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What Is The Best Wedding Band Material

What Should You Look For In The Best Men’s Wedding Ring

Top Black Wedding Rings For Men

Your personal lifestyle is going to be the biggest factor in determining what type of ring you’re needing. If you lead a very active lifestyle outdoors, you’re going to want a durable and scratch-resistant wedding ring.

Tungsten would be a great option. But if you’re a runner, something more lightweight like titanium might be better for you.

But if you’re looking for a flashier ring, you might consider one with diamonds. If you like diamonds but want something stronger than white gold, you might look into a platinum wedding band with a row of natural diamonds or maybe cheaper lab diamonds.

The durability and strength of your ring should most importantly match your lifestyle, and secondly, your style. While there are a few key metals in which most men’s bands come from, there are a bunch of variations such as spinner rings, carbon fiber inlay, puzzle, and tension set men’s bands.

Modern Wedding Bands Hell Love To Wear Every Day

Since its unmistakably the most important piece of jewelry a man will wear in his lifetime, a commonly asked question by men shopping for wedding bands is: Which metal should I choose? If you work with your hands whether in construction, as a mechanic, or a welder the type of metal you choose is more important than you might think. At Jordan Jack, we design wedding bands especially for men who work hard with their hands. We offer rings that are uber-masculine in terms of looks and durability.

Its only natural that rings will scratch and scuff over time it often adds to the symbolism and significance of a wedding ring. But, as timelessness is largely the result of maintaining a wedding bands integrity, Jordan Jack bands are made of hardwearing, tough, and sturdy metal choices. Our metal offerings include Gold, Silver, Titanium, Cobalt, Tantalum, Black Stainless Steel, and Sterling Silver.

No matter your style, metal, or mm thickness preferences, we have a wedding band that will work for you, says Jordan Yoder, founder of Jordan Jack. Your ring is characteristic of your personal style and your profession shouldnt limit your choices, says Yoder, who realizes that men who work with their hands may not even consider wearing a wedding ring while on the job. We take pride in using quality materials that will hold up to the daily rigors of life, he adds.

Stainless Steel Wedding Bands

Although used in watchbands for ages, stainless steel is a metal that is relatively new to wedding jewelry. Its durable, accessibly priced, and makes for a steely white metal. However, it doesnt wear as well as some of the other metals and therefore might need to be polished more often.

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Final Criteria: Rings& Emergencies

One situation you probably didnt think about is emergency removal. A material like gold is soft and you can cut it. Tungsten should shatter if you just smash it into the ground. But in between these two poles are materials that arent brittle enough to shatter and are too hard to cut. If you do buy a ring in this range, some companies offer a free silicone ring with all metal rings so you can wear one or both. Ive been using this two-ring strategy to protect my beautiful wood and turquoise ring. By avoiding wearing the fragile ring in high-risk situations, like working on my truck or rock climbing, I keep it looking good for day-to-day use.

Ultimately you have to balance factors. Many guys seem to be torn between tungsten and titanium, and both are great metals. Tungsten is scratch-resistant but might shatter if dropped and could cause an allergic reaction, while titanium might scratch and can be hard to get off in an emergency but should be hypoallergenic and a bit shinier. If youre torn between a few metals, remember that mens bands range in price from $100 to a few thousand bucks, and its possible to replace your band or even have several bands. If you do opt for a back-up or alternative band, you can add this to your list of ways you are just like Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

How To Determine Your Best Black Metal Ring Option

What is the Best Material for Men

If youre ok with all of the above, read on to help determine the black ring choice that is the best fit for you. Everyones top option is going to vary greatly depending on what factors they consider most important. Considerations include:

Durability What is its rank on the Mohs hardness scale? This is a measure of the resistance of a smooth surface to scratching or abrasion, expressed in terms of a 1-10 scale ?

Hypoallergenic Properties Concerned about a metal allergy? Some black metal rings are hypoallergenic .

