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Casual Wedding Attire For Groomsmen

Groom Attire For Multicultural Wedding: Change

Etiquette for Grooms’ & Groomsmen’s Suits : Wedding Attire Etiquette

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If you and your sweetheart are planning to incorporate some measure of Indian customs into your wedding, you may be looking at one or more outfit changes over the course of the day. This groom opted for two wedding looks. These included a black-tie suit for the Western-inspired civil ceremony and traditional Sherwani for the main event.

Were swooning over this gorgeous bi-cultural celebration!

What Does Casual Wedding Attire Mean

You could probably get by with a dress shirt and dress pants, but youre researching this dress code for a reasonyou obviously want to look your best. To avoid feeling under-dressed, wear a suit, a dress shirt, and a tie. If you want to loosen up your look, you could skip the tie and cufflinks, or add a little more color to your outfit with a pocket square.

Need more guidance? Read on for daytime and evening outfit ideas that follow the casual attire dress code.

The Best Casual Groom Style

Lets start with the informal summer suit because this will ease you into thinking about a more casual wedding look! Think about a less structured cut, softer fabrics and lighter colours for this look and even consider ditching the tie . You could wear a waistcoat rather than a jacket and go for a chunkier belt and boots to bring a little edge to your outfit. Perfect for country house and city weddings in the warmer months.

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Another great stepping stone to a more casual look is a chino and shirt combination. Style it up with a waistcoat or braces and some fabulous brown shoes and even roll up those sleeves if you like! This look works really well at barn style venues and is perfect for spring and autumn weddings.

Image courtesy of Tara H Photography

Taking this look to the next level of casualness, how about rolling up those trousers a little? Team with boat shoes or even flip flops if you dare! Ideal for summer weddings or celebrations with a beach or even festival vibe.

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OK, lets turn our attention to denim. Does it have a place at weddings? Well, yes it does. If youre planning a boho inspired wedding or if you just want a really relaxed and totally informal look to your day then denim is definitely do-able! To make it work, add some great details such as a fab tie or bow-tie and great shoes. An alternative would be to style the groomsmen in jeans while the grooms opts for chinos.

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Casual Groomsmen Attire For Beach Wedding

While each beach wedding differs, you must ascertain whether it is going to be a casual small wedding or a massive wedding near the water. Beach weddings are very popular on account of the romantic atmosphere and relaxing theme. Therefore you should suit your men wedding attire with this concept. Present a casual look but never missing your cool impression are covering in the groomsmen wedding attire ideas above. Brace and suspenders become the right suits to wear. A white shirt and colorful tie look matching with your pants.

Remember That The Groom Should Stand Out

Casual Groomsmen Attire Wooden Bow Ties

As the groom, youre the star of the show, so you must stand out from the groomsmen. While your attire may be similar to that of the other men at the wedding party, it should still stand out. You can choose a different color or style of your tie than your groomsmen. You may also want to consider a different type of suit, style, color, or fabric.

Dont forget to accessorize your attire to make you stand out even more. A pocket square, cufflinks, a watch, and a boutonniere are all top accessories for men that add personality to your look. A combination of great-looking attire and the right accessories can help you look your best on your big day.

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Religious And Cultural Attire

If your religious or cultural ceremony requires different formalwear beyond a traditional Western look, you will most likely be seeking out a specialty clothier or tailor who can craft the traditional wedding garments you need. These experts, along with any knowledgeable family and friends you might bring along, can help you select and get fitted for the outfit youll wear on your wedding day.

Lean Towards Smart Rather Than Casual

When invitations say smart casual it can complicate decisions about what to wear as casual wedding attire for men. In this case, you should always lean more towards smart than casual. Jeans might be acceptable, but they should be crisp, new, and well fitting. Shirts should be collared, even if you dont wear a tie. Jackets can be lighter but should still be suit jackets or sports coats.

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Classic Groom Attire For A Winter Wedding: Black Suit And Tie

PC: Jessa E. Photography

A black suit and tie combo is a classic and timeless choice for groom wedding attire. We dig this grooms chic look, complete with a boutonniere featuring blush blooms and burgundy accents.

The grooms wintery yet versatile look goes perfectly with our brides lace cap-sleeve wedding gown, Tuscany Leigh by Maggie Sottero, and is perfect for a variety of locales. For more classy and modern winter wedspo, check out this couples rustic-chic wedding.

