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How To Pee In A Wedding Dress

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I Tried Different Methods Of Peeing In A Wedding Dress

If you’re able to hike up the bottom of your dress, you can keep it on to pee. But instead of sitting on toilet, like you normally would, you’re going to sit facing the opposite direction your face eying the flusher. That way, the train of your dress doesn’t stand a chance at falling into the toilet bowl.

How To Pee In Spanx While Wearing A Wedding Dress

You found the perfect dress…

And you finally found the perfect shapewear to go with it. But you now realize that you will need a team of experts to follow you to the restroom just to get you undressed and dressed again to pee.

Introducing peeLUX

peeLUX holds your shapewear open and prevents any dribbles from contacting the fabric. No undressing, no hassles. Just a quick visit to the ladies’ room.

Ask A Professional Bridesmaid

Are you wondering what kind of gift to bring to the engagement party? Or how to protest against wearing a 7-layer chiffon polka dotted dress with a giant bow on the back? How about how the heck you can afford to be a bridesmaid, for the 5th time this year, without taking out a loan from Bank of America?

Jens been a bridesmaid more times than she can count on both hands and shes made every mistake there is, like bringing lingerie to a bridal shower and not bringing Advil to a bachelorette party. From ordering a bridesmaid dress a month before the wedding to wearing brand new heels to a wedding and having her toes semi-permanently go numb.

To pay it forward , Jens asking you to send her any and all bridesmaid questions you have. Shell send over an answer within 48 hours.

You may have #99BridesmaidProblems but lack of advice is no longer one.

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Choose The Handicap Stall

The handicap stall in shared bathrooms is always the largest. Not only will you have extra space to ensure that you, your gown and your helpers dont have to lean against any walls, but there are bars mounted to the wall that you can use to steady yourself and pull yourself up. Of course, if you have a private restroom or a single occupancy bathroom, you wont have to worry about choosing the biggest stall.

How To Pee In A Tight Dress


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So I’m wondering if anyone has advice or tricks on how to pee without taking the entire thing off. My dress is a corset A line. So basically tight from chest to hips.. on top of that, I have shapewear that’s also from chest to knees…. I think with a pee hole. Any suggestions? This has been bothering me for two weeks and I’ve been driving myself insane over this situation. Thanks in advance!

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Different Dresses Have Different Needs

If you’ve got a big ballgown, your problem is with volume, it’s too much fabric for you to hold up while you pee. If you’ve got a mermaid-style wedding dress that’s fitted below the knee, you might not be able to pull it up enough and still sit down. If you’ve got a slinky dress, it could be a shapewear concern, and a jumpsuit might need to come off entirely. Different dresses will present their own issues, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

If you think going to the loo might be an issue, assess your dress and work out if hiking it up is possible and/or quicker and easier than taking it off and putting it on again. Are you really modest, or does the idea of having some friends help not faze you in the slightest?

Photo by Vicki Bartel Photography via Bridal Musings

How To Prevent Peeing On Your Wedding Dress

You don’t want a dry wedding, but you definitely want a dry dress.

Prior to their wedding, brides have a lot of questions, like “should we have an open bar?” and “Can I seat Uncle Dougie at the kids table?” and, above all else, “How am I going to pee wearing that dress?”

We dont have any answers for the first two questions although were tempted to say “hell to the yes” to the open bar but we did recently find something that can solve the peeing problemo.

Its called the “Bridal Buddy” and it fits under your wedding dress like a slip. When you need to go, you gather your dress in front of you, pull the Bridal Buddy from underneath over the bunched dress, “bag it” and put your arms through the arm holes.

Special perk: the arm holes are trimmed in blue, so there’s your “something blue.”

You can grab one of these on , or inventive brides-to-be could probably fashion something similar. In any case, wearing one spares you from bringing a human buddy or the entire bridal party into the bathroom to assist you.

After all, no bride wants a drop of dribble on her dress. Amirite?

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Plan Bathroom Breaks Into Your Day If You Can

Your nerves, and therefore your body, is going to be going in a lot of directions on your wedding day. Plan your bathroom trips into your day to avoid holding it during your ceremony.

After the ceremony

Once your formals have wrapped at your ceremony, steal a moment with your girls and make a bathroom trip. This is also a good time to check the hair and make-up before you head off for more photos. Please keep in mind that if you are doing pictures at a park, there might not be bathrooms that will work for the women. Even if there are porta-potties, a ballgown may not fair well in there. And I say women because we all know guys can pee anywhere. Its really not fair.

