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What Anniversary Do You Upgrade Wedding Ring

Diamonds On The Modern Anniversary Gift List


Starting with your 10th anniversary gift for your wife and you could be looking at a fantastic diamond anniversary ring, quite often they have 3 diamonds representing the past, the present and the future. Your 10th anniversary could also be the time where you are now able to afford the engagement ring that you really wanted to give, although your original engagement ring will win on the emotional value easily. Another stunning diamond gift for your 10th anniversary could be diamond earrings, they are something that can be worn with pride every day.

Diamonds are as popular now as they have ever been and it is not just with the girls, boys are wearing diamonds too. For the boys it could be a diamond stud earring, a diamond watch and there are some stunning diamond rings for the boys too.

You could also be celebrating with diamonds with your 30 year wedding anniversary gift if you are still following the modern anniversary list. We are obviously all a lot more impatient in modern life than we were when the traditional anniversary list was written!

Ways To Do A Ring Upgrade

Once you have decided to upgrade your ring, start thinking about what you would want.

Add Diamonds: If your engagement ring is a solitaire single diamond, consider adding more diamonds to the ring. Adding diamonds affords your ring even more radiant sparkle. You might choose smaller diamonds on either side of the main stone, too. Three stone rings are very popular. This keeps the focus on the main diamond and accents its brilliance!

Add Color: Add extra stones to your diamond ring. Sapphires, emeralds and rubies come in beautiful, vivid colors. You can have them added to your current diamond ring to represent new parts of your life such as adding birthstones for your child’s birthday.

Change the Band: Another way to upgrade your engagement ring is to change the band. You can trade in your plain white gold band for a yellow gold band. Another option would be to add a band that is lined with diamonds. Extra diamonds on the band enhance the main stones brilliance.

Add a Halo: The halo style ring is a ring that has a ring of diamonds around the main center diamond. The halo style of the ring is stylish and very popular. You can even add a second halo to your ring if your ring already has one.

Reuse Your Stone:Using the original stone in a different way lends more history to your engagement ring diamond upgrade. You can have the diamond placed in a necklace setting, as well.

Spend Your Money Wisely Right Now

  • Prioritize your goals with the right jeweler. Look for a consultant, not a salesperson – someone who will spend time helping you select what’s right for you and your budget.
  • Look at smaller stones. An exceptional smaller stone can dazzle more than a larger one if it offers the best of the 4Cs. Ask about that as you look at diamond cuts.
  • Go for color. If your fiancèe-to-be loves following trends, you might do well with a diamond in black, brown, blue, green or yellow. Consider a gemstone that could be less expensive than a diamond such as a ruby, emerald, sapphire or tanzanite.
  • Multiply your options. Whatever main diamond you choose, you can surround it with other stones. Another option is a halo ring or narrow band set with pavé diamonds. These can be very sparkly, glamorous and less expensive.
  • Think about a promise ring. Sometimes, shopping for a promise ring will lead you to a simple diamond ring that will fit your purpose. A promise ring can be a simple diamond solitaire or several diamonds together on a small band. Promise rings come in all shapes and sizes.

Upgrading your engagement ring

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An Upgrade That Has A Nice Ring To It

Whether your wedding ring upgrade is the result of immediate dissatisfaction with your initial wedding jewelry selection or the unfolding of an anniversary plan decades in the making, dont hesitate to draw on your experience. Dont accidentally downgrade your ring because you havent bothered to think through your preferences or explore your options in greater detail than the first time around.

And make sure that your partner is involved in the decision. Before you replace the ring they gave you , have a sense for how they will interpret the symbolism of the gesture!

Replacing Your Wedding Band With An Anniversary Band

Do you update your engagement ring later years of ...

Replacing wedding bands with anniversary bands is becoming a popular trend among contemporary couples. Over time, our interests and style preferences change. Thats one reason you may want to replace your wedding ring with a beautiful anniversary band.

If you dont want to replace your wedding bands, here are a few ideas:

  • Wear your anniversary ring with your wedding ring.
  • Upgrade your original wedding band. For example, you can add more stones or replace smaller stones with bigger ones.
  • Wear the anniversary band on another finger.

