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Matte Black Mens Wedding Band

Black Wedding Bands For Men

Top Black Wedding Rings For Men!

Our black wedding bands for men make a bold, masculine statement, whether worn for fashion or as a modern take on the wedding band. Shop our wide variety of black rings created from tungsten, titanium or ceramic.

Black wedding bands are a sleek option for the modern groom. Theyre becoming a trendy choice as men look for more unique ways to express their love and style. Larson Jewelers black wedding bands for him are an affordable and sophisticated alternative to gold and silver.

Many of our mens black wedding rings are made from tungsten, a rare metal. Much like platinum, menâs black tungsten wedding bands have some heft to them. Mens tungsten wedding bands are extremely durable and scratch-resistant, making them perfect for everyday wear. Black ceramic wedding bands are another alternative. Theyre lightweight, heat-resistant and inexpensive.

For options beyond the standard black, browse our selection of unique mens wedding bands for a ring with a personal touch. Choose from Celtic patterns, diamonds and an array of inlays, ranging from camouflage to wood grain.

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What Is A Ring Avulsion Injury

Ring avulsions are usually the result of an accident, such as a fall or a mistake made when using machinery. In severe cases, the ring finger may be severed, detached, or surgery may be needed to repair blood vessels/tissue.

In 2015, Jimmy Fallon spent 10 days in the ICU because of a ring avulsion. During a six-hour surgery, the doctor performed a graft by taking part of a vein from Fallons foot and placing it in his finger. This restored blood flow to the finger.

Larson Tsar Black Tungsten Ring With White Diamond Inlay

Diamonds are forever. The TSAR wedding band is proof of his strength and commitment. This comfort fit ring, is paired with a diamond inlay and black tungsten.

Tip: If you have larger knuckles, look for comfort fit rings, which are rounded on the inside. That helps them slip over your knuckles and forget youre wearing a ring.

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Shop All Black Wedding Bands For Him

Whether youre looking for a black siliconewedding ringor a carbon fiber ring, this unique piece of jewelry is perfect for everyday wear and is a solid choice to symbolize your love. Best of all, our entire collection of black rings for men is affordable, distinctive and durable exactly what you want when selecting a wedding band.

At Modern Gents, we offer a variety of unique styles and designs within all of our collections. Those who like the understated elegance of a black band ring will find plenty of options to love. If you consider yourself a minimalist, our simple carbon fiberwedding band is an excellent choice. Or step it up to one of the worlds toughest materials with our black titanium ring. With its subtle beveled edge and incredibly durable design, its a powerful, grown-men-only statement piece for those who are ready to make one of lifes greatest commitments.

For those who strive to be different, consider adding a pop of gold to the band or choose a textured or matte finish. Our two-toneblack wedding bands start with a timeless and durable black stainless steel or tungsten wedding band and then add an inner ring made from any number of elegant materials. That might mean the stately look of wood, the epic luxury of rose gold or the brilliant shine of colored tungsten. And for anybody who dares to wield the power of nature, youll love the mystery and vitality of inlay materials like elk antler and abalone shell.

What To Look For When Buying A Matte Black Ring Online

8mm Black Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring Comfort fit Mens Matte ...

When it comes to finding the perfect black matte wedding band, the options are just as vast as searching for the perfect womens band. There are also plenty of options for textures. Theres no need to shy away from diamonds, either.

Popular textured matte finishes include brushed, hammered, wire brushed, and sandblasted. Each of these textures add a different effect to a black matte finish band.

  • Satin. Leans towards matte, though still has a bit of luster.
  • Wire Brushed/Cross Satin. Gives a textured look. The overall look of this cross-hatch finish appears as if it was made by a wire brush.
  • Sand Blasted. The rough look theres absolutely no shine or reflection.
  • Hammered. This finish varies depending on the type of hammered used, along with the direction and strength of impact.

Since viewing an engagement ring online is a little different than viewing it in person its important to familiarize yourself with the width, fit, structure, and other options to help you better understand exactly what the ring will look like.

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Black Rings: Strong Prestigious Black Wedding Rings

A color of depth and mystery, black is a sleek, striking wedding ring option. With the industrys most impressive collection of jewelry, Helzberg has an alluring selection of black wedding bands for men and women.

