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How Much To Give For Wedding Gift

Suggestion : Bring Your Checkbook And Decide Once Youre There

#112 How much to give for a wedding present?

The idea here is that you give more if the ceremony and reception are fancy, and less if its more casual. The skinflint who suggests this takes the attitude that youre basically paying for your meal, and should come as close to the per-head catering cost as you can.

Here at the The Plunge, were going to give this suggestion a hard nonot only because whipping out your checkbook at a wedding is crass, but because theres a transactional aspect that doesnt seem right. Youre giving the couple a gift to celebrate their wedding, not pay for the food and drink you consume.

Can I Give A Group Wedding Gift

If youre attending the wedding with a group of friends, a group wedding gift is an acceptable option! As a group, you may be able to buy a bigger item from their registry that you could not afford on your own. Bigger, impressive gifts may not be in your gift budget on your own, but with a group you could give a great present!

How much money you spend on a group gift is up to you, but try to stick to standard gift etiquette with your contribution. Use our wedding gift tips to ensure you still know how much to spend.

If You Don’t Attend The Wedding Do You Have To Send A Gift

The short answer is yes. The couple invited you with full intentions that you would be joining them to celebrate, and sending a gift is the proper thing to do.

With that in mind, “A lot of my clients aren’t asking for gifts anymore,” explains Hamilton. “They’re keeping sustainability in mind, and asking for guests to donate to a charity of their choice or the couple’s, or opting out of gifts altogether. Some couples just want to celebrate and offer an amazing experience to their family and friends with nothing in return.”

However, should that not be made clear on the invitation or wedding website, a gift is undoubtedly the elegant gesture, even if you are unable to attend the event.

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How Much Money Should You Give As A Wedding Gift

If the couple have asked for money as a wedding gift, it can be difficult to know what the rules are. We’ve covered how much money you should give and what to expect if you’re going to a wedding from a different culture.

Cash gifts are becoming more popular at weddings as couples move away from asking for traditional homeware items. When a couple already live together, it might make more sense to save up for a big purchase like a home deposit, future children, a new car or even a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon.

But it can be tough to know exactly how much money to give. Choosing a fancy candle they put on their wedding gift list is one thing, but handing someone cash – where they’ll know exactly how much you gave – can feel like a minefield. Some people have rules, like to cover the cost of your meal or to give equal to what they gave you, but others factor in how much they’ve paid in hotels and travel and give much less. So what exactly should you give?

If you’ve been asked to bring a cash gift to the wedding or to contribute to a honeymoon fund online, we’ve broken down what’s expected of you below. There’s ideas for what to do if you feel uncomfortable about giving money and some hints for the best ways for couples to go about asking for cash gifts.


How Much Should You Spend On A Wedding Gift

48+ Clever How Much To Give For A Wedding Gift Cash : She wants ...

Wedding gift etiquette is good to know to avoid any awkward situations. Someone who hasnt been to many weddings may not understand the expectations set in terms of wedding gifts for the newlyweds.

The amount you should spend on a wedding gift depends on your relationship with the couple. If youre a coworker or a distant friend or relative, you arent expected to give as much as a close friend or family member.

If youre not sure how much to spend on a wedding gift, there are a few rules of thumb you can follow. Consider the average wedding gift amounts listed below as a ballpark figure for how much you should spend on a wedding gift.

  • Close friend or relative: $100 150+
  • Friend or relative: $75 100
  • Distant friend or coworker: $50 75

Keep in mind that these numbers are only standard estimates. If you live in an expensive urban area, or if yourself and the happy couple run in more affluent circles, you may choose to give more.

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Simple Guidelines For Giving Cash As A Wedding Gift

Below are some helpful ways to determine how much to give at weddings.

Wedding Of A Family Member

Your relationship to the couple is certainly one of the biggest factors that would determine how much you should give. A good ballpark for close relatives is $150 and above. If you are however a student or an intern etc and not financially established yet, $75-$100 is fine as well.

If the couple is a family member, they most likely are aware of your financial situation and therefore would not expect or even want you to give something beyond your means.

If the wedding is of a distant family member like a second cousin etc who you havent seen in a long time. You dont have to give as much if you were a close family member but you should still gift a decent amount.

If you do attend the wedding, the gift should be above $100. If you are not planning to attend the wedding but still want to send a small token along with your good wishes it is completely fair to gift just $50.

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Wedding Of A Colleague

No matter if its the wedding of a beloved or not so beloved colleague, this is the time to display the best of your social manners since you have been extended a wedding invite. $50-$100 is the standard gift amount depending on if you are going to attend the wedding and your relationship with the colleague.

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A Friends Wedding

When Bringing A Guest Along

Should I Bring A Gift To The Wedding Or Send It

Modern wedding gift etiquette states that its better to send your gift rather than bring a gift to the wedding. Bringing a gift on the big day used to be the norm, but now its considered a bit of a hassle.

Having gifts at the wedding means that they could get stolen or damaged, and the bride and groom will have to transport all of those gifts home after the event. If you can, try to send the gift instead.

If youre only giving a card, however, it may be acceptable to bring it to the wedding just make sure it doesnt get lost in the hustle and bustle of the big day.

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Most Important Tip: Only Spend What You Can Afford


Accepting a wedding invitation is pretty much a contractual obligation to get the happy couple a gift, and no one wants to look like a cheapskate when the presents are opened. However, accepting a wedding invitation also means accepting the costs of travel and lodging to attend, which can put a serious dent in your budget. So, how can a guest balance all these financial obligations and give the couple a great gift?

