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What To Do With Old Wedding Rings

Take The Heirloom Piece Apart And Sell It As Parts

What to do with old computer. Free wedding ring

The final option for what to do with inherited jewelry be a good option if you have a beautiful diamond or stone but a not so beautiful setting. You can resell the parts or stones and refine the gold or platinum in the setting.

The Diamond resale market is booming . With the rise of eco-luxury and responsibly sourced diamonds, many consumers are looking for diamonds that have been previously owned as opposed to newly mined. If you have a GIA certified diamonds or IGI certified diamonds, youll have a much better chance of reselling the diamond on the second hand market. .

You can then trade in your gold to a refiner.

Exclusive of large diamonds or rare gemstones, most of the expense in a piece of jewelry is in the design and the labor. When trying to resell parts or entire pieces of heirloom, vintage or inherited jewelry, the value is in the weight of the materials and not the design.

Depending on your situation, you might be best off redesigning your inherited jewelry and creating new family heirlooms that youll wear everyday!

Where Can I Sell My Wedding Ring

Above anything else, make sure you are comfortable with whoever youre selling your wedding ring to. There may be many options for selling your jewelry, but not all of them are necessarily the best ones.

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are usually the first thing to come to mind because its a place to get quick cash. However, pawn shops are not professionally trained to evaluate the value of diamonds and gemstones. They may not accurately assess the true value of your wedding ring, so chances are you wont get the best offer either.

Jewelry Auction

Many people opt to sell their jewelry via online auctions. This can be relatively hassle-free for the most part because the auctioneer does most of the work. Auctions may be time-consuming, though, and they cant guarantee the best price for your ring. There can also be fees that cut into what you actually take home. There are some auctions that have low reserves, or even no reserve, but this means that the seller cannot reject the bid, even if a buyer bids at a low price. If the bidding starts low and then you dont get a lot of bids, you could potentially walk away with a much lower amount than anticipated.

Selling Your Wedding Ring on eBay

Online Ads

Online Jewelry Buyers

Professional Jewelry Buyer

Professional jewelry buyers, or reputable jewelry stores, have the proper training to know your wedding rings value and worth. Make sure you call ahead because not all jewelry stores are certified to buy jewelry.

Assess The Financial Value

Depending on what you decide to do with the ring, you will have to find out what it is worth or what it will cost to reset it. If you plan to sell the ring, call around to local jewelry stores and ask if they purchase old engagement rings. Inquire about whether or not they will give you an estimate on buying the ring. Bear in mind that few grooms-to-be will want to purchase a used ring, so the jeweler will likely have to sell the ring for a reduced price or reset and repurpose it. Selling the ring on a local site like craigslist or on an auction site like Ebay can also be an option.

If you want to donate the ring to a charitable organization, contact them first to find out whether or not they accept costly donations like jewelry.

If you plan to reset the ring, contact a jeweler to find out what the cost will be. If you already have a vision in mind for resetting the stone, be sure to bring it in to show the jeweler. If not, ask the jeweler about ideas and recommendations for giving the ring a new purpose.

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Remove Evil Spirits From Your Marriage By Dropping Your Wedding Ring During The Ceremony

You may think its a sign of being clumsy, but according to this wedding ring superstition, dropping your wedding ring will rid evil spirits from your marriage, supposedly. Your wedding ring will be released of negativity, leading to a long and prosperous marriage, as the aura of your marriage is cleansed of evil.

How To Make New Rings Out Of Old Jewelry

Vintage Combined Wedding Ring Set

TRANSFORMATION: Taking the gold and diamonds from old jewelry and making new rings out if it.

Have you ever wondered if you could take an inherited piece of jewelry and make new rings out of it?

I inherited jewelry from my grandma, I want to use it to make something new, but also keep the sentimental value. Is this possible?

Answer: Yes, you can! We understand the importance of keeping the sentimental aspect of inherited jewelry. This means that new jewelry can be created using the existing gold, diamonds, or gemstones.

