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How To Print My Own Wedding Invitations

Pros & Cons Of Diy Wedding Stationery

How To Print Your Own Invitations-DIY Invitations Made Easy

DIY wedding stationery is great because it:

  • Adds something personal from you

DIY wedding stationery adds a personal touch from you to the very first peek your guests get of the big day. It makes people feel like you spent time and attention on their invitation, thinking specifically of them as you did so.

Your wedding guests should hold the diy wedding invitation in their hands and feel its from you. It should reflect your personal style and vibe and give a hint of what is instore on the wedding day in terms of styling and décor.

  • Gives you full control

If youre DIY-ing your own wedding stationery, everything is up to you and you can make things exactly the way you want them. You can experiment with different things to see what works and what looks good. You can change your mind as you go along, and you can even personalise invitations for the guest they are addressed to. When you are doing it yourself, you are completely responsible for it yourself.

  • Can help you keep in your budget

Done well and with good planning, DIY wedding invites can help keep you within your budget. If you have enough free time and the skills required to create your own invites with budget-friendly materials, DIYs can save you money.

How To Print Your Own Wedding Invitations

If you’ve been trying to make room for luxury, professionally printed wedding invitations within your limited wedding budget, you may have ended up bitterly disappointed. Although our printed invites are very popular and reasonably priced, we all know that the precious, hard-earned savings you have for your big day need to go a long way, and expensive invitation suites can quickly make a dent. More and more brides and grooms are now opting to go down a semi-DIY route instead, by printing their own wedding invites at home, work or through a local printing company. Fear not, this is not the kind of wedding DIY which involves glue guns, ribbons or any other fiddly bits, it’s simply a case of choosing a design you like, customising and printing it. We offer all of our wedding invite designs as instant printables, and what’s more, each design has a whole range of other items to match, including RSVPs, inserts, menus, table name cards and much more.

Here is a handy step-by-step guide to printing your own wedding invites, full of tips and ideas to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible…

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

Be patient! Double the amount of time you think you will need to get your wedding invitations done because printing takes longer than most people think. Designing, printing, cutting, addressing, and posting all take time. A good rule of thumb to work by is: If you believe you can complete the wedding invitations in two weeks, give yourself a month. Good wedding etiquette is to post your invitations 8-12 weeks before your wedding date, leaving guests at least a month to reply before your response date, so that is also something to keep in mind!

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When To Diy Your Wedding Invitations

It is never too early to start planning designs for your wedding invitations. You may have ideas rolling around in your head, but keep them stored and safe until you have worked out how many people you can afford to seat at your wedding. Once you have worked out a set number of guests, then you may safely DIY your invitations.

There are a lot of tools and resources available if youre going to go down the DIY route. Canva or other services can help get you started full of many pre-made designs. Weve also featured many styles in the past which should get your creative juices flowing. If you have the time and skills, you may also prefer to make each invitation by hand.

Printing Invitations At Home A Step

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations : 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Ok, so youre ready to get printing yay! Heres how to get the best results:

a) Maximise printing quality by tweaking the settings

I use a Canon MP495 and through many test runs, Ive found that the following works best for me:

  • Choose photo paper as the paper type .
  • Make sure you choose the highest quality color option.
  • Before you start make sure you clean the inkjets and printer rollers there should be an option in your printer settings for this
  • Choose the right paper size. If theres no exact size option in your printer settings, you can create a custom size within the settings. Tip: save that custom size so you can reuse it for other stationery of the same size at a later date!

Again, youll need to do a bit of trial and error with your chosen paper and design to see what settings work best for your printer.

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Helpful Tips For Print

Print-your-own wedding invitations are affordable and easy when you have the right information to get you started. Here are some helpful tips hot off the press from Anns!

5 Steps for Print-Perfect Wedding Invitations

1. Identify the size of invitation card youll be printing. Most printers are capable of printing different sizes, so dont feel like you have to use 8½ x 11 sheets of paper.

2. Create a template on your computer. You can use Microsoft Word or similar software.

3. Begin typing your wording and customizing the layout, typestyles and font sizes.

4. When youre finished customizing, adjust the print settings. Go to File: Print: Properties, and change the default paper size to your card size. Load the printer with no more than 20 cards at a time. Use the manual feed tray for laser printers.

5. Run a test print to determine if all settings and positioning are correct. Make adjustments if needed and run another test print until the invitation is perfect.

10 Tips to Help the Process Run Smoothly

1. Use card stock paper to create wedding invitations with a quality look and feel. Dont worry, most home printers can handle thicker paper stock but youll want to check your printers manufacturers guidelines to see paperweight restrictions.

3. If you are not using a laser printer, be sure to allow drying time. Dry invitations individually, not stacked.

Professional Printing From To You From Me Invites

Need to get invitations printed? Look no further than Etsy shop To You From Me Invites! Send them any digital file and theyll take care of getting your invites printed for you, professionally, and with envelopes to boot. You can also choose the cutout shape of the invitation youd like for a truly customizable experience.

To get started, you can get your invites on their printing line here!

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How To Print Wedding Invitations At Home 5 Tips For Success

02/17/21 | DIY, How To, Stationery Etiquette & FAQs, Wedding invitation, Wedding stationery questions

Want more info on printing your own wedding invites? Well, youre in the right place!

Maybe youve designed your own custom wedding stationery, or youve downloaded some pretty done-for-you printables. Getting them printed professionally is going to be expensive, so youre looking into how to print wedding invitations at home.

Well, the good news is, its not as difficult as you might think. BUT there are a few things that you need to consider to ensure you get the best results.

