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What To Wear To A Summer Wedding Male

Summer Beach Wedding Guest Outfits For Men

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding For Men

What should a stylish gentleman such as yourself wear to a summer beach wedding as a guest? In this fashion guide dedicated to male wedding attendees, you will find fashionable wedding outfit ideas that will make you look smart and help you to stay cool literally.

There is just something magical about white shirts and summertime, so you will be finding plenty of those in this gallery. Suit jackets are not very cooling but you will still find them among our outfit recommendations because sometimes its worth taking the heat for some extra style points. Suit jackets do a terrific job at making you look confident by correcting your posture, maybe superficially but that is working out really well for modern men.

Wedding Outfits For Men Over : What To Wear To A Wedding

Wedding Outfits For Men Over 50. Being in your fifties doesnt mean you have to dress a certain way. Dress right for a man your age instead of imitating the style of a man in his 20s, 30s, and whatnot. Your lifestyle and your work may influence the way you dress.

While men in their 50s have the ability to make a statement, we can agree that the clothes youre buying in your younger years arent going to help you with your style for the rest of your life, especially when attending weddings. One problem you might have in your 50s is finding clothes that fit. Unfortunately, many brands that focus on fit are solely for younger men and teenagers. H& M and Uniqlo tend to have clothing in smaller sizes only, so it is a question if these brands are appropriate for older men.

Ensure that everything you wear is well put-together, with deliberate style, and adds up to a well-structured outfit rather than just some random clothes combined.

Ii Summer Wedding Attire Trends For 2022

Wearing an outdated suit may not be your greatest fear , but you should still get familiar with the trends in mens summer wedding attire. If 2022s wedding suit trends speak to you, lean in. If the vibe doesnt match up with your style or your personality, take the looks you like and leave the rest.

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Bold Color: The Rose Shawl Tuxedo

If you pay attention to awards shows at all, theyre a good barometer of where mens fashion and formal wear is heading. Unique, colorful suits are very much in fashion now, and while youll need to wear it with confidence, theres no reason you cant rock this trend at your wedding.

These options tend to be on the formal end summer wedding attire, but not as formal as a traditional tuxedo. For example, this rose suit will help you stand out and certainly looks more formal than a suit, but nobody would call it traditional.

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Bold Light: The Light Blue Tuxedo

Fortune favors the bold, but fortunately, this light blue tuxedo isnt really pushing the envelope. Its bright and buttoned up. Its fun, but not in a way that would undermine the importance of a wedding. A few years back, a colorful tuxedo wouldve been groundbreaking, but thankfully we dont live by those rules anymore. As we gather for this big moments, we have a lot to celebrate. This is the tux you celebrate in.

Neckwear & Accessories Trend: Linens

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Cocktail Wedding Attire For Guests

An invitation with Cocktail attire indicated, provides more freedom in look styling than Black-Tie and Formal dress codes. With Cocktail dress you can loosen the neck-tie a bit, literally and figuratively, and relax into chic and modern fashions for the event. Now remember to keep it classy because its still a wedding!

  • Wear a suit. For a wedding with Cocktail Attire, suits or suit separates are most acceptable for mens wedding guest attire. Navy blazers and sport coats are often popular for cocktail events because as the evening moves on and the dancing begins, you can lose the jacket and get more comfortable.
  • Wear a necktie. You should consider wearing a necktie with your suit to the event initially and if you see that other guests are not in neckties, feel free to slip it off and put it in your jacket pocket.
  • Accessorize your look. Feel free to adorn your look with sophisticated jewelry , lapel pin, tie bar or patterned pocket square to really show your personal style

Is Dhoti Still A Popular Indian Engagement Dress

Guest Dress: Late Summer Wedding

Setting a seat mark in the ethnic fashion trends for Men, dhoti is still thought to be a conventional Indian engagement dress for men that can be stolen away with effortlessness at events like relational unions and pujas. Take up the clothing seriously and dress the way you like without any compromise.

How to dress up for a Hindu wedding?

For example, South Indian Hindus can opt for a dhoti set, Christians can go for a stylish Tuxedo or suit etc. You can either go for a readymade outfit or get it personalized at a tailor to ensure the right fitting. Do a dress trial before the D-day to avoid any mishaps.

