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What Do You Get For Your First Wedding Anniversary

First Wedding Anniversary Messages For Brother


Happy first anniversary brother! Congrats on completing the first year of your marriage with love and happiness.

Dear brother, seeing you happy with the love of your life- makes me so happy. I am fortunate to have you guys as my family. Happy 1st wedding anniversary, may Lord bless you two.

Never in my wildest dreams had I thought you would be such a great husband. Proud of you, man. Sending you all my love and blessings on your first wedding anniversary.

Thank you for always believing in each other and making marriage look like a piece of cake. I love you both so much. Happy first marriage anniversary.

It feels like yesterday that you two started dating and now we are celebrating your first wedding anniversary. Sending my warmest hugs and kisses, guys. May God bless you, always.

Thanks for making each other laugh so hard and radiating positivity all around you. Dear brother and sister in law- happy first anniversary. Love you two so much.

When you stand with your partner, anyone can see how perfectly you complete each other. On your 1st anniversary day, accept my heartiest wishes for both of you!

Dear Brother, may you both be blessed with heavenly love like the 1st year of your marriage forever!

Brother, I am so happy that you both have spent your first year of marriage in the most romantic way. Keep this up always. Happy Anniversary!

For The Astronomer Or Astrologer: A Custom Starmap

Memorialize a special moment in the stars.

Want to memorialize a special moment in the stars? The Night Sky maps the stars at the very moment you both had your first kiss, your wedding, or your first date. Printed on art matte paper, this star map would look beautiful in any kind of home with customizable colors and additions. Sleek, beautiful, and meaningful, this would make for a great gift for someone always looking at the stars or finding meaning in astrological alignments.

Traditional First Anniversary Gifts

The most traditional first anniversary gift for over 100 years has been the gift of paper. This is partly due to the fact that paper was an expensive commodity, and paper would be a gift for the home. Paper used to be handmade and more expensive than it is today, so this tradition has sort of faded out throughout the years.

The concept of the paper first anniversary gift has not gone away though. The paper would symbolize the fact that if you take care of it, similar to your marriage, it will stay intact. If you do not take care of the paper, it will tear or break.

This concept can be applied to your marriage and other gifts that you may decide on for your first anniversary.

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Personalised Poem Framed Book 53 Not On The High Street

Does your other half love books? Display their favourite poem or book quote with this personalised framed book.

The words you choose will be printed onto white paper then sewn into a little book, housed in an acrylic frame. What a special first wedding anniversary gift idea!

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Th Wedding Anniversary Pottery Or Willow

First 1st Anniversary Gift

Pottery is moulded by hand and the painstaking process results in a work of art, whereas willow is flexible but strong and can be woven to create beautiful things.

This willow picnic hamper is the perfect garden accessory and is available from Not On The High Street. Either take some Champagne outside to enjoy in your garden or pack up a picnic and make a day trip of it. If you would prefer to go for pottery, then how about a pottery making lesson for two ?

Leather is the modern alternative, so if you didnt get leather gifts for your third anniversary now is the time.

Tin was used to store and preserve things which is why it is used to mark ten years of marriage. It prevents other metals from corroding when they are plated with it, and can prolong the life of what it is storing. Mark a decade of marriage by giving a tin inspired gift.

This garden accessory can be personalised with your initials and will look amazing in your garden available from Not On The High Street.

If tin isnt your thing, you might like to know the modern alternative is diamond. Were lusting after the Monica Vinader rose gold Riva diamond hoop ring, which will look perfect alongside your wedding and engagement ring.

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Slippers That She Can Wear Outside

Celebrities love Rothy’s shoesand for good reason. They’re comfortable, stylish, machine washable and created with sustainability in mind. The brand’s latest design is a très chic slipper meant for both indoor and outdoor use. Made from soft merino wool with a cozy sherpa lining, it’s one of the top holiday gifts for your wife. We can’t wait to get our hands on a pair!

Year Anniversary Scrapbook For My Bf Scrapbook With Me Page Ideas Layouts And How I Scrapbook

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Do Whatever Relaxes You And Then Do Something Exciting

This is a two-part celebration. Dedicate half the day to relaxing and the next half to something exciting. Perhaps your version of relaxation includes sleeping in and breakfast in bed. Then you could go out in the evening and see a show followed by salsa dancing. It doesnt matter what you do, just as long as its relaxing and fun for you.

Dipinto Ad Arte Ceramic Address Plaque

Ideas for Celebrating an Anniversary

Courtesy of Etsy

Home is where the heart is, so make it your own with this gorgeous blue and white porcelain address plaque. These plaques are kiln-fired and hand-painted, so they can stand up to the elements and will remain vibrant year after year. You can also have them customized with your names or any other information youd like to include. From now on, this plaque will be a welcome sight after both long and short trips away.

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How To Celebrate A 41st Wedding Anniversary

As we noted above, probably no epic party celebrations this year. So perhaps you both will want to spend a relaxed evening together at a favourite restaurant. Or be a little more adventurous and check out a new dining establishment in your area that you have been wanting to visit.

Or simply stay at home and enjoy a candlelit dinner for two, reminiscing about the many treasured memories of your 41 years of married life.

I love your feet because they have wandered over the earth and through the wind and water until they brought you to me. Quoted by: Pablo Neruda

Surprise Him With New Grilling Tools

Does your new husband enjoy grilling? He probably still uses his old set of tools from before you got married, which makes your first anniversary the perfect time to get him a new set! This unique bamboo grilling tool set is lightweight, heat-resistant, and easily portable so that he can take his trusty tools to the lake, your parents house for the family reunion, or his friends house for a BBQ! Talk about unique first year wedding anniversary gifts for husbands!