While theres no rule of thumb, most people wear their anniversary ring on the ring finger of their right hand. That way, the anniversary ring stands out without overshadowing your wedding ring.

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Anniversary Rings: When Exactly To Give Them

In the line of jewelry, the anniversary ring has a special place. This gift tells about your love’s maturity and longevity, proving its strong enough to stand all the challenges and difficulties of life. But how to celebrate an anniversary right and what is the anniversary ring tradition? Check this guide to get the answers.

When Should You Give An Anniversary Ring

There are no set rules on giving anniversary jewelry, meaning youre free to gift your partner an anniversary ring or other jewelry whenever you feel like it.

Because giving an anniversary ring after every year of marriage can quickly become impractical, most couples opt to celebrate their major anniversaries with jewelry, like with a 20 year anniversary ring.

The most common anniversaries for anniversary rings include your one year anniversary since its a major milestone for you as a newlywed couple. Most couples also celebrate their milestone years, such as their fifth, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th anniversaries.

Its also common to give anniversary rings in years in which you and your partner have added to your family. If youve recently discovered that youre expecting, or if youve just welcomed a new member to your family, its completely appropriate to give an anniversary ring.

In general, there are no specific rules on giving anniversary jewelry. If you feel like giving a ring to your partner on your second, third or other minor anniversary, feel free. Theres also nothing wrong with only giving anniversary jewelry to celebrate major, milestone anniversaries.

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Shes Worth It Reignite Your Marriage With A 10 Year Anniversary Ring Upgrade

Have you been thinking about upgrading your wifes wedding ring for your 10 year anniversary? The wise answer is a resounding yes, which is the same answer she gave you when you asked her for her hand in marriage a decade ago. Shes been your rock, supported you through the good times and the bad times, and inspired you. Theres no one who loves you like she does, so ask her to be yours all over again by upgrading the sparkle she wears on her finger. Browse then make the move to give her a 10 year anniversary ring upgrade and present her with a dazzling iconic statement ring or diamond anniversary band by John Atencio.

Th Anniversary Gift Ideas

We UPGRADED our Wedding Rings for our 4TH Year Wedding Anniversary from Modern Gents Trading Co.

Diamonds for your 60th anniversary are the perfect stone as they represent everlasting love and strength, something that if you have been together for 60 years you must have in the bucket loads. However a number of couples that are celebrating their 60th anniversary are not looking for real diamonds they quite often are not looking for any big anniversary gifts, instead a donation to their favorite charity may be more in keeping.

If you want to buy a diamond gift then have a look at the diamond shape rather than the stone. You could put together a photo album filled with happy memories from the last 60 years or organize a family get together and have a photographer ready to capture the best moments. A photo of all of you together probably doesn’t happen that often so make the most of everyone together and have an anniversary party as well!

Of course diamonds are a girls best friend so a diamond ring for a 60th anniversary gift, or a diamond pendant is just as perfect an anniversary gift for this anniversary as it is for your 10th.

Other diamond gift ideas would be a diamond tie pin, cufflinks, bracelets and anything that you know that they will love and treasure.

“Very pleased with customer service and product. My parents loved the gift to celebrate 40 years of marriage!” Dan

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Your Diamond Anniversary Is It Your 10th 30th 60th Or 65th

Your Diamond anniversary can be a number of different years’ anniversary, on the modern anniversary list diamonds are celebrated as early as your 10th anniversary, as well as your 30th and then on the traditional anniversary list it is your 60th anniversary and sometimes it is also listed as your 65th anniversary.

And of course there will always be the couples that are lucky enough to be able to celebrate with diamonds every anniversary!

With that much confusion going on in the anniversary lists what diamond anniversary gift is best?

When Should You Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

engagement ring engagement ring

While there is no hard and fast rule for when you should upgrade your ring, there are three major factors that inspire women to upgrade their engagement rings. Keep reading as we share the most popular upgrade reasons, types of ring upgrades and how to get the diamond engagement ring of your dreams without draining your wallet.