What are the different types of engagement dress for men?

Such an engagement dress for men may be found in colours including blue, cream, orange, purple, grey and many more. They pair with either dhoti pants or churidar bottoms.

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What To Wear To An Outdoor Summer Wedding

“If you know part or all of the wedding will be outside, it’s crucial to wear styles that allow for a bit of a breeze and are lighter in fabric,” says Walsh. The style director suggests turning to outfits with “cutout details, open backs, or skin-baring necklines.” Of course, you should still keep modesty in mind. Avoid anything too revealing, like super-high leg slits or plunging V-necks. Handspiker agrees that lighter fabric choices are key when it comes to outdoor summer wedding attire.

Beige Blazer With White Trousers

As previously mentioned, a summer wedding presents the perfect occasion to wheel out your separates. But unless you want to be on the verge of passing out from heat exhaustion by the time the speeches start, you should avoid dark colours and heavier materials.

A beige jacket in linen, layered over a blue chambray shirt, is a good place to start. Its smart yet summery and will keep you cool. Match this with a pair of crisp white tailored trousers or chinos.

Then its just a case of nailing the footwear black, dark brown or oxblood loafers are a solid option here.

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Ultimate Guide To Wedding Attire For Men

Weddings they are some of the most important events in societies across the world. This goes double if you are the one getting married. But what are you supposed to wear? What is the appropriate wedding attire for men in different scenarios?

Get it right, and you will create a day everyone attending will remember for years to come. Get it wrong and you’ll cringe every time you look at your wedding photos.

Gents, that’s why today I’m giving you my ultimate guide on what to wear to a wedding. Here’s what we’re covering:

Summer Wedding Suits For Guests That Perfectly Fit The Dress Code

What to Wear: The Summer Wedding | Parker York Smith | Men’s Fashion

Invited to a wedding this summer? These stylish suits will help you keep your cool without dissing the dress code.

We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

While wedding invitations generally come with a flood of excitement, there’s also an unwritten list of to-dos every guest has to take care of before the big day. And when it comes to summer celebrations, deciding what to wear is one of the biggest tasks of all. Summer wedding suits don’t just have to look good, they have to feel comfortable tooand that can be easier said than done when hot weather is involved. That’s why we’re sharing our top tips for buying men’s summer wedding attire, including what to look for, where to shop, and our favorite styles you can order online.

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Daytime Wedding Attire For Men

Wearing a black tux at a daytime wedding is risky, as the black fabric will soak up the suns heat. Thats not to say a tuxedo is completely off-limits for daytime wedding attire, but the later in the afternoon the better when it comes to a tux. If the wedding is earlier in the day, a lighter colored suit is a safe, smart bet.

What to Wear:

Keep Your Cool: Why Every Man Needs Seersucker In His Summer Wardrobe

Each June in the US everyone downs tools and strips off anything stylishly woollen or polyester to take part in National Seersucker Day. Of course, very few people do anything of the kind, this being more an industry marketing exercise. But, still, its one in the eye for denim, which is yet to be celebrated in such a way. Yet perhaps seersucker needs it.

Mr P. Seersucker Blazer & Matching Shorts | Photography by Mr Stefan Heinrichs for MR PORTER

Aside from its somewhat unappealing name it comes from the Persian shir or shekar for milk and sugar not everyone has been able to get their heads around the fact that this cotton fabric is permanently creased, even if that is in neat vertical rows of an alternating bobbly textured and smooth finish . Its this characteristic which gives seersucker its renowned functionality: the materials natural puckering ensures it stands away from the body, thus allowing greater air circulation and keeping you cooler. It also allows seersucker to hold its shape, no matter how humid it gets. And since its crumpled anyway, its hard to actually look crumpled wearing it something that also makes it good for travelling with/in.

All of the aforementioned qualities mean that seersucker is almost exclusively identified with high summer, and is most often and most traditionally found in stripes of white and pale blue.