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The Anniversary Of Your First Kiss

For a lot of people, the anniversary of your first date and the anniversary of when you first kissed may be the same. But if one of you was coy, or you have a faith-based reason for waiting, those dates might be different.

Your first kiss is bound to be an incredibly romantic memory, so if youre searching the perfect date to choose as your anniversary, this may be the one. Start your anniversary with a kiss to remember it by!

Personalization Mall Timeless Love Personalized Hour Glass

Romantic First Wedding Anniversary Messages For Wife

Courtesy of Personalization Mall

Does their smile make time stand still? Get them a gift that says as much. This personalized hourglass comes with a touching sentimentOur love is timelessand is engraved with the couples names and wedding date. Its a sweet and classy piece of décor that will remind them that time spent with the one you love is never wasted.

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Other First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Searching for a few more examples of gift inspiration? Then make sure to visit our resource on personalized gifts, or check out the ideas listed below. No matter what gift you choose, its the sentiment behind it that matters. From unique paper prints and classic clocks to fun custom presentsand everything in betweenweve got you covered.

For The Audiophile: Soundwave Art

This voice print is a unique piece of art.

This soundwave art makes a sound clip the centerpiece. Whether its the audio of your vow, a special song, their childs first word, or just you saying I love you, its a unique piece of art that can hold a layer of meanings for them. With various sizes and colors available, this art will be unique with not just audio clips distinctive dips and waves, but the color and font of your choosing.

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How Can We Celebrate Our Anniversary

25 Free & Frugal Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary:

  • Write a love letter to your spouse.
  • Blow up a balloon for each year of your marriage and put a piece of paper in each one with something nice about your spouse.
  • Go out to breakfast instead of dinner.
  • Dress up and dance all night in your living room or bedroom.

Enjoy A Remake Of Your Wedding


There’s a dirty rumor out there that eating the top layer of your wedding cake on your one-year anniversary is good luck. The problem with this rumor? Year old cake doesn’t taste very good, even if it has been frozen correctly. Instead, consider reaching out to your wedding cake maker to bake a fresh cake of whichever flavor was your partner’s favorite at your wedding.

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For The Foodie Couple

If you know a couple who is really into cooking and all things related to food, there are many ideas for modern gifts to get this couple to help them cook dinner or to spruce up their kitchen space.

Products like an air fryer or a sous vide precision cooker are awesome additions to any foodie couples kitchen. If you know the couple well, make sure you do not get a product or appliance that they already have.

If you want to give them a good date night activity, send a dinner kit so that they can have a celebration of their anniversary from the comfort of their own home. The couple will love having a fun date night meal to cook together.

Reasons I Love You Notes 22 Not On The High Street

How cute are these Reasons I Love You Cards? They wont break the bank, but will be special reminders to your other half which they can keep forever.

Each card comes in a gold envelope, and the box can be personalised with your partners name. Who said paper anniversary gifts had to be boring?

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Mother Of Pearl Clover Necklace

by Citicrafts

She will cherish this delicate mother of pearl necklace as a symbol of love, prosperity, and luck. Want to save time for future anniversaries or special occasions? Purchase a complimentary necklace in a different metal color for that layered style that has been steadily trending in jewelry looks.

A Decanter Set For Him And Her

What are you supposed to give for the first anniversary ...

Youve probably heard the anecdote, the couple that drinks together, stays together. Make sure you and your hubby are living up to that life lesson by enjoying romantic drinks on your 1st anniversary with your very own monogrammed decanter set! A decanter set is the ideal first year wedding anniversary gift for your husband, and he will love the unique monogram of yours and his initials on the three piece set. In fact, it is so good, that even if you choose one of these other great gift ideas, you should keep this in mind for another monumental occasion, such as when youre searching for a 15 year wedding anniversary gift for him. Itll be just as good of gift then too!

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For Someone Who Loves Surprises: Decorative Paper Lantern

These paper lanterns are budget-friendly additions to your home.

If you want to make a big event out of your one-year anniversary, these paper lanterns will really set the scene. With a 5-star rating and smashing reviews, you cant really beat the price. Have these budget-friendly lanterns hang above a homemade dinner outside at night, and your partner will surely be romanced.

What Is The Best Message For Your Boyfriend

Romantic Text Messages The Sweetest Messages for Him

  • I love you so much it hurts.
  • I actually never knew I could love anyone this much.
  • I cant believe how happy you make me.
  • I love that what we have is so real.
  • I cant wait to see you again.
  • I am so proud of you, and really proud to be your girlfriend.

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When Should You Give An Anniversary Ring

There are no set rules on giving anniversary jewelry, meaning youre free to gift your partner an anniversary ring or other jewelry whenever you feel like it.

Because giving an anniversary ring after every year of marriage can quickly become impractical, most couples opt to celebrate their major anniversaries with jewelry, like with a 20 year anniversary ring.

The most common anniversaries for anniversary rings include your one year anniversary since its a major milestone for you as a newlywed couple. Most couples also celebrate their milestone years, such as their fifth, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th anniversaries.

Its also common to give anniversary rings in years in which you and your partner have added to your family. If youve recently discovered that youre expecting, or if youve just welcomed a new member to your family, its completely appropriate to give an anniversary ring.

In general, there are no specific rules on giving anniversary jewelry. If you feel like giving a ring to your partner on your second, third or other minor anniversary, feel free. Theres also nothing wrong with only giving anniversary jewelry to celebrate major, milestone anniversaries.

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