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What To Include On Wedding Details Card

Context #: General Vaccination Requirements To Attend

What information to include in your Wedding Invitations

Placement: Insert / Details panelWording example:

While were both so looking forward to our big day, we wanted to take a moment to address something that we fully understand is a very complex and nuanced topic: COVID-19 vaccinations. We want to celebrate our wedding with as many of our loved ones as possible, but we also want to be as safe as possible our wedding day is one we hope can be looked back upon as a joyful occasion, and not as one where COVID-19 was spread. Thats why weve decided that in order to attend our wedding, guests must be fully vaccinated. We understand if you arent in full agreement with our decision, but we only ask that you respect it, as this was not an easy decision at which to arrive. Please submit your RSVP accordingly by .

How To Word A Wedding Details Card

Last but not least, the wedding details card! Our bundled invites come standard with a second insert card that you may use for any additional type of wording you may need. The most common ways our clients use the second info card is to print accommodations/travel information, reception details, a website link, wedding weekend event cards, etc.

Second Insert Card Options

When Do You Send An Insert Card

Insert cards are generally sent alongside the wedding invitation, but they can be sent in a Save the Date or other type of invitation if needed. We recommend an insert for anything thats out of the norm for instance, if your wedding takes place on Super Bowl weekend in the same area as the Super Bowl, you may want to include an insert in your Save the Date so people know to book their hotel ASAP.

True wedding invitation etiquette says that you should only include the wedding Ceremony information on the main invitation, so if your wedding reception is in a different location, its customary to send an insert card with the Reception address and timing as well.

You should also send an enclosure card with your wedding invitations to invite guests to events outside of the main wedding ceremony and reception. For instance, if youre having a brunch the day after your wedding an insert card is where youd invite people. If certain people arent invited to all of the events, you can mix and match insert cards depending on which ones each guest receives.

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How To Choose Enclosure Cards

After sending the save the date cards 7-12 months before the big day, it’s time to order wedding invitations. For most couples, the invitation includes basic information like the date, time, and location, but you may still need more room for additional details. If you find yourself needing space, youll know its time to choose additional wedding detail cards. A wedding enclosure card is great for including detailed information like hotels and travel recommendations, where you’re registered, and if you have a wedding website. Having matching invitations, enclosure cards, and RSVP cards adds consistency and ensures that your guests have all your important details. Begin designing your wedding invitations today and get five free wedding invitation samples to see and feel our invitations printed with your details on them!

Enclosure Card Wording And What To Include

Details Card Template · Wedding Templates and Printables

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Mar 11, 2019

When it comes to wedding invitations, its nearly impossible to fit all of your wedding details on the invite. The purpose of an enclosure card is to include those extra details that are important to your big day, while keeping your invitations neat and clean. An enclosure card is a small piece of paper that typically goes inside all of your personalized wedding invitations. It can include reception details, directions, transportation schedules, and any other important information for guests. Enclosure cards prevent confusion on your wedding day by providing guests with special details and instructions that answer their questions ahead of time. Weve provided a helpful guide on enclosure card wording below.

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Here’s Exactly What To Send With Wedding Invitations


Invitation by Minted + Brides Photo and Styling by Robin Verrier of Verry Robin & Co.

Wondering what to include in a wedding invitation suite? You’re not alone. Designing, packaging, and sending wedding invitations is a major undertaking. Before you even get to the designing aspect, you’ll need to do your research.

Simple Wording To Talk About Wedding Gifts

  • Your presence at our wedding is all that we wish for. However, if you want to give a gift, we will be grateful for…
  • While your attendance alone is what we request, if you wish to buy us a gift then we have a small gift list at John Lewis, however, monetary contributions towards planning our future together would also be greatly appreciated.
  • We would prefer your wedding presence, rather than your wedding presents. But if you really do insist, then please visit John Lewis for our gift list.
  • If you were thinking of giving a gift to help us on our way. A gift from our gift list would really make our day!

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Invitations For A Reception Back Home

Whether youve chosen to elope or just have a small family ceremony in an exotic or far-flung destination, you may still want to celebrate afterward with your friends at home. These after the fact receptions are becoming more and more common for destination weddings, and allow you to share your joy with people who may not be able to swing a big trip.

Depending on whether you send the party invitation before or after the wedding itself, the wording will need to change a little bit.

If the wedding is happening in the future and the party is scheduled weeks or months after:

James and Kara are getting hitched in St. Lucia this July! Please join them on August 10th in Baltimore for a casual party celebrating the beginning of their journey together.

If the wedding has already happened and now youre sending out invites to the celebration:

We eloped! Now lets party

Sarah and Pete were married in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland on July 1, 2017. Please join them for a marriage celebration

Wedding Invitation Envelope Sizes

DIY Rustic Wedding Invitation Template Printable – Details, menu, RSVP Cards, place cards and more

As you might imagine, the size and shape of your wedding invitation envelope should match the largest element within your invitation bundle. As a rule of thumb, the dimensions of your envelope will increase by ¼ inch for both height and width for the largest part of your invitation bundle. For example, a classic 5 x 7 invitation will come with a 5 ¼ x 7 ¼ envelope. With envelope sizing in particular, you will sometimes hear stationers refer to these by alphanumeric sizing. Weve included a handy decoder chart below so that you can interpret which wedding invitation envelope size goes with each invitation format.