Searching for a uniquely compelling wedding band? A lustrous, highly durable metal, black zirconium is a handsome choice. Rating an impressive 9 on the Mohs scale for hardness, the striking material is unscratchable by anything other than a diamond.

Blended from several quality metals, a black ring made of Damascus steel has a rich history rooted in storied battles and glory. Once used to craft razor-sharp swords, the legendary metal makes an especially compelling wedding ring. The metal color is recognizable by the wavy light and dark patterns formed as a result of the forging process.

Heavier than tungsten, black tantalum is an increasingly popular ring material that appeals to modern men and women. Sleek and sturdy, this rare earth metal offers dense durability and an intriguing polished sheen for people who want an iconic ring design.

Thorsten Flat Black Tungsten Ring With Matte Center & Polished Edges

Two finish wedding rings suit a matte finish. This highly sought-after style from the brands Thorsten Black Tungsten Rings collection features a flat pipe-cut shape black tungsten wedding band with a beautiful brushed finished center and polished finished edges. Can be worn as a wedding band or promise ring.

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Brilliant Earth Black And Gold Wedding Band In Tungsten

This sleek black tungsten band with gold interior is a smart and modern choice for any groom. The mixed metal wedding band features a raw black tungsten exterior complemented with a gold interior for an elevated, contemporary look.

Which is better quality 14K or 18K gold?

14k gold is more affordable than 18k since it contains less pure gold in the metal, and because it contains a higher percentage of alloyed metals it provides more durability and resistance to wear and tear. 14k gold has a brighter and more vivid appearance.

Men’s Matte Black Wedding Bands


Mens matte black ring can represent power, courage, and power, as well as conviction or belief. In the context of marriage, a black ring might represent the strength of love. Wearing black rings might demonstrate to a man that he is committed to his wife and believes in the strength of their connection above all else.

Matte black is the color of elegance and flair in fashion. There’s a reason why the phrase “matte is the new black” exists. Some men select black wedding rings because it is a complementing hue that works with almost any attire. Modern matte black wedding rings are generally typically simple in design, making them the ideal statement piece for bold outfits.

Wedding bands for men are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Our professionals at Vansweden Jewelers can assist you in selecting the perfect piece of jewelry for you and your beloved one.

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Elysium Matte Black Mens Wedding Band

Stock Number:Thursday, February 23Lifetime Warranty & Free Ring Resizing

Named for the Greek god of war, the Ares Elysium series features strong lines and beveled edges. Modern and edgy, this Ares Elysium matte black mens wedding band measures 8 mm. Your Elysium wedding band is made specifically for your order and includes its own unique serial number. Why Elysium? An Elysium band is the ultimate expression of strength and luxury in a mens ring. The Elysium technology fuzes millions of diamond dust crystals into a solid diamond ring using heat and pressure. The resulting Elysium ring is harder than tungsten, more durable than titanium, and its luster and beauty will outlast silver, gold and platinum.

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    Men’s Black Wedding Bands Are Simple Dark And Elegant

    Seeking the antidote to a soft and generic wedding band from the mall jewelry store? If you are looking for a wedding ring thats timeless, elegant and unique, our mens black wedding bands are the perfect pieces for you. Each is crafted by hand from eternity-grade materials like black tungsten carbide and built for a lifelong journey with the one you love.

    With Modern Gents commitment to high quality materials and our eye-opening variety of styles, we are sure youll be able to find exactly what youre looking for with our bold and black wedding rings. Every one of our designs is as distinctive as your personality and as durable as your love, with a powerful look that any man can be proud to wear for a lifetime.

    We carry black wedding bands for him made of titanium, stainless steel and tungsten carbide. Choose from plain black rings or add a touch of color with one of our stunning inlay designs. Whatever you choose, youll find old-school quality, just-right comfort and a contemporary look the essence of what Modern Gents brings to each of our rings.

    Black Wedding Ring Prices

    15 Inspirations Matte Black Mens Wedding Bands #Verlobungsringe ...

    Black rings can vary hugely in price as well as in other qualities. Its always a good idea to start with a budget in mind when looking for a ring. So lets begin there.

    Tungsten makes an affordable ring this one is just $95.

    Titanium is another affordable option the ring below from Zales costs $99 despite being twice the width of many gold bands at 8mm.

