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Matching Wedding Rings For Couples

Matching Wedding Rings For Couples

Couple Rings In Silver | Top 10 Silver Matching Rings

The Most Romantic Matching Rings

For wedding bands that match in the most personal way, consider engraving either the outside or the inside of the bands with the wedding date, a song lyric, your monogram, or other words of significance to you as a couple. You can have the rings engraved on the inside, to be your little secret, or on the outside for all of the world to see. Another matching element that many couples love is having their fingerprints imprinted on the inside of one anothers bands as a special way to personalize their rings.

How To Match Wedding Bands

You can match wedding bands in a variety of ways, depending on your style and what you like. You can match based on the color of the metal, the patterns or engravings, the gemstones, or even the metal shank design. Your rings can be as simple or as intricate as you want.

Check out all the ways you can create a matching set.

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His And Hers Wedding Bands To Celebrate Your Love

It’s almost time for your wedding! We can already hear the bells ringing, signaling that it’s time to pick the perfect band to complement your engagement ring. You’ve booked the venue, the food, the music, the photographer, the gown, and the suit all that is left is to choose your wedding rings.

What else can be better than flaunting matching wedding band sets to declare your eternal love? At Love Wedding Bands, we have an exclusive collection ofwedding ring sets for him and her that would represent your everlasting devotion to one another. You can find a diverse range of styles at our store so that you can pick the best one for your special day.

Choosing Your Wedding Rings

Made For Two His And Hers Wedding Ring Set

A wedding ring is for life. And so, itâs vital to find a model that can withstand the test of time. With over 160 years of expertise, we know a premium piece of jewellery when we see it, which is why we only stock the finest items available â and this includes our wide range of coupleâs wedding rings. Each ensures a lifetime of quality and is designed to sit comfortably on the wearerâs wedding ring finger for years to come. Available to buy in a wealth of designs for her and for him, from diamond-encrusted to heavy weight platinum, each wedding band that we offer boasts its own unique charm. Select the coupleâs wedding rings that suit you and your partner today online or in an F. Hinds UK store. Invest in a bridal set, and you can secure engagement and wedding rings that fit perfectly alongside one another on your finger. For help with finding the right menâs or womenâs wedding band, look no further than our handy online Wedding Ring Guide. Likewise, for tips on designing your own ring, why not check out our Bespoke Design Service?

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Why Love Wedding Bands

We are a family owned, privately held company that believes in quality over quantity. With more than 25 years of experience, we have built a solid reputation among our customer base. At Love Wedding Bands, we take pride in bringing our customers the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. Our team of highly skilled professionals is here to help you find the ideal piece of jewelry to symbolize your love and will make your shopping experience memorable.

Pair Your Diamonds Or Gemstones

The same gemstones can help bring a harmonious look to your wedding bands. Whether its one stone or several stones, you can choose from diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, or other colored gemstones. You can even choose a combination of gemstones that you both love, such as sapphires mixed with diamonds.

Here are some gorgeous sets that show what you can do with coordinating gemstones.

Platinum Round Brilliant Diamond And Marquise Sapphire Wedding Ring from James Allen with White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Baguette Milgrain Ring

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Wedding Rings & Wedding Jewellery At Ernest Jones

The Ernest Jones wedding shop has everything you need for a day to cherish and memories that’ll last a lifetime. Shop wedding rings to symbolise your never-ending love or, if you’re undecided on your wedding bands – it is something you’ll wear forevermore afterall, you can also explore stunning bridal jewellery to complete your dream outfit. Whether it’s traditional pearl or something more contemporary, you can shop wedding jewellery to suit any style. And let’s not forget the special guests here you’ll also find sentimental wedding gifts for mothers of the bride, bridesmaids, flower girls, groomsmen, and ushers.