Invitation Element Type

4 1/2 x 6 ½

Also available with the different wedding invitation envelope sizes are slip-in envelope liners. These will always be purchased along with the corresponding envelope and are trimmed to match the dimensions of the envelope plus the flap, less a ½ border. These are often designed to match a specific invitation suites colors or reflect classic foil colors and are slipped into the envelope with standard adhesive.

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A Guide To Invitation Enclosure Cards

Explore our guide to learn everything you need to know about enclosure cards.

Sometimes you need to share more details with your guests than you can fit on the wedding invitation. Wedding websites have largely reduced the need to include lots of extra information on your invitationlike hotel recommendations and directions to the wedding venuebut before their invention, couples turned to enclosure cards to relay additional details to their guests. What are they? Should you include them with your invitation? Explore our guide to learn everything you need to know about enclosure cards.

Stationery Business Tips + Tricks Wedding Planning

What are wedding details cards? So far, weve covered most of the required aspects of the invitation process in our All About Invitations series, but there are a million other things you can do with your invite suite to help your guests and add some extra fun! One of the most common ways to do this is with an insert card, details card, or accommodations card but we often see couples being confused about the right information to include on your insert card or details card. Keep reading for all the info about how to create the perfect details card for your wedding invitation suite!

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Why Include An Enclosure Card

When theres a lot going on for the wedding day, enclosure cards provide the extra details for your wedding celebration. That way you dont crowd your wedding invitation with too much information. The invitations should only consist of wedding ceremony details, while the enclosures cards can take care of the rest.

Choosing Your Wedding Invitation Size & Shape

Wedding details invitation Template Printable Wedding ...

There are a couple of key factors to think through when determining what size and shape you want for your wedding invitations:

1. Do you want to include details other than the hosts and attendee information? If youre excited to share out some of your engagement photos and other details about you and your partner, you may want to opt for a four-panel or minibook invitation, which allows you to add supplementary info in addition to the traditional invitation requirements. We have a great article that reviews all the invitation etiquette questions you may have about details to include, the order to include them, and so much more.

2. Who do you want to feature in the host line? As you may know, Minted features designs for many different combinations of hosts and greetings on its wedding invitations , but the more names you want to feature on an invite, the smaller the font will need to be. While not a hard and fast rule, this is something to keep in mind if youre thinking about a petite, square, or all-in-one invitation that has more limited real estate

If you want to include any of these inserts, an all-in-one invitation is not going to suit your needs . Likewise, while we offer these accessories with petite and square cards, they are not sized down, so the impact of unveiling the invitation may be a little less grand, but still beautiful! That being said, these formats are great for a more modern and laid-back feel and will help set the tone for your guests right away.

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First & Foremost Kiss

Keep it simple & special. The last thing you want is to confuse your guests or overwhelm them with way too much information jammed into one card. For destination weddings, your best bet is to send multi-card invitation suites or a multi-page booklet style invitation that allow you to break up all the details.

Sold by: My Crayons Design via Etsy

In addition to the basic information, your main invitation card can include a few words that excite your guests about the location with mentions of the ocean, sea, sun, sunsets, or travel and inspires them to make the trip by emphasizing why their presence is so important to you.

It sounds harder than it is. Just check out some examples of invitation wording below to see what I mean. The key is to keep it short. We live in a busy world. People want to quickly skim through the text, get the point, and be told what to do which brings me to my next point

What To Do If You Have To Postpone Your Wedding

If youre in a situation where you have to postpone your wedding after youve sent your save-the-dates but before youve sent your invitations, the change of date is pretty simple. In this case, you can include a note in your details card highlighting the date change.

If youve already sent your wedding invitations and have to postpone due to a COVID outbreak, you have a few options. You can send a change of date card in the mail, via email or in a text. If you go the digital route, check with your invitation designer to see if theyll create a custom PDF that matches your wedding invitations, suggests Darcy. You can also do a combination and email the PDF then follow up with a mailed change-the-date.

Sample text for your wedding change-the-date:

Due to circumstances beyond anyones control,Brad and Jens wedding date has changed to29th July 2021

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How To Address The Issue Of No Kids Or Adults

Its common for destination weddings to take place at adults-only all-inclusive resorts. So how do you tell parents that their little bundle of joy is not invited to travel to your wedding? This is never easy and can be a really sensitive topic. And you have to approach it as such.

Most etiquette experts will tell you that simply addressing the invitation envelope to Mr & Mrs Johnson should imply that little Johnny Jr. is not invited. But what if thats too subtle for some people? You can always drop another hint with the wording used to communicate the name of the resort.

For example: Weve secured a discounted group rate at the all-Inclusive adults-only resort, Sandals.

Then make sure you enlist the help of parents and the bridal party to spread the word verbally.

Enclosure Card Wording & Ideas

3 Ways to Address Wedding Invitations

Carrying the same look as your wedding invitations, Enclosure Cards are additional stationery items sent with your Invitations and intended to communicate specific wedding information to your guests. Since each wedding is unique, so will the number of Enclosure Cards needed for each event. For instance, a destination wedding may require an Enclosure Card with additional travel information, hotel accommodations, and/or a map.

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Should You Put The Menu On Your Wedding Information Card

If you are giving your guests the opportunity to pre-order from several menu options then you will need to include this too. If you have the space its a nice idea to include the full menu on the information card and then tick boxes on the reply card for guests to show their choices. As a side note to this remember to always ask for dietary requirements when your guests reply, either via an RSVP card, website, phone or email .

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