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Women’s Moissanite Wedding Bands

How Do You Find Out Your Ring Size

DovEggs 14K Solid White Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring Set Wedding Band for women

When selecting your sterling silver or gold ring, remember that sizes vary between fingers and hands. With this in mind, its important to consider which finger youre buying your ring for when purchasing. For more details on how to find the perfect ring fit for you or a loved one, visit our ring size guide.

Moissanite Wedding Bands Women

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At Michael Hill, we design with care to create something unique, elegant and personal. Our engagement rings and wedding bands are created to be cherished for a lifetime. We offer beautifully crafted pendants, rings and earrings to celebrate life’s special moments. Find your match through our inspiring selection of watches, chains, bracelets, men’s accessories and birthstones.

As Australia’s legacy in Jewellery master crafting, Michael Hill is all about quality and styles. Our exceptional and exclusive collections are available online or in store. With multiple stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and all major cities across the country, find your nearest Michael Hill Jeweller with our store locator.

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What Are The Prices

The prices, you can imagine, are a fraction of the cost of natural diamond eternity bands at the same size. If you can imagine, the ring shown above would have around 3.7 carats of natural diamonds which would cost in the range of $8000 +/ depending on finger size, quality, metal type etcAn equivalent sized moissanite would be in the range of $3000 +/-. This is a huge savings offering you the same bright sparkle and big look! Since eternity bands almost always need to be custom made depending on your design request and finger size, contact us directly with your specifications and we can give you a detailed custom quote unique for you.

The Significance Of A Wedding Band

Gray moissanite ring, rings for women, bridal sets, 14K gold moissanite ...

The vows you make on your wedding day are a declaration that youve made an unshakable commitment. This commitment is personified by the wedding bands exchanged before loved ones and your community.

Your wedding day will be one of the lasting memories that you will carry for life. These memories will be aided by the physical reminder of the wedding ring on your finger. The ring also acts as a reflection of your personality, and at Gema& Co, we offer every style so that you get the wedding band of your dreams. Whether you want to enhance the luxury and extravagance of your engagement ring with an intricate moissanite platinum wedding band, or you want to highlight the beauty of your engagement ring with a classic plain band featuring a single burnished 1.4mm Moissanite, there are styles for you.

On the day of your wedding, you and your spouse will wear your moissanite wedding bands on the left ring finger. The left ring finger carries a vein that leads directly to the heart. This is why wedding bands are traditionally worn on the left ring finger: it’s a placement that ties the symbolic bond directly to your heart. Your moissanite band rings display your love and commitment by wearing them on this finger.

If you want a gemstone on your wedding band, then choosing a matching color can unify the two separate rings.

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Moissanite Is A Synonym For Love

Associated with everlasting romance in modern times because of their aesthetic beauty and extreme hardness, moissanite rings make meaningful gifts for your loved one as promise rings, anniversary rings, or birthday gifts, especially for April birthdays.

As a more affordable and equally beautiful diamond alternative, moissanite engagement rings and wedding rings are extremely glamorous and popular with the youth today.

Personalize the ring style to build her dream ring, and add a touch of your love in the form of a special message with our complimentary engraving.

Types Of Wedding Bands

The different constellation of stars has different patterns, different origins, and different significance so does our beautiful moissanite wedding sets. On the basis of patterns, they are categorised into 5 patterns, each one with its separate ambience.

Matching Bands: The ones of identical twins, engagement rings, and wedding rings are precisely designed similarly.Eternity Bands: A flashing series of eternal diamonds covering the shank with series of identical accent gems.Nesting Bands: The pair hugging the counters of each other making it a precisely placed made for each-other other.Stand Alone Bands: Most wedding bands fall under this category, looks good when worn alone is important for times when you dont want to wear your entire wedding set.Stackable Bands: Stackable bands are usually designed with a thin shank so you can stack multiple bands together.

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What Styles Are Available

For now, we are offering the moissanite eternity bands in prong set and U shape styles. The U shape design features just that- a U shape metal structure holding each stone in place where you are able to see the stones from all sides. Check out this bright eternity band featuring 4.5mm each moissanites set in white gold. For some setting ideas, take a look at these prong set eternity bands.

*Do note that these can also be made with any number of stones you like. You might prefer a 5 stone, a 7 stone, or a 3/4 of the way around ring.