Towards the end of cocktail hour

Usually, at the end of cocktail hour, youll line up for your introductions which will usually lead to your first dance, possible your parents dances, toasts, blessings and dinner. If you gotta go, its gonna be a long time until you can sneak away again.

After or towards the end of dinner

Once your enjoy your delicious meal, I recommend grabbing your gals again and hitting the loo. Cake cutting will likely be coming up soon followed by off-da-chain dancing, so get it in so you can enjoy the rest of your night.

classic photo from Daniel Moyer Photography look at those smiles!!

This Brides Ikea Shopping Bag Hack Can Help You Pee In A Wedding Dress

How to pee in the desert in a wedding dress

As anyone whos worn a wedding dress will tell you, going to the bathroom in one of these garments is no easy feat. Youre worried about accidentally peeing on the dress or the possibility of the gown grazing the gross bathroom floor. You also have to deal with a lack of privacy: Having a bridesmaid or two in the stall with you to hold up the dress while you relieve yourself is not an ideal scenario, particularly if youre pee shy.

A bride named Tina, who got married in May 2018, came up with a brilliant solution, which she shared on the blog Ikea Hackers. It addresses the above concerns, costs next to nothing and doesnt require any special DIY skills. All you need is one of those big blue Frakta shopping bags from Ikea , a pair of scissors and five minutes.

Its basically a DIY version of the Bridal Buddy, a product featured on Shark Tank, that runs about $34 on which Tina told HuffPost was too much, especially when I saw the quality of the fabric. The steep price of the Bridal Buddy and some stress about possibly having her period on the big day prompted Tina to get creative and come up with her own solution.

Though Tina had a bunch of those Ikea bags lying around at home, she bought a new one for the occasion to make sure it was clean as a whistle. Heres how she created her own bridal bathroom helper:

STEP 1: Fold the Ikea bag in half long ways.

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Tool Kit: She Pees Underskirts And Ikea Bags

So there’s no two ways about it, we can’t skirt around the issue any longer, we have to get down to practicalities!

Of course, you can take your dress off, but for some dresses, particularly those with lots of buttons, that won’t be an option! So aside from having your pals give you a hand – which we’ll get to in a minute – there are some tools at your disposal for peeing in your wedding dress.

There are various brands and versions of the She Pee, these are essentially funnels that help you pee at festivals – or indeed weddings – when sitting down or hovering as normal are out of the question. Likewise you can buy travel urinals with cups, which work more like a flask.

Recently one bride went viral with her Ikea bag trick to help hold up her dress in the bathroom while also keeping her hands free – pretty genius if you ask us, you can read her how-to here.

The Bridal Buddy comes highly recommended, you can watch the video on their site of how it works, but essentially, it’s a slip you wear under your dress that helps to bundle it up while you use the bathroom and allows your arms to be free. It may be another layer of skirt, but chances are if you have a big enough dress to warrant one, you probably won’t notice.

Photo by Purple Tree Photography via One Fab Day

How To Pee In A Wedding Dress

Your wedding day can feel like a dream and a fairytale, but there are certain realities that you will be unable to avoid. The biggest one of all: at some point you will have to use the restroom. Youll most likely have to use the bathroom multiple times throughout the day while you are wearing your big, heavy, beautiful princess wedding gown. Even if you arent forced to use a tiny stall, its still very difficult to pee without dirtying or ruining your gorgeous wedding dress. Dont worry thats where your bridesmaids and maid of honor come in. Heres how to pee while wearing your wedding dress.

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This Genius Device Eliminates The Struggle Of Peeing While Wearing A Wedding Dress

Wedding celebrations tend to involve champagne, delicious food, dancing, and fancy white dresses. The dresses in particular can make it pretty difficult for the bride to take bathroom breaks during her special dayand often, a bridesmaid or mom is recruited to help hold the dress fabric out of the way to keep it from falling in the toilet. Luckily, some genius has invented a device that means brides can pee in peace on their wedding day, without worrying about their dress.

The Bridal Buddy is a functional skirt you can slip on under your dress. When it’s time to go you pull the hem of the skirt up, capturing the wedding dress fabric neatly in the mesh, and loop your arms through two holes. And voilathe bride can pee without an audience!

Heather Stenlake, who invented the Bridal Buddy, told Mashable that her experience in the wedding industry inspired the idea. “I came up with the idea when I worked in a bridal shop in 2002the brides would always ask ‘How am I supposed to go to the bathroom in this thing?'” she said.