    In the middle of the price range pack are ceramic rings, starting at about $100 and going up to about $400.

    Materials like zirconium and black gold will set you back more this black zirconium ring costs $400.

    If you go with a cheaper material but pick an intricate design, this is going to add up, but the guidelines below should help you make sense of what to buy.

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    Black Wedding Rings: Dozens Of Styles To Suit Your Personality

    Black wedding rings look beautiful. Black zirconium is a highly adaptable material, so we can make many unique designs of black wedding rings from it. Our selection includes trendy matte black mens wedding bands from our Midnight Matte Collection that capture your cutting-edge sense of style, as well as black camo rings that give a nod to your outdoorsy disposition. If youâre all about timeless style, take a peek at our Manhattan Collection that offers black metal rings designed with an urban-inspired feel by combining black zirconium with classic cobalt. Titanium-Buzzâs team also makes black wedding rings for athletes, gearheads, musicians, anglers, and more. Love black on black? Us too. Give your black ring a little bit of luxury and dimension with a black diamond ring set before a sleek, black zirconium backdrop. Our mens black diamond rings look exquisite. These anything-but-average mens black diamond rings feature bold, unconventional designs that suit your personality. If you want a semi-traditional black ring, black with classic sparkling diamonds or mixed stones is a darling choice. Our amazing collection of black metal rings for men includes all-black styles for an edgy feel plus unique options with mixed-material inlays. Complement your fearless, black style with an inlay made of glimmering gold, cool meteorite, tough carbon fiber, or brightly colored fishing wire. Weâve even got styles in patriotic prints and barbwire designs to show your bold personality.

    Mens Wedding Band Matte Black

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    Larson Obsidian Domed Black Tungsten Wedding Band

    This black obsidian wedding band is the perfect choice. Made with black tungsten, this durable and scratch-resistant ring will stand the test of time, just like the love you and your partner have. The sandblasted finish is unique touch to this domed black ring.

    What is obsidian?

    Obsidian is a naturally formed volcanic glass created by the rapid cooling of lava.

    Which Black Rings Trigger Allergic Reactions

    Men’s Wedding Bands -Wood Ring, Tungsten Ring, Damascus Steel Ring, Dinosaur Bone Ring!

    Nearly all black rings are less allergenic than 14 karat gold as they do not contain nickel or copper, which are the most common allergens in jewelry. The exception of course, is black gold, which contains potentially allergenic alloy metals like other 14 karat gold bands. Some people may have issues with the rhodium coating used to make metals appear black, so try these on before you commit to a wedding band note that this allergy is less common than nickel allergies. Ceramic bands are a great allergy-free option if you want a black ring and are unsure if you will be uncomfortable in a rhodium coated band.

    Caring for your black wedding band depends a lot on the band. Coated black bands like black titanium and black gold require recoating every few years. Tungsten and ceramic rings are easy to smash, so dont drop em. The safest bet: Ask your jeweler about care and maintenance when you buy your band.

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    Black Mens Wedding Bands

    So, how do we create these stunning, sleek black menâs wedding bands? The answer is black zirconium. All of our black rings for men start out as regular old non-black zirconium, a natural element thatâs very similar to titanium. The strong, black finish occurs as a result of a super-heating process that turns the metal a deep, rich black. No coatings, dyes, or paints are added â the vibrant coloration is born from and is solidified during the cooking process of the black rings for guys. Black zirconium is the perfect choice to make black menâs wedding bands for guys looking for tough, black wedding bands that can withstand their active, rugged lifestyles. Theyâre lightweight, strong, and reflective, with comfortable features to ensure that they wonât get in your way as you move and work. Whatâs more, the ceramic-like finish on our black menâs black wedding bands wonât wear off. No amount of washing, buffing, or rubbing will diminish the intensity of the surface. All this makes black zirconium a perfect material for wedding bands.

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    Can Elysium And Eclipse Black Diamond Rings Be Scratched

    As these ring are made from solid diamond they will not scratch. At times you may see what looks like a scratch on your ring. It has likely scuffed something that has left some residue that will come off with a Scotch-Brite pad or sandpaper. While these rings are the most scratch-resistant rings on the planet they are not indestructible and should still be removed when doing anything that may subject them to hard impacts.

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