Availability Are a variety of ring designs commonly found online or in stores?

Cost We realize this can be subjective, but weve labeled each option to help give you a general idea of price compared to one another.

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What Metal Should I Choose For My Wedding Band

How times change. Twenty years ago, selecting a wedding band for a man was a simple choice. You could have gold , and maybe choose a pattern and some diamonds. Today, however, is another story all together. Tungsten, cobalt chrome, platinum, titanium and palladium have been added into the mix. So, how do I pick the metal that is right for me, you might ask? It’s not as hard as you might think. An examination of the properties and pricing of the metals should clear up, or at the very least, narrow your choices down a bit.

There are two basic groupings of the metals precious and alternative. Precious refers to valuable metals such as gold, platinum and palladium. Alternative is everything else. That was easy, right? Now for the slightly harder part: looking at what each of these metals has to offer. We will start with the precious metals.

Stainless Steel Vs Silver

Silver is the mostaffordable of the precious metals. Pure silver is a soft metal so it cant beused for making jewelry. Instead, sterling silver is used for making jewels ofvarious designs. Sterling silver is a mixture of pure silver with copper and othermetals which make it more durable. When we compare stainless steel vs silver, we must admitthat both metals look almost identical but in fact, they differ a lot. Sterlingsilver is less scratch resistant and less durable than steel and it tarnishesif not properly cared for. Stainless steel doesnt tarnish but it has a lessshiny appearance. Stainless steel is also more affordable than silver and usingan array of beautiful finishes, stainless steel jewelry can be made to resemblesterling silver or white gold.

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Best Metal For Mens Wedding Band

In general, the most popular choice of metal for mens wedding bands is platinum wedding bands. This is because this type of metal is durable while holding a prestigious and sophisticated status, meaning it will last over the years but it can be expensive. For a traditional and classy look, its the perfect choice for men.

A solid alternative if youre conscious of your budget is white gold metal wedding bands. More reasonably priced, this metal is reflective and lustrous while also providing hypoallergenic properties. Browse our full selection of wedding rings for men now.

Keep The Center Stone In Mind

Best Silicone Wedding Rings 2020 Why choose silicone rings and which are best

The center stone can also influence the best metal for an engagement ring. If you already have a diamond shape or color in mind, work with your jeweler to find a metal that will complement it. Or, if you know your S.O. has their heart set on a gold band, for example, an expert can guide you toward a center stone that will look great with that color. “If you’re considering a diamond with some warmth these tend to look best in yellow or rose gold,” Brantner advises. “The surrounding vivid color of the metal tones down the warmth of the diamond and compliments it beautifully.”

Believe it or not, the ring metal color can sometimes appear through the diamond center stone. “If you set a colorless diamond in rose or yellow gold, some of the metal color will reflect within the diamond at certain angles,” Brantner adds. This can make the diamond look less brilliant and sparkly than it actually is, so work with your ring designer to pick a center stone and metal that work well together.

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Where To Buy Men’s Wedding Rings

Most in-store jewelers don’t carry a lot of variation in their men’s wedding rings. You will find more of the high-end pricing with gold bands and diamonds.

More places are carrying alternative metals, but they are very plain and expensive.

If you’re looking for a unique band or something to fit your individual style for an inexpensive price, Amazon is going to be the best online retailer for you. Amazon carries multitudes of men’s bands of all different metals and designs.

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Blue Nile is another great retailer to go to if you’re looking for a wedding ring that is top of the line quality, whether it is tungsten, gold, or platinum.

They’re more expensive than Amazon, but when you buy from Blue Nile and their reputation, you can know with confidence that you are buying a reputable ring from a reputable brand.

What To Consider Before You Buy

Before you choose the right metal, youll need to consider the following factors which will help you choose your wedding band metal.