How To Choose Matching His And Hers Wedding Rings

Personalized Half Heart Matching Wedding Bands for Couples

Are you looking for wedding bands that complement well with your engagement rings? Wedding bands are generally set with diamonds to match the gems on the engagement ring’s band. Platinum and white gold have long been the most popular metals, but in recent years, yellow gold, rose gold, and even two-tone jewelry have made a strong resurgence.

The appearance of men’s wedding bands is typically significantly simpler. The bands are frequently wider with cleaner, masculine angles because the rings are worn alone and most men have bigger and longer fingers than women. Men’s bands don’t usually feature diamonds, though some men love them, and while basic smooth metal is the most popular, there are plenty of other intriguing and distinctive possibilities.

The idea of having wedding bands or matching couple rings that complement each other is both romantic and appealing. Plain smooth gold bands are a popular option, but they are not the only option. At Love Wedding, you can explore a vast and diverse collection of his and hers wedding bands available in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum.

When it comes to matching wedding band sets, you can have a plethora of options to choose from. But before you start the search, it would be best to define your choices – metal you need, stones, color, design element, price, finish and so on. If you feel overwhelmed with the shopping process, our team of professionals are always glad to help.

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Detailed Matching Wedding Bands

Just because you want your rings to match does not mean you need to skimp on detailing and style! The details in your matching wedding rings can be as minimal or as elaborate as you want.

Examples of simple details include a milgrain border or an inlay, a subtle ridge in the precious metal band. A hammered finish can also add texture for a more interesting and unique look.

More elaborate details might be an antique scroll design, a braid, or Celtic knots. To really add some brilliance to your matched wedding rings, consider adding diamonds or other gemstones. A very thin vertical row of diamonds or sapphires is a popular option for men who want a band with gemstones.

Feel Good About Matching Wedding Bands From Modern Gents Trading Co

Modern Gents rings are all affordable, stylish and built for the long haul, just like your relationship. But on top of providing well-priced, high-quality rings, we go the extra mile to make sure our customers are as satisfied as they can possibly be.

You can feel abundantly comfortable with wedding ring sets from Modern Gents. Not only are our rings entirely conflict-free that means we absolutely never use blood diamonds in our products our rings are backed with a lifetime warranty and we offer 30-day returns and 60-day exchanges.

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Add His And Her Initials

A subtle yet fun way of making your ring with a secret. We dont engrave, we literally cast your preferred initials into the ring itself. Add custom initials during checkout.*Applies for rings that have the RF logo visible inside. One RF Logo and the metal type will remain on the inside all rings regardless of customization.

Buy Wedding Ring Sets For Him And Her Online


You’ve discovered your soulmate now it’s time to discover the rings that best express your personality. Make your pick from our unique styles of his and hers matching wedding rings sets that will set you apart from the rest. Purchase them as a set or a single piece. Have an idea for a wedding ring set that you don’t see here? Speak with us and we can custom create your own unique jewelry piece as per your wishes.

Love Wedding Bands thrives to design and deliver the best wedding bands, diamond rings and a classic collection of modern jewelry to resonate the style of today!!

2408 Crossing Way, Wayne,

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When A Matched Set Isnt The Answer

What happens if your discussion leads you both to the conclusion you should select wedding bands that arent part of a set? Or what if one person still wants a matched set and the other doesnt?

You still have two options to consider before dismissing matching wedding rings entirely. Proportion could be an issue, with a particular style looking too dainty on the mans finger or too overwhelming on the womans hand. Ask your jeweler to show you matched sets scaled to different widths. If proportion isnt the stumbling block, ask if your jeweler offers a custom design program where you and your fiancé/fiancée can design a matched set you both love because you created it yourselves.

If you still cant agree on a matched set, its time to dip your feet into the swirling pool of compromise. Complementary rings rather than matched rings could be the perfect solution. Jewelers can show you many choices, but here are just a few options to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Two bands of different styles but identical metals.
  • Two bands of different metals but the same style.

A band with three diamond accents placed vertically across the center, for example, will look traditional in yellow gold but contemporary and masculine in gray tungsten.

