mix of 18k gold hues with pavé-set cognac, champagne, and white diamonds topped off with a white diamond solitaire.

Wedding Ring Set Black

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Womens Black Wedding Ring Set

Find Your Engagement Ring And Wedding Band Set

ARTK2187 Stainless Steel Women

When it comes to your wedding band, you want to wear a ring that really symbolizes your relationship and commitment to one another. Pairing a wedding band with an engagement ring centers your commitment even further, offering two rings that are as perfectly matched as you and your partner!

With so many options to choose from, you’ll easily be able to find the shape, cut, size and design that fits you best. Our selection of finely crafted center stones includes a wide range of favorites like brilliant round cut stones, opulent princess cut stones, luminous cushion cut stones and many other choices.

A top quality stone needs a setting to match, and thats why Modern Gents selection of engagement ring and wedding band sets also includes some of our most impressive ring designs. Each shines with multi-stone brilliance, with side stones perfectly placed in the ring shank to offer a magnificent complement for your center stone. For those seeking a truly extraordinary radiance, our halo engagement rings include a breathtaking ring of side stones set around the center.

We also offer several gorgeous choices of metal color for our high quality sterling silver rings. Get your ring plated in sumptuous yellow gold or trendy rose gold or go with the natural splendor of sterling silver on its own.

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Silver Wedding Ring Sets

For those customers who prefer the elegance of silver, we are proud to offer many choices of silver wedding jewelry. The unique flair of silver is the perfect way to show off your unique taste and stylish flair. Or, for those with a fondness for a combination, we offer pieces with both silver and gold! Just look through our wide variety of jewelry today — youre sure to find the perfect piece for yourself and that special person in your life.

Black Diamond Wedding Bands

If you prefer the look or a silver ring, some clients request a single black diamond to be added to their wedding ring. We regularly flush set a black diamond into a simple plain wedding band.

Bespoke black and white diamond ring created by CAD design by our team.

Provided the ring has enough depth, a tiny black diamond can be sunk into the surface of the ring. Choose a single diamond, or several black diamonds spaced out around the ring.

In fact, a black diamond band works very well with a black diamond engagement ring.

Eleanor. Halo diamond engagement ring set with a black central diamond.

Our video below shows a short clip of a black diamond used in one of our jewellery commissions.

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Brilliant Earth Elodie Ring Set

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

The luminescent curve of this open-basket design elegantly cradles this round solitaire engagement ring. The striking contrast between the 18k yellow gold and flurry of diamonds is a level of beauty we can’t resist.

14k white gold surrounds an array of brilliant diamonds along a matching pavé-set band. An effortlessly elegant diamond solitaire sits pretty as the star of the show.

Black Wedding Ring Sets

Effinny Luxurious White Gold Sona Simulated Diamond Wedding Ring Set For Women

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Womans Black Wedding Rings Set

Can You Engrave Black Wedding Bands

We regularly engrave Black wedding rings. We engrave Black Zirconium. Laser engraving on black zirconium produces a white engraving. However, it should be noted that it is very difficult to engrave on Tungsten Carbide with the same results as Zirconium.

Wording, dates, roman numerals and fingerprints can be added to Black Zirconium wedding rings. Or, for a unique effect, choose a ring with a unique patterned effect.

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Matte Black Wedding Rings

The combination of a satin finish with a black wedding ring gives rise to the matte black ring with a silky black sheen. The Raven ring design provides the perfect matte black finish on a very simple domed ring shape. Matte black rings resonate with modern ring buyers and make an affordable choice crafted in Zirconium.

Womens Wedding Bands At Michael Hill

MABELLA Couple Rings Black Men¡¯s Titanium Matching Band Women CZ ...

When it’s time to say “I do”, let Michael Hill help you find a wedding band to complement your treasured engagement ring. Our range offers both simple and more intricate designs set in yellow or white gold so that no matter the shape, size, or colour of your engagement ring, we’ll have the perfect match. If you haven’t popped the question yet, you might also like to view our range of Bridal Sets which include a perfectly matched engagement ring and wedding band. Gemstone wedding jewellery is also a perfect alternative to diamonds, If youre looking for something with a vintage look, consider a ruby wedding band.

Discover our wide range of womens wedding rings at Michael Hill. Whether you want an understated approach to let your engagement ring own the spotlight, or youre looking for extra radiance, we have the perfect ring for you.

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Ethical Excellence From Modern Gents Wedding Ring Sets

Your choice of engagement ring and wedding band is also about expressing your foundational values and outlook on life. For many people, that means making sure that your wedding ring set is ethically sourced and made.

How could a wedding ring be unethical? Unfortunately, its all too common for wedding jewelry to contain gemstones and other materials mined by enslaved people in war-torn areas. These materials, known as conflict minerals or blood diamonds, are a huge problem for traditional jewelers, some of whom use intentionally murky supply chains that let them ignore questions about their sourcing.

Modern Gents has set out to change that for the better. Every one of our rings and jewelry pieces, from the simple elegance of our solitaire settings to the astonishing radiance of a halo bridal set, is crafted from 100 percent responsibly sourced, high quality materials. We use human made stones that give you all the flash and beauty you expect from a wedding ring for a fraction of what youd pay at a traditional jewelry store.

Worried about cheap costume jewelry materials that will leave you with a sickly green finger? Forget about it Modern Gents exclusively uses high quality materials like 925 sterling silver and rhodium plating that are guaranteed not to turn fingers green. If you’re interested in more styles of womens wedding ring sets, check out our affordable engagement rings or stackable wedding bands.