Note: this guide isnt just for wedding invitations, it applies to all types of wedding stationery: bridesmaid proposals, thank you cards, wedding signs, table names, place cards, menus and tags you name it!

Is It Cheaper To Print Your Own Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations – How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

It definitely can be a cheaper option to print your wedding invitations at home, but you need to consider the supplies you need a printer, cardstock, paper stock, ink and any other embellishments. Make sure youve priced those up so that you can better compare against quotes for professional printing.

Even if you think its cheaper to print your own wedding invitations at home, you should still consider the time investment youll have to make. It can be pretty time intensive so be sure that you leave yourself enough leeway before you need to post your invitations . Its also worth seeing if you can rope in some help!

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Diy Wedding Programs Save The Dates & Other Cards

If youre going for DIY wedding stationery, dont just stop at wedding invitations. Think about every piece of stationery and how you can add a DIY touch. You should consider every card you might need, including:

Sit down and think about exactly which cards you will be creating, which ones you will DIY and which ones you can do without. Take your DIY project as a whole so you can plan properly and know exactly what youre getting into!

How To Print My Own Wedding Invitations

PRINTING AT A COMMERCIAL PRINT SHOP If you dont have a printer at home or if youd simply rather not take the time to print them yourself there are plenty of great and affordable options for having your invitations printed elsewhere. Ad Free TwoDay Shipping on Millions of Items.

Cool 10 Vista Print Wedding Invites Homemade Wedding Invitations Staples Wedding Invitations Cheap Wedding Invitations Diy

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Where To Print Your Diy Wedding Invitations: The Best Online Printers

Planning to reduce your wedding cost by DIYing your wedding invites? Check out these online print services to order your DIY wedding invitations!

Wondering where to print wedding invitations? If youre working with a tight wedding budget, your paper items might be very low on your list of priorities. So low, that even wonderful sites like Minted or Shutterfly may feel beyond your grasp.

When it comes to wedding priorities, sometimes practicality takes precedence. So in order to reserve funds for more important wedding line items, you might opt to design your own wedding invitations or use free printable wedding templates to customize. Whether youre going down the path of full DIY wedding invitation design or opting for the semi-DIY route, youll need to figure out where you plan to print your paper goods.

Of course, you can definitely print them at home yourself, though this option takes time, effort, and lots of . If youd rather outsource your wedding invitation printing, below youll find a list of affordable online printers where you can print your DIY designs. Well share the benefits of each as well as estimated costs for a savvy shopping experience!

What Youll Need To Print Your Own Wedding Invitations At Home

DIY, Print your own Wedding Invitations: Everything You Need for the ...

a) Cardstock for invitations

In order to determine the best paper to print invitations on, you need to know the maximum thickness of paper that your printer can deal with.

You will need to be realistic about the weight/ thickness of the card achievable if you opt for at-home printing. You wont be able to have super-heavyweight invitations, but with a bit of experimentation, you can identify the best quality card-weight that your printer can handle .

Be aware of how printing quality will be affected by the finish of the paper. For example, a glossy card may use more ink and textured paper may be more likely to have bleeding ink. Check a sample of paper youre hoping to use to check how well your printer performs with it.

With all the experimentation youre doing to check the best paper and printer settings, youll definitely end up using more card than you imagine. Toss in a few teething errors in trimming/ cutting card down and you should allow for c. 10-15% extra just in case.

Tip! To get a feel for different types of cardstock, why not try a sample pack of wedding stationery paper? You can nab one for free from or Vistaprint !

b) Ink

Ink will be one of the most expensive parts of printing wedding invitations at home.

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The Benefits Of Diy Wedding Invitations

There are plenty of talented stationers and graphic designers out there who are working creatively to deliver you that can be customized and printed at home. For a fraction of the cost of a custom invitation suite and printing services, you can get a semi-custom invitation that will fit your wedding to a T. “Cost is definitely the biggest benefit,” says Kate Weber, owner and designer of West + Pine, a paper company focused on designing invitation templates for weddings and other special events. “This way you’re not having to pay someone else to do the printing service.”

According to Weber, printing your own invitations from a downloadable template gives you a great option to find an invitation design that suits your style, customize it to fit your specific wedding information, and then quickly print invitations on your own and ship them off. “You could easily do it in an afternoon with the right planning,” she says.

We’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the DIY wedding invitations route. Read on for 13 steps to consider, along with tips and tricks from the pros.

What Is A Faux Diy Wedding Card

A Faux DIY wedding card looks like it has been made by hand, but it actually hasnt been. It might have been printed with a DIY design or put together for you by the company. At Paperlust, for example, we print DIY wedding invitation designs that have been hand drawn by our designers and illustrators, and complete the DIY look with carefully-cut envelope liners or other envelope inserts and belly bands to hold everything together.

A faux DIY wedding card is perfect if you are going to be incorporating other DIY elements into your day, making the stationery match that vibe without all the stress involved in actually doing it yourself.

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How I Printed My Invitations For $60

So in case youre wondering how I printed my reception invitations for less than $60, heres the breakdown:

  • Bought 100 pre-cut cards and envelopes from Michaels on sale: $22
  • Bought two rounds of black photo ink from Amazon: $24
  • Sent everyone to our wedding website for details and RSVP: $0

Total cost: $46

But even if you are going to buy a template, you can purchase some pretty $13 templates and still come out around $59.

So there you have it! Our tips for making your own wedding invitations without breaking the bank. Have questions? Need more details? Let us know in the comments below.

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