Summer Suiting For Your Groom

Attire Etiquette for the Grandparents of the Bride & Groom : Wedding Attire Etiquette

May, 13 2021

There is a reason why summer is the most popular time to tie the knot! From implementing fresh and blooming floral ideas and colorful reception decor details to introducing your guests with light reception bites and creative signature cocktail ideas, summer weddings are a sight to behold when everything around turns flowering and bright. When we imagine sunny nuptials, our minds quickly wander off to people dressed up in summer wedding attires, sitting under shading canopies, and sipping popsicles in Prosecco and edible flower garnished Cosmo! A summer wedding is a perfect occasion to be outdoors and dress comfortably while enjoying the best of what the season has in store. Just like weddings in any other season, the wedding attire of the bride typically gets the sartorial spotlight, but a summer wedding equally offers the best chance to a groom to don an elegant boutonniere and take his casual groom attire style up a few notches and shine fairly as his partner on their wedding day.

Our favorite summer suiting ideas for your groom:

Basic wedding etiquette for groom dressing:

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Do Not Ignore The Accessories

The accessories you wear WILL make or break your suit. Those being the boutonnière, the tie , the pocket square, the leather goods and the overall color palate of the accessories. Learn how to properly wear them and where they go. Again, not as complicated as it sounds if you take it one step at a time:

Sadly, many photographers will not give a rats ass if you follow the advice I listed above, some photographers cant even dress themselves let alone give fashion advice. However, if I happen to be your photographer, you best believe I will not take a single photo until all these things are checked off. Practice makes better, so practice weeks ahead of time before your wedding. And speaking of practice.

Casual Weddings: An Overview

So what is a casual wedding anyway? At its most basic, take a typical black-tie ceremony and strip all the fanciness away. No limousines, no tuxedoes, no ball gowns, and no sparkling chandeliers inside an 18th-century mansion. Its a relaxed event where people dont need to conform to super-strict dress codes.

Most casual weddings follow a standard formula, beginning with venues. Its normal to hold casual weddings on a beach, a garden, or even in a backyard. These events almost always follow a rustic, country atmosphere. The guest list is small and often limited to a few hundred people. Almost everyone invited is a close friend or immediate relative.

Here, laid-back energy radiates from the venue, decor, and even the food. Thats why your outfit should follow the motif as well. Ditch the dinner jacket and go for a relaxed dapper look. The rules of a casual wedding are simple. Here are a few guidelines you can follow when selecting an outfit based on location:

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What The Father Of The Bride Should Wear & Other Wedding Participants

Theres a half-playful saying that weddings unite couples and end friendships. The reality is that being in a wedding party can be a stressful and expensive experience.

You want to do your best for your friend, but you also have to be mindful of your own limits, both of money and of patience. Gents, this is why I have created the ultimate groomsmen attire guide. Plus, I’m covering what to wear if you are the father of the bride or another important wedding guest.

The experience can vary quite a bit depending on how tightly run the wedding is, but as a groomsman or usher or similar wedding participant, you can usually expect to have three basic clothing goals:

I’m also going to cover how to dress as the father of the bride because this is a special case.

When Is Your Wedding

Inspiration Guide: Groom and Groomsmen Attire

Some suits and tuxedos are more seasonal than others. You might dig that black velvet jacket tuxedoin theory, but its probably not the right choice for your groomsmen on a hot summer afternoontoo toasty. The season and time of day veto the outfit. However, if youre planning an evening wedding, darker tuxedo or suit colors might be the way to go.

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What Color Should The Grooms Tie Be

Grooms are always encouraged to wear a tie. The color and texture should be coordinated with the wedding themes color pallet as well as the brides accent colors. The grooms tie color should also complement the shirt, jacket or vest being worn.

Its common practice that groomsmen will wear similar ties, but of different colors to allow the groom to stand out.

It’s Your Day To Look Dapper Af

Generation Tux

Here Comes The Guide is an entirely female companyso we gotta admit: Knowing the ins and outs of wedding suits and tuxes isn’texactly our forte. That’s why we reached out to our friends at Generation Tux to get some comprehensive info for our grooms, groomsmen, and gals that prefer pantsuits to petticoats.

They answer all your wedding attire-related questions below, from “What’s the difference between a suit and a tuxedo?” to “What accessories do I need?” Get ready to look like you just stepped outta the pages of GQ, my friend.

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Match Your Style To Your Plus One

Finally, when youre figuring out what kind of casual wedding attire for men you want to wear, you should always remember to match your plus one. You and your partner or date should wear similar styles of clothing that complement each other. Find out what they are planning to wear, and then use that as a guide for your outfit. You can even choose a shirt or similar that matches or co-ordinates with their outfit.

Secret Nods To Significant Other

How Should Grooms Dress for Informal Weddings? : Wedding Fashions

An unexpected trend for the grooms look is coming up with unique ways to tie in his partners look or name into theirs, says Marbais. Grooms are creating a pocket square or jacket lining out of unused dress fabric or having their partners name embroidered under their collar for a romantic and personalized touch.