Moissanite Rings For Women

ReadYourHeart Jewelry – Moissanite Engagement Rings

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Made Together And Forever

The beautiful sets of moissanite wedding rings are made together, shaped together, designed together, placed together, and are most beautiful when worn together. The beauty they hold together is through those similar designs, proportions, patterns, metal type and each having adorable similar cut diamonds which are precisely placed in similar patterns, brought together to make a constructive beauty.

A moissanite wedding band represents a special bond between two couple they are going to bond together. The significance, the meaning, and the ambiance are important to explain what it means to you and your relationship. Once you embrace the meaning of love it beholds, you can then figure out the meaning you want its style to symbolize for your own wedding.

About Moissanite Wedding Rings

Moissanites with a close resemblance with diamonds make a popular choice for crafting moissanite wedding rings. Moissanites seem to have left behind diamonds in terms of affordability and exceptional brilliance. Although not as hard as diamonds, still moissanites are becoming a popular choice among women and jewelers. Our moissanite wedding bands crafted with utmost care will be an excellent choice of wedding rings for women.

Our expert team is responsible for selecting the best quality moissanites to mount on the wedding band and combine them with alluring colors of gold to create an extraordinary collection of rings. A huge collection of moissanite eternity bands will definitely appeal to the heart of women in love with diamonds. Choose the moissanite gold band in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or two tone gold to bear witness to your wedding vows.

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How Do You Stack Rings

Stacking rings is the perfect way to express your unique style, and use a number of rings that mean something to you to make a statement. Our best advice for stacking rings is to select a number of statement rings that you really love, such as gemstone or diamond rings, infinity rings or promise rings, and mix these with a number of more simple bands in the precious metal of your choice. Start stacking using the rule of three, with the largest feature ring in the middle, and then go crazy! For more detailed advice on stacking your rings, check out our guide to stacking rings

What Ring Metal Is The Most Durable

Moissanite Wedding Band Women Full Eternity Band Rose Gold

At Michael Hill, our Gold Standard means that our jewellery is crafted with quality, precious metals including sterling silver and gold. Our gold jewellery is always 10ct gold or higher. Gold rings are durable and the most popular choice for jewellery meant to last a lifetime, such as engagement rings and wedding rings. White gold rings are often plated with rhodium – a naturally shiny, silver-white and corrosion-resistant metal – to enhance their white colour, and over the years re-plating may be required to keep your ring shining as beautifully as the day you bought it. For men, we also offer tungsten and titanium rings, both of which are extremely hard and durable metals, and perfect for everyday wear if you work with your hands. We recommend you bring your precious jewellery to Michael Hill for regular complimentary cleaning, to keep it shining.

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What Do You Mean By Moissanite Wedding Bands

Moissanite, also known as silicon carbide, is a unique gemstone. Discovered through a meteor crater in Arizona in 1893, Moissanite literally originated from the stars. So, if you are a cosmic lover and looking for something mystical, moissanite wedding band rings are your perfect choice. First found by Nobel Prize-winner chemist Dr. Henri Moissan, mostly the moissanite wedding bands are now manufactured in labs. The scarcity and rarity of Moissanite do not make it possible even to make it into one-carat jewelry.

The unique, exquisite design of moissanite wedding bandwill win your girlfriend’s heart. Buy The Best Moissanite Wedding Bands look very stunning and spectacular when worn on a finger. With their intricate and flawless design, Moissanite diamond wedding bands will add a million-dollar shine to your girlfriend’s wedding dress.

Caydia Lab Grown Diamond

Caydia lab grown diamond wedding bands will remain close to your heart for years to come. The exceptional beauty of these diamond bands perfectly complements any Caydia engagement ring. These classic bands can also be worn alone for a simply elegant look. All Caydia wedding bands are set in your choice of responsibly sourced 14K gold, 18K gold and platinum.

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What Do You Need To Know About Moissanite Wedding Bands

Yes, you heard that right. People’s favorite diamond band alternatives are moissanite wedding bands. Bhumi gems are here to provide you with an outstanding and breathtaking collection of moissanite diamond bands.

Today, many couples pick Moissanite wedding bands due to their beauty, budget-friendly price, and sustainability. Womens moissanite wedding bands are your ideal choice if you want to pick something unique and extraordinary for your soon-to-be-bride

Read on to find every detail concerning the Moissanite wedding band to choose your ideal pair of wedding bands!

Ponder Over The 4 Cs Of Moissanite Wedding Bands

HOLYCOME Moissanite Diamond Ring For Women
  • Color

    Moissanites in wedding bands will be valued for colorless appearance and may sometimes exhibit a slight yellow or gray tint.