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Ways To Redesign Your Engagement Or Wedding Ring After Divorce

By Michael Fried

If your marriage or engagement has come to an end, working out what to do with your wedding band or engagement ring can be quite a challenge.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are more than just jewelry theyre also a symbol of the love and special nature of the relationship between you and your partner. When that relationship comes to an end, wearing this symbol can often feel uncomfortable.

After a divorce or broken engagement, its common to stash your wedding band or engagement ring away in a bedroom drawer or jewelry box.

Theres nothing wrong with this its often an important part of the process of moving on from a relationship thats ended. But after enough time has passed, its often possible to breathe some new life into your wedding band or engagement ring by redesigning it into new jewelry.

From using your existing diamond to make a stylish necklace or pair of earrings to adding new gemstones to your engagement ring to turn it into a new piece of jewelry, there is a wide range of ways to redesign your engagement and wedding jewelry after a breakup or divorce.

Below, weve shared five of our recommendations, as well as our expert tips on how to best use each option to redesign and repurpose your engagement and wedding jewelry.

What To Do With Old Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are stunning jewels that emanate radiance from the wearer. However, life has a funny way of turning things around. That engagement ring you adore now can be an old piece of jewelry you no longer need in the future. Whenever you find yourself in such a situation, you have a surfeit of options that you can consider. Let’s dive right into it.

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Making An Old Wedding Ring Into A Bracelet

Another great case study for a piece of work we a carried out for a client, wedding rings don’t have to be wedding rings all their existence. An old ring that isn’t going to be worn again, could be upcycled into a different symbol, here, appropriately, an infinity symbol.

These are just few examples, as clients are always coming up with interesting new challenges for us! Double sleeving wedding rings is not an expensive undertaking as it would be to buy the ring new. Likewise, reshaping rings into new jewellery starts on an economical footing, but chains, extra diamonds etc will add to costs.

The Gift Of Love Can’t Give Love From A Safety Deposit Box

Using Old Gold For an Engagement Ring

If that ring is too big and bold for your hand, re-make more than one ring!

In this case we separated the two curved diamond bands and restored the center ring. We made new straight bands for her daughters.

You can tell your daughters, these rings were from your Great Grandma Lowena’s wedding set.

Then you can tell Grandma Lowena’s story and those rings will be more special to your daughters.

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Make It Into A New Piece Of Jewelry

Repurposing doesnt stop at necklaces, though. Its a good idea to incorporate your ring into other types of jewelry, too. You might be thinking of repurposing your existing ring into an all-new ring altogether, but here are some other ideas to explore:

  • Use the diamonds or inlay from your ring for a bracelet, incorporating it either as a strip or as a whole piece of the new band.
  • Turn your ring into an earring. This is a pretty simple project, but you can get fancy with it. Consider bringing it to a jeweler to have them bisegment it and turn it into two half-moon-shaped earrings.
  • Turn it into a ring for a different finger! This can easily be accomplished with resizing, but you can explore other options, too, such as turning your old wedding ring into a toe ring .

Your Source For Jewelry Repurposing In San Francisco

Carats and Stones expert jewelers transform outdated and unwanted pieces into uniquely personalized jewelry you will cherish forever. Simply bring your jewelry into our showroom, and we will offer you a range of options, helping you envision the statement necklace thats possible by repurposing Grandmas hat pin, or the perfectly chic earrings hidden away in a gaudy 1950s cocktail ring.

Our jewelers offer a combination of artistry and expertise to repurpose or renovate any style of fine jewelry, bringing the beauty of the past into a contemporary aesthetic that is an expression of the here and now. When you are ready to pass a piece along, we can help you or your loved one create a gorgeous new design that incorporates your original materials so it can bring them joy for decades just as it did for you.

Book an appointment for a complimentary consultation, call us at 415.875.9438, or stop by our Union Street jewelry showroom in San Franciscos Cow Hollow district. Our expert designers will work with you and your budget to refashion boring, bad or better-left-behind into fresh, fabulous, and festive!

