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Where To Have Wedding Dress Cleaned

Do I Really Need To Get My Wedding Dress Cleaned

Wedding dress cleaning How to choose the right cleaner

There are several reasons why you may need to get your wedding dress cleaned before your big day. These reasons could be that you purchased your wedding dress as a sample off the rack, it might be a special dress passed down through generations, or perhaps it got soiled going to/from the seamstress for alterations. Theres no need to worry about having your dress cleaned before your wedding, as long as you plan for it well in advance and find a reputable cleaner. If your dress is already in perfect condition, then obviously there is no need to have it cleaned. However, if you are storing it in a garment bag, it will likely need to be steamed and/or pressed so it is totally pristine for your big day.

Should I Do Wedding Dress Cleaning Only

There are a few reasons you might want to just get your wedding dress cleaned. One is if you want to wear your dress again in the near futurefor example, if you’re a bride having two wedding celebrations or you bought a short or less formal dress that can double as a party dress.

You should also have the dress cleaned if you’re considering donating or selling your dress. “Selling gowns is on the rise because of effective websites that help facilitate the sales,” Schwegmann says. If you’re interested in going this route, we recommend Nearly Newlywed.

Will You Clean A Dress Prior To A Wedding Ceremony

Unfortunately, EcoClean is not able to clean a wedding dress prior to its use in a wedding ceremony. Wedding dresses are complex garments and there is some possibility that the cleaning will take longer than anticipated. Wedding ceremonies with the associated immovable date on a calendar, cannot accommodate the schedule flexibility that might be required.

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Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

Clean Only

We understand how crucial it is to have, at very least, a clean wedding dress. We ensure bridal gowns are cleaned individually, carefully pressed and returned on a hanger in a protective bag. 1

If youre unsure whether a wedding dress cleaning is right for your bridal gown, well provide a free consultation and estimate, whether its new or vintage.

If you might someday want to hand your dress down to your daughter for her wedding day, consider a complete wedding dress cleaning and preservation. And dont forget: we pick up and deliver all over the Twin Cities metro area.

Press Only

We want your wedding dress to look as ravishing as you feel on your wedding day, which is why we go beyond basic services. If youve already had a wedding dress cleaning, wed still be happy to press your gown for you.

Wedding dresses presented for hand-pressing/steaming service only and returned on a hanger in a protective bag.1

MuseumCare Wedding Dress Preservation

Lifetime International Guarantee

Because were a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, our MuseumCare Preservation Package is backed by members in more than 500 cities around the world. Having your wedding dress preservation and restoration done by a member of the AWGS means that your bridal gown will not yellow for a lifetime. You can bring your boxed gown to any participating Wedding Gown Specialist, who will inspect and press the gown at no charge.


How Much Does It Cost To Restore A Wedding Dress

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Some brides think that restoring their mothers gown is less expensive than buying a new one but this isnt always the case. If the gown has holes in the fabric, is stained, or doesnt fit, the wedding dress restoration cost can range from $300 to $800 or more depending on how much work needs to be done.

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How To Clean A Wedding Dress

Planning for the future preservation of your wedding dress begins on the day you start shopping. When you find “the dress” be sure to ask the sales consultant how the dress should be cleaned. Look for special instructions on how to clean any delicate trim, beads, or sequins. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission requires that each gown have a care label that you should take time to read.

Every wedding gown should be cleaned before being stored away for more than a few weeks even if it doesn’t look soiled. Perspiration, food and drink stains, and makeup stains can show up later and become much more difficult to remove. Look for a professional dry cleaner that specializes in wedding gown preservation. Be sure to point out any stains and any loose trim or buttons. Also discuss, if you know, how the trim is attached to the gown. Some designers use an adhesive that could dissolve during the dry cleaning process.

If the cleaner is going to pack your dress for storage, ask your cleaner to allow you to inspect your gown before it is packed in an acid-free box to help prevent contamination. This will prevent surprises when you open your sealed box years from now. There are horror stories of missing gowns and veils or the wrong dress packed away.

Packaging And Returning Your Dress

Cleaned dresses are packaged with care ready for returning to you on the due return date. Dresses that are being returned in one of our presentation boxes are interlaced with PH balanced tissue paper that protects the dress over time from water based damage and mould. The courier will then return your dress to the address you specified on the date you requested.

