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Where To Sell Your Wedding Dress

Warning: Dont Ask Another Company To Make A Copy

Wedding Dresses : How to Sell Your Wedding Gown

With plenty of dos above, we had to include this major dont for wedding dress shopping discounts. Scam artists & factory stores make falty promises. It may be tempting to give a photo of your favorite dress to a company offering a cheaper copy. However, we implore you to think otherwise. The internet is filled with bride horror stories. Youll hear of bad copies, cheap scratchy fabric, horrible fits, misleading information and gowns simply never showing up.

Think beyond the personal pain youll experience when your dream dress shows up a disaster days before your wedding. Its just bad karma. Designers put their heart and soul into dreaming up the perfect wedding dress collections. Asking someone else to make a copy is bad form, and we just cant condone it!

Ready to get bargain shopping? Here are our favorite places to buy your wedding dress online, our favorite Etsy wedding dress designers& our latest wedding dress trend reports for 2022 brides.

Online Wedding Dress Marketplaces

Where:Still White, Nearly Newlywed, Once Wed,,,,

How: These kinds of sites tend to have a flat fee for sellers, which makes things easier if you’re not planning on doing any more selling in the near future. Either way, acquaint yourself with the company policy before you sign up, then use our tips below to give your dress the best chance of finding a home.

Photo by Heart and Colour via One Fab Day

Reputable Wedding Dress Resale Sites

We took the guesswork out of this process and came up with a list of reputable sites to sell a preowned wedding dress. Keep in mind that these websites are also great resources to peruse if youre interested in buying a used wedding dress. Theyre literal goldmines for buyers and sellers.

Most importantly, reselling your wedding items after the big day is one of our favorite wedding budget hacks! Its worth noting that while selling your wedding dress online can absolutely help you recoup some of your costs, its not typically an easy, quick, or convenient task to tackle. These sites each have different benefits and costs involved, depending on the level of work youre looking to do yourself.

Weve outlined all the details below. Whether you want to sell your wedding dress locally or resell your wedding dress online, this thorough guide will empower you to choose the option thats best for you!

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Why Sell Your Wedding Dress

Generally, when you organise a wedding you know that youre going to be spending money that you are never going to see again.

The location, the cake, the guests food and drink, the car to the venue, entertainment and the honeymoon all cost.

The things that you have left to remember the day are your wedding ring, your wedding dress and your photographs.

Your rings are something that you are going to wear every day whereas the dress is something if youre anything like my wife, is going to be stuck in a bag in the wardrobe taking more space never to be seen again.

So instead of letting it collect dust why not try and recoup some of the money for the wedding and sell your dress.

No : Insure Before You Ship The Wedding Dress

How To Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

Next, its time to ship the dress.

Depending on what site you use to sell your dress, the company may send you packaging materials and a prepaid shipping label. Tradesys shipping policy didnt allow me to take advantage of their shipping kit, so I had to handle shipping on my own.

I shipped the dress in a large box and kept it wrapped in the plastic covering from the dry cleaner. I insured the gown for its sale price, which I highly recommend you do in case the dress is lost or damaged during transport.

In my listing, I noted that the buyer was responsible for shipping and insuring the dress, so they spent about $50 to cover those costs in addition to the dresss sale price.

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How To Sell Your Wedding Dress

This post may contain affiliate links, these are shown with a *. If you click on the link I may get a small referral commission, this does not affect the price you pay.

The average spend on a wedding dress was £1,313 in 2019 according to the Hitched National Wedding Survey.

My wife paid roughly £900 for hers from Bertertex, which was an issue all by itself.

This is a lot of money to pay for a dress that youre going to wear once, so if you dont have any intention of keeping it for sentimental reasons why not make money by selling your wedding dress.

How Can I Make Sure My Wedding Dress Is In Seen In The Best Light

You can increase your potential earnings by making your dress look as close to brand new as possible. Make sure you clean any stains or repair any rips, tears, or other visible damage. It never hurts to have the dress professionally cleaned by someone who knows how to handle your wedding dress without damaging the dress.

When you take photos of your dress to list it online, make sure you have proper lighting so that the details are clear on the website. You want potential buyers to see important elements like intricate beading or delicate lacework. Include details like the size, any alterations made, the specific color, and whether you added any undergarments like a petticoat. Buyers should have all the info needed to make an informed purchase.

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Websites Where You Can Sell Your Bridal Lehenga

Selling your bridal lehenga? Well, it may sound like a familiar yet unconventional concept but if you are a bride in quarantine, what better thing to do then to browse some options where you can sell your lehenga? We have seen a lot of millennial brides going for options like renting their wedding lehenga but if you have bought one for yourself and it hasn’t been used in years – we suggest you to sell it off. If your wedding lehenga is in a good condition, you must definitely consider listing it online over selling it to a thrift store as you’re sure to get better customers as well as a good deal online.

Image via

Wondering what if your outfit isn’t that of a designer label? Fret not! Designer labels don’t ensure guaranteed sales but it is how well you pitch your outfit that will make sure it sells. Put the best pictures of the outfit and ensure it is polished enough to make it look fresh for it to sell twice as fast.

If you are in the market to sell your wedding dress on a website other than Ebay, we’ve done done the research and have curated a list of Indian websites just for you!

Image via

Whether bridal or party wear, this online marketplace features all categories of ethnic fashion, including lehengas, gowns, saris and more!

Image via Recall Pictures Photography 5

Image via

Image via

Image via

PS – You can also sell your jewellery and other accessories here.