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Resetting An Heirloom Diamond Or Gemstone

Resetting an heirloom ring is an excellent way to keep the history and tradition of family jewelry alive while still creating a design that is a perfect fit for your style. If you have inherited jewelry with quality materials, you may be able to reset the stone into a new setting and potentially have the metal recast, as well. If you only wish to reuse the gems, many jewelers will recycle the metal and discount the value from the cost of creating a new ring. You may also want to develop additional new designs with the metal, or save it for future repurposing or resizing.

If you are considering an engagement ring with a reset diamond or gemstone, start with finding the right jeweler. If your family has a trusted jeweler, it is likely that they are already familiar with the piece you are looking to redesign and may even have created the item initially – this is not at all uncommon among our Carats & Stones clients, many of whom have been customers for three or four generations.

The Vein In Your Middle Finger Runs Straight To The Heart

Image result for what to do with my mothers old engagement ...

Or on your fourth finger if you are counting your thumb. This is probably the most common practise now for getting married, and it all stems from the belief that the vein runs directly to your heart, but only on your left hand.Medical professionals may argue that there is no clear medical evidence to support this, but either way, it now stands as one of the set weddings traditions in Western Culture for the wedding ring to be placed on this specific finger.

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Wear It On A Necklace

You’ll often see widows wear their wedding ring on a chain around their neck. This practice is more common among women than men. Not only does this keep the ring close to your heart, but people can see it and be informed about your marital status.

If you want people to know your status but dont want to explain it, this is a good option. And wearing your ring around your neck keeps the physical symbol of your love close. It’s a simple yet beautiful way to showcase your love and remembrance for your spouse.

Tip: It is common for people to wear two rings on their chain. They will wear their wedding band, and the wedding band of their deceased spouse. However, some people choose to wear just their wedding ring. Thats your choice to make.

Investing In New Jewelry For Future Repurposing

Many families consider investments in fine jewelry to be an investment in the future. Over the years, we have worked with many families whose designs are created not only for the current owner but for the future generations who will inherit them.

Sometimes this may be a grandparent buying loose diamonds and gemstones which she intends to give to each grandchild to include in their wedding jewelry. Other times, this may be a mother who buys and wears a pair of earrings which she plans to repurpose and give to her daughters when they are older, such as in the example below.

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Turn It Into A Piece Of Art For Your Home

If you and your partner are renewing your vows, nows the time to use your rings for something unique. Take your old rings and center them into an art piece in your home. Here are some ideas you should consider:

  • Create a scrapbook of photos from your marriage ceremony and others from the years since. Incorporate your rings into the scrapbook, putting them alongside other notable memories from your wedding.
  • Put the two of them into a picture frame alongside a piece of art that you have a local artist create for you. Think of it as a literal testament to your love.
  • Good with woodworking? Make a woodworking project that features your rings as minor inlays and embellishments within the piece, whether it is a coffee table, tea mugs, or spousal nightstands.
  • Tear them apart and use them as an art piece of your choice, whether it is a painting you make together, a handmade clock, pottery, or whatever your heart desires.

What Is The Best Way To Sell An Engagement Ring

How To Make An Ethical Engagement Ring – Upcycling Old Gold Jewelry & Diamonds – What’s The Process

After researching this topic for five years, I am confident that you stand the best chance of getting the highest price for your jewelry if you sell to an online ring buyer.

Think about it: The vast Internet creates much more competition that encourages online buyers to provide honest, trustworthy service. And while there are certainly quality local jewelers, there are simply fewer jewelers in each community. Plus, selling your engagement ring or other jewelry online means you dont have to leave your home, haggle with a jeweler or otherwise go through the hassle.

The recommendations made here are based on my own personal experience with highlighted companies, online reviews from customers, Better Business Bureau ratings, news reports from reputable publications, age of the company, ease of use of their websites, transparency, and overall sentiment that these are quality businesses that care about their customers.

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