If one of you likes simple design and the other likes more detail, choose rings that look the same except that one is highly polished gold all over and the other has a texture or inlay of another metal in the middle.

His And Hers Wedding Bands

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Where To Buy Matching Wedding Bands

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GuidesWhere to Buy Matching Wedding Bands

    We are reader-supported. Buying through links on our site may earn us commissions. Learn More.

Your wedding bands are a symbol of your love and togetherness from now until forever. They can be worn next to an engagement ring or stand by themselves. Some couples like separate ring styles. Others enjoy matching and coordinating their wedding bands for extra cohesion and style.

Matching wedding bands work well for couples who have similar tastes in style or color, or who love the idea of a unifying touch to their rings. When worn on separate hands but side by side, matching wedding bands look like a harmonious pair and can even be a fashion statement. You can match everything from metal color to setting styles to gemstones.

Enjoy the process of designing your matching pair and sharing with loved ones the story of how you created your set. Our guide covers how to match wedding bands and the best places to buy them.

Choose Your Set From Our Tungsten Collection For Traditional Styles At Great Everyday

Couples Matching Rings | His And Hers Matching Heart Promise Ring |

Even if you want simple bands, there are still details to agree uponwhether you like a ring that has rounded edges or if you prefer a more contemporary band with straight edges, and if you like the. Unique matching wedding bands for couples solve this problem because they can conveniently appeal to both mens and womens tastes. The history of the bride and groom wearing match finder system wedding bands dates once again many years and to become very much alive and moreover well today.

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Planning For The Wedding Band Purchase

After all the hype around the engagement ring, its easy to forget about the wedding band up until the last minute, but dont let that happen to you. The more you prepare and plan, the easier and more enjoyable it will be.

Choosing your is often a task that is left behind, as whatever the style of your wedding, the overwhelming excitement of organising venues, caterers and of course the dress is bound to take over! However, wedding bands should be considered soon after the engagement, so you dont have to rush through it. Shopping for wedding bands may seem less glamorous, but if the engagement ring was a surprise, this is something you can shop for together. The wedding band will be the finishing touch to your bridal or wedding jewellery and its the symbol of love and commitment that both of you will wear.

The Rockford H2 Rings Are Perfectly Balanced Perfectly Matched And Designed To Work With Each Other

Couple matching wants your relationship to be filled with love especially to become newlyweds in. These couple rings may be really inexpensive rings that just remind you of your commitment to one another, that even if there are millions of people in the world, you found one another and you have decided to love each other faithfully. At diamondere you can choose the perfect designer matching wedding bands or rings for him or her that symbolize the traditional union of two companions.

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Affordable Wedding Ring Sets For Him And Her

Looking for matching wedding bands? There’s no reason you have to buy men’s wedding bands and women’s wedding bands separately. Our line of affordable wedding band sets for him and her can be paired to match colors and themes. Here, you’ll find some of our more popular combinations to help aid you in finding the perfect set of inexpensive rings.

Classic Matching Wedding Bands

His and Hers Matching Gold Tone Tungsten Wedding Couple Rings Set ...

Many couples love the classic elegance of matching wedding bands in plain precious metal, whether platinum or gold . Even if you want simple bands, there are still details to agree uponwhether you like a ring that has rounded edges or if you prefer a more contemporary band with straight edges, and if you like the shine of a high-polish finish or prefer a smooth and matte finish.

When you pick matching precious metal bands, the grooms ring will generally be a bit wider than the brides ring to accommodate the difference in hand size.

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What Are Matching Wedding Bands

Matching wedding bands are those that a bride and groom select together to align on design, style, and compositional components. Generally, matching wedding bands incorporate some or all of the following: The same precious metal: platinum or gold

The same finish: such as high polish, matte, or hammered

The same motif: such as a Celtic symbol or heart

The same gemstones or design elements: diamonds or sapphires, milgrain, braiding, and more

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