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Should I Take My Wedding Dress Out Of The Box

The only thing you will not be able to do is completely remove the dress from the chest. In most cases, dresses are secured in place to protect the dress from shifting inside of the preservation chest. Most companies will void their guarantee only if the gown is completely removed from the preservation chest.

Professional Wedding Dress Cleaning

Why your wedding gown needs wedding dress cleaning and preservation

We begin our professional wedding dress cleaning service with an evaluation of your specific wedding dress needs and proceed with the optimal solution: be it our hand cleaning techniques with a professional wedding dress dry cleaning rinse or one of a number of advanced wedding dress wet cleaning methods. The requirements for every bridal dress are different based on the fabric type and unique trimming such as beads or sequins. Furthermore, soiling levels can have an effect on the necessary wedding dress cleaning method to achieve the best result. These same techniques are also employed in our wedding dress restorationservice. There is no substitute for experience with high end wedding dress cleaning.

The presumption on the part of customers is often that professional wedding dress dry cleaning is simply putting a dress in a dry cleaning machine. This, in fact, is where small dry cleaners with little advanced training can cause significant damage to high-end fabrics. The simplest explanation is that untrained cleaners that have limited spot removal technique may put your improperly hand spotted wedding dress in their dry cleaning machines and when the heating portion begins they effectively lock in the staining. Furthermore, if the dry cleaning machines are not effectively maintained or they permit a varying number of garments such as red silk blouses in their tanks, this dye can permeate their solvent and dye your beautiful wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Services

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Johnsons Cleaners Offer An Unrivalled Professional Wedding Dress Cleaning Service

Your dress will be professionally cleaned and hand-finished by our expert team. Every single wedding gown is precious, and we care for thousands of dresses every year. That means we have experience delivering beautiful cleaning results working with specialist fabrics, dress construction and wedding dress accessories.


You Dont Have To Waste Your Time In Cleaning Your Attire By Diy Just Find A Professional Laundry And Dry Cleaning Service And Have Your Garments Completely Clean And Ironed

The great thing about this dress is that you can change the look of the dress to fit your style and shape! Before the dress goes in the protective cleaning bag, any delicate accents will be removed. Dont try to wash a wedding dress in a washing machine unless its labelled as safe to do so. Make sure you have the cleaning supplies you will need. With your wedding dress preservation youll receive: How to clean a wedding dress:

Then she will mail the dress back to me, and ill attach some lace trim, and some buttons on the back. Gently lift and lower the sheet that has the wedding dress on it. Take a good look at the hemline. Use the sheet to clean the wedding dress. The easy option for cleaning your wedding dress used by many women is to spot treat only the stains without washing the rest of the dress.

The first step in creating your own wedding dress is to think of what the dress should look like. This diy cake stand is super easy and cost less then $10.00 to make! After i got engaged in october i came home to philadelphia, and my mom and i dug out the box with the dress inside. Before the dress goes in the protective cleaning bag, any delicate accents will be removed. Wedding dress trains are like great big dry mops that.step 2, test the spot cleaner.

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Things You Should Know

  • What fabric is your dress made of?
  • What kind of cleaning does the care label indicate? If it has a dry-clean only label, does it also have the symbol for water cleaning on it? Look carefully the label may also state Professional dry-cleaning or professional wet-cleaning recommended.
  • How soiled is your dress? What kind of stains does it have ?
  • Does your dress have sequins and beads that need protecting? Are they sewed on or glued on?
  • Utahs Best Wedding Gown Cleaning And Preservation

    Enzoani Katniss Preowned Wedding Dress

    Improper wedding dress cleaning and preservation can ruin many memories. The wedding gown is one of the most special items of clothing and should be professionally cleaned and preserved as such. At Village Cleaners, we have been skillfully and carefully cleaning and preserving wedding dresses for nearly 70 years. We know that no two dresses are alike and our specialists carefully examine your gown to determine the best method of cleaning. Our gentle cleaning methods protect delicate trims, beads and lace and we carefully finish intricate details by hand.