A close up of this rather unique fabric

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Our Favorite Summer Wedding Suits For Guests

Ready to start shopping? We’re sharing suitable styles for every dress code and venue, from casual beach weddings to black-tie ballroom affairs. Check out our favorite wedding guest suits for the summer season.

This colorful two-piece suit is made with 100% wool that’s lightweight, soft, and luxurious. The muted red color is trendy and playful without feeling over the topit’s pretty much right on the money when it comes to summer wedding guest attire for men.

Indochino Coalville micro houndstooth red suit, $429, Indochino

Shopping for a black-tie summer wedding? This sleek pick might be pricey, but it will serve you for years to come. It’s made from wrinkle- and stain-resistant wool, and designed to feel comfortable in all conditions. Yep, you’ve just found your go-to tux.

Bonobos Italian performance tuxedo, $1,000, Bonobos

There are lots of ways to dress down a suit for a daytime wedding, such as choosing a lighter color, ditching the tie, and opting for a pair of athletic-inspired dress shoes . Made from 100% linen in a subtle herringbone pattern, this trendy casual summer wedding attire for men is equal parts chic and comfy.

Hawes & Curtis men’s light blue herringbone linen tailored fit suit jacket, $359, Hawes & Curtis Hawes & Curtis men’s light blue herringbone tailored fit linen pants, $190, Hawes & Curtis

Oak Hill Jacket-Relaxer linen-blend suit jacket in Flax, $158, DXL Oak Hill reversible vest in Flax, $78, DXL Oak Hill linen-blend suit pants in Flax, $78, DXL

Navy Blazer With Khaki Trousers

13 Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas Youâll Want To Steal

There are very few colours navy doesnt work with, but there are a select few that it complements so wonderfully it was almost as though they were designed to sit next to each other. One such hue is khaki. The beauty of this combination is that it works both ways round , but were going to focus on a navy blazer with khaki trousers.

First, use a base layer to anchor the outfit. A white shirt, earthy roll neck or dark T-shirt would work nicely. If the occasion calls for it you could even add a waistcoat something autumnal like a brown or beige textured wool would work well. Then its just a case of matching the suit trousers to your shoes. Try going for Oxfords or loafers in either a deep brown or black.

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Take The Venue Into Account

As we mentioned earlier, the type of venue can alter dress code expectations slightly. For example, it’s safe to assume that the dress code at an outdoor summer wedding is going to differ slightly from an indoor eventboth in terms of style and functionality. But don’t worryso long as you’re not underdressed or uncomfortable, you should be fine.

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

Summers popularity as a wedding season varies from region to region. In the American Northeast and West Coast, its extremely popular! In the Midwest and American South, on the other hand, summers become so brutal that its actually off-season.

Regardless, a summer wedding is a perfect excuse to be outdoors and to dress comfortably. Its an excellent time for folks who want their weddings to be more casual, and its quite common to get married on the beach.

If youre interested in knowing more about what you should wear to a summer wedding on the beach you can visit our guide on how to dress for a beach wedding.

Meanwhile, backyard and garden weddings are quite popular inland. While they can be budget-friendly, they also offer lots of opportunities to create a welcoming yet elegant atmosphere.

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Typical Venues For Summer Weddings

Youll notice that the venues we listed below are all outdoor ones. This is because outdoor weddings are quite common in the summertime.

With that said, keep in mind that a ballroom or more formal venue is obviously an option, and may be discounted depending on the part of the country you live in.

  • Garden Parties

There are, of course, many other options such as castles and manor houses. Needless to say, it all depends on whats available in terms of location and budget.

Blue Blazer With White Trousers


White trousers and tailoring is a bold style move, but one that can really pay off. So dont let the Italian menswear mavens have all the fun, grab yourself a slice of the high-contrast action too just watch where youre sitting when youre out and about.

This one is best pulled off with a hearty dose of sprezzatura. Jacket wise, why not go double-breasted? If its colder weather you could even introduce a tonal waistcoat to give this combo an extra dimension. Other touches like a Panama hat, a scarf and/or a vibrant pocket square will help you to achieve that sense of effortlessly nonchalance, without coming across try-hard .

In terms of shoes, your options are numbered but black, dark brown or oxblood will always look great with this tried-and-tested pairing.

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