Here are five tips to help you figure out how much you should spend on a wedding present.

How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift If I Am A Bridesmaid/groomsman

Japanese Wedding Receptions (gifts for guests & how much money to give)

It depends on how much of the wedding expense the couple covered. Another factor is if you are buying individually or as a bridal party group.If the couple covered the cost of your wear and accommodation, a gift starting at $125 and above is perfect. You will get very impressive gifts from that price up to and shows gratitude to the couple. If you are buying as a group, $100 combined by each of you will get a really pricey gift. One that will get noticed.

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Gift Cash Or Check With Some Elegance

There are ways to make gifting cash or a check just as beautiful as a regular gift- bring some elegance to it!

Giving money or check inside a greeting card with some heartfelt handwritten warm wishes is the easiest way to make the gift look more thoughtful.

This option also doesnt add much additional cost. There are plenty of affordable beautiful cards available at most drugstores, craft supply stores etc. to choose from.

If you have the talent, you can also draw a nice portrait for the couple to go along with your gift.

Another option is to place the money or check envelope along with a handwritten note on the back side of a small home decoration item like a wall plaque, for instance.

This one, in particular, can make even a cash gift look more interesting. You can choose a wall plaque or any other home decor item according to the hobbies of the couple.

If the couple likes to travel a lot, you can choose an item with a travel-related quote etc. You dont have to overextend your budget for this option either. At places like home goods, Tj Maxx etc it is easier to find something nice even under $10.

For a couple who likes to throw parties- keep the cash or check envelope inside a cocktail recipe book, finger food recipe book etc.

While some people frown at the thought and others laud its practicality, cash as a wedding gift continues to rise in popularity. Hopefully, the above tips have helped you figure out the ideal amount to give at a wedding.

Your Guide To Wedding Gift Etiquette

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Jun 9, 2020

When it comes to gifting the bride and groom, the amount of money you should spend and when to give your gift are all valid questions. Since this is a friend or family member tying the knot, youll want to make sure you do things the right way and follow proper wedding gift etiquette, so your gift is received in good spirits. Although gifts dont surmount to all of the care and happiness you have for the just-married couple, theyre a necessary and warm gesture that the couple will appreciate as they begin their life together. Use our simple wedding gift etiquette guide below to start your gifting process.

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Bridal Shower Gift Tips

If youre stuck on what exactly to give as a bridal shower gift, the options certainly range in price point. In addition, some bridal shower gifts may be more personal for the bride as opposed to gifts chosen from a registry.

If the bridal shower has a specific theme it will give you a jumping-off point for your gift. A lingerie shower will offer a fun opportunity to wrap up lingerie or sleepwear, whereas the invitation for a ‘Stock the Bar shower may request wine, spirits, and other barware to fill out the couples home bar. A spa or self-care-themed shower may be the perfect opportunity to gift a set of luxurious bath bombs or a cozy robe.

If youre stuck on what to get as a bridal shower gift and how much to spend, ask the host for gift suggestions or a specific store the bride loves as a starting point.

If theres no theme, then stick to useful items, whether that be for the home, for pampering, or even something for the bride to utilize on their wedding day such as a personalized hanger or makeup bag. And if all else fails, look to the registry. “Most couples set up a wedding registry, which makes it easier as you can choose the gift from there,” says Opperman. Remember, its there for a reason! Items from the registry such as fine china, glassware, and towels always make great gifts to celebrate the upcoming big day.

If I Have A Plus One: How Much Should A Couple Spend On A Wedding Gift

How Much Do You Give For A Wedding Shower Gift

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You are not under oath to bear any extra gifts if you attend a wedding with a date or group of friends. But if you have a close relationship with the couple, you are morally bound to come with a gift double the cost or a bit over one adult head. This is to show support to the couple and pay for the extra plate of food.

As such, really close friends with a plus one should spend about $180 $250. For others $80 $160 is fine.

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Euros Or More How Much Money Should You Give The Newlyweds For Their Wedding

Are 50 euros, 100 euros or even more appropriate as a gift for the wedding?

Who is invited to the celebration, the question often arises as to what amount is actually appropriate as a wedding present.

You’ve been invited to a wedding – but don’t know how much money to give the newlyweds?

After all, you don’t want to look like a penny pincher – but you also don’t want to put too much money in the envelope.

How high the gift of money for the wedding is depends on how close your relationship with the bride and groom is.

So how much am I giving as a friend, work colleague or relative?

How Long Do I Really Have To Give A Gift After The Wedding

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The honest fact is that the earlier you can send a new couple your gift, the better. It is more interesting opening gifts while the wedding glow and rush are still present. But do not put yourself under any kind of pressure. If you are not financially or emotionally up to the task of getting a gift during the wedding, rest easy. You have up to one year after the wedding to send in your gifts. Do it at your own convenience and who knows? It may be a pleasant surprise to the couple.


As much as the experts know, it will be nice to hear real people who have had actual experiences talk. Many of them consider the cost of gifts based on their closeness to the couple and some match whatever they were gifted at theirs. Others think the luxury of the wedding should count, while a few prefer donating cash or paying towards a cause.Testimonials from real people:

  • Miki, a 34-year old female who has helped plan weddings for lots of people is sympathetic to the plight of couples. She says wedding expenses are not cheap and everyone should give at least $100 for wedding gifts. Give from $200 above if you come with a plus one. She, on the other hand, says she has given up to $500 for her close friends.
  • Jess who is 27 years old says that she will give more towards wedding gifts if the wedding is a luxurious one.

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