You can buy the Bridal Buddy online for $59.99. See more about how it works in the video below.


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Figure Out Your Strategy


Chances are youre seriously taped, strapped and buttoned into your gown and underthings, so the goal here is to undress as little as possible. No need to disrobe if your dress is A-linesimply have your lady-maids lift your skirt while you hover. Wearing a more fitted silhouette? Have each maid grab an opposite edge of the hemline and peel up while you gently shimmy . Your shimmying plus their upward yanking should get the skirt up above your hips. Then it will be completely obscuring your entire face and line of vision, but who needs to see when theres bridesmaids? Another important strategy move: Grab the stall thats sized to be wheelchair accessible . Youll need all the space you can get, sister.

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A Little Help From Your Friends

Your bridesmaids are your best pals, you’ve been through it all together, and they’re down to assist you on your big day, whatever you need! If you need help with bathroom logistics, all you have to do is ask – but make sure you’ve worked out a plan of action in advance so you’re not debating the issue when you’re ready to burst.

Lots of brides find it easier to pee front-ways. You stand over the toilet facing the back but straddle either side with your legs and crouch, or sit if you can, with a bridesmaid holding the dress up from behind.

Alternatively, your friends might be able to join you in an accessible bathroom and hold the dress up on all sides while you pee as normal.

Finally, your dress may just have to come off altogether, particularly with a jumpsuit. If that’s the case, ideally go to your room if you have one at the venue, or find a cubical with a clean floor and have your bridesmaids on hand to help you get back into it. If you have a lot of buttons, keep a crochet hook handy for doing them up.

We’re not going to lie, it might get intimate, but hey, isn’t that what years of cramming yourselves into nightclub bathrooms was prepping you for!?

Photo by Jemma Keech via Style Me Pretty

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Once And For All Here’s How To Pee In A Wedding Dress

Everything about your wedding is perfectly on pointbecause you planned it to be. And then? You have to pee.

Picture it: Youve planned every moment of your wedding day down to the most finite detail. The string quartet played your processional perfectly, the dried flower petal toss is destined to go down in wedding blog history, and you floated across the ballroom with your new husband during your first dance with the poise and synchronistic grace of those ballerina emojis. All is perfectly on pointbecause you planned it to be. And then? You have to pee. Heres something you didnt plan. Heres something no one plans. Maybe you even set a burgeoning basket of ladylike essentials in your venues bathroom, filled with flip flops and bobby pins and hairspray and other accoutrements for your female guests, without a moments thought of how you yourself would fare in the bathroom. But once youre there, alone, having to pee for the first time, in your thousands-of-dollars wedding dress? That basket of flip flops can offer no solace.

The Bridal Buddy Worked Best For The Fit

How To Toilet Wearing Your Wedding Dress

How long did it take to sit on the toilet?1 minute, 15 seconds WITH someone helping me to gather the dress into the Bridal Buddy. I did not even attempt it without help, because I did not have a spare four days in which to conduct my life entirely inside a bathroom.

Also, I don’t mean to brag, but I somehow managed to lose the drawstring toggle for the neck part, like, instantly.

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Most Read In Lifestyle

Many took to the comment section to praise the bride for sharing her life-saving hack.

One woman wrote: “Saving this because I’m getting married in May.”

A wedding planner herself added: “I always tell my wedding clients to sit on the toilet facing the wall. Helps keep the dress out of the way.”

And a third one commented: “I needed this last week!”

Previously, a couple shared how they were able to save over $30K on their dream wedding and still have an open bar.

Primary school teacher Jasmin, 27, and her firefighter husband, Sam Kingdon, 30, couldn’t afford to spend much on their nuptials because they were also busy building their own house from scratch – but they still wanted to have 70 guests at their wedding.

To help keep costs down, Jasmine was forced to get creative and they even found a clever way to run a bar all night for just $5.

One way they saved loads was by deciding to have the reception in Jasmin’s parents’ garden, and they also grew their own wedding flowers from seed.

Other money-saving hacks included borrowing stacks of tables and chairs from a village hall, using mismatched crockery bought at auctions, and making family help with making the invitations and cake for free.

The average wedding cost $31,974 in 2019, according to wedding website Hitched, so their DIY efforts ahead of their wedding in July 2021 saved them a fortune.

Jasmin said: “We spent around $5,000 on our wedding overall.”

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