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How To Dress As The Father Of The Bride

The happiest man in the room at a wedding in theory is the groom. But the parents might just be the proudest.

Its not always the biological parents filling that role, of course. Sometimes the closest parent figure is an aunt or uncle, a set of grandparents, an older brother. It’s even just a good friend or mentor in some cases.

Regardless of the relation, theres often a man who has special reason to feel proud of the bride or groom. This father of the bride figure gets to dress a little more uniquely if he wants so forget about the standard wedding attire for men guide. Its not a requirement, but the fathers of the couple traditionally dress to stand out:

  • Outfits slightly higher up the wedding dress code than other guests.
  • High-quality clothing or small luxury accents.
  • A dignified look.

15 Keeping It Very Casual

For some wedding events, you might not want to overdress, well there is an easy way out to this as well. Simply pull on a tee-shirt and wear it along with a casual coat and pants. An accessory which you should opt for is a belt. This attire is easy to manage and can be carried to a wedding as well as any other small events like engagements.

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How To Nail The Casual Groom Style

Its time for some wedding truths. Not all guys want to wear a super formal outfit on their wedding day and not all weddings suit this level of formality. If youre planning a relaxed, laidback day, your groom and groomsmen need a look thats suitably informal. Were here today to show you that casual groomswear can still look special and to give you some great ideas for casual groom style that everyone will love.

Before we cast our eye over these casual groom ideas, we should say right now that even if you rock the casual look on your big day, you still need to feel special. Treat yourself to new pieces, invest in the brands that you love and most importantly, care about your look. Casual works best when its done really well so take the time to decide what you want to wear.

13 Contrasting Colors For Summer Weddings

Pink And Turquoise Antler Chic Wedding

Summers are a great time to experiment with light colors and you can do that at summer weddings as well. Wear plain shirts with complimenting pants or trousers, to add on more to the outfit wear the contrasting colors in a printed coat. This will give you the cool look that youve been wanting to achieve. Dont forget to add on some really nice loafers.

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Shoes For Casual Wedding

Shoes for Casual Wedding

Casual wedding attire for men usually puts less emphasis on outfits and more on comfort. But what do you think about casual wedding shoes?

Wholecut Oxfords are mostly popular as wedding shoes for men. You can go for cap-toe-oxfords or loafers too if you feel comfortable.

To be a little unique, you can wear double monk straps in casual weddings. Boots will also look great with slacks.

Consider What The Bride And Her Bridesmaids Are Wearing

The groom and groomsmen should always consider what the bride and her bridesmaids are wearing. You dont want to clash with the brides colorful wedding scheme or style. If youre not sure what the bride and her bridesmaids are going for, ask her. Shell likely be happy to give you some ideas.

Go ahead and ask the bride to send you some photos or color swatches of her bridesmaids dresses. This is a great way to get an idea of what theyll be wearing without spoiling the surprise. It can help you narrow down your choices on attire, as well. If youre still struggling to find something that matches, consider going with a neutral color palette like black, navy, or gray.

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For The Wedding Guests

If youre dressing up to attend a wedding, the expectations are a bit more relaxed but you should still be appropriately dressed. You dont want to be the only one in a t-shirt and jeans but you dont want to turn up in a full suit either. Pair a basic dress shirt with long pants and closed-toe dress shoes or loafers to create the perfect smart casual look!

One useful tip is to consider the venue and season of the wedding. If its outdoors during the warmer months, you can turn up in a short-sleeved button-down shirt, looser pants, or formal shorts and sandals. In the colder seasons, you can put on a turtleneck sweater with a relaxed jacket or coat.

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Rustic Groom Attire: Blue Suit With Colorful Tie And Wildflower Boutonniere


PC: Chantel Marie Photography

If the bride has chosen a chic lace wedding dress , consider an equally breezy vibe for the groom.

A woven suit in dark blue is more laid-back and playful than a black-tie ensemble. And it goes well with a delicate and nature-inspired aesthetic. Add a wildflower-patterned tie and a twine-wrapped pin, and you two will be ready to ride into the sunset with zero drama!

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The Ultimate Guide To Casual Wedding Attire For Men

Gone are the days when people expect weddings to be uptight, black-tie affairs. Casual weddings are becoming more and more popular today, especially with younger couples. If youre the type of guy who prefers a laid-back atmosphere for your wedding, then this guide is for you. Casual wedding attire for men doesnt need to be complicated. All you need is some ingenuity, a good eye for detail, and basic style ideas to play around with.

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