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Engagement Vs Wedding Rings: Heres What You Should Know

By Michael Fried

Bottom Line Recommendation: Both engagement rings and wedding rings carry significant meaning. Choosing rings that match your unique style and taste allows you to own jewelry youll want to wear for a lifetime. Decide on a matching set like this French pavé diamond eternity ring in 14k white gold from Blue Nile or select a stunning engagement ring like this Round Cut diamond in 18K yellow gold from James Allen and pair it with a wedding ring later.

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The J color at $4082 or the G color at $5500 Choose the diamond you like better and see if you are a Pro!

You can buy an engagement ring and wedding band together, especially if you want to ensure the two match and complement each other. These are called bridal sets. The sets fit together seamlessly and usually match metal colors. Plenty of people buy the rings separately, though, and follow guides like Blue Niles tool for finding complementary rings. As an example, its important to match the precious metal color and ensure the rings fit well next to each other on the finger.

How well the rings match is up to personal preference, as your wedding band doesnt have to match the engagement ring. You can wear two different styles or two different colors of gold if you want. Also, your spouses wedding band doesnt have to match yours, although it can. A bride can have a white gold engagement and wedding ring, while the groom has a yellow gold wedding band.

Opt To Match Or Contrast Other Wedding Jewelry

How do you wear your stacked rings?

Consider whether youd prefer a complementary or contrasting ring. A complementary ring has a similar design to your partners engagement and wedding rings. This gives them the option of wearing their anniversary ring on the same finger as part of a matching set.

A contrasting ring features gemstones or precious metal that contrasts with your partners engagement and wedding rings. For example, maybe their 20 year anniversary ring features an emerald, while their engagement ring and wedding band has diamonds. Normally, your partner will wear their unique anniversary ring on a different finger or hand than their other wedding jewelry.

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What Is The Purpose Of An Anniversary Ring

An anniversary ring symbolizes a milestone in a marriage and is typically gifted on a wedding anniversary. Anniversary rings are typically worn stacked with your wedding and engagement ring. Anniversary bands serve as an opportunity to celebrate your commitment to one another now, and your years to come!

Wedding Ring Upgrade Etiquette: Everything You Need To Know

A wedding ring represents an unalterable commitment, but that doesnt mean the ring itself cant alter over time. Your love remains steadfast, but other changes in your life, from finger size to financial flexibility, might have you mulling over a jewelry upgrade. Maybe the proposal set you up with a family heirloom that you hope to adapt to your own personal style. Perhaps you knew you didnt want to wait on your forever ring before you moved forward with your forever partner.

Now that you are out of your starter home and on your third set of cookware, however, you feel more comfortable slipping into something new. Not only can wedding ring sets evolve with your relationship, but they can celebrate its milestones as you further invest in the symbol of your marriage.

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The Best Anniversary Gift A Serious Upgrade To Your Wedding Ring

A wedding anniversary is an ideal occasion to express love and appreciation for your spouse. But how? You can stick with the traditional list of gifts paper for the first year of marriage, tin for the 10th but youd have to wait 24 years to get to the semiprecious stones like opal and pearl, let alone the truly magnificent gems.

You can go online and find rules about what to give for each year, but how would you feel if its the morning of your anniversary and someone gives you a piece of paper or a piece of leather or cotton? asks Diane Gottsman, a national etiquette expert. I would much rather have a piece of jewelry than cotton.

Gottsman advises making gifts meaningful by customizing a piece be it a necklace, ring or a bracelet with special touches chosen specifically for your partner. Include her birthstone or another gem that nods to the month of your first date, she suggests.

Laurel House, a relationship and empowerment coach whos counseled unlucky-in-love stars on E!s show Famously Single, also likes the idea of personalized anniversary gifts. She recommends starting a collection of stackable rings or bracelets, which are easy to add to each year, customized with different stones and metals to commemorate the latest milestones, like a new job or the birth of a child.

I would much rather have a piece of jewelry than cotton.

– Etiquette expert Diane Gottsman

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