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How To Plan A Backyard Wedding On A Budget

Is A Backyard Wedding Tacky

MINIMAL + Budget-Friendly Wedding Planning | How Much Our Backyard Wedding Cost

Not at all! Backyard weddings can be just as beautiful and even more amazing than any wedding thrown at a wedding venue. There is so much personality to a backyard wedding.

We love them. And based on the number of requests we are getting for planning and photography, it is obvious that more and more couples are loving them too.

The Benefits Of A Backyard Wedding

Here are five reasons why you should choose an outdoor reception:

  • Cost Savings Many wedding venues charge you an exorbitant amount for you to use their space. They may even tack on extra costs if you want to use certain decorations or electronics. You may also end up spending more than you budgeted for on flowers or other decorations. Holding an outdoor reception could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • You Choose With a backyard wedding, everything can happen on your terms. You dont have to worry about the availability of your venue or price increases associated with the most desirable dates.
  • No restrictions on the guestlist Many wedding venues make you commit to a minimum number of guests to book the room. With a backyard wedding, it doesnt matter if you invite two hundred guests or just your closest friends youre in control. Still, be mindful of covid restriction and social distancing guidelines in your area.
  • Comfort If a formal, stiff wedding reception isnt for you, you and your guests will feel much more comfortable at an outdoor reception. You could change out of your long flowing gown into a cozy party dress, and your guests could wear more casual clothing, too.
  • No time Constraints Indoor wedding venues are booked usually with several different receptions each day, which place restrictions on how long your wedding event may last. You might not even be able to find a reception venue that isnt already booked on your desired wedding date.
  • How Much Does A Backyard Wedding Cost

    A backyard wedding can definitely save you a lot of money, but you can also go all out and spend a fortune.

    If you are having a backyard wedding to keep costs down, you could easily do a backyard wedding for $4000-$10,000 for around 50-60 guests .

    We will be doing a full article on how to put together a wedding for $5,000 and $10,000 in about a week

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    Time Your Wedding Wisely

    The average price per person for a plated meal averages around $71. Avoid the expense of a sit-down meal by scheduling your wedding in the afternoon and planning a reception thats more like an extended cocktail hour with passed hors doeuvres.

    Consider day of the week, too. You could pay up to half the price for your venue if you hold your wedding on a Friday or Sunday. Plus, youll have more options for vendorslike bakeries, photographers and DJswhich tend to get booked up pretty quickly on Saturdays.

    And keep in mind the time of year. September and October are the most popular months to get married. So youre likely to pay more in the fall when wedding resources are limited.

    What Is The Best Month To Have An Outdoor Wedding

    How to Plan a $5,000 Wedding (Yes, It

    It honestly depends on where you live. A February wedding in Miami, Fl would be amazing since the average temperature is 75 degrees. That same month in Duluth, MN would only be 20-25 degrees.

    We recommend going to Google and typing average rainfall in city,state

    In the search results on page 1 click on the result from

    You will be able to see the average rainfall per month for every single month. You will also get to see how many days it typically rains per month, what the average temperature is, what the average humidity is, etc.

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    Get To Know Your Venue

    Choose your venue for a reason the sentiment of a childhood home, the history of a local landmark, the gracious gesture of a friend loaning out their house. Maybe the location carries personal meaning or maybe its the right fit for your budget whatever the purpose, your venue will play an enormous role in the tone and feeling of your wedding day.

    To make the most of it, incorporate the features of the location into your wedding in as organic a way as possible: turn the largest tree in the yard into your ceremony backdrop, station the bar on a flagstone patio, and position the dance floor near existing power outlets to accommodate your band or DJ. The more you are able to work elements of the location into your planning, the more seamless your wedding will feel. Schedule a walk through with your vendors to go over the logistics of turning a home into a reception space to ensure that everyone is familiar with the site and its limits.

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    What Was The Biggest Thing You Did To Save Money

    This was a backyard wedding, in a sense that it was not a venue! So we did not pay for this location at all! An old family friend offered to lend us his backyard , and all we had to do was get it ready for the event. It was a LOT of work his yard needed lots of cleanupwe mowed a huge space behind his house for parking, and cleaned out his entire shed . We also planted flowers, etc. and spent quite a few weekends here before the wedding to make sure it was perfect! The wedding party used their basement and upstairs bedrooms to get ready.

    I borrowed as much as I couldsome things included: lanterns and candles for table centerpieces , head table , table linens , wine barrel , vintage chair , books .

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    What Is A Backyard Wedding Reception

    A backyard wedding is any wedding that takes place at your home or at the home of a relative or friend. Planning a backyard wedding has long been favored by couples who are looking to maximize flexibility in terms of the wedding date, vendor selections, and decorative optionssince it’s your house, you can make your own rules! A backyard wedding reception is a great option if you’re envisioning a somewhat casual event, or if you love being outdoors. They continue to trend amid COVID-19, since guest capacity is greatly reduced at most wedding venues across the country, and getting married outdoors at home is a safe alternative for your microwedding or Zoom ceremony.

    Many couples who have backyard weddings still choose to hire a full vendor team to carry out the logistics and planning of the day. Ultimately, leaving it to the pros will help you stay more organized in the long run! And even though having a backyard wedding reception is often considered to be a less costly option compared to renting a venue, it actually depends on the type of wedding you’re hosting and how many guests are invited. The money you potentially save by avoiding standard venue rental fees might end up going toward your wedding reception expenses anyway, especially if you need decor rentals, lighting and sound equipment, or catering supplies.