  • Durability: Most people wear a wedding band frequently, if not every day. If the metal isnt durable, youll have to deal with scratches, chipping and perhaps even breakage. When considering durability, focus on two factors toughness and hardness. Toughness refers to the metals resistance to chipping and cracking, while hardness refers to how well it resists scratches.
  • Appearance The color and luster of the metal depends on your personal preference. In general, wedding band metals fall into 5 main color categories yellow, white, rose, black and gray.
  • Maintenance Maintenance is tied in with durability. All metals need some extent of maintenance, especially cleaning, but some require periodic replating and polishing.
  • Cost This factor will largely determine a persons wedding band metal choice. Many of the modern and alternative metals on the market are affordable while the traditional metals are often the most expensive.
  • Workability Some metals are easier to work with than others, meaning that jewelers can fashion them into beautiful designs, include engravings and other stylistic elements. Others can be unworkable, may limit your design options and may be difficult to resize.

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Which Isthe Best Metal

Its hard to pick out one out of all the metals listed here and say this is the best. Each metal has its pros and cons and can be the bestdepending on what youre specifically looking for.

When trying to select the right metal, some factors to consider aredurability, price, social recognition, uniqueness.

Here are the best metals for:

  • Durability Tungsten
  • Prestige Platinum
  • Price Stainlesssteel
  • Tradition Gold
  • Uniqueness Meteorite
  • Appearance MokumeGane
  • With that as a taster, lets take a look at the different types of metalsused in creating wedding rings.

    Titanium Vs Carbon Fiber

    What is the Best Material for Men

    Now lets compare titanium vs carbon fiberwhich is not a metal but a combination of several thin fibers bounded andtwisted together and woven into fabric. Carbon which has the chemical symbol of C is the basic buildingelement of our universe. Being a symbol of cutting-edge tech, carbon fibercombines strength and lightweight. Actually, it is three times lighter thantitanium. Carbon fiber is durable and hypoallergenic.

    Carbon fiber is popularas an insert material for inlaid rings made of tungsten, zirconium, andtitanium. Rings made of carbon fiber are relatively easy to maintain they canbe washed with water and non-abrasive soap. Carbon fiber rings from Titanium Buzz come in a variety of styles withleather-like textures, colored inlays, stitched patterns, and more.

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    Yellow Gold Ring Metal

    Tifani Lyn Photography

    As the purest of all gold ring metal types, a yellow gold engagement ring or band is the most hypoallergenic and the easiest to maintain. Plus, because yellow gold rings are purer than others, it’s better for jewelers to manipulate. Yellow gold is also particularly flattering to warmer skin tones, as well as diamonds of a lower color grade. This offers plenty of flexibility when it comes to picking a center stone to sit on a yellow gold band. The color is also on the rise in terms of popularity. Our study found that 15% of engagement rings have a yellow gold metal, up from 10% in 2020.

    The Most Durable Metals For Mens Wedding Bands

    If youre getting married soon, you know just how important it is to pick the right wedding band. You want something that will perfectly symbolize your love story, fit your style and meet the demands of your daily life. After all, youre making a lifelong commitment shouldnt your ring last just as long as your relationship?

    Heres the good news: these days, wedding bands come in just about every metal imaginable, and most of them are far more durable than classic gold and silver. If you want a long-lasting wedding band but arent sure what material is your best bet, youre in luck we created this guide just for you. Ready to pick the perfect metal for your ring?


    When it comes to the most durable ring metals, tantalum is a great place to start. Not only is it incredibly strong, but it also happens to be a chemical element named for a villain in ancient Greek mythology, which has to up the cool quotient, right? It resists rust, corrosion and anything else daily life might throw its way, and its also pretty rare. Tantalum isnt just for rings its used in a lot of electronics, for instance but it does make a great ring choice for a groom with just a bit of an edge.



    Stainless Steel


    Whatever daily life asks of you, cobalt is here for it. No rust, no tarnish and it comes in a variety of styles. From sleek blacks and blues with carbon fiber inlays to a classic two-tone, cobalt bands are perfect for a sophisticated groom.

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