    It is very important to have your wedding gown cleaned after the ceremony to prevent oxidation and yellowing. We find that most brides need their gown cleaned after their bridal pictures and again after the wedding ceremony, before it is preserved. For the second cleaning and preservation, we offer 50% off to our brides.

    We want to help you keep your wedding gown as beautiful as it was the moment you first put it on. To protect and preserve your gown for future generations, we offer preservation in our museum quality, acid-free gown preservation boxes. In addition to preservation, these special keepsake boxes allow for an easy and safe storage solution and can also be used to store christening, blessing and/or baptism dresses.

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    Display Your Gown While Keeping It Safe In Our Wedding Dress Preservation Box

    After carefully cleaning your wedding gown, we preserve your dress inside an air-tight, acid-free box with a picture-window, so you can view it at any time while keeping it safe for years to come. We even offer the option to preserve your bridal veil, shoes, and flowers inside the box as well, so you can keep all your precious memories in the same place.

    Wedding Gown Cleaning Summary

    If your wedding gown and/or lining is silk, rayon, or acetate but does not have beads or sequins you should be able use a dry-cleaner that uses perc. That will be a plus if the dress is really dirty Perchloroethylene is the best degreaser. If your dress is silk, rayon, or acetate, but has beads and sequins, the Stoddard formula, Hydro-carbon or Greenearth will be the safest.

    Be sure to point out any stains to the dry-cleaner. Also, notify the dry-cleaner of any spills on the dress, even if they dont show. Dry-cleaning fluids will not remove sugar stains , so the dress needs to be pre-treated.

    If your dress and lining are polyester, with or without beads and sequins, wet cleaning should be safe and will get your dress the cleanest. Check your label carefully, and look for a hand wash or dry-clean only label, or the symbol indicating water washing. If in doubt, test clean an inconspicuous area of the dress. You should be able to safely hand wash most polyester gowns if you are careful. *

    *Disclaimer: Check the care label carefully. The manufacturers directions should take precedence. The previous and following information is given in good faith but is without warranty. You must make the final decision on how your dress is cleaned. If in doubt, take your dress to the best dry-cleaner available. Use the above information to find one.

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    Wedding Gown Preservation Kit Specialists

    Affordable Preservation can help you preserve the most memorable day of your life and the dress that made it magical. Our specialists preserve and carefully clean your dress with gentle, eco-friendly solvents and then place it in a preservation box for easy storage. Dont let your gown suffer from the damaging effects of time and the environment. Let our cleaning, preserving, and restoration services help you conserve your gown for a lifetime.

    Sample Wedding Dress Cleaning

    HOW TO CLEAN A WEDDING DRESS – save your money $$$ and wash it at home!!

    If you purchased your dress from a sample dress sale at a boutique, it is always recommended to perform a pre-ceremony cleaning to remove any body oils or dirt from the fabric of your beautiful dress. Sometimes the feeling of just knowing that your dress is perfect is the best reason to come in!.

    Once your dress is cleaned it is hand pressed to restore it to its natural form. If you want to save your wedding dress for years to come, we do also recommend our Nationwide Concierge Service to assist brides with their dress immediately after the ceremony.

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    From Diy To Professional All About Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

    We understand that having your wedding dress dry cleaned after your wedding can be a pretty daunting task for a newly married bride. After all, your wedding dress is the one keepsake from your wedding day that was featured in all your wonderful photos, took the most consideration at the bridal boutique, and ultimately, made you look and feel like a princess on the most special day of your life. The thought of taking your wedding dress to the same corner dry cleaner who has pressed your fathers shirts for over 20 years doesnt exactly sound like the best of ideas.

    Do You Need to Have Your Wedding Dress Cleaned?

    The only true way to be sure your wedding dress will remain in pristine condition to share with your children, and your childrens children, is to have it professionally cleaned and preserved before storing your wedding gown. The number one reason wedding gowns will yellow as they age are stains that may or may not be visible on your dress that occurred on your wedding day such as soda water, deodorant, white wine, sugar, sweat, and oils from your skin. In addition, the process of neutralizing the fibers in your wedding dress before placing it into storage is the only guarantee your dress wont experience overall fabric yellowing. A professional wedding dress cleaning company has the advanced delicate fabric care equipment and experience to identify these nasty stains and create a plan of action to restore your beautiful wedding dress back to its original brilliance.

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