    Q: How Long Does It Take To Plan A Backyard Wedding

    OUR $5,000 WEDDING BUDGET BREAKDOWN for our Simple Backyard Wedding

    A: For any wedding, we recommend 13 – 18 months. If you are hosting a backyard wedding, and you are hosting it by yourself without the help of an event planner, we recommend 13 months to 2 years. It takes even MORE work to host an event of this size and importance in your own venue. You are going to have to build your vision and team from the ground up. This doesnt include all of the logistics planning your are going to have to figure out. Think of it with an analogy of buying a home. Do you want to build a home or buy one that is move in ready?

    If you are looking to host a wedding in your backyard and you need a professional consultant and event planner to support you We offer a 1 hour complimentary consultation. Thanks so much for reading and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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    How To Plan An Affordable Backyard Wedding On A Budget

    The COVID-19 pandemic hit the wedding industry incredibly hard. The pandemic restrictions closed many marriage license bureaus, houses of worship, and halls. Couples canceled, postponed, or drastically downsized their nuptials. But instead of wallowing in a wine-soaked pity party, many couples turned to backyard weddings with a smaller guest list as an alternative.

    My younger sister was forced to postpone her wedding twice in 2020 and when she finally decided to go ahead with it, she had a beautiful backyard wedding at my parents house. Not only was it intimate, but it was also affordable and saved her thousands of dollars.

    What To Rent For Backyard Wedding

    Arch or Arbor

    You can rent an arch here if you prefer, you can buy an arch here and rent it out after the wedding or sell it to another couple to recoup costs.

    For a rustic wedding arch, something like this would look amazing for a backyard wedding. You can even buy the draping from here, too!

    For a boho or modern look, this elegant copper arch is a great choice.

    Read: How to Decorate a Copper Arch for more inspiration.


    You can rent a tent for the most affordable price locally choose a place that also offers tables and chairs, in order to maximize delivery costs. Many tent rentals also offer upgrades like walls, dance floors, and more.

    by outsunny


    Youll need chairs for the ceremony, one chair per guest, arranged on either side of an aisle. Optional: aisle runner.

    Note: This is helpful for guests to sit on either side! Sign by The Rusty Woodmill.

    buy here


    Youll need round or rectangular tables for your guests to eat dinner. Typically, you can fit 8 to 10 guests per standard round table. Rent from a local party rental place near you simply Google to find them and call to request pricing and details.

    Dance Floor

    Youll want/need a dance floor. Most tent rental companies offer a dance floor package.

    Cake Table

    A round cake table makes a great place for guests to see your cake and for you to do the cake cutting.

    Three Long Rectangular Table

    Buffet Food Tables

    Youll need extra tables to create a buffet food line.

    Chair Covers and Linens

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    Use A Dummy Wedding Cake

    Wedding cakes are expensive, you guys! Save money by decorating a dummy wedding cake. A pastry chefor someone you know who has icing skills worthy of a spot on a reality TV baking competitioncan decorate a stack of Styrofoam just as elaborately as a real wedding cake. Serve guests slices from a sheet cake you bought at the grocery store. Theyll never know the difference!

    If youre set on the cake cutting tradition, just have a smaller cake made for you and your new spouse. You could even use it as the dummy cakes topper so it looks like the real deal!

    Pros And Cons Of Hosting A Backyard Wedding

    small backyard wedding best photos

    Hi there! Im the owner of Fierce Productions an event/wedding planning business in Chicago and Miami. The Pandemic has forced many venues to shut down which has been a huge change of plans for engaged couples who are getting married. Many are opting to host a small backyard wedding. Our team has received several inquiries about backyard ceremonies and receptions so we thought it would be helpful to provide you with some insight before you start planning! Watch the video here!

    There are certain advantages/disadvantages of hosting a wedding in your backyard and we are going to share them with you. We always like to make a list of the Cost of a decision vs. the Payoff of that decision in other words, the pros and cons. This is always a great tool to use when making any big decision and planning a wedding in your backyard is a huge one! After reading this list feel free to make your own Pros and Cons or Costs vs. Payoffs list and ask yourself: should I have my wedding in my backyard?

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    Choose A Winter Color Scheme

    Choosing a color scheme will not only transform your backyard into a magical wedding spot but also will make your life easier and will save you money by avoiding unnecessary purchases. Winter colors, such as burgundy, emerald green, and navy blue are some of the most traditional seasonal colors. Also, muted palette, gold, silver, and holiday colors such as green and red.

    Select Your Favorite Backyard Spot

    In every backyard, there is a favorite spot. Whether under a huge tree or on a flat lawn, there is a spot that will capture your heart and you would want that to be the perfect place for your wedding. Start with choosing your favorite spot even before planning your décor. Also, pay special attention to any slopes, hills, or uneven areas in the yard. Not only will these areas make it difficult for your guests to navigate the lawn, but they can also prove dangerous. If you have a hilly or uneven backyard, you may want to consult with professionals to discuss leveling the yard or installing a temporary floor for your guests, in addition to a dance floor.

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    Backyard Wedding Entertainment Ideas

    No wedding is complete without some kind of music. You do have to walk down the aisle after all!

    Now, you can absolutely get a card table and set up your laptop with old, busted speakers and have your uncle manning the wedding day ceremony playlist.

    But, theres a better way to include music in your ceremony to elevate the overall experience of your entire wedding day.

    Including a string quartet is the perfect option for backyard weddings! You wont have to worry about figuring out how to bring power out to your yard. Theres no need to worry about speakers or amplification. The instruments of your string quartet provide their own natural amplification.

    And on that note, a string quartet isnt overpower during your wedding ceremony. Instead, itll add a gorgeous harmony and melody that will fill your space. Better yet, a string quartet for your backyard wedding ceremony will add an element of sophistication that can often make or break intimate events.

    Dont worry about taking up too much space, either. String quartets can easily fit into smaller spaces, so youll have plenty of room for all of your guests, too.

    Ready to get a quote for your intimate backyard wedding?

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