  • Clarity

    Moissanites should be clean and free from any noticeable inclusions to offer a satisfactory brilliance to the wedding bands for women.

  • Cut

    The cut determines the overall fire or brilliance of the moissanite while being significantly hard, moissanites can be cut into almost all possible shapes.

  • Carat

    Higher carat weights are somewhat rare in case of moissanites wedding rings and if found then would cost much higher.

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What Moissanite Sizes Are They Available In

The smallest size moissanite we can use are 4mm each moissanites which are equivalent to around 0.25 carat each diamonds. These are not small by any means so if you are looking for a delicate, pave style ring this wont be it. As an example check out this stunning basket and prong set moissanite rose gold eternity band featuring 4mm each moissanite. The moissanites are set in an airline basket leaving a graceful open space on the profile of the ring and eliminating the bulky metal look. The rose gold metal gives a fun modern touch!

Perfect Moissanite Wedding Bands For Men And Women

Looking for moissanite wedding bands and not able to find the appropriate choice? You may experience difficulty while visiting the stores and conducting online searches for wedding bands, regardless of how long you have been looking for them or how recently you began.

Why Choose Moissanite Wedding Bands?

When considering a wedding band made of fine gemstones, give moissanite some thought. With its eternal beauty and brilliance, moissanite is regarded as one of the most stunning gemstones in the entire world for wedding bands.

Due to its strength and durability, moissanite is a good substitute for diamonds because it isn’t susceptible to breaking, chipping, or scratching. Of all gemstones in the world, moissanite is most well-known for its brilliance. It has a high refractive index of 2.65, surpassing other well-known gemstones like white sapphire and cubic zirconia. Moissanite is the most dazzling gemstone in the world due to its high refractive index, which causes gemstones with higher refractive indices to produce more brilliance.

A diamond’s fire is matched by the fire of moissanite. Due to their beauty, affordability, and sustainability, moissanite engagement rings and wedding bands are a popular choice amongst today’s couples. There are a lot of options when selecting moissanite rings wedding bands for men and women.

When did we start selling Moissanite Wedding Bands?

Moissanite Wedding Bands for both Men and Women

Womens Moissanite Wedding Bands

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The Ladylike An Angel From Above

Hold her hand with some extra love

A moissanite wedding band is a complementary beauty touch just to embrace the actual centerpiece holding engagement ring. It slides just below the engagement ring and they make the most beautiful ring set when wore together. The significance of its beauty nourishes when it meat its significant partner just like you when you hold the hand of your significant one.

Can You Mix And Match Ring Metals

1ctw moissanite engagement ring 14k white gold diamond wedding band 6 ...

Stacking and contrasting rings of different metals has become increasingly popular, and wearing a combination of yellow gold, sterling silver and rose gold rings can make a bold fashion statement. Wearing jewellery is all about showcasing your personal style, and wearing different ring metals is one way to do this.

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Womens Moissanite Wedding Bands

As part of our commitment at Koboguide to give our readers the most reliable information, we have all the information youll need on womens moissanite wedding bands, including womens moissanite wedding bands, are moissanite rings tacky and where to buy the best moissanite rings. If you enjoyed any of these articles, you can share them by clicking the share button!

You may also be interested in our articles on what does moissanite symbolize, how much is a 1 carat moissanite worth and is a moissanite worth it so do check them out before you leave. One last thing, dont forget to share any of these articles you enjoyed with others by clicking on the share button.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Moissanite Diamond Band

Among the most important benefit of the Moissanite eternity band, the band’s durability is something you cannot ignore. It is the most durable material on earth after diamond and is perfect for daily use as a wedding band.

The brilliant shine of the moissanite diamond wedding bands is another attractive quality. The intricate patterns of moissanite wedding band rings enable it to emit rainbow-like effects.

And obviously, a large carat of Moissanite Jewelry will cost just a portion of your small carat diamond ring.

Our Popular Moissanite Wedding Band Rings Design

Round shape Our favorite designs in round shape Moissanite wedding bands are the Round Moissanite Wedding band and Round-cut colorless Moissanite eternity band. Bhumi gems are also providing you with other options of moissanite diamond wedding bands. They are available in metals of white, yellow, and rose gold.

Cushion shape Our most popular cushion shape Moissanite wedding bands are cushion colorless moissanite wedding ring set and elongated cushion colorless moissanite ring set. We also have an old mine cushion cut half eternity band in cushion shape. The allure and grace of our designs are sure to soothe your soul and will make your soon-to-be bride feel very special.

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