Image via Hiral & Siddhesh

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Make Sure You Have Accurate Measurements And Other Dress Details

How to Sell your Second Wedding Dress | Wedding How To

When creating your listing to sell your used wedding dress online, youll need to provide detailed information about your gown, including its measurements, fabric, silhouette, neckline, and more. If you arent sure or have questions about your gowns details, you might look on the dress tags or the receipt for sizing information or search online to find similar dresses if you arent an expert in silhouettes or necklines. Try to be as accurate as possiblea gown thats misrepresented online will likely be returned.

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Give A Detailed Description

Make sure the description which accompanies the photos of your wedding dress is as detailed and thorough as possible.

Give the correct measurements , and make sure you name the designer, the dress number or style, the fabrics and describe any details. You will also want to mention how many times your wedding dress has been worn, dry cleaning instructions , and whether there are any marks or stains on it.

Want To Sell Your Wedding Dress After The Big Day

If so, you might be wondering:

  • Should I sell my wedding dress locally?
  • Are there places that will buy my used wedding dress?
  • Whats the best way to sell my wedding dress?
  • Which wedding dress resale sites are the best?
  • Are there fees for selling my dress online?
  • How do I ship my wedding dress?
  • Is it safe to sell a wedding dress online?

Maybe you splurged on your dream designer wedding dress and want to recoup some of your costs on an item you only wore once. Or perhaps you bought a dress and had a change of heart.

No matter why you want to sell a wedding dress, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to navigate all the different resale sites, especially if you are determined to get the best price for your gown!

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What Brides Are Saying

I was so pleased with the ease of listing and communicating on this site and how smooth the…Nichole,May 2020

POWD is a great way to buy and sell wedding dresses. The sight is very well organized so that listing,…Sevo,May 2020

I listed the dress and it sold within hours! First day! Really happy with how quickly I was able to…Kathryn,May 2020

I have owned a bridal shop in a small town for the past 5 years. I have found that listing and selling…Beverly,May 2020

Easy and reliable purchasing! Saved me a hassle of ordering a new sized bridesmaid dress for an…Taylor,May 2020

Where Can I Sell My Wedding Dress

Create an advert to sell your wedding dress at www ...

Image: Damien Vickers

If you want to sell your dress, then online marketplaces are a great place to start. Thanks to the power of the internet, it has never been easier to turn your beautiful wedding dress back into cash and these websites have made the whole process pretty enjoyable too.

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How Long Will It Take To Sell My Wedding Gown

There are many factors regarding how long it will take to sell your wedding dress. The popularity of the platform you choose to sell your dress will factor into how long it will take. It should take approximately 60-90 days to sell your wedding dress if it is no more than a couple of years old and in excellent condition. If the dress is not in demand or in poor condition, it could take longer to tell.

Consider Vintage & Secondhand Gowns

Shopping vintage & secondhand for your wedding dress is one of the ultimate ways to score a major discount on gowns.

Certainly, you can shop in-person at vintage & thrift stores. There are even secondhand stores dedicated entirely to wedding dresses like Brides For A Cause in the Pacific Northwest & Brides Do Good in the UK.

But online, youll find scores of preloved wedding dresses & vintage treasures for a tiny fraction of the original price.

For secondhand designer gowns, we recommend shopping through Still White& NearlyNewlywed. Both sites allow brides & bridal salons to set their prices & sell directly to other brides. Youll find gowns that brides purchased and decided not to wear, gently worn gowns and even dresses that were only used in photo shoots & bridal salons. Discounts range from 10% for brand new dresses all the way to 95% off of the retail price for some gowns.

For vintage, we love Etsy! Youll find wedding dresses that span the ages. Hunt for boho gowns from the 1970s, mod knee-length dresses from the 1960s, antique dresses perfect for the cottagecore wedding and poofy taffeta dresses from the 1980s

Dress by Elly Sofocli photographed by Jessica Ruscoe

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Should You Sell Your Wedding Dress Or Does That Bring Bad Luck

There are many traditions, myths and superstitions around getting married. Some of our favourites to do with luck are:

  • A spider in a wedding dress brings good luck.
  • Pearl engagement rings bring bad luck.
  • Rain on your wedding day is good luck.
  • Saturday is the unluckiest day to marry.

Then we discovered one we just werent too sure about: selling your wedding dress is bad luck. Really? So weve taken a look into it further and heres what we found out:

  • Brides generally sit in two camps: ones who plan on selling their wedding dress, and those who plan on keeping it forever.
  • Brides who plan on selling their dress, do so right from the moment they purchase it.
  • Selling a wedding dress afterwards can mean the difference between initially buying the couture gown of your dreams or a dress thats simply okay.
  • Many consider trying on someone elses wedding dress before they are married to be bad luck, but are fine wearing a dress thats already been worn at a wedding.
  • Theres no such thing as bad luck, only bad thoughts.
  • Some brides to be will not purchase a second-hand dress if the marriage it was worn for has ended, as they believe it to be bad luck.
  • Pre-owned wedding dresses are pre-loved, so how can that be bad luck?

So, weve come to the conclusion that its not bad luck to sell your wedding dress and something many brides do.

Bride Buys Her Dream Wedding Dress Second

Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

A bride saved huge amounts when it came to buying a wedding dress. The money-savvy shopper bought one secondhand for only $3 at a Goodwill store in Florida, US. Rachel Connealy, 26, took to TikTok to reveal the full-length silk gown she wore on her wedding day earlier this week.

Metro on

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Make Sure To Include Photos

The most important thing you can do to market your dress is to include quality photos, advises Richardson. Include photos from your wedding so brides can see how it photographs and envision how it might look on their own big day. Plus, most gowns look better on a body than they do on a hanger. If you dont feel comfortable showcasing your wedding photos, make sure to include some shots of the dress on your body so other brides can get an idea of how the fabric lays.

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