Black Hills Gold Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings

Give her an engagement ring that is different from a traditional big diamond in the small setting. Instead, gift that special someone with Black Hills gold engagement ring sets with their unique beauty from Jewelry Black Hills Gold. Our company creates the designs for artfully designed jewelry with the hallmark leaves, vines, and grapes you expect from Black Hills gold rings. And since these rings represent love, you also discover hearts woven into the design.

For jewelry to carry the Black Hills name, it must be made with gold from this region. That certainly characterizes our jewelry for even the silver is mined in the South Dakota Hills. We proudly put the words Black Hills in our company name to let you know its genuine.

Over the years, jewelry makers have mixed 14K gold with copper and silver to come up with the three colors that work together in the leafy, viney design for our rings and other jewelry. Browse our collection of Black Hills gold wedding ring sets to make your declaration of love.

Contact us today with your questions about the history of our Black Hills gold Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings. We proudly serve customers throughout the United States.

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Black Wedding Rings For Women

Black wedding bands are definitely on-trend these days. They make a bold statement and bring a darkly gothic vibe to your wedding jewelry, which makes them perfect for couples who lean towards the more grim end of the nontraditional spectrum. Because, sure: Rose gold or a yellow gold band is the popular choice for most folks but if you want a unique wedding band that taps into your mystery and best suits your a more goth, witchy, alternative style these options are gonna be more your style.

That said, black wedding bands also have some pragmatic advantages: they are durable and often don’t show scratches as much, and typically hypoallergenic. That said, many of them cannot be resized later so make sure you are rock solid on the ring size before you buy. Make your metal choices carefully: tungsten rings or a black titanium ring can never be resized.

Ready to take a look at some of this year’s hottest black wedding bands? Some of these black rings are cheap AF and some of them are almost more art pieces than jewelry, up in the $30k range.

New: The Black Fingerprint Ring

DovEggs 14K Solid White Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring Set Wedding Band for women

In 2021, we released a brand new Black Fingerprint Ring. To achieve the completely-black look, we custom-make each ring from Zirconium.

To begin with, clients submit their actual fingerprints with our assistance. Next, we refine most prints to make them suitable for engraving.

Finally, we add subtle fingerprint engraving on the inside or outside surface of a comfortable court-profile band. Undeniably, the ring provides a highly personalised black band with a unique effect.

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Can You Get Two

Our best example of a black and white ring style takes the form of our aptly-named Magpie ring. More accurately, Magpie features a dual black and silver combination of colours.

In fact, Zirconium provides the perfect metal to achieve both colours. We polish silver areas to contrast with the blackened Zirconiumachieved through heating and oxidation.

The aptly named Magpie black wedding ring features light and dark colouration.

What Is An Engagement Ring Enhancer

An engagement ring enhancer is exactly as the name suggests. Enhancers are designed to frame your solitaire diamond ring, drawing extra attention and adding beautiful additional sparkle to your ring. You can choose from enhancers featuring a simple double band set with diamonds, or a contoured shape to add interest.

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Why Wear A Black Ring

Black wedding bands appeal to many modern couples. During our wedding shows in 2016 2017 Black Zirconium was featured as one of the most requested materials.

Interestingly, a higher proportion of men requested the possibility of a black ring. The choice came down to two main factors. Firstly Black rings are trending right now.

They are new, unusual and break the tradition of a mirror-polished gold band. Secondly, they resonate with buyers looking for a unique wedding band in durable and affordable metal.

Showing the Jackdaw black wedding ring with shiny and satin sections.

Capucinne Diamond Wedding Ring Set

His Hers 4 Pc Black Stainless Steel Titanium Wedding Engagement Ring ...

Courtesy of Capucinne

While this pair is undoubtedly edgy and modern, there’s something incredibly special about this triangular-shaped diamond set, too. With just three dainty stones sitting atop the engagement ring’s center stone, this wedding band is the cherry on top of an unforgettable piece.

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Choosing The Best Metal For Your Ring

The best metal for a black wedding ring has to be Black Zirconium. Why? There are several good reasons.

Despite the availability of Black Tungsten Carbide, little can be done to change the ring size after manufacture. For this reason, a Tungsten Carbide ring can cause an issue if it cannot be removed. In fact, the same can be said of Carbon fiber.

Tungsten cannot be cut from the finger owing to its incredible hardness. As a result, this poses a significant medical risk. For this reason, Black Zirconium tends to be a more informed choice when it comes to a black ring design.

In fact, plain Zirconium wedding bands can be adjusted fractionally for size. Remember, no metal offers a completely scratch-resistant option. But, most jewellers provide a re-finishing service to restore the original as-new appearance of your ring.

Occasionally, buyers make reference to Black Stainless Steel. But, unlike most other metals, the colour comes from an acrylic polymer coating over the metal. In our opinion, it does not suit jewellery. For this reason, we do not recommend Stainless Steel for our designs.

Black And Yellow Gold Bands

One of my personal favourite black ring styles comes in the form of the Oro ring design. For this ring style, the inside of the band features an inlay of luxurious 18ct Yellow Gold. In fact, the Oro ring design stands apart as one of the most luxurious black bands available as a mens ring or as a ladies ring. We love the warm shade of 18ct Yellow Gold and decided on this choice in preference to 18ct White Gold.

The Oro ring design features an inlay of luxurious 18ct Yellow Gold.

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